Full Throttle Saloon In Sturgis Destroyed By Fire


(PCM) Deemed the “world’s largest biker bar” the Full Throttle Saloon has sadly been destroyed by an overnight fire.  The Sturgis fire department arrived at the scene around 12:30 am to find smoke billowing out of the Full Throttle Saloon and they were unable to get inside to battle the blaze due to the amount of heat and smoke.

The firefighters were forced to battle the blaze from outside and tragically the famous saloon burned to the ground by 3:00 am. Local authorities claim that no one was injured in the blaze and the incident is currently under investigation.

Thus far it has been revealed that the main building of the establishment is a total loss and it seems that when the fire, which is speculated to have begun in a ceiling area near the distillery, hit the Sloonshine Distillery it gained a tremendous amount of momentum. There were over 500 gallons of grain alcohol on the premises.

Another factor that made it incredibly difficult for firefighters to battle this blaze is that there are no fire hydrants or ready water supply on-site at the Full Throttle Saloon. Their water is trucked to the establishment and held in holding tanks on the grounds.

The Full Throttle Saloon was a major Sturgis landmark and tourist destination as it featured music stages, ziplines, and even rental cabins. The Full Throttle Saloon also had its’ very own reality television series.

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Distressed Parrot Calls For Help During House Fire


(PCM) Firefighters in Middleton, Idaho got quite the surprise when responding to a house fire and discovering a parrot call for help from inside the home.  The firefighters approached the blaze like any other by rolling out the hoses and beginning to douse the home in water to battle the blaze. When they shouted in the door “Firefighters, anyone home?”, they were quite startled to receive a reply from inside screeching “Help, fire! Help, fire”. 

The firefighters entered the home to search for anyone who maybe trapped, but saw no one. They then decided to bring out the thermal imaging gear that detects warm bodies. When passing by a table, the firefighter noticed a change in color on the screen and upon second look noticed it was the silhouette of a parrot. 

The firefighters were able to determine that the cries for help were indeed coming from the parrot. They were able to rescue the distressed parrot and another, less vocal parrot as well. The birds were given oxygen and once their lungs were clear the incredibly vocal parrot began squawking again. Hopefully saying a ‘thank you!”. 

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