Is Cartoon Cat Garfield A Boy Or A Girl? We May Never Know!

(PCM) There has been a strong debate brewing online as to whether famous cartoon cat “Garfield” is a boy or a girl. We have always just assumed that Garfield was a boy cat given the voice from the cartoon series and the way in which the character came across on the big screen, but it appears we could be wrong!

In fact, the debate over Garfield’s gender became so heated that the characters Wikipedia page had to be placed on lock down mode, as for the past 60 hours or so there was an page editing battle going on where Garfield’s gender was changed back and forth between “male” and “none”.  For the looks of things the page has now settled the debate on “none”, however Garfield can’t really be a genderless cat, right?

The debate began after a Twitter user by the name of Virgil Texas discovered an old interview with Garfield creator Jim Davis in the publication Mental Floss where he said, “Dealing with eating and sleeping, being a cat, Garfield is very universal. By virtue of being a cat, really, he’s not really male or female or any particular race or nationality, young or old.”

The debate continued to progress, so far, that even the Washington Post decided it was time to get to the bottom of everything once and for all and they launched an investigation. After finally once again speaking with creator Jim Davis, who should have the final say on the subject, (but hey, you know the internet) Davis has confirmed that Garfield is indeed a male cat and has a girlfriend cat named Arlene.

Despite the confirmation from Davis the internet still does not appear convinced and Garfield’s Wikipedia page still has the cat’s gender listed as “none”! Fans dug through tons of old Garfield comic strips citing numerous occasions over the characters four decade existence where Garfield and his owner Jon consistently used male pronouns when referencing the Garfield character. Of course there is always a counterpoint, as other people are claiming that the use of the male pronouns were only used once in self-identification therefor leaving the debate over Garfield’s gender still open.

This debate over a cartoon character’s gender is vaguely reminiscent to the debate that occurred a few years back as to whether or not Hello Kitty was actually a cat or a little girl. You can read more about that debacle here!

There you have it folks! People on the internet will fight over anything and everything even it happens to be a gender fluid cartoon cat! Time for you to weigh in! Do you think that Garfield is a male or female character?



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Did Fox And Marvel Really Work Together? The Answer Is Yes!


(PCM) It has recently been revealed that despite some major creative differences in the past, Fox and Marvel did come together and swap characters for both “Deadpool” and “Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2”.

Fox holds the rights to some very key Marvel properties including both X-Men and Fantastic Four so in turn they hold the movie rights to some popular Marvel characters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown enormously over the last few years, so it is only natural that the MCU would wish to explore new storylines that feature some of the characters that are currently owned by Fox.

While obviously there is not going to be any huge partnership between Fox and Marvel anytime soon, much to the dismay of fans, we have now learned that the two companies have worked together on two of their biggest film franchises: “Deadpool” and “Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2”.

It has been revealed that there was some character swapping when it came to specifically the use of the X-Men character Negasonic Teenage Warhead in “Deadpool”. The character went through a number of changes that had to be cleared by Marvel for the film. In return, Marvel requested a character that was owned by Fox to be used in “Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2”.

Kurt Russell’s Ego the Living Planet in the new ‘Guardians’ movie was the character that Fox swapped with Marvel to allow the change to Negasonic Teenage Warhead powers, according to Deadpool writer Paul Wernick during a recent Q&A.

Below you can find the release dates for the upcoming Marvel and Fox films:

“Doctor Strange” is now in theaters; “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” – May 5, 2017; “Spider-Man: Homecoming”– July 7, 2017; “Thor: Ragnarok” – November 3, 2017; “Black Panther” – February 16, 2018; “Avengers: Infinity War” – May 4, 2018; “Ant-Man and the Wasp” – July 6, 2018; and “Captain Marvel” on March 8, 2019.

“Logan” hits theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by “Deadpool 2” on January 12, 2018. Movie versions of “Gambit”, “New Mutants” and “X-Force” are still currently being developed.


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Fan Threatens To Sue Studio Over Lack Of Jared Leto In ‘Suicide Squad’


(PCM) One fan is taking their love for Jared Leto and The Joker to a whole new level by threatening to sue Warner Bros. for a lack of Jared Leto screen time in the film “Suicide Squad”. The fan, whose goes by the Reddit screen name BlackPanther2016 claims that the trailers for the film showcased a lot more scenes featuring Leto’s character in the film and that it is “unjust false advertising” that the majority of those scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

It is no secret that “Suicide Squad” has certainly been stirring up quite a bit of debate among both critics and fans as majority of critics have been slamming the film claiming it is sub-par at best with no plot line, choppy editing and a severe lack of character development. On the other hand many fans have been pleased with the film calling it entertaining and a perfect homage to the way a comic book film should be made.

We certainly feel that suing the studio may be taking things a bit too far, but after seeing the film we can certainly agree that having a bit more of our beloved Joker (and Leto) in the film would certainly have not been a bad thing. We just kept wanting more of that particular plot line. We would get a tease of the character and then it would fail to develop any further causing quite a bit of frustration, at least for us, as viewers.

It is no secret that a darker and more gritty version of “Suicide Squad” exists, as director David Ayer’s original version of the film featured both of those elements, however Warner Bros. stepped in and decided they needed to play up the comedy and light-hearted tones in the film, hence the version of the film that ultimately was released.

There is much debate about why the studio felt the need to step in and adjust the director’s original vision for the film. It is almost as if Warner Bros. learned nothing from the fiasco that occurred with the release of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. That film was deemed to dark and edgy, so perhaps now they felt that they had to lighten things up to an extreme level.

There is no way you are going to please everyone, so it is probably just best to leave the director’s vision alone. Here’s hoping we see a rated R director’s cut of “Suicide Squad” to gain a better understanding of Ayer’s original ideas.

Speaking of original ideas, Ayer can not seem to catch a break when it comes to “Suicide Squad” as now music duo Die Antwoord are going on the attack claiming that Ayer stole/mimicked their style when it came to both The Joker and Harley Quinn in the film.

They have posted plenty of evidence online to support their claim and wrote a scathing post on Facebook saying “U never asked our permission to rip us off”.  Ouch! Can somebody please cut this poor guy and this film some slack!

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The Killing Joke A Review

JokerI received my Blueray copy of The Killing Joke Tuesday.  The film had already been screened at Comic Con and had a Fathom Event the previous week so it’s content and it’s controversy was already out there.  I was trying hard to keep an open mind so in order to be fair to the film I decided to read the source material again before watching the film.

The original 48 page comic book set in motion a new path for the DC Universe.  Because of The Killing Joke we gained Oracle as a character and also a paraplegic became super hero.  It was a dynamic story told well and though you are wondering at the end if this is really the true beginning of The Joker you still walk away having experienced a terrific read.

The animated film version did a great job of adapting the source material and if that was all they had done this would have been a great film.  But they had to get clever.

Batgirl has always been one of my favorite characters in the DC universe.  She was originally created to attract more viewers to the Btaman TV show of the 1960s.  The shows ratings were beginning to falter at the end of the second season and the studio was hoping by adding a female character to the show it would attract more viewers.  This actually didn’t work and at the end of the third season Batman came to a close as a live TV show. But Batgirl lived on.

Barbara Gordon was the daughter of Police commissioner James Gordon and secretly Batgirl.  The relationship of father and daughter would add depth to the character for years to come.  Her relationship to , as the character grew in the comic books, was one of mentorship.  She did have a relationship was Dick Grayson, or Robin but never with Batman.  I don’t think Bruce as Batman had much of an ability for actual love.  I think an in depth psychological profile of Bruce Batman Wayne is long overdue.  Just exactly how does his obsession with stopping crime affect his relationships?  My answer would be that he is almost incapable of relationships except where they align with his cause.  This is why in The Killing Joke film with a brief sexual encounter with Batgirl is implausible.

The beginning of The Killing Joke is a new story that features Batman and Batgirl.  The two are trying to bring down a mob boss.  The Mob Boss is infatuated with Batgirl and so Batman tells here she is off the case.  Batgirl ignores him almost gets killed and in a moment of anger the two have sex.  The sex is not shown just Batgirl pulling off her top revealing her bra covered breasts.  The story come to its conclusion and the legitimate Killing Joke story begins.

I am not saying that the new part of the The Killing Joke was bad.  The story was quite good it was the addition of language and sex that bothers me.  Batman The Animated Series was loved by both kids and adults.  It had a great way of appealing to both by making the stories deep for adults but action packed enough for kids.  If they had done this with the Killing Joke I would have had much less of a problem with it.

The Killing Joke Starts with The Joker putting a bullet through Barbara Gordon’s spine and kidnapping Commissioner Gordon in order to drive him insane in a single day.  This was enough to give it at minimal a PG 13 rating but DC wanted an R rating.  I believe they feel they need to stay in competition with Marvel and the popularity of The Deadpool film forced their hand.  But DC has characters that could be used in an R rated film.  Both Lobo and The Specter come to mind.

DC is doing an incredible job with their television adventures, Arrow, Flash, Legends, Gotham and Supergirl are all great shows.  They were also doing great in their direct to video series.  I have enjoyed almost all of those.  DC has nothing to prove to anyone.  They don’t need to be controversial; in fact it hurts them when they are.  They need to take their characters and keep them seeped in the stuff that made them great in the beginning.  Superman fighting for truth justice and the American way and Batman as the obsessed avenger is a lot to work with.

The Killing Joke is a good movie.  It just has elements in it that are not necessary.  If DC would go back and take stand on doing good film work that everyone can enjoy they will rise to the top again.

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Batman Gets A Musical Parody In The Style Of “Hamilton”!


(PCM) The Broadway musical “Hamilton” is all the rage and of course the recently released “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” is blowing up at the box office, so it is no surprise that the internet would eventually pair these two juggernauts together, because hey, it’s the internet … why not?

Batman has gotten the musical parody treatment with “Batlexander Manilton” which dead-on mimics the opening song from the Broadway show “Hamilton”. Trust us, this will be stuck in your head for days! The most hilarious part is just how well the parody works out, as both Batman and Hamilton were orphans who were forced to overcome their disadvantages in life by both working harder and being smarter than everyone else.


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Why Conventions Have Grown In Popularity As A Marketing Tool And Is It Right?


(PCM) There is no doubt about it, conventions have grown in popularity over the last ten years, but is that a good or bad thing? I guess it depends on what side you’re on. San Diego Comic-Con International,started in 1970, is one of the must go to events of the year. A four day event that brings a lot of genres of entertainment together. The convention has gotten so large that one building can hardly contain everything. They have to use various buildings around the San Diego area to all fans to experience it all! Now that’s a great thing for the city of San Diego and promoters of the Con, but what about the little guy?

Those peeps in artist alley. The reason Comic Con’s started in the first place. They were a way to get the word out about the artists who can’t afford a multimillion dollar marketing campaign for their art and skill. The next best thing out there could be right at your footsteps, but you’re too busy looking at something that a major movie studio has put out to be sure you notice with their flashy installations and viral marketing campaigns. The major movie studios have the money and stars to market in any avenue they want. It seems they have set their sights on the convention world. And this is not against them getting their product out there, but sometimes other people get put on the back burner, because they don’t have the money to rival what the studios can do.


This year, 2016, will see the release of many comic book’s turned into film. They include Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America, Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squid, Gambit, and Ninja Turtles 2. And you can bet when the convention season starts up you will see a lot of stuff about these films. And as your attention is on them, another comic book will become just a memory. If the studios keep on pumping money into conventions and not into other avenues of marketing, like everything, it will eventually run its’ course.

Are people going to forget about comic books? I hope they don’t. Are they just going to look forward to seeing the latest celebrity stopping in and waving, and charging too much money for an autograph? I hope not. I hope fans keep on reading comics and forget about all the hype that the major studios bring. Some of it’s cool, but it can be a little much. Stick to making movies, and if it’s good the fans will find it on their own. On their own dime and time. I hope people look for the smaller conventions. There are many around. The people there are the creative force behind their own product. And you could find your own next favorite comic book and artist. These artists are the heart and soul of their product. And it would make their day if you paid a little bit more attention to them. Give your money to them instead of some celebrity who will not remember who you are, but the artist most certainly will!

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