Officially Licensed Dancing Baby Groot Will Be Released This Holiday Season


(PCM) Ever since the brief credits scene in the hit Marvel film “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Dancing Baby Groot won over the hearts of audiences all over the world.

Fans have been demanding that Marvel come out with a toy to re-enact this famous scene and allow everyone to enjoy their very own Dancing Baby Groot at home. Many fans even began crafting their own versions of the toy and while they look fantastic, many lack the ability to actually move round and dance.

It appears now that fans requests for the toy have been met and it has been … read more...

Is Marvel Making Ms. Marvel and Black Panther to be Politically Correct?

black-panther-marvel-movie(PCM)  It’s hard not to notice that two of Marvel’s next films are characters that fill in space that social media’s argued for the past few years – a woman and a minority.

While both characters Ms. Marvel and Black Panther are not being changed to suit any social needs on film, the are what they are. Ms. Marvel is female and Black Panther is black.

These characters have never been hot titles for Marvel, however one could argue that Punisher was never one either.

Yet Guardians of the Galaxy has proved any title by Marvel can be a huge … read more...

Marvel Breaks Avengers 3 into Two Parts: Infinity War

avengers-3-infinity-wars(PCM) How do you keep actors in on contract when it ends with their next film? Divide it into a two-part story. Smart Marvel.


Infinity War Part 1 will hit theaters May 2018.
Infinity War Part 2 will make us wait no more than one more year. It will close out the story May 2019.

Perhaps it’s a very good thing too. In keeping with bringing canon to the big screen, The Infinity War is a bold and epic story to take on. The backstory to Infinity War is centered around the cosmic villain, Thanos.

Thanos in Avengers

Thanos in Avengers

We first …

What Is Marvel’s Civil War Movie About?

civil-war-marvel(PCM) In a slew of announcements that effectively obliterate Warner Bros./DC recent movie release schedule announcement, Marvel has continued to do everything right in its cinematic universe.

In this article we’ll cover Civil War. What is Civil War?

Let’s get the news details behind us first. Civil War will be the next Captain America film which Robert Downey Jr. recently revealed ahead of the Marvel press release October 28th 2014. That film will hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Now for the back story of Civil War. And it is one that changed the Marvel Universe in a big way. For … read more...

A Review Of The Awesome October 2014 Loot Crate


(PCM) For those that aren’t in the know, Loot Crate is an amazing monthly subscription box that contains all sorts of amazing geek and gamer themed products. A strong bonus is that many of those items happen to be Loot Crate exclusives as well!

The wonderful folks over at Loot Crate were generous enough to send us here at PCM, a crate to review and we were absolutely thrilled by the contents it contained!  The theme for the October 2014 crate was “Fear” and it was certainly chock full of some incredible products!

Loot-Crate1Without a doubt my favorite item contained …

Marvel Releases Official Trailer and Teaser Poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron

AvengersBANNER(PCM) The hype surrounding Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to 2012’s biggest blockbuster hit, is very real.

Planning to capitalize on the hype, Marvel scheduled a new teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron to premiere during next Tuesday’s episode of Agents of SH.I.E.L.D., but had their plans foiled when the trailer was leaked online Wednesday night.

Thinking quick on their feet, Marvel promptly released the official teaser trailer in response to the low quality leak, delighting Marvel, action, and blockbuster film fans alike while also managing to throw a jab at Hydra in this tweet:… read more...

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