A Short Story About Long Breasts

breast-complaint(PCM)  Some things should be said.

Some things probably shouldn’t be said.

Sometimes it’s both.

Imagine going through life seeming absolutely normal on the outside. Decent figure, happy, attractive. That woman probably has some really nice breasts considering how ample they are. Wouldn’t it be great if this was the case for all women? To have perky breasts? To be able to slip out without a bra going unnoticed?

For a majority of women they don’t have to worry about these kinds of things, but for other women it’s all they can think about sometimes. I’m hungry, but I hear read more...

Elementary School Students Forced To Undergo Underwear Inspection


(PCM) The small town of Gustine, Texas is facing a big controversy after it was revealed that students in their elementary school were forced to be subjected to a underwear inspection after feces were found on the school’s gymnasium floor.

The students were basically partially strip searched as the school officials attempted to locate the culprit behind the feces.  Many of the students claimed that they felt very uncomfortable and that their privacy had be violated by the school and the act was simply unacceptable.

Parents in the town are outraged and many plan to attend an upcoming school board … read more...

Do You Have One Of The 20 Deadliest Jobs In America?


(PCM) The Washington Post has put together a handy chart of the 20 most deadly jobs in America and you may find yourself a bit surprised by a few of them that made this list above others.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chart reveals that individuals who work in the logging, fishing and aircraft pilot fields have the highest risk for death on the job. However, roofers and heavy equipment operators were up there pretty high on the list as well.

What was a bit surprising was that transportation accidents were responsible for 40% of the … read more...

Go Daddy Pulls Controversial Puppy Ad Prior To The Super Bowl


(PCM) Amid a ton of critical backlash on social media Go Daddy has announced their decision to pull their controversial puppy commercial from airing during the Super Bowl.

The ad, which was titled “Journey Home” featured an adorable puppy that get lost after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck. “Buddy” (the puppy) eventually manages to find his way home and his owners are overjoyed to see him … why? Because they have just sold him online using a website they created from Go Daddy.

Immediately everyone was up in arms about the commercial, as it was seen … read more...

French Court Will Not Allow Parents To Name Their Child Nutella


(PCM) A French court has ruled against a couple who planned to name their baby girl Nutella. As many know, Nutella is a popular brand of chocolate and hazelnut spread. The court claimed that the name was unfit as it could lead to “unnecessary teasing and disparaging thoughts” for the child.

The child, who was born back in September, has been re-named to just “Ella”. While the laws in France have been a bit more lax in recent years when it comes to baby names, the court system still has the final say so in deciding whether or not that … read more...

Popular Candy Pulled From Shelves Over Racist Concerns


(PCM) Swedish candy company, Haribo recently made the decision to pull a popular brand of their gummies after receiving quite a bit of social media backlash.

Many consumers claimed that the gummies were racist in nature as those included in the black licorice “Skipper Mix” were shaped to look like primitive African, Asian and Native American art.

Haribo released a statement which defended the black licorice faces and denied that there was any negative purpose behind them. The company ultimately made the decision to still keep the product, but remove the parts that customers may have found offensive.

The picture …

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