It’s Mardi Gras Time! Bring On The Beads And King Cakes!

(PCM) Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday!  Mardi Gras is the cultural celebration in preparation prior to the fasting season of Lent!  The holiday, heavily celebrated in New Orleans, consists of many parades, dancing, wearing costumes, overturning social conventions and general fun and debauchery.

According to Wikipedia, Mardi Gras arrived in North America as a French Catholic tradition with the Le Moyne brothers, Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, in the late 17th century, when King Louis XIV sent the pair to defend France’s claim on the territory of Louisiane, which included what are now the U.S. … read more...

8 Must Have Apps To Plan Valentine’s Day Last Minute!


(PCM) Whether you met that special someone on February 13th forgetting that the next day is Valentine’s Day or cupid’s big day simply slipped your mind, we’ve got you covered with the 8 must-have apps to plan a successful Valentine’s Day last minute.

1. Open Table: No dinner reservations? No problem! Find available tables near you or wherever the night may take you, make reservations instantly and discover restaurants with the OpenTable app. With over 20,000 bookable restaurants in the US, Canada and Mexico, OpenTable helps you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your meal.

Available on: …

January 26 Is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!


(PCM) We don’t think that there is anyone who can resist the temptation, when seeing Bubble Wrap, to start popping it like crazy. It is both satisfying and therapeutic in an odd sort of way. Many people use popping Bubble Wrap as the ultimate stress reliever and there have even been smart phone apps created to simulate Bubble Wrap popping in case you can’t get your hands on the real thing.

Today happens to be National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and there are many festivities happening to celebrate. In fact, students at Oral Roberts University will be making an attempt … read more...

What McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made Of


(PCM) There has been much speculation over the years at to exactly what McDonald’s french fries actually consist of, many were even curious if they were even made with potatoes at all.

Now McDonald’s has finally revealed just what goes into their french fry creation process and just how they come to get that lovely, yet unnatural golden color.

The list of ingredients that is featured in the video is definitely a little unnerving, however McDonald’s stands by their claim that everything is perfectly safe for consumption.  I am not too sure what Dimethylpolysiloxane or TBHQ actually is, but apparently … read more...

January 20 Is National Cheese Lovers Day!


(PCM) Just thinking about today being National Cheese Lovers Day is already making me hungry!  It is about time there is a national holiday observation to give our beloved cheese the respect it finally deserves. Cheese is one of the most highly consumed and loved foods all over the world.

There have been many rumors about the origins of cheese, however the one that appears to have the most credibility is that an Arabian merchant first discovered cheese by accident when he put milk into his pouch made of sheep stomach and took a journey across the desert in 8000 … read more...

Swiss Company Creates The First Ever Chairless Chair


(PCM) Have you ever dreamed about wanting to sit down at any given time anywhere you happen to be? Well, a Swiss company may have created just the solution you have been looking for with the “chairless chair”.

The concept is actually fairly simplistic. The “chairless chair” is a device that is worn on your legs and whenever you are ready to sit down, you just push a button and the mechanism locks into place giving you a chance to get off your feet.

The “chairless chair” was created by 29 year old Keith Gunura, who is the co-founder and … read more...

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