Batman Gets A Musical Parody In The Style Of “Hamilton”!


(PCM) The Broadway musical “Hamilton” is all the rage and of course the recently released “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” is blowing up at the box office, so it is no surprise that the internet would eventually pair these two juggernauts together, because hey, it’s the internet … why not?

Batman has gotten the musical parody treatment with “Batlexander Manilton” which dead-on mimics the opening song from the Broadway show “Hamilton”. Trust us, this will be stuck in your head for days! The most hilarious part is just how well the parody works out, as both Batman and Hamilton were orphans who were forced to overcome their disadvantages in life by both working harder and being smarter than everyone else.


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Why Conventions Have Grown In Popularity As A Marketing Tool And Is It Right?


(PCM) There is no doubt about it, conventions have grown in popularity over the last ten years, but is that a good or bad thing? I guess it depends on what side you’re on. San Diego Comic-Con International,started in 1970, is one of the must go to events of the year. A four day event that brings a lot of genres of entertainment together. The convention has gotten so large that one building can hardly contain everything. They have to use various buildings around the San Diego area to all fans to experience it all! Now that’s a great thing for the city of San Diego and promoters of the Con, but what about the little guy?

Those peeps in artist alley. The reason Comic Con’s started in the first place. They were a way to get the word out about the artists who can’t afford a multimillion dollar marketing campaign for their art and skill. The next best thing out there could be right at your footsteps, but you’re too busy looking at something that a major movie studio has put out to be sure you notice with their flashy installations and viral marketing campaigns. The major movie studios have the money and stars to market in any avenue they want. It seems they have set their sights on the convention world. And this is not against them getting their product out there, but sometimes other people get put on the back burner, because they don’t have the money to rival what the studios can do.


This year, 2016, will see the release of many comic book’s turned into film. They include Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America, Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squid, Gambit, and Ninja Turtles 2. And you can bet when the convention season starts up you will see a lot of stuff about these films. And as your attention is on them, another comic book will become just a memory. If the studios keep on pumping money into conventions and not into other avenues of marketing, like everything, it will eventually run its’ course.

Are people going to forget about comic books? I hope they don’t. Are they just going to look forward to seeing the latest celebrity stopping in and waving, and charging too much money for an autograph? I hope not. I hope fans keep on reading comics and forget about all the hype that the major studios bring. Some of it’s cool, but it can be a little much. Stick to making movies, and if it’s good the fans will find it on their own. On their own dime and time. I hope people look for the smaller conventions. There are many around. The people there are the creative force behind their own product. And you could find your own next favorite comic book and artist. These artists are the heart and soul of their product. And it would make their day if you paid a little bit more attention to them. Give your money to them instead of some celebrity who will not remember who you are, but the artist most certainly will!

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My Journey To Health, Superheroes

Superman-changeI am a superhero geek.  The best way to start anything is to lead with the truth.  I was going to say Comic Book geek, but as Superheroes have entered into the realm of all types of entertainment my geekdom cannot limit itself to Comic Books alone.  Between us a guilty pleasure is Archie Comics.

Last week I posed a question on a Facebook page that is private and devoted to Marvel’s Agent’s Of Shield.  The question went something like this; does anyone else think that rating the next Wolverine Movie R is a bad idea?  I asked this question because Deadpool, being rated R, had caused some issues in at least one family I knew of and because little kids, who love Wolverine would be unable to attend.  It caused quite the backlash.

I actually had an even number of people who thought it should not be rated R and those who thought it should.  The problem was the folks who agreed with me only liked the post, those who did not agree with went on tell me in uncertain terms why the film should be Rated R.  I battled alone for the day and then took the post down.

Now why is this a health issue?  The answer is pretty simple.  I believe that the best heroes are the ones we can aspire to become.  I don’t mean that I want super powers, though that would be awesome, I mean from a moral compass our superheroes should be good.

I saw Deadpool opening day.  I would go so far to say that, as a movie, it was OK.  The action scenes were good and I liked the sci-fi plot but I could have done without the constant use of bad language and the gratuitous sex scenes and sexual banter.  Now I understand that this is who Deadpool is in his own comic magazine and so it is the way he should be portrayed, I have no argument on that point.  However doing the same thing with Wolverine is wrong.

Wolverine has become overtly violent in the last decade or so.  He definitely started as an anti-hero but there was no language and no blood.  Even today a bloody scene runs a couple of comic book page panels.  In a movie it would be moving dismemberment with flying blood and it makes it different.

Also the kids have a right to want to see the film.  All of the merchandise for the film is going to be available at Target and Toys R Us.  So the message is buy the stuff but you can’t see the film.

To this point, I was answered that a parent should just say that the movie isn’t for their child and that should be it.  But it won’t work out that way as the child goes to the toy store and is reminded regularly what is unavailable to them.

In many ways none of the above is my main argument.  My main argument is simply this, we should not become a society that glories in bad language and the need to see blood.  This behavior is not new; we know it existed in ancient Rome.  For some reason people like to see people get slaughtered.  In Rome they did it for real and now its special effects but the core desire in the viewer is no different.

I love Superheroes.  I love Superman the most; He espouses ideals that I am totally in line with.  Don’t kill, be Kind, do good, be loyal these are the things I see in him. The things I would like to emulate.  Spiderman is the same; he wants to do the right thing.  Captain America is in the same line of heroes knowing the difference between good and evil and not blurring the lines and never saying the end justifies the means.  In the long run no good comes from an evil act.

Deadpool aside, movies based on comic heroes should be family accessible. The heroes should be role models.  This is responsible entertainment.

Now how does this affect my health.  Those who read this column regularly are aware that I suffer from chronic severe depression.  This has been an ongoing problem for almost 30 years.  What movies I watch what music I listen to and what TV shows I follow all play a part in how my emotional issues manifest themselves.  In other words negative in negative out.

I have found that there are many movies and TV shows I should stay away from.  Those movies and TV shows that have a hopeless or pain filled ending or theme I need to avoid.  Comedy’s that make fun of things that I think are important I avoid.  The Simpson’s has been on for 20 years.  I watched one episode and that was enough.  South Park I won’t touch at all.

This isn’t because I am a prude or not realistic.  I loved Law and Order and most court based drama I find fascinating.  CSI is great too.  The X Files was wonderful.  I watch How To Commit a Murder and though I thought it was bit over the top I enjoyed Jessica Jones, though I found her hardness a surprise as I only knew her from The New Avenger’s and she was portrayed as sweet in that comic book, and Wolverine was more obnoxious than violent.

Yes I want wholesome entertainment back.  Sue me.  I want to look up to my fictional heroes and I want the good guys to win.  And I want the good guys to be good.  I don’t want them perfect, just good.  I know I am not everyone else and I don’t claim to be.  But for me superheroes live in a bright primary color world where good always triumphs over evil and the hero takes highest ground possible.  This will not only helps the mind but the souls as well.

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What Is The Loss Meme? |, ||,||, |_ Explained

(PCM) The ‘Loss Meme’ is based on an episode of a video-game oriented webcomic called CTRL+ALT+DELLoss01 by Tim Buckley. The first strip ran on October 23, 2002. In 2004 and 2005, Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) was nominated for the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards Outstanding Gaming Comic award, and in 2005 it was nominated for Outstanding Comic.

| ||
|| |_

The overall story lines of long time series regulars: Ethan, Lucas, Lilah, Scott and Chef Brian ended in November, 2012. New episodes are still published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For some reason, Ted’s strip gets some hate ( “the Rob Liefeld of webcomics”).

*Rob Liefeld is the comic book co-creator of Deadpool and a nice enough guy, but was known for not drawing feet or open hands. Feet were usually out of the frame or in ill-fitting boots, and hands, when they weren’t some type of claw, were clenched fists. His characters seldom showed fingers.

On June 2nd, 2008, Tim Buckley posted a strip titled ‘Loss‘ on his online comic strip, in which the Lilah suffered a miscarriage, and boyfriend Ethan comes to the hospital and learns what happened, without any words or text used in the comic.

Both Rob and Tim have their fans, though.

The reason for the complaints mainly being that it is drawn simply, and the overall plot just plods along, very slowly.

Other complaints included the amateurish art, simple panels and structure, excessive dialogue and a less than compelling storytelling.
So did Seinfeld, and not everybody thought that was funny either.
That’s how comedy works.

Several hundred thousand fans still read the webcomic every month, which still keeps its roots in video gaming.
The ‘Loss” four panel episode, with no dialogue, struck a cord, and thus the memes began.
That’s how the internet works.

An interesting note about the meme is that unless you are aware of the ‘joke’ most would never notice what is really going on in the picture.
It is also a technique used in secret messaging and spy coding.
Our Verdict: Genius.

TL;DR synopsis:
On June 2nd, 2008, Tim Buckley posted a strip titled ‘Loss‘ on his online comic strip, in which the Lilah suffered a miscarriage, and boyfriend Ethan comes to the hospital and learns what happened, without any words or text used in the comic. Normally humorous and light, it struck a nerve with readers.
And non-readers.

Here are some samples, found through our friends on Tumbler, Google and Facebook. We have no idea who the original artists are, they have been shared dozens, often hundreds of times.



Loss04And, of course, the original strip that started it all.



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Bruce Wayne Born February 19, Spotlight On Batman

BruceWayne-BatmanBruce Wayne born February 19.  Bruce Wayne is the son of Physician Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha.  Martha Wayne was a member of the prominent and wealthy Kane family.  Thomas Wayne’s family reaches back as far as the founding of Gotham City.  It was at that time that the Wayne family fortune began to build and continues to build to this day under the guiding hand of Bruce and Lucius Fox.

When Bruce was a normal 8 year old, loved by his parents and the family servant, Alfred, his parents were brutally murdered in front of him while on the way home from a movie.  The night his parents were killed young Bruce made a vow to war on criminals so his tragedy could not happen to another child.

Bruce was put into the custody of the family servant Alfred Pennyworth and was raised wanting for nothing.  But the fire of obsession raged in the boy and he trained himself starting even at that young age to be both mentally and physically perfect.  Bruce excelled at both his studies and physical education.  He won top academic awards, but the awards meant nothing to him except that he was succeeding at his goals.

When Bruce graduated High School he attended university and though he excelled at everything he touched, no one understood what his goal was and Bruce remained silent on his objective.  Bruce was brilliant in chemistry, engineering, biology, criminal law, as well as all the other sciences.

Bruce did not participate in college sports; he would spend hours every day working out in the college gym.  Those who saw his body found it without flaw, every muscle honed to perfection.  Surprisingly Bruce would take part in the college’s theater program.  Being the most handsome man on campus he could have gotten the lead in every production, but Bruce turned them down, always preferring to play a character where make up was needed and his body contorted.  He became an amazing mimic and character actor.  His fellow actors nicknamed him Lon after the great Lon Chaney who made his fame by playing deformed characters on the screen.

Bruce left college with honors and then disappeared from Gotham for several years.  During this time he traveled the world learning different fighting and combat techniques.  He studied under the monks of Tibet as well as the toughest professional detectives he could find.  Wanting to learn the art of escape Bruce spent time being tutored by the Great Zatarra one of the most famed magicians or his time.

Bruce returned to Gotham to great fanfare and began to take up the family business learning all of its aspects and how it was run.  At the same time Bruce dated every young up and coming Hollywood star or New York Fashion Model.  He was seen at every fashionable spot both day and night.  His reputation as a playboy billionaire became established during this time.

Bruce had achieved his goal.  He was perfect in both mind and body.  People thought of him as a mere socialite a light weight billionaire with more money than sense.  During the time after he returned from Gotham Bruce spent an enormous amount of money building the greatest criminal laboratory in the world in the caves beneath his ancestral home.  Now Bruce was ready.

One night while sitting in the library of Wayne Manor a terrible storm blew in from the coast.  The only light in the room was the lightning as it crackled across the sky.  Bruce was deep in thought.  He knew he had to become something different than he was.  A secret second person that could make war on crime.  Bruce already knew of the Superman who was making a name for himself in Metropolis, but Bruce was neither colorful nor were his methods going to be altogether good.  He would need to be something different, something dark.

Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning struck from the sky and at the same time an enormous bat broke through the huge window that Bruce was gazing out of.  At that moment Bruce Wayne knew he would become a bat.

From that moment Bruce Wayne became the Batman.  His mind dominated by one thought, that no child would lose a parent again.

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(PCM) Today we showcase the delicious mint and chocolate combo that’s been inspiring wintery-fresh sensations for generations of candy lovers.

Though variations on the dynamic choco-mint duo have long been available by commercial confectionaries, perhaps the most well-known is the York Peppermint Patty, first manufactured in 1940 in York, Pennsylvania.

It isn’t clear why February 11th is set aside to celebrate the candy, other than perhaps its proximity to a certain romantic, chocolate-friendly holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, comic strip artist Charles Schultz did not intend his character, Patricia “Peppermint Patty” (the beloved tomboy of the Peanuts’ gang) to be associated with the patty candy. Though Ms. Patty was socially refreshing (the pants-wearing, athletic girl from a single-parent family was created in response to the feminist movement of the late 1960s), Schultz claims it was a bowl of classic peppermints that inspired her name.

However, the Peppermint Patty has inspired various cocktails involving – you guessed it – combinations of mint- and chocolate-flavored liqueurs. Sounds delicious! Maybe we should all pour a glass tonight and toast to York, PA and Charles Schultz. Happy National Peppermint Patty Day!

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