Dirty Heads Gear Up For New Album Release! Exclusive Interview With Drummer Jon Olazabal And Live Review!


Photography credit: Tom Newforge

(PCM) Dirty Heads is a name that is popping up everywhere on the music scene these days and they are busy gearing up for the release of their fifth self-titled album which will drop on July 15. We were absolutely thrilled to nab an early listen to the upcoming album and we can say with certainly that fans are sure to be in for a treat.

Dirty Heads are a band that has the uncanny ability to flawlessly blend together a multitude of both musical style and genre to create a unique sound that is very much their own. In our humble opinion we feel that the new self-titled album showcases some of Dirty Head’s best work to date and is sure to appeal to both longtime fans and quite a few new ones as well!

We had a chance to catch up with Dirty Heads drummer Jon Olazabel to of course discuss the new album, but also share some details about upcoming touring plans and more. When asked what fans should be expecting for the new album Jon told us “You should be expecting some of our greatest work ever done”.  We couldn’t agree more.


Digging a little deeper we asked Jon to chat with us about what the mindset was like in the recording studio when the band was putting together the album. He replied ” For this album, as far as the studio goes, we decided that instead of going out of town or isolating ourselves from everything as we have done in the past,  for this one we decided to stay close to home, here in a studio in L.A..  It was awesome to be able to record for a few days and then if you weren’t needed you could actually go home and spend some time with the family. We worked with a few different producers and feel that we really came out with some good stuff that we are stoked on.”

Sometimes the area which a band records can have an influence on the overall sound or theme of a record. Jon commented “I don’t feel that area really influences our sound too much, as all of influence mostly comes from experiences and such that occurred before we get into the studio. This time around the recording process was definitely a very easy, light-hearted and fun studio experience for us and I’m sure that somehow translated into the music.”

When speaking about the band’s evolution to this point in the career, Jon tells us “We have definitely learned a lot over the years with all the different albums we’ve done and with the last one we kind of experimented with a new sound. It was a bit more alternative and we had some different ideas that we wanted to try and kind of get out of our system. We thought it came out great and now with this record we are going back a little bit more towards our original sound and older styles we did in the beginning. It’s awesome.”


We feel that it is wonderful that Dirty Heads can not be boxed into any particular genre and that they very much have the ability to do their own thing. Jon says “It’s funny because we never really made a conscious effort to do that, but I guess that’s just the music that we’ve always been influenced by and it came out that way. Somehow we have managed to blend different styles and genres and we are able to pull it off”.

We were recently able to catch Dirty Head’s out on the road with both Bleeker and Sublime w/ Rome and there is such an amazing generational appeal to their music. You see fans of every age group and demographic imaginable all rocking out and having the time of their lives. Jon comments “That is one of our favorite things. It is one of the things that we are most proud of and it’s crazy to see. We do a lot of meet and greets before our shows and we’ll have everyone from little kids all the way up to grandparents coming through that love the music and somehow find a similar connection through it.  It’s great for us.”


When speaking about the changes in the music industry and the fact that the band’s music actually says something to listeners, we asked Jon if there was anything he would change. He replied “We just try to stick to our guns and do what we do because we know that we believe in our music and have faith in what we do. Things are always going to change around us, but if we just keep our head down and keep working and stick to our original plan, it’s all gonna work. It’s also super hard to keep up with everything that’s going on out there.”

It can be hard for artist’s to earn a solid stream of revenue these days especially when it comes to streaming and illegal downloading. Jon adds “It is definitely a little frustrating, but I guess that is just the way that things go now. ”

Jon reveals that music first began speaking to him when he was a very young child. He says “In probably the fifth or sixth grade I started messing around with drums and I had an older sister that was big into music and she kind of dragged me along for the ride.  She exposed me to a lot of cool stuff early on and it stuck with me and somehow I link up with these guys in the band and it worked out. ”


Dirty Heads are certainly true road warriors, playing a ton of live dates each year. Speaking about upcoming touring plans, Jon reveals, “We are going to be doing a lot of touring this year. We start in a few days in Florida out with Sublime w/ Rome and that tour runs through August and we are pretty much just going to be going constantly till the end of the year.  We are trying to support this record and get in as many shows as possible.”

Every fan is going to have a different favorite song, so we were curious if Jon was ever surprised by which ones fans tend to gravitate towards. He says “It’s so funny because we think we know what we’re talking about thinking this particular song will be the best single and we’re always surprised by what people gravitate towards. It’s impossible for us to know.”

In the day and age of the internet there is often times a bunch of misinformation floating around out there about certain bands. Jon comments ” I feel like the guys are pretty clear with their lyrics and they kind of wear everything on their sleeve. They are upfront about who they are and who we are and we try to be pretty honest about that. We don’t really hide anything so hopefully people get it.”


Jon reveals that the Dirty Head’s creative process is a collaborative one saying ” Duddy and Jared, usually have all the starts to the songs and then we work together holed up in a room and start beating on the stuff to try to figure out how to put the song together.  We definitely work together in that way.”

For more information about Dirty Heads, please visit:



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Firefly Music Festival Celebrates Five Years!

Firefly1Photo credit: aLive Coverage

(PCM) Firefly Music Festival is celebrating their fifth year anniversary and what a glorious five years it has been!  We have been attending Firefly since its’ inaugural year and it has been amazing to witness the ways in which it continues to grow and expand becoming one of the staples of the summer music festival circuit.

Like a beacon from above, the sun was shining bright to kick-off the weekend and Thursday’s mild rain showers did nothing to dampen the spirits of the over 90,000 fans in attendance for this year’s incredible festival. The crew at both RedFrog and Goldenvoice, who work tirelessly for month to put Firefly together, have truly outdone themselves this year and without a doubt the festival is looking better than ever before!

Firefly5Photo credit: aLive Coverage

Five years marks a huge celebration for Firefly Music Festival and just walking around the grounds taking notice of all the new improvements and added features was breathtaking. There were several fantastic art installations, photo op areas, new (and improved) pathways to cross between stages and most importantly a new drainage system in place to deal with an inclement weather that could have (and thankfully didn’t) arise.

The areas surrounding both the Treehouse Stage and the CoffeeHouse stages have become permanent fixtures on the grounds and the addition of the elevated viewing platform, with super swanky cabanas, in the VIP area  are fantastic additions to the ever expanding festival experience.

2016 also marks the first time that Firefly Music Festival was live streaming thanks to a partnership between Red Frog Events, Yahoo and Toyota. The festival had previously worked with AXS TV in the past for some live streaming, but it is much more seamless this year, so folks at home that couldn’t make it out can see exactly how much fun they are missing.

Firefly2Photo credit: aLive Coverage

During the kick-off press conference for Firefly, Delaware Tourism Director Linda Parkowski commented that Delaware is truly embracing Firefly 2016 and it has been absolutely wonderful to witness so many individuals having a great time in Delaware, many of whom may be visiting for the very first time.

Parkowski went on to say that the age demographic for tourism in Delaware has expanded to ages 25-55 and millennials are now visiting Delaware thanks of course to Firefly and it’s impact.  Governor Jack Markell was also on hand for the press conference and was throughly enjoying spending his weekend at Firefly Music Festival. He was thrilled with all the “great food vendors, amenities, and overall hospitality from the people of Delaware” and added that Firefly will continue to “define Delaware for years to come”.

There were so many performance highlights throughout the four-day festival that we almost don’t know where to begin. While many felt that this year’s line-up was a bit weak compared to some of the heavy hitting headliners from years past such as Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters and Tom Petty, we actually think that the 2016 line-up brought more of an eclectic group of artists together and made for quite an interesting smorgasbord of performances to catch throughout the day.

Firefly4Photo credit: aLive Coverage

Stealing the show this year was undoubtedly, Florence & The Machine, A$AP Rocky and Blink 182. Seeing Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker perform on the festivals Treehouse Stage, snuggled deeply in the woods was an extra special treat. We also thoroughly enjoyed sets from Deadmau5, Tame Imapala, Ludacris (who made up for his missed performance Friday night, but waking us up bright and early on Sunday), Fitz and The Tantrums, Flogging Molly, Saint Motel, The Struts, Gallant, Major Lazer and M83 to name just a few.

Firefly3Photo credit: aLive Coverage

We absolutely can’t wait to see what Firefly 2017 will have in-store, as they are always a festival full of good times and surprises! Great job!


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Rock On The Range Celebrates It’s Ten Year Anniversary In A Monster Way!


Photography credit: Johnnie Crow

(PCM) It has been truly amazing to witness Monster Energy’s Rock On The Range grow in leaps and bounds over the years. It has definitely earned it’s place as cornerstone of the World’s Loudest Month festival series which is put together by Danny Wimmer Presents each May. It is certainly a highlight for us to cover each year and we were thrilled to be rocking out at the Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, OH celebrating Rock On The Range’s ten year anniversary.

Versatility is something we have always loved about Rock On The Range and it has been a real treat to see the ways in which this festival has expanded its’ horizons and added artists from various genres of rock, metal and even elements of hip-hop into the fold. The festival has done a fantastic job at embracing their ever changing musical landscape and has grown with it’s fan base rather than against them. At the end of the day, Rock On The Range is without a doubt the place where “Rock Lives”, however there is nothing wrong with adding in a few more elements to spice things up a bit and keep it fresh.


The 2016 line-up was one of the most diverse we have ever witnessed, it was literally a smorgasbord of music from an fantastic array of artists. There was something for every taste.  Friday brought us fantastic sets from Avatar, Sick Puppies, Sevendust, SIXX:A.M., Butcher Babies, Megadeth, Shinedown and Disturbed. Standout performances on a rainy Saturday included Jelly Roll, Saint Asonia, Pop Evil, Steel Panther, Ghost, HELLYEAH, Clutch, Five Finger Death Punch, and Rob Zombie.  Closing out the weekend we were thrilled to catch sets from Red Sun Rising, The Glorious Sons, Wolfmother, Anti-Flag, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Drive In, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


While on-site we caught up with VP of Marketing and Sponsorship for Danny Wimmer Presents Clay Busch to chat about celebrating ten years of Rock On The Range, the expansion of World’s Loudest Month, new festival experiences that are on the way, Rock Allegiance in Philadelphia and more! You can view the interview below:

Happy ten year anniversary Rock On The Range!  It was certainly one epic party and we look forward to rocking out for another ten years (or hopefully longer)! We have put together quite an epic photo gallery showcasing the many highlight performances throughout the weekend! Enjoy! You can also view our interviews with band’s such as Asking Alexandria, Megadeth, Butcher Babies, Pop Evil and more by clicking here!

Click to view slideshow.

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Will Smith Surprises, Future Cuts Set Short, and USHER Conquers The 9th Annual Roots Picnic


Words and photography by: Andrew Wendowski

(PCM) The ninth annual Roots Picnic took place this past Saturday at Philadelphia’s newly renovated Festival Pier for one of the most anticipated lineups in its history here in Philadelphia featuring Usher (Backed by The Roots), FUTURE, and Leon Bridges. The ninth annual Roots Picnic was definitely a huge success put on by The Roots and Live Nation Philadelphia despite a few technical difficulties during FUTURE’s set which he cut short due to mic issues. The day was filled with surprise guest visitors watching and some taking the stage for a collab song.


The day launched with Lenny Kravitz daughter, Lolawolf a.k.a Zoe Kravitz on the South Stage which happens to be the stage Usher and The Roots will take later on in the day. Lolawolf rocked the stage for a good half hour with her funky but groovy tunes.


Launching the day for us over on the North Stage was Willow Smith who I would definitely say got the crowd energized, using almost every single space allowable to her as she flaunted her style and self-made outfit as her mom, Jada Smith as well as her dad Will Smith appeared side stage supporting their daughter at the 2016 Roots Picnic. Will Smith who later exploded onto the stage with undoubtedly one of the catchiest songs of the summer, “Summertime.” In addition to Will Smith taking the stage to perform “Summertime,” he also brought out a special guest; Longtime friend and former collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff.


King of Dabber’s then taking the stage was Migos known for his hit song “Hannah Montana” and his latest single “Look at My Dab” which has been conquering the radio. Migos put on one crazy party-filled performance which got the crowd jammin’ after Willow Smith’s set.


The North Stage was a popular and more party type stage with party anthems and energy filled performances compared to the other stages that is however until DMX took the stage with his songs which are all anthems that EVERYONE knows and was singing along to at the South Stage. DMX also brought out special guest and performer who just put on a crazy set of throwback jams over on the North Stage, Swizz Beats who then performed a few songs together.


The Classic Man a.k.a Jidenna brought out his style during his set with his stylish blue suit known best for his hit song “Classic Man.” Entering the stage with a Game Of Thrones themed intro which was perfect being that Comic Con was happening just a few blocks away from The Roots Picnic at The Convention Center. Meek Mill making a surprise guest vocals appearance with Lil Uzi Vert as his girlfriend Nicki Minaj watches from side stage over on the Oasis Stage. Soulful and jazz singer Leon Bridges serenading the crowd on the South Stage before FUTURE killed it over at The North Stage.


FUTURE taking the stage at 8:00pm sharp and performing hit after hit as the crowd went absolutely insane, his very loyal fan base was definitely present there as Future had one of the biggest crowds there was all day over on the North Stage. His fans worship him and were enjoying his hour long set that is until he cut it short due to some technical difficulties with his mic. Future performed for about 20 minutes, exiting after the mic problems and not reappearing upsetting fans causing them to throw bottles and objects at the stage as his DJ packed up his gear.


The fans all then began going over to the South Stage which the entire venue was packed at with anticipation to see Usher backed by The Roots. Starting the set with a 20 minute or so set by only The Roots before welcoming the legendary Usher onto the stage. Usher then joining the Philadelphia band for a soothing jazz like set of hits from his very expansive catalog. The 37-year-old R&B singer, who also happen to be wearing a Muhammad Ali T-shirt in honor of the late boxing legend who past away the day prior to the festival, opened with “Caught Up” before serenading the crowd to “U Make Me Wanna” then adding some Philly style to “U Remind Me.” Usher also brought out a few surprise guests like Lil Jon to perform “Yeah” with him which sounded even better then it did on the record and R&B singer Yuna for their very satisfying duet of “Crush.”


The Roots Picnic performers also included Chloe x Halle, Tish Hyman, Rich Medina, Lil Dicky, Everyday People feat. DJ Moma, Metro Boomin, Kaytranada, Jodie Abacus, Ibeyi, Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals, Kehlani, Gogo Morrow, Paris Monster, and Blood Orange. The ninth annual Roots Picnic was a huge celebration for The Roots incredible talent and work they put into this lineup yearly and it was definitely a huge success and one of the best years and most anticipated lineups that the picnic as seen thus far. I would definitely recommend checking out their picnic in New York this October, For More Information on that check out: http://rootspicnic.com/newyork/

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Concert Review: Pearl Jam Rock The House In Philadelphia, PA


(PCM) We had the profound opportunity to witness an evening with Pearl Jam when the Seattle-based band stopped by the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA for a two- night gig. We were able to catch night one, during which the band played an epic three-hour set to a sell-out crowd. The audience was just as enthused to see the band as they were to be back in Philly. The last time Pearl Jam played in Philly was three years ago and  this show marked the  23rd time Pearl Jam had played in city of brotherly love.


There were so many memorable moments during the show. One of our favorites occurred when Eddie sang a song to a couple that had just gotten married high up in the box seats. The lights shined on them as he sang and they kissed. It was a moment we will always remember, as Eddie Vedder serenaded the couple with , “Picture In A Frame” by Tom Waits saying it was “the most romantic song I know”!


Pearl Jam has such an amazingly extensive music catalog that we can’t even begin to imagine just how hard it is for them to craft a set list each and every night. Night one in Philly was like a glorious buffet of classic Pearl Jam favorites with a few deep cuts thrown in, much to the overall delight of fans.


Prior to breaking into “All Night” Vedder shared some stories with the audience about the very first time that the band played in Philadelphia and the atmosphere during their 1992 performance at J.C. Dobb’s. Much the same as the rest of us, Vedder admitted to being saddened to hear that the legendary venue has since gone under.


The spotlight was turned on Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament leading into “Low Light”, as Vedder praised his skills as a master musician and terrific songwriter before breaking into the song. “Love Boat Captain” was dedicated to nine year fan Joshua, who was in attendance at the show due to a wonder organization called “Given To Life”. The crowd cheered as the spotlight was turned on young Joshua and his family who were absolutely overjoyed and jamming their hearts out with the band.


After an amazing performance of “Evenflow”, Vedder speaks highly of drummer Matt Cameron and his amazing memory before breaking into the Cameron penned song “Into The Moonlight”. It was wonderful to witness the closeness and camaraderie that exists between the members of Pearl Jam who have managed to maintain such a tight unit after twenty-five years. That is no easy feat considering the ever changing musical landscape.


Another amazing set from an amazing band. Pearl Jam’s music has always had a message, and that message has spoken to their longevity with their fan’s. Pearl Jam celebrates 25 years of being a band this year. An amazing feat if we do say so ourselves! If you’re interested in this set list or any of their shows from this tour past or present you can find their official bootlegs of the show’s on the link found here!


You can see the full set list below:

Pearl Jam Night One Set list (Philadelphia, PA)

01. Once
02. Animal
03. Gonna See My Friend
04. All Night
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Low Light
07. Wishlist
08. Love Boat Captain
09. Given To Fly
10. Evenflow
11. In The Moonlight
12. In My Tree
13. Jeremy
14. Education
15. Unthought Known
16. Do The Evolution
17. Lightning Bolt
18. Porch


Encore Break One
19. Picture In A Frame-(Brennan, Waits)
(Angie-{Jagger, Richards} only about 40 seconds)
20. Oceans
21. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
22. Why Go
23. Got Some
24. Rearviewmirror


Encore Break Two
25. Save You
26. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (to back of venue)
27. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
28. State Of Love And Trust (Ed gets an American Flag robe and is wearing a Rocky T-shirt. Ed gives the mic to an audience member to sing a little bit)
29. Alive
30. F**kin’ Up-(Young)
31. Indifference

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Exclusive Interview: Good Charlotte Make A Triumphant Return! New Album Set For Release This Summer!


(PCM) After taking approximately a five year hiatus, rockers Good Charlotte are triumphantly making a return to the stage and are gearing up to drop their highly-anticipated new album “Youth Authority” on July 15! The band is currently in the midst of performing a string of small club dates to set the pace for what is sure to be a fairly hectic rest of the year!

The first of these intimate tour stops took place at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA and ironically enough it is a venue that holds an incredibly special place in the history of Good Charlotte. The band played one of their very first shows ever at this venue in the City Of Brotherly Love, and also the now defunct alternative radio station Y100, here in Philly was one of the very first radio stations to spins the band’s very first single “Little Things”.


The current TLA show sold out in mere minutes and the venue was packed to capacity as fans who were lucky enough to score tickets were able to enjoy cherishing a milestone in the band’s history, as this show marked Good Charlotte’s first return to Philly since their initial hiatus. The fans were enthralled with the show for start to finish and as vocalist Joel Madden remarked for the stage “Pop Punk is not dead, it was only taking a little nap.”

The band immediately kicked things into high gear opening with their pulsing hit “The Anthem” before plowing through a solid set that spawned their entire discography. Fans were clamoring for songs off the band’s debut album and Good Charlotte were more than happy to oblige. We were thrilled to hear songs such as “My Bloody Valentine”, “Motivation Proclamation”, “Girls & Boys”, “Riot Girl” and “I Just Wanna Live” to name a few and the band appropriately closed out their set with our tongue-in-cheek favorite “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous”.


Good Charlotte appeared and sounded completely refreshed and even managed to throw two new songs from “Youth Authority” into the set with “Makeshift Love” and “40oz Dream”. Words can not even express how excited we are to check out the rest of this album and catch the band live again when they head out for a few dates on the Vans Warped Tour later this summer.

We had a chance to catch up with both Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte to talk about the upcoming album, changes in the music industry, the generational appeal of their music and so much more!  When speaking about this intimate run of tour dates Joel Madden told us “At this point in our career we feel very genuine about what we do and we are only really kind of doing what we want to do, so I always say, let’s just play these shows that mean a lot to us because I don’t even know how many shows we have left in us. With the touring I say let’s just do the sh*t that really matters us, so we did these four shows and it just feels special every night”.


Madden went on to tell us that what stood out during the recording process was “just the sheer love of us getting back together to make a record and the first song that came was a song called “Life Changes” and you can just feel the energy and that we all truly wanted to be back in that room together”.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Photography credit: Andrew Wendowski

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