Court Awards $23.6 Billion To Widow In Smoking Lawsuit


(PCM) A Florida court jury has awarded Cynthia Robinson, the widow of Michael Johnson, Sr, $23.6 billion in punitive damages in a lawsuit she filed against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company back in 2008.

Robinson claimed that smoking killed her husband, who was 36 years old at the time of his death. He began smoking when he was only 13-years old and died of lung cancer. Robinson feels that the tobacco company is to blame.

The court trial lasted about four weeks and jurors deliberated for nearly 15 hours before reaching a verdict in the case. The jury found that the tobacco company was negligent in informing Michael Johnson of the dangers of smoking such as causing lung cancer and also the fact that nicotine is highly addictive.

On top of the $23.6 billion, the court also awarded Robinson with nearly $16 million in compensatory damages.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is planning to appeal the ruling but there has been no word on when a new trial will take place.

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Are Politically Correct Comics Ruining Comic Books?

(PCM) Is Political Correctness Being Forced on Comic Book Readers? Around the Internet many media sites are praising Marvel comics for knowing what readers want, asserting that readers are smart enough to accept a female Thor or a Black Captain America.

Sam Wilson a Black Captain America

Sam Wilson a Black Captain America

The point that Marvel is making these changes isn’t very exciting to established comic book readers. Marvel editors don’t see these moves as daring or needed. They certainly are not in response to any readers demanding characters be female or black. They see them as no more than another marketing stunt by a publication to cash in on some hype.

Should there be more female superheros? Should there be more racially diverse superheroes etc…? That’s not the subject of this article. What you should be aware of is that politically correct superheroes are no more than a considered angle to sell comics.

The fact you are reading this article may mean you don’t even read comic books. Comic book readers already know the answer to this question because they understand the real agenda of Marvel in making politically correct changes to characters.

Be sure to understand this clear. If a Female Thor sells comics, Marvel will blow with the politically correct wind and claim this was their plan all along. The same goes for a Black Captain America. The editorial staff at Marvel are not geniuses. They are business men that want to sell paper. They are throwing an idea against the wall and hoping it sticks. The latest hip trend are politically correct comics.

Yet in this hyper politically correct society which has evolved over the last 20 years, there is no doubt ideas like maiming an character or killing a character are not as newsworthy as current top three. They are:

Changing a character’s race
Changing a character’s sex
Changing a characters’s sexuality

Do you think this is cheap or do you think this is great storytelling? Should you be considered smart if you accept these changes to an established character or should you be insulted?

What’s interesting is that Marvel is killing off one of the top franchise characters late in the summer of 2014. That character is Wolverine. He won’t stay dead of course. It’s a story telling device in comics that has not yet be used on this character. It’s a fair bet that those issues of Wolverine will sell more comics than both Thor and Captain America combined.


Will the Death of Wolverine sell more than Thor and Captain America because Marvel made Thor a female and Captain America black? The fair guess is no, and the reason is much simpler than the misguided media will speculate. The answer is easy, Wolverine has a larger established base of readers which will continue to read Wolverine. Thor and Captain America will have their usual readers as well. The status quo will not change.

To this the only lesson to learn is that you should not read mainstream media for opinions on comic books.

Thor the Woman


Those reporters don’t even read comic books and almost always have a social bias and social agenda to push. If you want to read some informed articles on comic book superheroes stick to comic book sites or of course read PCM, and look for articles by Lars Hindsley who reports on the subject of comic books from an informed position.

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Virginia Man Claims “No Man’s Land” For His Daughter In Africa!


(PCM) 38-year old Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia recently posted on Facebook about how he wanted to make his 7-year old daughters dreams of becoming an actual princess come true. However, in this case it seems that the dream could actually come true!

Heaton discovered that the eastern African region of Bir Tawil, a 796-square-mile piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, was terra nullius or “no man’s land.”  According to colonial-era law that mean that Heaton was able to claim the land as his own.

After receiving permission from the Egyptian government, he was able to travel to the land in time for his daughter’s birthday to lay an official claim on their “kingdom”.  Heaton also went as far as to rename the land, so it is no longer Bir Tawil, but not called the The Kingdom of North Sudan and Heaton.

Heaton is now requesting that his family and friends refer to his daughter as Princess Emily and is calling himself King Heaton. (We have a feeling this is going to cause a few problems down the line…or a big ego!)

Heaton plans to use the land of his “kingdom” to advance agricultural technology for the surrounding areas. Also,  Heaton still needs to receive legal recognition from Egypt, Sudan, the United Nations and other political groups.

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