Frankie Knuckles “Godfather Of House Music” Is Dead At Age 59

Frankie-Knuckles1(PCM) One of the most prolific house music producers and remixers from the eighties and nineties, Frankie Knuckles has passed away at the age of 59. His immediate cause of death has not yet been revealed, however some rumors claim that he may have been suffering from Type II diabetes. Frankie Knuckles is credited with laying the groundwork for electronic dance music culture as well know it today.

Frankie Knuckles is legendary in the electronic music scene. He was never afraid to be experimental and many feel that his accomplishments over the years were under appreciated in music realm.

Knuckles …

Excision And Dirty Phonics Nearly Blow The Roof Off The Electric Factory…Literally!

Excision1 Excision2

(PCM) I think I may have truly had a once in a lifetime experience when attending the recent Excision show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. It was the first time that I can say that I have literally felt the music. Once Excision dropped the first notes of bass, I could feel my esophagus rattle and my hair follicles felt as if they were moving by an unseen force. It was definitely one of the most intense feelings I have ever experienced while attending a show.


Not only was it just the sound, but Excision added some of … read more...

EDM Ravers Dance To The Benny Hill Theme Song!


(PCM) I have recently come across this absolutely hilarious video that pairs a group of Dutch ravers dancing at the 2013 Awakening Festival with “Yakety Sax” the theme song from “Benny Hill”.

The video was created by Jesse Reinier Nieuwenhuijzen and it is absolutely brilliant. I could not believe that the audio and video were able to synch up so perfectly. It is hilarious.

I am out covering a slew of music festivals throughout the year, many with EDM-dedicated stages. From now on, I am forever going to be stuck with the visual of everyone dancing to the Benny Hill theme … read more...

Pelussje Talk EDM, Lucha Libre And More In Exclusive Interview

PelussjePelussje, a.k.a. James Nayler & Chiara Benelli, are a couple of italian electro producers and DJs born in 2004 through flaming walls of sound, burning screams and fiery stage divings. After a period of circuit bending, noise, and underground live based shows, they decided to bring back on the ring their deep love for mixer and turntables.

In 2008 their productions turned to a stronger, more complex and club-oriented sound, colored by massive basslines and the full flavor of their musical roots. Their love for Mexican Lucha Libre, it’s theatrical violence and the acted madness broke through, and masks became … read more...

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