Savoy At Union Transfer In Philadelphia, PA! Concert Review And Exclusive Interview!


(PCM) This was our very first time witnessing Savoy live in concert and talk about putting on one heck of a show … these guys absolutely killed it and seriously, who can get enough lasers?! They by far and away put on one of the best laser light shows we have ever witnessed despite the small size of a venue like Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA. Savoy played this show as if they were playing to an arena and we eagerly gobbled up every moment.


The fact that Savoy is a group that turns the standard definition of EDM straight on its’ head is definitely what has made us fall in love with them. They are completely unafraid to play around with various genres and a truly a group that refuses to be boxed into any particular format. Their live show gives the audience the feeling of raging out to a killer rock band while being entranced by the strong bass beats and incredible laser lights, all at the same time.  It is an out of this world experience and one that we highly recommend.

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke had a chance to catch up with Mike Kelly and Gray Smith of Savoy just prior to the groups amazing performance. You can check out the full interview below:

savoy-6 savoy-31 savoy-59

For more information about Savoy, please visit:


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Concert Recap: Clutch And Crobot In Philadelphia, PA


(PCM) Despite some brutally cold temperatures outside, the heat was on at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA once Clutch, along with opening band Crobot graced the stage for their sold-out gig! I have been following the trajectory of Crobot’s career and they have absolutely been on fire! Talk about getting the party started! Crobot’s blistering hour long set was mesmerizing as always and the perfect way to amp up the crowd for Clutch’s headlining performance.

Over the years I have witnessed Clutch’s fan base continue to grow in leaps and bounds and with each tour they further cement their place as being one of the best live rock bands on the scene. Blasting out of the gate with “X-Ray Visions” off their latest album “Psychic Warfare” (review here) there was no slowing down from beginning to end. The crowd went absolutely wild and were clinging to each and every phrase belted out by front man Neil Fallon who commandeers the stage.

The band sounded both tight and well-rehearsed giving fans a performance of epic proportion. Their set consisted mainly of tracks off of both “Psychic Warfare” and “Earth Rocker”, however there were a few gems thrown into the mix from both “Blast Tyrant” and “Robot Hive”. Tragically, it was a sad night for music fans as many of us had just learned that legendary rock Lemmy Kilmister had passed away, so it was an incredibly touching moment when Clutch played several Motorhead songs in tribute to Lemmy as we belted out the lyrics with tears in our eyes.

It felt fitting to be at a rock show on this night and Clutch certainly delivered. We absolutely can’t wait to see what is next for the band in 2016!

Photo credit: Mike Sievila 

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Exclusive Interview With Whitford St. Holmes (Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent)


(PCM) We recently had the opportunity to sit down with rockers Whitford St.Holmes (Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent) to discuss their new album “Reunion”, changes in the music industry, touring and more!

Whitford/St.Holmes self titled debut (released in 1983) received strong radio play and as well as critical reviews followed by a very successful run of US dates. However, shortly after its release their respective camps reunited and those schedules simply did not allow for a follow up…until now! The newly reunited line up also features drummer Troy Luccketta from Tesla and Nashville A-lister, bassist Chopper Anderson. The bands second release is slated for early 2016 with a new single that arrived this Fall.  Look for Whitford/St.Holmes tour dates to be announced in June!

We caught the band’s final performance on for their short run of tour dates this year at Havana in New Hope, PA and the camaraderie between these two shone bright from the stage. It was completely evident that Whitford St.Holmes was having an absolutely fantastic and fun-loving time throughout their entire performance. Despite the small size of the venue, the band’s energy made it feel like an arena and we absolutely can’t wait to catch these guys again in the coming year!


On the fan feedback from their recent tour

BRAD WHITFORD: We are very pleased. We just came out here to let people know what we are doing and let them see it and we are just thrilled with the response. It’s been really fun.

DEREK ST.HOLMES: People have been reacting amazingly. They are reacting the same way I did when I saw Led Zeppelin for the first time. They are digging it and just think it’s fabulous. If I wasn’t in this band, I’d want to be in this band! (laughs)

On the recording process for “Reunion”

BW: It’s quite a story because we were auditioning people for the band, we basically had our core of me and Derek and Chopper on bass, so we knew that was the building block. We were working with some different drummers and keyboard players and it wasn’t quite fitting, so our manager Kevin Lee suggested we try Troy Luccketta because they had a relationship. Troy came in and he just understood what we were doing right away and he loved it. We literally had maybe two or three rehearsals and then when straight into the studio. We had seven songs when we went in and wrote two more.

I’m talking, we went in on a Monday and Tuesday, this is the very beginning of the album, we recorded all of our basics in two days, two of them we wrote Monday night and recorded on Tuesday for a total of nine tracks. The creative juices were just flowing. Fourteen days later it was all recorded and we started mixing right after that!

On anything that didn’t make the cut or was leftover from the recording sessions 

BW: No, not at all. Since then we have been writing a lot more tunes that we want to start recording, but no it wasn’t hard at all to choose what made the album cut. We felt very good about them and some of them needed a lot of massaging because one song was basically a jam and we turned it into a terrific song. The creative process was just really fun, it was a lot of hard work with some fourteen hour days, but we had a great time the whole time. I think it reflected in the music.

DS: When you asked about the creative process for one of the songs, the last song on the album is called “Flood Of Lies” and that kind of was written in between takes when we were all sitting in the same room and we have our headphones on and we are waiting for the guys in the control room to get ready. We were fiddling around and I played this lick and kept playing it and playing it and as more parts came and we said what about this right here and then it just all came together.  Brad went in there and just started writing lyrics like he was possessed. It was wild the way that song came together.

On recording in Nashville and if the city has any influence in regards to the music and/or sound

BW: Absolutely!  Our engineer just turned out to be the perfect engineer. He also understood what we were doing and really enjoyed it. Things just lined up right for this. Got all the right players … the right people just somehow came into this and it’s a very special project.

DS: The studio we recorded in is called The Castle, so we have always loved that whole idea where the man goes into the castle and they take it over and they live in it, etc and we saw this place up on the hill and we would drive by it all the time and someone finally said, ‘well, that’s a studio’ and we decided to check it out. We went up there and it had big rooms like we had hoped and it was an old castle feel from the outside standing on the grounds and doing all that stuff. Our engineer O’ Maxwell, he’s from Connecticut, but he’s been working down in Nashville, so we had a little bit of the southern flair, but this guy, being from up north, knew our background and knew what we were looking for and he went a little bit more rock n’ roll/harder edge on it. It was all just a big recipe and with a couple of the songs we added elements.

Brad had the great idea of bringing this little girl in who was like 24 or 25 and plays violin. It was on a song called “Tender Is The Night” and she plays violin on the beginning of it and it just set the tone for the song and it was beautiful. She was so talented, as she made one violin sound like six and it was awesome.

On the work of Whitford St. Holmes being therapeutic and a departure from work with their previous bands 

BW: We had complete creative control. We wrote all this material and produced this record ourselves. It’s a far cry from working with Aerosmith, where we don’t have a musical director in Aerosmith and it’s kind of a free for all between a producer and the five guys. It becomes very tedious and kind of squashes the creative process for me because you have to be completely open to any idea. You have to approach it like actors approach an improv … anything goes, but a lot of times people are not in that frame of mind of anything goes saying ‘well, that sounds like Zeppelin’ or ‘That sounds like whatever’. Who gives a f**k what it sounds like? I don’t care!

Derek and I happen to have a real songwriting connection. It’s very strong and instead of being difficult it come very easy for the two of us to write. There is a lot of respect for each others musical abilities and we use that to our advantage. It’s a nice working relationship and it’s awesome.

On reconnecting after so many years

BW: We’ve been great friends since we met each other in the mid-seventies, so we’ve always been in touch. Then all of a sudden we were living in the same town, so the natural evolution of that is us sitting around playing, then we are writing and then we are up performing around town … it was going to happen one way or another.

On the massive changes in the music industry and the up rise of social media

BW: Right now there’s no formula anymore. There is no rule book and we kind of kept in our heads and going back and forth as to whether we were going to go the old route, like we did in the seventies, but we thought, we don’t have to do it like that, as we can do this any way we want. Sitting right here, we are selling our new album tonight at the show and it’s the only place you can get it. You can’t get it anywhere else! It’s not on iTunes yet, it’s not for sale, but you can buy it here and it’s the only place you can get it.

We are approaching it like we are sixteen year old garage band and just selling our new music at the show. I mean, why not? We can’t stand the record companies, as in the past, they are just greedy monsters who are only interested in money and not creativity  and later for them!

DS: If somebody buys this album, we made this art for ourselves and for you, and if you buy this art and you like it the money went directly to us. It didn’t go to a bunch of people who were in between us. They are telling us they are doing all this work for us, but in reality they just took all the money for themselves. It’s funny because I have two stepdaughters who are 18 and 16 and they didn’t know that when they would copy things off the internet, as songs to share with people that they were taking money out of poor artists pockets.

When I explained to them that this is how their stepdad makes his money they went ‘oh, my gosh, we didn’t know!’ and I told them that’s kind of the way it is now, but I think things are turning around and for us, when we get home, we are thinking of putting the album on iTunes and everywhere. We are going to hire social media people and go that route.

On embracing social media

DS: Kicking and screaming (laughs) We’re old! We know about it and our kids teach us everyday. My oldest is 32 and Brad’s oldest is around 32 as well!

On the shroud of mystery surrounding rock n’ roll being lifted

BW: Too much so! Before videos and all that stuff, I loved that era when you didn’t know much about the band, so there was a terrific mystery about it. The first time I saw Zeppelin, I never really saw more than a few photos maybe and it created this aura which was so nice because you didn’t know. All you knew was how that music made you feel and then when you got to see the guys do it live it was just badass. But with the internet, I’m still pissed about MTV and I think that was just the wrong way to go.  The thing that really made me angry about MTV was that we had to pay to make these videos.

So, I’m going to make a video for you and pay for it and you’re going to play it on your television station and sell Coca-Cola … I don’t get this? They would say ‘oh, you’re going to sell lots of records”, but I would say ‘maybe, I don’t want to make a commercial’ and of course the record company is the one that’s getting the lion share so why aren’t they the ones paying for it? The whole thing was just a scam as far as I’m concerned, another record company scam.

There is no mystery left about anything with YouTube! There’s security cameras everywhere and all of that is gone, but I really loved that part of rock n’ roll.

On touring plans for 2016

BW: We are fielding offers as they say! We are looking at what people are throwing our way. We created a lot of excitement on this run and we are going to have to look at what’s going to be the best tour or approach we are going to take next year. We’re just ready to go to work and get out there and have fun wherever we end up!

Photo credit: Mike Sievila 


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DNCE Concert Review! Band Provides Us With An Absolutely Delicious Evening!


(PCM) I recently attended DNCE’s sold-out show at Coda in Philadelphia, PA and I could not help but have the thought that I was being let in on a secret that is just so juicy you feel the desire to share it with everyone that you know! However, there is the other side of that secret, the part that makes you want to hold it close and keep it in that intimate inner circle which is just as overpowering. This idea gives you an idea about my head space while watching DNCE perform!

They are so freaking good that I feel like everyone in the world needs to let loose and experience their music, however I truly enjoyed the intimate experience of jamming out with this band in the atmosphere of a small sweaty nightclub. Their energy was intoxicating! The band is frontman Joe Jonas, guitarist JinJoo Lee, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless and they are flawless!


Formed in the summer of 2015, DNCE was born from Jonas’s long-brewing plan to launch an offbeat pop project inspired by the melodic R&B of Earth, Wind & Fire and Hall & Oates. Almost as soon as they started playing together, DNCE had a palpable chemistry and easy camaraderie which is an asset that carries directly over to their audience! The band claims they want DNCE to feel like a party and from what I witnessed during their recent concert, they have certainly succeeded!

There were no rules, no judgement, just everyone out on a Sunday night to let loose, have a good time and get their DNCE on all night long! DNCE’s debut EP “SWAAY” dropped on October 23 and they are currently enjoying the growing success of their first single, the delightfully catchy “Cake By The Ocean”! Their set consisted of tracks from “SWAAY” mixed in with some amazing covers of 90’s hits such as “Waterfalls” by TLC and even a little Prince thrown in for good measure.

I am certainly expecting to hear a lot more from DNCE in the coming year and we absolutely can’t wait to see them live once again! The band has a few upcoming live appearances in 2015 which are:


12/1 – Dallas, TX – KHKS Jingle Ball

12/3 – San Francisco, CA – KYLD Jingle Ball

12/4 – Los Angeles, CA – KIIS Jingle Ball
12/7 – Minneapolis, MN – KDWB Jingle Ball
12/11 – New York – Z100 Jingle Ball
12/16 – Chicago – WKSC Jingle Ball
12/17 – Atlanta, GA – WWPW
12/18 – Miami, FL – WHYI Jingle Ball
12/19 – Tampa, FL – WFLZ Jingle Ball




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GWAR Celebrate 30 Years! Exclusive Interview And Concert Review!


(PCM) Can you believe that GWAR has been wreaking havoc all over the planet for 30 years? For fans that is no surprise at all!  The longevity of this band is certainly due to their unwavering dedication and determination for world domination, and oh, you know, that whole music thing! GWAR has continued to thrive against all odds and show absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As usual GWAR provided an amazing show during their recent stop at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. For me, attending a GWAR show is a bit bittersweet as I can still feel the tragic loss of the great Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie), however I give the remaining members of GWAR all the credit in the world for continuing to move forward while keeping the spirit of Oderus alive in the music.


For this tour we find our intergalactic space lords battling everyone’s favorite demon … the internet! GWAR is on a quest to kill the internet and that mission of course brought out the blood and gore (seriously, would it be a GWAR show without it?)!  GWAR are not a band for the sensitive or easily offended, but fans can truly appreciate their tongue-in-cheek and snarky humor. I adore that they are fearless when it comes to tackling a lot of subject matter that would otherwise be taboo to other artists.

For this tour, in particular, GWAR brought out several deep-cuts from throughout their 30 year history as a band including “Jack The World”, “I’m In Love (With a Dead Dog)”, “Meat Sandwich” and “Captain Crunch”. Hearing these songs live was a delightful treat for fans and the band’s set consisted of a perfect mix of both old and new material.


I had a chance to catch up with both Pustulus and Blothar of GWAR for an exclusive interview just prior to them slaying the stage!  Watch below to see us discuss everything from Thanksgiving to porn!

As GWAR continue their global domination on their 30th Anniversary tour, the intergalactic warlords have announced a special show for New Year’s Eve! “Midnight in the GWARden of New Year’s Evil” will take place December 31st at the National in GWAR’s adopted home of Richmond, Virginia. The event is presented by Night Prowler Productions and XL102.
This unprecedented celebration is a must attend for all Bohabs as GWAR is set to ring in the New Year with a special one of a kind performance. Special guests and exclusive events for the evening will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern HERE.

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Rock Allegiance 2015 Review: Appears Festival With Have a Permanent Home In The Philadelphia, PA Region


(PCM) We were beyond stoked to attend the Rock Allegiance Festival held at PPL Park in Chester, PA and I have to say that it was one of the most well-organized and beautifully run festivals that we have had the pleasure of attending. Rock Allegiance featured over 12 hours of music, craft beer and gourmet man food with 15+ bands performing on three stages. This year’s stellar line-up featured the talent of Rob Zombie, Korn, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, In This Moment, Pop Evil, Atreyu, Bring Me The Horizon and many many more who truly brought their A-game to the sell-out crowd of over 26,000 fans in attendance.

Rock Allegiance was PPL Park’s first-ever live music event and the sell-out crowd broke the venues previous attendance records by nearly 10,000 individuals. Producer Danny Wimmer of Danny Wimmer Presents had the following comments “To set an attendance record in a new venue with a new festival, I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to have Monster Energy Rock Allegiance in Philadelphia and to cement the city as our official home for many years to come”.

The layout featured two main stages that were situated directly next to one another inside the stadium bowl, so that once one stage ended the other almost immediately began. This made it incredibly easy for fans to simply turn themselves in one direction or another and not miss a single moment of their favorite artists performance. There was also a tent stage set-up directly outside the main stadium that also featured a fantastic array of bands such as Hollywood Undead, Saint Asonia, Butcher Babies, Charm City Devils and From Ashes To New.


With so many great performances throughout the day it was an incredibly difficult task to narrow down our highlights from the day. We found ourselves to be incredibly impressed with Atreyu who are making a comeback in a huge way this year after taking a bit of hiatus, as well as, Pop Evil who are truly enjoying the fruits of their labor with the amazing success of their new album “UP” and hit single “Footsteps” which is currently being used in the national ad campaign for Dodge.  We also have to note that we were blown away yet again by Saint Asonia. After seeing their debut performance at this year’s Rock On The Range back in May, they are truly showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.



The theatrics from an In This Moment performance are always phenomenal, as vocalist Maria Brink has the audience captivated from beginning to end and Papa Roach are the masters of amping up the energy in the room and truly getting the party kicked well into high gear.  Another band that appears to get better and better with age is Five Finger Death Punch. They are truly a force to be reckoned with in the rock universe and bring such amazing raw aggression and emotion to their live performance.  One can’t help but wish to dive head first into the mosh pit and go absolutely wild. Just have to note that vocalist Ivan Moody’s “skin” jacket was probably one of the creepiest things we’ve seen in awhile!


We never have enough good things to say about a live performance from Godsmack and their appearance at Rock Allegiance even further cemented our undying love for this band. They blasted through their set filled with hit after hit and it was over almost as quickly as it began. To close out the evening, we caught sets from hard-hitting rockers KORN and Rob Zombie who both did an amazing job at keeping the energy levels high despite the fact that fans had been rocking out since the early afternoon hours. We have said it before and will say it again, KORN has been sounding a lot more refreshed than in years past and appear to be truly enjoying themselves on the stage. Front man Jonathan Davis knows how to take control of the stage and the band performs like a well-oiled machine.


Following KORN, it was time to get the Zombie party started!  No matter how many times we have seen Rob Zombie live, we still find ourselves belting out all of the lyrics and jumping around like crazy to our favorite songs. Once Zombie takes the stage, he is like a whirlwind, leaping back and forth across the stage risers and even jumping off the stage completely to perform up close and personal with fans down in the crowd. Zombie walked the barrier several times during “Never Gonna Stop” and at one point even ran out deep in the crowd to perform at the soundboard giving fans who were further back in the stadium a more personal experience. Guitarist John 5 was spot-on and is absolutely hypnotic to watch on the stage, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation for Zombie’s upcoming new album to see just what he has in-store for us next!

After a full day of rock n’ roll we weren’t sure we could muster the energy for anything else, but when a band like Steel Panther is playing the after party it is certainly worth staying!  We partied for a few songs and had a few laughs and then it was time for our rockin’ day to come to an end!  What was so incredible about the Rock Allegiance line-up is that nearly all of the band’s featured on the bill are headline worthy in their own right and gathering them all together in once place to celebrate the spirit of rock n’ roll was truly a magical experience.


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