The Myth Of The Great Chicago Fire! Additional More Deadly Fires Broke Out The Same Day!


(PCM) Over the years all of us have surely heard some version of the story about how the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 broke out. The devastating blaze killed more than 250 people, left over 100,000 homeless, destroyed 17,400 buildings and burned more than 2,000 acres of land, but did you know that the Great Chicago Fire was not the deadliest blaze to break out on that fateful day of October 8.

While the Great Chicago Fire is the most well-known blaze to start on this day there was actually a bigger and more deadly fire that broke out in Northeast Wisconsin. The Peshtigo Fire also broke out on October 8, 1871 and has been referred to as the most devastating forest fire in American history. The Peshtigo fire killed 1,152 people, burned through 16 towns and over 1.2 million acres of land before it was finally extinguished.

There are many legends about how both of these fires actually began, as the popular story of Mrs. O’Leary’s jumpy milking cow kicking over a bucket started the Great Chicago Fire or that railroad workers clearing land for new tracks unintentionally started a brush fire that led to the Peshtigo blaze. Others lean towards the myth that a very large and fiery meteorite fell from the sky on this day, hence explaining why deadly blazes popped up not only in Chicago and Wisconsin, but in parts of Michigan as well.

The Holland Fire, the Port Huron Fire, and the Manistee Fire all broke out in Michigan on the night of October 8th. Drought like conditions in the area are to blame for these three fires spreading much the same way as both the Great Chicago Fire and Peshtigo as well. The Holland, Port Huron, and Manistee fires were also rumored to be sparked from debris left around by railroad workers that were ignited.

While the Michigan fires did not reach the same devastation level as both Chicago and Peshtigo, they are each responsible for the deaths of between 50 to 100 people. However, due to the fact that the blaze too place in the Michigan wilderness, the true death toll was unable to be completely determined and some say that closer to 1,000 people lost their lives.

The survivors of the Great Chicago Fire, the Michigan fires and the Peshtigo fire never forgot what they’d been through; both blazes produced countless tales of bravery and heroism. But the fires also changed the way that firefighters and public officials thought about fire safety. On the 40th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, the Fire Marshals Association of North America (today known as the International Fire Marshals Association), decided that the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire should be observed not with festivities, but in a way that would keep the public informed about the importance of fire prevention. The commemoration grew to be official over the years and this spurned the birth of National Fire Prevention week as we know it today!

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Tattoos Get An Afterlife Even After Their Owner Is Deceased


(PCM) Tattoos, whether you love or hate them, have become a staple of popular culture and many individuals take great pride, spending thousands of dollars, to turn their bodies into living breathing art canvas.

For many their tattoos are an artistic extension of themselves and hold great significance in their hearts. People often times commemorate certain life events with a tattoo such as the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, marriage, and even sometimes divorce.

No matter what the case may be tattoos are a big part of the individual who had them done and now there is a way to have these special tattoos preserved and framed after the person is deceased.

A man by the name of Charlie Hamm has founded the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) and he and his team have discovered a way fix inked skin against decomposition. After a person dies, their tattooed skin can be removed and the placed in a frame or display for loved ones to cherish.

It may sound a bit gruesome, but if you think about the fact that certain tattoos can truly represent an individuals heart and soul, it can actually make for a lovely way to honor their memory and keep a piece of your loved one near you at all times.

NAPSA charges an initiation fee of $115 dollars and then $60 dollars per year to be sure that they can have at least one chest-sized tattoo preserved after their death. Additional tattoos cost $100 a piece. The finished art piece will last just as long as any other piece of art, so long as it is properly taken care of, meaning no exposure to heat or direct sunlight.

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Burger King Halloween Black Burger To Blame For Green Poop


(PCM) When Burger King revealed their all new black Halloween Whopper just in time to celebrate the Halloween season, consumers flocked to the fast-food restaurant to give it a try, however they just as quickly flocked to social media to reveal that after consuming the burger their bowel movements were turning a lovely shade of green.

Talk about a little trick or treat in your stomach!  Apparently, the green poop is caused by the black food dye that is used to color the Halloween Whopper’s buns. The all-black Whopper has been available in Japan for quite sometime and there have been no reports of green poop, however they are using squid ink to color the buns rather than black food dye.

Needless to say the hashtag #GreenPoop is currently trending on both Twitter and Facebook and many people are now heading out to try the sandwich just to see if it actually makes them poop a different color. Many have reported that it is not even a sickly colored green, but more like a bright cartoon green which makes this all the more odd!

Have you tried the new Halloween Whopper? Did it make have #GreenPoop?

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Sorority Sisters Called Out For Snapping Selfies During Arizona Diamondbacks Game


(PCM) We are sure that many of us do not realize quite how ridiculous we look when we are attempting to strike a pose in order to capture the perfect selfie. A group of sorority sister who were attending a recent Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game learned the hard way that you never know just who could be watching.

The girls were called out and ridiculed by the baseball game announcers once they took notice to the sheer amount of selfies the girls were snapping. A video was then posted on the Arizona Diamondbacks Facebook page and it quickly went viral.

Many found the clip to be harmless and funny, while others felt that the girls suffered unnecessary ridicule. We found it to be a true testament as to just how addicted the younger generation is to their phones and further cements the fact that sometimes we all need to just unplug and go out and enjoy life and actual human interaction every once in awhile (and the commentary for the announcers is pretty spot-on)

Due to the media frenzy over the baseball selfies the Arizona Diamondbacks and FOX Sports offered the sorority free tickets to an upcoming game, however they politely declined the offer and instead requested that the tickets be donated to a charity organization named A New Leaf which focuses on assisting families who are the victims of domestic violence.

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Couple Gets Billed For Wedding No-Show!


(PCM) There has been a huge debate that sparked online over whether or not a couple who no-showed to a recent wedding should be sent a bill for the price of their reception dinner plates.

What makes this even more controversial is the fact that those billed by the bride and groom for no-showing are family members. A cousin of the bride was shocked when she received a bill in the mail in the amount of $75.90 for two herb-crusted walleye plates, that also included service and tax charges.

The note that accompanied the bill read “This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVPed for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.”

The cousin posted a picture of the bill on social media and it quickly went viral. The cousin said that she and her husband did plan to attend the wedding, however a last minute cancellation from the babysitter left them unable to attend, as the initial wedding invitation specifically stated that children were not welcome to attend.

The cousin does admit that she did fail to tell the bride about her change of plans or follow-up after the wedding, however she never expected to receive a bill in the mail for the no-show. There has been plenty of debate online with support for both sides of this issue, however we feel a simple phone call would have done the trick for either party.

Either way, what do you think? Should the cousin have to pay?

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Extreme Phone Pinching Is The Newest Social Media Trend


(PCM) We can’t help but get nervous just watching the videos of people partaking in the newest social media trend which is extreme phone pinching. The object is to loosely pinch your smartphone with two fingers and dangle it over ridiculously dangerous drops such as hotel balconies, sewer grates, elevator shafts etc.

The trend was first initiated by indie rock band Twenty One Pilots when they posted a series of Vine videos that showcased them using the extreme phone pinching technique in a slew of precarious situations. As attached as everyone is to their smartphones we have no idea why anyone would want to take the risk of possibly losing it forever and having to pay expensive repair bills to get them fixed, but we supposed the adrenaline rush is worth it for some.

Check out the compilation video below which is sure to put your nerves on edge! Currently, videos and photos are popping up all over social media with people showcasing their extreme phone pinching feats.

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