Deadpool Movie News: Can Deadpool Win the Fight For R Rating?

little-pee-pee-500(PCM) Deadpool is in the fight of his life. Not a fight for his personal life, he’s in the fight for his irreverent life. He’s fighting for what makes Deadpool, Deadpool. A bloody killer and a foul mouth’d wise crack.

Actor Ryan Reynolds revealed in a recent tweet (March 29, 2015) that the fight for the film to be R rated is not over.


It’s clear from the Ryan Reynolds tweet (March 30 – see image above), he and others are  pushing internally to have Fox agree in making the Deadpool movie fans expect.

At issue is money. R ratings traditionally cost films in earnings immediately cutting the audience in half. If Fox could get the message from fans that an R rating will make them more money than a PG-13 rating, they would gladly green light Deadpool production with R rated material.


Internal players are doing their part. Screen writer Rhett Reese is up for an R rating. Deadpool’s Comic Book Universe writer Fabian Nicieza is part of the Cinematic Deadpool writing team. Nicieza along with director Tim Miller and staff are also arguing for the R rating. Tim Miller is specifically on this film as a passion project. He has hardly any directing experience in full films, yet he brought Deadpool to life through the test footage short leaked in October 2014 which created the major uproar causing Fox to green light the film immediately after.

Ryan Reynolds tweet is call to fans to retweet and show the same support they provided when that leaked 2012 test footage production piece hit the Internet. If enough fans of Deadpool can exhibit enough support in sales of an R rating, Fox would gladly allow production of an R rated Deadpool. Re-tweeting Ryan Reynolds #Deadpool tweet is one way.

If you expect to see a Deadpool like the images you see in this article, the only way to do that is with an R rating and you must share this article and tweets surrounding Deadpool with an R rating.

Deadpool is set for release in theaters February16th 2016.

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Deadpool Movie Synopsis Revealed

(PCM) Fox is riding the Deadpool news for all it can get. Fox has dropped the Deadpool logo, banner and synopsis.







Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

It is clear we are getting an origin story. Let’s hope it moves through the origin quickly and gives fans real action. As for hunting down his creator… read the synopsis carefully. It does not say Deadpool will hunt down his creator.  Of course if you are real heavy duty Deadpool fan you found the script online back in 2014.

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Marvel Imposes Affirmative Action Avengers on Free Comic Book Day

(PCM) There is something going on at Marvel, and it’s all about the money. While it may appear the Disneyfication of Marvel has hit a higher gear by flipping superhero genders, races and sexuality, Disney isn’t behind the latest change. Money is behind it.

No one can argue that over the past few years the political correctness of comic books has become a hot topic with hard core comic book readers who are being looked over to appeal to the next generation of comic book readers. Yet if you think Marvel  is making changes simply because they want to appease the needs of a minority of readers, you are wrong to think that. Marvel isn’t that naive. Sure hiring writers that fit that agenda (Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar and Laura Martin) help, but the bottom line is always money.

The latest change however is more in your face that ever.

Look at this upcoming issue of the Avengers. What do you see?


Depending on who you are you could be celebrating or rolling your eyes or somewhere in between. Of course many long time readers will hit Tumblr, 3Chan and reddit, shouting “Marvel imposes affirmative action avengers.” The opposing argument will accuse bigotry throwing words like “inclusive” and “diversity” back in response. It will be a fun ride for Marvel as they try to steal the spotlight of an issue brought about from smaller publishers like Boom Studios Push Comics Forward initiative.

What? You don’t see it? Then let’s clear it up. Marvel even spells it out for you in the title, “All-New” and “All-Different”.

To put it bluntly there is a female Thor, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, and a bi-racial Spider-Man and black Captain America (Sam Wilson previously Falcon) as part of the new crew. Yes there is still Iron Man, Vision, and  Nova (Sam Alexander).

Does it matter if Marvel imposes affirmative action Avengers? No and yes. It doesn’t matter because the Avenger’s constantly change. And those changes often include female super heroes from Spider-Woman to She-Hulk. The Avengers has included minorities and diversity for many years. Again, changes are to be expected and that is the argument as to why it doesn’t matter.

Yet it does matter because the editors and writers at Marvel do in fact have an agenda designed to provoke. They may appear to be catering to the highly charged politically correct atmosphere of present day. And while this change may thrill and appease the social justice warriors on Tumblr that are just as much a bully as any playground or lunch money antagonist, Marvel isn’t out to appease Tumblr’s social justice warriors.

The fact is Marvel’s elite want controversy in order to increase sales and they know by creating a super hero affirmative action program, they can appear to have taken the high ground while everyone argues the point. All the while, sales go up.

Don’t be fooled by Marvel, they don’t care if you like or dislike the changes in the Avengers. They want the title to sell.  How can this assertion be proven?

Just look at the characters. Some changes have proven smart business moves. Thor’s sales a have doubled and only begun to fall slightly since the title changed to a female in October. Other changes such as Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales have not eclipsed the original character’s title, Miles has not broken the top 50 in sales. Neither has Ms. Marvel,  Kamala Khan, the 16 year old Pakistani (American) Muslim, written by a female Muslim (G Willow Wilson) with declining sales. Captain America is more of the same.

There is no question why Marvel is making a sweeping change to the Avengers. The controversy should earn them money. Combining an “All-Different” crew of Avengers is a hip way to code word, “diversified” which begs controversy.

The question lost to most comic book faithful, or legacy readers is why take beloved characters and change their gender, race, or sexuality?  Why not just create new characters with the gender, race or sexuality newer readers call for?  Again, that argument is being drowned out by accusations of bigotry while the answer is right before everyone’s eyes. Marvel’s motivation is increased sales. So don’t get your feelings hurt by the changes. You always have back issues that may just become more valuable for you the comic book reader. Everyone can be a winner. In fact, FREE comic book day is always the first Saturday every May. You can pick up this first group appearance on free comic book day.


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Why Wonder Woman Should Be Played By A Man

(PCM) Should existing super heroes be replaced by alternate races, colors or sexualities for the sake of appeasing false outrage? Some refer to this as comicgate. Most people don't read comic books. Ask a friend about comic book superheroes and they will base their knowledge from a superhero film such as Winter Soldier or The Dark Knight Returns, not original source material in print. Few know of Batman: The Long Halloween or Hush. batman-hush-dark-knight-returnsUnless you are Harlequin (Harley Quinn’s first appearance was in animation), the origins and character traits of comic book characters are borne from comic books. The fanbase of superheroes are comic book readers. Comic book fans love their characters as they are. Yet more and more new fans demand for a gay character, or more representation of women –  the list goes on. Legacy readers feel hijacked by the political correctness new fans bring. Legacy readers feel even more angst due to drastic and undue changes to characters that often retcon a character needlessly. Most calls for politically correct changes are made by entities such as media organizations acting as the mouthpiece for a single blogger, not large organized groups which have a true vested interest in evolving characters. The blogger or agenda oriented media writer doesn’t ask for change, they demand it. There are still legitimate requests in changes to the inhabitants of comic books – to a point. And while the case of “to a point” is being made, let’s not bog down in that statement alone. The argument here is that as a rule we shouldn’t change superheroes main characteristics. Long time comic book readers accept politically correct additions and resist politically correct changes. Some could argue it’s a generational issue, but it goes beyond your age. You see, if we are changing comic book characters’ genders, interests, or anything that originally defined their ‘character’ they no longer remain that character. If Marvel can change Thor to a female, then DC’s Wonder Woman could be played by a man. Do you see the meaning here? Comic book characters have a history of behaviors and interests. Superman is a boy scout, Batman is grim, Spider-Man is Peter Parker and Peter Parker is eternally young. Sure the publishers of these comics have the right to alter the course of a character, and in many cases they are justified in doing so. Yet the defining elements of a character should rarely if ever be changed once canon is established. While times change and the characteristics of a character should mirror the times, superheroes should remain true to their roots. Superheroes such as Superman have changed much over their long existence. Superman didn’t always fly, but the canon of Superman is he has always been a moral model. There are exceptions, perhaps a character is totally unknown and disposable or about to be abandoned. Plausible evolutionary arcs work too. Canon to a faithful comic book reader is the undisputed history of a character. Examples:
  • Death of Superman.
  • Uncle Ben’s legacy of power & responsibility.
  • Bane breaks Batman’s back with aftermath of Azrael.
  • The death of Gwen Stacy.
The caretakers (contemporary editors and publishers) of canon have made more bad decisions than good. In fact you could argue that canon has been the reason for success in film. When films are based on or follow canon they succeed. That is why Sony continues to fail with Spider-Man and Marvel Studios is on a winning streak. FantasticFourScreenshot1It’s why Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four is guaranteed to fail. Fox’s only success in the superhero genre was Days of Future Past. Why? Days of Future Past integrated canon – specifically the story sharing the same title written by Chris Claremont in 1981 in Uncanny X-Men. While blaming film studios for bad films is easy, we still have the actual publishers DC and Marvel dead in our sights. They hold the most responsibility for taking good characters and destroying them. For this rule there are exceptions.
  • Catwoman is now bi-sexual – plausible arc.
Some feminists may argue against this article any support in keeping Catwoman heterosexual is sexist, however this change to Catwoman is borderline. catwoman-kissSure it’s plausible she can be bisexual but frankly turning her from a chaotic neutral cat burgler to the head of a crime ring is more of a sin.
  • A gay Green Lantern – long forgotten character.
Announcing characters as gay may be contrived but can be an acceptable change to canon. Writing a Green Lantern as gay does not violate his canon but at the time it was announced it appeared contrived in an effort to increase sales. It was almost as if the publishers wanted bigoted opinions for the sake of controversy. Allen-Scott-Kissing-SamThe upside here is the most well known Green Lantern Hal Jordan wasn’t changed, it was a Green Lantern (original Golden Age Alan Scott) not the Green Lantern (New 52 Hal Jordan) of modern canon. It’s worth noting that DC retconned Alan Scott into Earth 2, an alternate DC universe.
  • Spider-Man is black/hispanic – plausible arc.
Last is the race card on Spider-Man. Many mixed instant outrage over the rumor the first Spider-Man in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film may be Miles Morales (black/hispanic). parker-moralesMost felt placing Miles Morales ahead of Peter Parker was a violation of canon in terms of chronological order, while the thought police argued anyone that couldn’t accept Miles Morales was a racist for not accepting a black/hispanic. The fan base in general simply wanted the Spider-Man that has existed in the original Civil War story. peter-parker-civil-warAltering Peter Parker’s skin color wasn’t the ultimate concern. The outcry that was drowned out by the loud minority was that Miles Morales came about because of Peter Parker. Changing canon is just not authentic. If were not for so many comic book readers, the rest of the world would not be receiving this gift of great superhero films. Yes there are many racist, bigots and homophobes on the Internet anonymously insulting the voices who call for more female superheroes, writers, and even video game programmers for that matter. They do not represent the voices of reason that have more specific arguments against changing superheros canon. Canon is the argument in a nutshell. Let’s not take any beloved character and rewrite them for the sole purpose of political correctness or appeasement. Would J.R.R. Tolkien have wanted modern screenwriters to make Frodo Baggins a female? Perhaps, he would have, but it would have been that single creators decision to do so.marvel-universeThis brings us to ownership. In the world of publishing comics, if you add a character to the DC or Marvel universe you give up any claim to the character. You may add a wonderful new addition to the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe that can now interact with Superman or Spider-Man but you lose your say so over the future of that character. dc-universeTo this end we should all question the stewards of our beloved childhood friends Batman, Spider-Man and the likes. If the political wind is blowing conservative, characters may be less controversial, maybe even stuffy or bland. In the current climate a very liberal wind is blowing that seemingly has an agenda of answering to the loud minority who do not even buy comic books at the same rate as typical readers. Should we have gay characters? Should we have muslim characters? Should we have more female superheroes? Why not? Few would argue against it, but there certainly isn’t a huge demand for them either. Sales prove it. ms-marvel-muslimSome could demand why must publishers take existing characters and alter them so drastically they don't represent what they once were? The answer may be because they'd rather risk not selling a few extra issues of your favorite title and then go back on that change if their half-hearted attempt goes flat. After all, retconning characters is often relied upon by publishers to serve their needs. And that’s what taking an existing hetrosexual character and turning them gay is, it’s half-hearted. Make a new character that is gay and that’s the way you get everyone on board. The answer is even more simple. Money. Publishers use controversy to increase sales. They can only speculate – once the decision to make a change is made, they will only know if they were right if sales increase. At one time publishers mandated these changes against the will of writers that were old-school. Now publishers are more savvy. They hire writers that have an agenda that matches up with the changes being made to a character. Want to change a character to a successful female character? Hire a female writer. Want a writer to support the gay lifestyle of a character? Hire a writer that has those values.catwoman3This example is not always the case, but it is happening. By no means is this meant to belittle female writers. But to get a true female perspective, don’t you need a female? As a man I’ll never understand fully the experience of giving birth, and while I can write about it, wouldn’t a woman’s understanding be more apt? Agenda writers have a place but this tack has yet to yield any successful results other than short term and it’s no less thoughtful than killing Superman. Killing Superman had short term success, so far the same can't even be said of making Thor a female. What is a good example of restoring popularity to a character to boost sales? The Captain America films from Marvel Studios is an ideal example. That character was as uncool as the Blue Beetle, and now he’s as worthy as Superman. Good story telling saved Captain America, not appeasement to loud minority requests. It is fair to argue that the fan opinions that should matter to the publishers are from the fans that have long term understanding of characters and are invested in those characters. The one constant has been that fans are getting what they ask for. For example, fans demanded for years that Spider-Man return from Sony to Marvel. That finally took place with the Amy Pascal/Kevin Feige deal which allows Spider-Man to be a part of the MCU in 2016 Marvel Studios film Civil War. Now rumors run rampant it won’t be Peter Parker that wears the Spider-Man mask. thor-femaleThe message should be clear to the caretakers of our comics. Don't screw with canon. If you want to give those that want a female superhero what they want, then write better stories around existing female superheros or just create great new female superheros. This isn't a divide between males and females, it’s about great characters, and great stories. Until then, if you want to change genders, sexuality and such like making Thor a female or suddenly changing a male character to gay, then by all means, make Wonder Woman a man. The post Why Wonder Woman Should Be Played By A Man appeared first on The World Of Pop Culture.

Michelle Rodriguez Candidly Answers Green Lantern Rumor

michelle-rodriguez(PCM) The rampant change of superheroes gender, sexuality and other high impact alterations to established canon in age old comic books is finally reaching a breaking point. Even actors are taking sides. Good.

This past week actress Michelle Rodriguez broke ranks and gave a candid opinion.

It all started when she was ‘rumored’ to be the next Green Lantern. If you’re unaware, there is a female Green Lantern – Jessica Cruz. In which case Michelle would fit both gender and race! But, the fact that Hollywood would not start the Justice League saga with the logical chronological order of Green Lanterns did strike a nerve with fans on every level.

Enter TMZ. They inquired on the rumor and Rodriguez gave an answer that was also followed by opinion. First she stamped out the rumor – she wasn’t going to be a Green Lantern. “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,. I think it’s so stupid because of this whole minorities in Hollywood thing. It’s so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own. What’s up with that?”

This statement has clear meaning, but of course the thought police pounced on any possibility of ambiguity in the statement and branded Michelle a social outcast until she repented and explained herself in way that appeased the falsely offended.

Michelle obliged by thankfully not retracting her statement but instead clarifying in a candid video that appears to be shot from her own bed while shot from a cell phone, selfie style.

If you don’t have time or unable to view the video embedded below, Michelle makes the case that established characters shouldn’t be changed, instead the artistic community should create the diverse characters the loud minority community is asking for.


Michelle Rodriguez should be applauded for not just being candid but standing up for the browbeaten majority that knows their belief that established characters and canon don’t need to be changed to fit the wants of a minority of activist opinion.


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Catwoman Is Now BiSexual

catwoman-39(PCM) Most people accuse both Marvel and DC of trying to be politically correct with scores of changes to existing characters in the name of diversity. Not true. Their only aim is to increase sales. It’s money they are after and to do so, they go after safe but controversial subjects.

DC has done just that with Catwoman. After 75 years she is now ‘coming out’ as bi-sexual. And DC’s been quick to call it canon. If you are speculator, buy issue no. 39. But don’t expect that issue to ever have any value. Only true first appearances or short print runs yield a return on the investment.

So how does DC make the case Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is bi-sexual? She kisses a girl outright (Eiko Hasigawa) in Catwoman No. 39 of the New 52. The character Eiko is an heiress of the Hasigawa Family part of the Yakuza in Gotham. The relationship between the two hasn’t been stated as a long term plot point making it hard to think DC has any other agenda besides the controversy this shockwave will have in the media.


If you are avid reader, DC has been dancing with this topic ambiguously for some time now as she interacts with other female characters.

The writer responsible for the change in sexual desire of Catwoman is Genevieve Valentine. She took over the Catwoman series in October 2014. In Valentine’s own words regarding Catwoman, “She’s flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now. For me this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation.”

catwoman3While some see this as a desperate attempt to jumpstart Catwoman again, it will have a hard time overcoming the fact Catwoman isn’t the Catwoman most remember her to be. She’s no longer a chaotic neutral character. She’s now in the camp of the bad guys in a way that isn’t something you want to expose your kids to as a favorable characters. Catwoman now runs a family in the criminal underworld.

If you care that Catwoman is lesbian or bi-sexual in that it changes her relationship with Batman, then yes this change will disappoint you as a fan of the Batman canon, but try to understand that comics can’t tell full stories of characters in the sense that these characters are timeless. They are generally permanently locked into a time of their life that can’t reach closure. They can only constantly evolve and be retold and remolded for the next generation of readers.

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