Live Brings A Spirited Performance To Rock On The Range


(PCM) Seeing Live perform on the main stage at this year’s Rock On The Range was like catching up with a dear old friend you haven’t seen in a few years and feeling as if no time has passed at all. The band’s music has a timeless appeal and without a doubt Live’s music was a crucial influence on the type of music fan I am today.


Front man Chris Shinn took control of the stage and led the audience through many of the band’s hits such as “I Alone”, “Lightning Crashes” and my personal favorite “Lakini’s Juice” to name a few. The band’s energy and stage presence was right on point and just like their music, Live as a band has certainly withstood the test of time.


I had a chance to catch up with both Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey to talk about the continued positive feedback for the band’s latest album release “Turn”, changes in the music industry, the band’s business endeavors in Pennsylvania and more!  Full interview can be viewed below:


Photography credit: Ken Schuler Photography

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Yelawolf Bares His Southern Soul At Rock On The Range


(PCM) What I adore so much about Yelawolf is that he absolutely refuses to fall into any type of genre stereotype.  He is making the music that is in his heart and this is truly apparent with the tracks that make up his latest album release “Love Story”. The album flawlessly blends together elements of rock, rap and country giving Yelawolf a style that is very much his own.

For the very first time in its’ nine year history Rock On The Range added some rap to the line-up and Yelawolf was the very first rap artist to perform at the festival. It was truly like a breath of fresh air and while Yelawolf’s style as stated earlier, defies genre, he was an absolutely perfect addition to this year’s bill.


We had a chance to catch up with Yelawolf prior to his performance on the Ernie Ball stage to talk about “Love Story”, the recording process in Nashville, upcoming touring plans and more!

Photography credit: Ken Schuler Photography

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Tech N9NE Squashes Genre Stereotypes And Brings Musical Unity To Rock On The Range


(PCM) Tech N9NE has proven time and time again that he is a true force to be reckoned with in the music realm. His latest album release “Special Effects” debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #4, #2 on the Independent Album chart, and #1 on the Rap Album charts garnering him the highest first week sales of his career. The best part of all of this is that he did it all himself!

Tech’s very special and unique vision comes to life on the “Special Effects” album. The album overall blows any type of genre stereotypes clear out of the water and creates a beautiful blend of musical unity in its’ creation. Tech will not be boxed in and rightfully so!


We recently caught his amazing performance at this year’s Rock On The Range which marked one of the first times in the festival’s history that an artist similar to Tech N9NE has been featured on the bill. We adored the diversity that his set brought to this year’s festival and both his and rapper Krizz Kaliko’s energy on stage was second to none.

Not only did we catch Tech N9NE’s brilliant Rock On The Range debut, but we also had a chance to catch up with the man himself to talk about the “Special Effects” album, playing Rock On The Range and more. In the interview, Tech also revealed his plans for his next album which will be titled “The Storm” on which is hopes to feature the likes of Metallica, Alanis Morrisette, Jay-Z, and Lana Del-Ray.



Check out the full interview feature below:

Photography credit: Ken Schuler

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Album Review: Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts “Blaster”


(PCM) Everyone once in awhile an album comes across my desk at work where it leaves such an impression that the music just seems to speak to your soul. “Blaster” the debut album from Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts is very much that type of album and I have been playing it non-stop from beginning to end.

Of course many know Scott Weiland as the former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, however I have to say that I think he has found his true voice with the music created with his newly regrouped band Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts.  “Blaster” spans almost every rock genre imaginable and the band does so flawlessly. There is a strong alternative rock vibe throughout the album, however it is sprinkled with a certain level of pop sensibility that makes the entire record both very catchy and incredibly memorable.

After only one or two listens I found myself singing right along with tracks such as “Hotel Rio” and “Beach Pop” and I absolutely adored the dirty blues undertones found in “White Lighting”.  Additional stand-out tracks include the grungy rocker “Amethyst” and the gorgeous country-tinged album closer “Circles”.


After seeing Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts perform at the recent Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion festival in Charlotte, NC, it is quite apparent that even live the band works together as a cohesive unit and their performance at the festival was brilliant.  We are absolutely thrilled to be able to catch Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts performing again at this year’s Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH and are on the edge of our seats to see what they have in-store for us next!


If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the album “Blaster”, I highly encourage you to check it out, as I am sure it has already secured its’ spot on the list as one of the best album releases of 2015 thus far!

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Sold-Out Carolina Rebellion Was The Biggest And Best Yet!



(PCM) Monster Energy’s Carolina Rebellion festival held at the Rock City Campgrounds of the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC May 2nd and 3rd, celebrated its’ five year anniversary in quite the epic fashion with a sell-out crowd of over 80,000 in attendance each day.  It now seems that the festival has truly found its’ home at the Speedway and Carolina Rebellion 2015 was certainly the biggest and best yet!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when first entering the festival grounds and seeing just how much of an expansion took place over the past year. The days of sound bleed between the stages and people being over-crowded in one area are long gone. The expansion of the festival grounds provided a much more open and less congested feel throughout the course of the weekend. Also, the addition of not only one, but two VIP tents this year also did an amazing job at making the crowd a bit more comfortable as they featured their own private bathrooms, bars and of course delicious food.


Aside from of course the music which we will get to in a second, Carolina Rebellion provided a ton of activities throughout the festival grounds to keep attendees entertained in-between performances or when you needed a break from the chaos. Crazy Dave’s Music Experience had a huge tent set up where you could escape for a little bit and try out several instruments, as well as, tour the incredible Dimebag Darrell exhibit. We also took the virtual tour of the Jack Daniels distillery as well as, sampled some incredible food choices from various vendors. Trust us, the Munch Bowl from the Up In Smoke truck was pure heaven!


The spirit and diversity of music is truly what Carolina Rebellion is all about and this year’s line-up certainly did not disappoint. We started off Saturday catching sets from Islander, We Are Harlot, Of Mice & Men. The party really got started once Hollywood Undead took to the stage, definitely one of my festival favorites, plus we got to witness J-Dog propose to his girlfriend Vanessa in front of everyone in attendance (for those wondering…she said yes, of course). Newcomers Periphery put on an excellent show and mid-afternoon sets from both Papa Roach and Rise Against kept the crowd amped and energized for the evenings headline performances from both Marilyn Manson and Korn.


On Sunday we started our day with quite a wake-up call from The Butcher Babies who provided a jolt of pure adrenaline to anyone watching their set. Surprisingly one of the craziest crowds of the day was for Breaking Benjamin’s performance. There were wall to wall fans absolutely losing their minds for this band and despite the fact that they took a bit of hiatus, watching them perform was like no time had passed at all. Slash feat. Myles Kennedy were fantastic and you can never go wrong with Slayer at a rock festival at any time or any place. After watching Godsmack churn through their hits, it was finally time for Slipknot to bring Carolina Rebellion 2015 to a close. Slipknot never fail to deliver live and their performance to close out Rebellion was spot-on!  They create such an incredible visual spectacle on stage and are truly some of the most engaging performers currently out there today. We could think of no better way to end Carolina Rebellion 2015 and we absolutely can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Photography: Mike Sievila

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In Flames Brings The Fire To Carolina Rebellion


(PCM) While out at the recent Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion festival in Charlotte, NC we caught up with In Flames guitarist Bjorn Gelotte to talk about the band’s latest album release “Siren Charms”, the way technology has changed the music industry and the many shifts in direction the band’s music has taken over the years.

In Flames bring their all to each and every performance and we found ourselves being wildly swept up in the music from beginning to end.  The band provides a highly entertaining show and their humorous interaction with the crowd is spot-on!  While some fans may complain about the direction of some of the band’s more recent work, I have to say that the diversity is absolutely refreshing and it is wonderful to see a band that is not afraid to think outside of the box a bit.

You can watch the full interview with Bjorn below:

Photography by: Mike Sievila

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