The Folklore & Legends of Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

We all know that phrase and not just because of the Snow White trend that has crept into pop culture in the recent past with the likes of two Snow White movies (Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman) and Once Upon a Time, a fairy tale themed TV series with Snow White leading the list of main characters, but because we grew up surrounded by these legends and lore.

And we’re surrounded by plenty of mirrors these days, too.

Now, some of us may enjoy taking that glimpse in the mirror, but if you think too long on any of the tales, superstitions and beliefs that surround mirrors, mirrors could end up seeming pretty terrifying. I mean, mirrors are kind of spooky whether they’re in a funhouse or in your bathroom. They have that perpetual sense of anticipation and, perhaps, even fear due to the stories we’ve grown up on and the ways we’ve seen them come to life in entertainment.

After all, there is plenty of material to work with and expand upon. One of the oldest and most common beliefs about mirrors, that our reflections contain part of our souls, underlies nearly ever mirror tale there is. A soul is nothing to mess around this and many ancient cultures believed the soul in danger of getting trapped in a mirror due to this connection to one’s reflection.

While this premise is not exactly the base of the Magic Mirror in Snow White (although if you watch Once Upon a Time and know the danger and evil that we’ve seen in Sidney Glass you may see a connection), it is indeed the root of many other superstitions around mirrors.  Check out these familiar scares below.

 7 Years Bad Luck:

We all know this one. Break a mirror and you’ve got 7 years of bad luck! So, who do we have to thank for this nagging thought in the back of our minds every time there’s a crack in our mirror? The Romans! Believe it or not, this superstition dates all the way back to when glass mirrors were first created. Believing the connection between reflection and soul to be true, the Romans likewise believed that to break a mirror (ie. One’s reflection) was to break a piece of the soul of the individual as well.

But why 7 years? Again, it’s all about the soul. The Romans attributed the seven years worth of bad luck to the belief that life renewed itself every seven years. Thus, breaking a mirror is breaking a soul which is breaking your health. (Follow that?) It was only after seven years that the soul is regenerated and the bad luck washed away.


Especially with the current trends in pop culture, there is no doubt that we’ve all seen our share of vampire movies, TV shows and more, which means that at some point in time we’ve likely encountered that revealing moment when the vampire (or someone suspected of being a vampire) is standing before a mirror and yet there is no reflection.

Again, this has everything to do with the soul. After all, vampires are the undead and if you know anything about vampires, you know they do not have souls. So, if we follow the belief that our reflection contains a part of our souls… a soulless being would have no reflection.

Bloody Mary:

This myth is perhaps one of the scariest and best known of our time. It’s an urban legend and thus, by nature, surrounded by a variety of different tellings, but the general idea is that if you if you stand in front of a mirror and say “Bloody Mary” repeatedly, she’ll appear in the mirror to cause you harm. Whether you’re most familiar with this tale from your torment-loving siblings or any of the depictions on screen (be it in Candyman, Paranormal Activity 3 or The CW’s Supernatural), you know you don’t want her coming around.

Bloody Mary is a soul trapped in a mirror, looking to cause harm to those who invoke her.  She’s been harmed herself and looking to bring that pain to others.

Other Mirror Superstitions at a Glance:

– Falling asleep in front of a mirror is dangerous, because the soul leaves the body while sleeping and upon return may get confused by the reflection and enter the mirror rather than your body.

– Many cultures break the mirrors of the deceased or cover them up so that the dead would not see their reflection and decide to remain back and haunt their home.

– Other cultures will cover mirrors at a wake so that the soul of the deceased does not become trapped. All reflective surfaces – including water and household appliances – would need to be covered up.

– Mirrors were often used in traditional witchcraft as tools for scrying or performing spells.

– A newborn child should not look into a mirror until their first year due to the belief that the soul is still developing at that time.

– It is bad luck to have two mirrors facing one another.

– The mirror has ties to water due to both of their reflective natures. This brings to mind myths and folklore like the story of Narcissus.

– Mirrors cannot lie. (Hence the Magic Mirror of Snow White fame…)

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Relax! NASA Says A Giant Asteroid WILL NOT Destroy The Earth This September!


(PCM) Conspiracy theorists were in a tizzy as internet rumors began swirling that a giant asteroid was careening towards the Earth and that we were due for a global catastrophe that could possibly end human life as we know it. NASA has now put those fears to rest letting everyone know that as far as they know the world will not be coming to an end next month as they see no asteroid in sight that would impact the Earth in that particular time frame.

In a statement NASA says “There is no scientific basis — not one shred of evidence — that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates ( between Sept. 15 and 28, 2015)”. The rumors stated that the asteroid was scheduled to make its’ impact with the Earth somewhere near Puerto Rico between Sept. 15 and 28, 2015, destroying swaths of North, Central and South America in its’ wake.

There even happens to be a Near-Earth Object office manned by NASA whose job it is to watch, track and categorize any type of asteroids or comets that happen to pass by within 300 million miles of the Earth. NASA goes on to say that not a single one of the identified objects even has a slight chance of impacting the Earth anytime within the next century.

NASA is even currently hard at work on a protection plan for Earth should a crisis with an asteroid or other celestial body come close to impact called the Asteroid Redirect Mission. They are developing a “gravity tractor” technique that would be able to divert the asteroid from coming into contact with the Earth’s surface.

So, relax everyone! NASA has it covered and we can rest assured that global dissemination will not occur next month, at least not in the form of a flying space object!

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Is It Possible That Gluten Sensitivity Doesn’t Exist?


(PCM) It seems now that the very same researchers who discovered evidence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity have recently discovered that it actually doesn’t exist. In fact their new findings are completely opposite to what was initially discovered. The researchers completed a follow-up study to the one that was completely back in 2011 that founded the theory that diets that contain gluten can be the cause of gastrointestinal distress in people without celiac disease, which is an auto-immune disorder fueled by gluten.

Gluten is a protein that is heavily present in food such as wheat, barley and grains. After the news of the findings back in 2011 that gluten could also cause health issues for people not suffering from celiac disease, the gluten-free food industry skyrocketed. Sales of gluten-free products could hit $15 billion by 2016, while on 1% of Americans actually suffer from celiac disease, nearly 30% are keeping a gluten-free diet.

The gluten protein is found in any normal diet for the average person, so researchers, no satisfied with the initial theory that gluten was the culprit behind the gastrointestinal problems that many people were suffering from decided to test the theory once again. Those who participated in the new research study were given  high-gluten, low-gluten, and no-gluten (placebo) diets, without knowing which diet plan they were on at any given time. In the end, all of the treatment diets – even the placebo diet – caused pain, bloating, nausea, and gas to a similar degree. It didn’t matter if the diet contained gluten.

The new study speaks for itself in proving that there was indeed no precise correlation between consuming gluten and suffering from gastrointestinal issues. In fact there could be other dietary triggers that have been wrongly interpreted as gluten-sensitivity that are the ultimate cause of the person’s gastrointestinal distress.   So, be careful of falling on the gluten-free bandwagon as the cause of your gastrointestinal issues could just be all in your head.

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The Big List of TV & Movie Spoilers

(aMyth) What happened?
spoilersWe’ll explain it right here. Almost every story, mystery or question in literature is answered in our Spoiler List below. And if they’re not on the list, you can add via comments.
You may never have to watch another movie or television show again.

Cinderella1. The butler did it.

2. Chief Brody kills the shark.

3. The shoe fits.

4. Everybody dies.

5. Maggie is the one who shot Mr. Burns.

6. Clarence gets his wings

7. Bruce Willis was dead the entire time.

8. Batman is Bruce Wayne.

9. Kristin Shepard killed JR.

10. Spiderman is Peter Parker.

11. James Bond’s wife gets killed.

12. They recalibrate the phase array and divert power from the shields.

ToServeMan313. It was all just a dream.

14. The common cold defeats the alien invasion.

15. Clark Kent is Superman.

16. The boat turns upside down, and the extras go the wrong way.

17. They have a problem, but they got home.

18. Rosebud was the sled.

19. He was left handed.

20. The Germans lose. Again.

21. Glenda was Ed.

22. Mr. Glass blew up the train.

23. Professor Higgins passes her off as a Lady.

24. The whole sitcom of Roseanne was just a book that she wrote.

25. Those WERE the droids you were looking for.

ocd-the-terminator-skull-20080821034035069-00026. The Mayans were wrong.

27. He’s actually insane and everyone on the island is in on it.

28. Luke is Leah’s brother.

29. A skeleton popped out

30. Blackadder, Baldrick, George, and Darling go into battle.

31. The Korean War ends.

32. Rock beats scissors.

33. Because 7 8 9

34. Captain Jack Harkness came back from the dead.

35. The Chick is really a Dude

36. They were actually the ghosts the entire time.

37. 37!

38. Slugworth actually worked for him.

Rosebud39. Who is on first.

40. The Shadow is Lamont Cranston.

41. Darth Vader is CP30’s father.

42. 42

43. The boy shoots the dog.

44. He wins the rematch.

45. The world is saved.

46. Everybody onboard dies, including the captain.

47. Will Robinson is in danger.

48. The Muffin Man lives on Drury Lane.

49. It’s bigger on the inside than on the outside.

50. He regains his faith.

51. Slim Whitman’s singing “The Indian Love Call” makes the heads explode.

BuckarooBanzai-JohnWhorfinBigBoutee52. Soylent Green is people.

53. Rhett leaves Scarlett.

54. Dante was not supposed to be there today.

55. The walrus was Paul.

56. Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room with the Candlestick.

57. Han Shot First.

58. Thelma and Louise look into each other’s eyes as the cops draw closer, and then step on the accelerator and drive over the cliff.

59. Mongo just pawn in game of life.

60. His power is that he’s immortal.

61. She was infected with an alien.

62. Bob woke up from his dream.

63. Truman escapes.

64. Spock’s not really dead.

Rhett65. He gets Lou Gehrig’s disease.

66. 11 angry men change their minds.

67. It was beauty that killed the beast.

68. War of the Worlds was real, an invasion by the Red Lectroids.

69. Charlie becomes Willie Wonka’s partner and inherits the company.

70. Neo is the one.

71. The world ends.

72. Norman Bates is his own mother.

73. The whole town comes to his aid, and gives him enough money to cover the missing deposit.

74. He stays in Korea, ironically.

75. The donkey (Kelly) in Clerks II is male.

76. It was Ozymandias.

77. Bella Marries Edward.

Mongo78. He doesn’t catch them all.

79. The ship hits an iceberg.

80. It’s all a dream, in another dream.

81. Barbossa comes back.

82. Colonel Mustard with the Revolver in the Study.

83. Indiana was the dog’s name.

84. Bambi’s mother dies.

85. Mrs. White, in the game room, with the candle stick.

86. Slim Pickens rides The Bomb down onto Moscow.

87. Ross and Rachel get back together in the last episode

88. They found Waldo.

89. Lassie finds a new home.

90. They’re all in purgatory.

Kong91. Tyler Durden is not his real name.

92. The Village is really part of a modern nature preserve.

93. We’ll always have Paris.

94. The dog ate my homework.

95. Romeo and Juliet both die.

96. He loses.

97. “To Serve Man” is actually a cookbook.

98. Snape kills Dumbledore.

99. Voldemort kills Snape.

100. All you had to do was click your heels three times.

101. Sherlock fakes his death.

102. They live happily ever after.


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Jelly Sex Bracelets and Their Color Meanings

Sex Bracelets and Their Color Meanings…

What Do The Jelly Sex Bracelet Colors Mean?

1sexb(aMyth) Many people have inquired about the latest fad supposedly going on in in colleges, high schools, even middle schools!

This story has been going around since 2003, thanks to some rumors in Marion County, Florida , and periodically re-discovered by school principals, local communities, civic organizations and even some churches, giving some busybodies something new to worry about, especially on a slow news day.

Jelly Bracelets! Those gel ‘sex bracelets’ from the 1980’s are still being used today, but they have a completely different purpose than when Cyndi Lauper and Madonna wore them.

The story popped up in the British media in 2009, in which the bracelets were allegedly nicknamed shag bands. And similar stories circulated in Brazil during the 2009–2010 summer, where the bracelets were referred to as pulseiras do sexo.

This social phenomenon involves “snapping” the bracelet off the wearer, the game is called ‘SNAP!” of course – enabling the snapper to earn a sexual favor from the snappee based on the color of the snapped off bracelet. It seems to be an off-shoot of a phenomenon from the 70s and 80s when a guy (or girl) could get a sexual prize for successfully peeling off a beer label, without tearing it.

Our own informal questioning of a few dozen high school and college students in the US indicated that none of them had participated in the practice, and noone even knew anyone else who did.

The colors each have a coded meaning as follows:

  • Yellow – indicates the wearer is willing to HUG
  • Pink – indicates the wearer is willing to give a hickey
  • Orange – indicates the wearer is willing to KISS
  • Purple – indicates the wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex
  • Red – indicates the wearer is willing to perform a LAP DANCE
  • Green – indicates that ORAL SEX can be performed on a girl
  • Clear – indicates a willingness to do “whatever the snapper wants”
  • Blue – indicates ORAL SEX performed on a guy
  • Black – indicates that the wearer will have regular “missionary” sex
  • White – indicates the wearer will “FLASH” what they have
  • Glittery Yellow – indicates HUGGING and KISSING is acceptable
  • Glittery Pink – willing to “flash” (show) a body part
  • Glittery Purple – wearer is willing to French (open mouth) kiss
  • Glittery Blue – wearer is willing to perform anal sex
  • Glittery Green – indicates that the wearer is willing to “69” (mutual oral sex)
  • Glittery Clear – indicates that the wearer will let the snappee “feel up” or touch any body part they want

There are variations of course, just as there was with the M&M’s back in the 80’s. Many people thought that the yellow ones made you horny, but
research proved that it was the green ones!

To be sure, many children and even adults wear these decorative bracelets without any sexual connotation or meaning. Parents of young teenagers and children, obviously, should be aware of this.



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The Real Names Of These Fictional Characters Might Just Surprise You!

(PCM) We all grew up watching cartoons and identifying with various company mascots over the years and usually identified them by their nicknames for example Cap’n Crunch or Scooby-Doo. But didn’t you ever wonder about the actual real names of some of these characters?

Wonder no more!  We have complied a list of some of the most well-known fictional characters and revealed their mysterious real names!

1. Cap’n Crunch



Real Name: Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch

2. Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons

Real Name: Jeff Albertson

3. Scooby-Doo


Real Name: Scoobert Doo

4. The Wizard Of Oz

Real Name: Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs

5. Woody from Toy Story


Real Name: Woody Pride

6. MacGyver

Real Name: Angus MacGyver

7. Mr. Clean


Real Name: Veritably Clean

8. Cookie Monster

Real Name: Sid

9. Hello Kitty


Real Name: Kitty White

10. The patient from the Operation Board Game

Real Name: Cavity Sam

11. Barbie


Real Name: Barbara Millicent Roberts

12. Winnie The Pooh

Real Name: Edward Bear

13. Peppermint Patty


Real Name: Patricia Reichardt

14. The Monopoly Guy

Real Name: Milburn Pennybags

15. Tweety Bird


Real Name: Tweety Pie

16. Casper The Friendly Ghost

Real Name: Casper McFadden

17. Entourage’s Turtle


Real Name: Salvatore Assante

18. The Muppet’s Guy Smiley

Real Name: Bernie Leiderkrantz

19. The Skipper


Real Name: Jonas Grumby

20. Alf

Real Name: Gordon Shumway

21. The Pillsbury Dougboy


Real Name: Poppin’ Fresh

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