Apparently There Is Now A Doritos Flavored Version Of Mountain Dew


(PCM) I don’t know about you, but the thought of any type of Doritos flavored beverage does not sound very appealing, however for those that are feeling a bit experimental it actually does exist.

There is a photo circulating on Reddit that was taken during a tasting event held at Kent State University that allowed students to sample the Doritos flavored Mountain Dew which happens to appropriately called “Dewritos”.

The students claimed that their samples of the beverage actually did taste like Doritos. It was described as tasting like orange with a Doritos aftertaste. The students also said that after … read more...

Victoria’s Secret Makes A Change To Their “Perfect Body” Ad Campaign


(PCM) The power of the internet has spoken yet again and lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has now changed their current “Perfect Body” ad campaign after being hit with a petition and outrage from body image advocates online.

The ad’s for the company’s new bra collection “Body By Victoria” featured the retailers notoriously thin models sporting bras and panties with the text “Perfect Body” splayed across their bare torsos.

The ad sparked up a huge debate online with many people claiming that the ad created negative body image stereotypes and advocated low self-esteem. There was even a petition created that … read more...

Employees And Consumers Are Unhappy With Starbucks New Dress Code Policy


(PCM) Starbucks has recently unveiled their new dress code policy and many of the new rules which are being enforced are certainly raising quite a few eyebrows and being met with quite a bit of outrage from both employees and consumers alike.

In their defense, Starbucks has claimed that the reason for the new dress code policy which bans employees from wearing any type of jewelry with stones, is based upon new Food and Drug Administration guidelines and was not put in place by them as a company.

The policy states that employees will not be able to wear any … read more...

Quadruple Amputee Is A Person Of Interest In His Parents Murder


(PCM) Currently, police in Orlando, Florida are searching for a quadruple amputee, whom they say is currently a “person of interest’ in the shooting death of both of his parents in their home. The police say that the the man, 30 year old Sean Petrozinno is considered to be armed and dangerous (yeah, we are not really sure how that works either) and that currently he is only being named as a person of interest and not yet a full-fledged suspect in the case. Petrozinno had recently moved back in with this parents after allegedly suffering from some financial issues.… read more...

Target Claims They Were Not Behind The “Alex From Target” Viral Sensation


(PCM) We are sure by now you have at least seen or heard something about “Alex From Target” the latest viral internet meme that features an extremely good-looking Target employee.

It was brought to everyone’s attention recently that the whole thing may have actually been a sneaky viral marketing campaign paid for by Target, rather than just a random viral sensation created by an obsessive teenage girl.

A marketing company by the name of Breakr, took credit for orchestrating the whole situation and claim they were hired on as part of a viral marketing project.

However, now Target is claiming …

Canadian Man In Search Of A Woman With His Ex’s Name For Very Special Trip


(PCM) A 28-year old Canadian man by the name of Jordan Axani recently posted on Reddit that he is in search of a new female companion to take on a journey around the world. There is only one slight catch … you must have the same name as his ex-girlfriend who was originally supposed to go on the trip, so that you would be able to use her plane ticket.

Axani obviously purchased the trip before he and his girlfriend split and the three-week excursion will include stops in Milan, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi. In his post on Reddit, … read more...

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