FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon For Human Consumption


(PCM) The idea of any type of genetically modified food makes us feel kind of uneasy, however the FDA has now ruled that genetically modified salmon is safe for human consumption.

The agency has ruled that the fish is safe to eat despite the number of concerns from consumers about genetically modified food. In a statement the agency revealed “There are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic salmon.”

The AquAdvantage Salmon are engineered by a Massachusetts-based company called Aquabounty and they claim that their fish grow twice as fast as normal salmon, so they reach the correct market size a lot quicker. The company was able to add a growth hormone found in Pacific Chinook salmon and engineer a way for the fish to produce the hormone all year long, by combining it with a gene from an eel-like fish called an ocean pout.

The company also claims that their fish provide a healthy alternative for consuming salmon without damaging the ocean. The FDA says that they have extensively tested and analyzed the genetically modified salmon and have determined that they are safe for humans to consume.

The part of this that is a little bit unnerving is that since the FDA found no solid differences between normal and engineered salmon they will not require the salmon to be labeled as being engineered when it hits store shelves. Therefore, you may not know that you are actually consuming genetically modified food.

There will be some guidelines put in place by the FDA for any retailers that do wish to label the salmon as being genetically engineered and some have vowed not to sell the salmon at all.


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Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Teach Pigeons To Detect Cancer


(PCM) Scientists have now discovered a way to teach pigeons to detect certain types of cancer. According to CNN.com,  the birds offer great potential as testers of cancer detection technology and as a help in doctor training. It turns out that they are fantastic detectives.

Research indicated that pigeons have much better eye sight than humans and are able to see more wavelengths of light than the human eye. They are able to use visual clues to place various objects in to categories, as well as, learn the letters of the alphabet and recognize individuals even if they are wearing different clothing.

Dr. Richard Levenson of the University of California-Davis medical center decided to further explore the pigeons abilities and see if the birds would be able to learn the art of pathology which consists of mostly visual recall.

CNN.com goes on to explain, for the experiment, eight birds were placed in a high-tech box in which they were shown an image a scientist would see under the microscope, along with two boxes. The slides showed relatively straightforward images of cancer cells, and cells that are not cancerous, from actual breast tissue samples. The scientists trained the birds to peck at one box if the sample was malignant, the other if it was benign. The birds trained with 144 images at different magnifications and each got a pellet when it pecked at the box with the right answer.

The birds were trained for a period of 15 days and they were able to tell the difference in tissues even with images they had never seen previously. Collectively the pigeons got the answer right about 85% of the time. The study is a huge innovation in the medical community, but don’t expect pigeons to be replacing doctors in radiology labs anytime soon. It is the hope that with this study that there might perhaps be a way to hone in on the pigeons skills and use them as a teaching tool to help students and doctors with areas that they may be struggling with in making a diagnosis.


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New Lawsuit Claims Louisiana Amusement Park Lets Chimpanzee Smoke Cigarettes


(PCM) Animal rights activists in Louisiana have filed a lawsuit to have a chimpanzee named Candy removed from a Baton Rouge amusement park. The suit claims that the amusement park staff and Candy’s caretakers allow the chimpanzee to smoke cigarettes and drink highly caffeinated soft drinks rather than water.

The lawsuit, which sums up a battle that has been going on for years, goes on to claim that Candy is kept in a cage that is both inadequate in size and isolated. The animal rights activists feel that Candy should be relocated to an animal sanctuary to live out the rest of her days.

The activists claim that by allowing amusement park visitors to throw items, including lit cigarettes into Candy’s cage, which she then smokes, is a direct violation of the Endangered Species Act.  This lawsuit is the first filed under a new federal rule that requires captive chimps get the same protection as wild chimps and they are all classified as an endangered species.

An attorney for the amusement park claims that the animal rights activists fail to understand that there has been an attempt to relocate Candy in the past and she did not take well to the new environment so she was returned.  The amusement park was cited back in 2012 for failure to provide water for Candy and their claim was that she didn’t like it and will only drink Coca-Cola.

When experts made a visit to check on Candy’s condition they, however offered her water and she drank it willingly. Water is essential to all life! The amusement park has not yet made a statement in regards to the newly filed lawsuit and currently Candy still resides in Baton Rouge Park.

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Oxford Dictionaries Reveal Their Word Of The Year, Which Is Not Actually A Word!


(PCM) Each year Oxford Dictionaries choose a word of the year and while they have had some questionable choices in the past, this year’s winner really takes the cake.

The winner of this year’s Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is not actually a word at all, but rather the pictograph officially titled “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji! Yes, that’s right, an emoji has been chosen at the word of year!

Oxford Dictionaries claim that they chose the emoji pictograph because it “best reflected the ethos, mood and preoccupations of 2015”. The “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji was the most used emoji globally throughout the year.

Even the word emoji itself has seen a huge increase in usage over the last few years tripling the amount of times it was used in 2014. Emojis are no longer something that only teens incorporate into text speak. They have become part of everyday language and expression and can cross every language barrier.

Other words that were notable contenders for the 2015 Oxford Dictionaries Word of The Year included sharing economy, on fleek, ad blocker, refugee, Dark Web and lumbersexual!

What do you think about this year’s Word of the Year choice? Sound off below!

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New Jersey Mall Makes Kids Pay To Visit Santa! Further Proof That Nothing Is Free Anymore!


(PCM) Parents are outraged with the news that if they bring their children to visit Santa Claus at the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey they will now have to pay a fee. While it is not uncommon for malls to charge for the photo with the mall Santa, most do not charge for the actual visit.

Many feel that the move to begin charging an admission fee just to visit Santa goes directly against the overall spirit and ideology of the holiday and the price could force some low-income families away.  The admission prices for Cherry Hill Mall’s “Adventure To Santa” will cost anywhere between $35 to $50 and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer will include photos and a video of the child’s experience.

The same attraction at Cherry Hill Mall was offered for free last year, however the mall’s management company claims that they are only one of 12 malls in the country that offer the “Adventure to Santa” attraction. The attraction features characters from the animated film Shrek, a virtual sleigh ride, a concert performed be elves and a wide-array of games to play.

What ever happened to just waiting in line, sitting on Santa’s lap and reading off your wish list?  Can anything just be simple anymore, as we know it certainly can’t be free!

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Crocodiles, Tigers And Piranhas May Be Used To Guard Prisoners In Indonesia


(PCM) What initially began as a joke may indeed to turn to reality as Indonesia’s anti-drug czar claims that the country would like to incorporate the use of crocodiles, tigers and piranhas to guard their inmates on death row to prevent escapes.

Budi Waseso, the National Narcotics Agency chief, says that he has already obtained two crocodiles from a farm to study their aggression and power and would like to see 1,000 of them put into place to prevent convicts from making an escape from prison.

He goes on to say that the number of crocodiles put in place would depend upon how large the area is and that perhaps they could incorporate piranha’s into the plan as well. There is also some thought of using tigers as it would be a way to assist with the conservation of these animals as well.

Waseso says that prison personnel numbers are shrinking, so adding in the animals to assist the guards would be quite an economical idea. In speaking with TVOne channel, Waseso chastised critics who said his plans to use animals as prison guards was against the human rights of convicts.

“We have to look at the whole problem,” he said. “These people are murderers – mass murderers. Shouldn’t we also look at the human rights of their victims?”

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