Did You Ever Wonder Just Want An Auctioneer Is Saying During His Chant? It Actually Isn’t Gibberish!


(PCM) We have always gotten a case of the giggles when listing the incredibly fast-paced chant of an auctioneer. Upon first listen it can truly sound like nothing more than a bunch of gibberish, however, the mystery has now been solved and someone has finally broken down just what the auctioneer is actually saying. Surprisingly they are normal words, just said a ridiculous speed.

Barry Baker of Ohio Real Estate took a few minutes to create a rather informative video breaking down (in normal speed) just what is flowing from the mouths of most auctioneers.

It’s hilarious because after watching the video we can actually begin to pick out a few of the words a bit more clearly even when the auctioneer is spitting them out at rapid pace. Baker says that the auctioneers use a lot of filler words such as “bid”, “dollar”, and “now” which can sound a bit jumbled when spoken at fast paces.

You can read Baker’s auctioneer speech below to get an even better understanding:

“The auction’s on. What are you going to give for it? Would you give 200 dollars? Well, then, give a hundred. I’ve got a hundred, now a hundred-and-a-quarter. Would you give a hundred-and-a-quarter? Now a hundred-and-a-half. A hundred-and-a-half, would you give one-seventy-five? One-seventy-five, now two hundred. Two hundred, now two-and-a-quarter. Anyone else, give two-and-a-quarter? Sold, two hundred dollars.”

Well, thanks for clearing that up!

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No, David Bowie’s Ashes Were Not Scattered At The Burning Man Festival


(PCM) Whoever started the ridiculous rumor that the late David Bowie’s ashes were scattered throughout the grounds of the recent Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert has just been shut down. David Bowie’s son, director Duncan Jones took to Twitter to dispel the rumor that had been circulating claiming that he and his godson took his late father’s ashes to Burning Man to be spread as per the late singer’s final wishes.

Jones went a step further and claimed that if his father did want his ashes to be spread anywhere it would more than likely be at Skegness Butlins, a resort and fairground in England. Definitely not Burning Man!

Surprisingly, E! News was one of the first outlets to misreport on the false information about Bowie’s ashes at Burning Man, as they felt they had a reliable source. They claim the source revealed “David’s godchild and David had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it.” The source also claimed that a memorial service took place for Bowie during the festival.  While that service may or may not have occurred, one thing is for sure, Bowie ashes are certainly not spread in the Nevada desert.

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The Complete Guide To Understanding Those Crazy Car Dashboard Symbols!


(PCM) If you are anything like us then you are probably a bit too embarrassed to admit that you may not completely understand what is going when when your car dashboard lights up with an odd looking symbol and you know immediately something is amiss!

Looking at those crazy symbols can seem a lot like trying to read hieroglyphics, so we were thrilled to come across this handy chart that covers just about all the symbols and exactly what your car is trying to tell you!

Dashboard-Lights Of course each car is going to be a little bit different, but the chart above contains some of the most common symbols and what they mean.

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A Handy Five-Step Guide For Solving A Rubik’s Cube


(PCM) If you are anything like us than you have probably been baffled by trying to solve this mysterious Rubik’s Cube. It is damn near impossible and we can’t tell you how many times out of utter frustration we have tossed one of these puzzling cubes across the room and said ‘to hell with it’!

So, you can only imagine our joy in discovering that someone has finally published the ultimate guide to solving a Rubik’s Cube in just five easy steps! The solution diagram can be seen below:


Now go grab that Rubik’s Cube out of the trash and get to solving!  You can thank us later!

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Man Creates A Humane Tool For Disposing Of Spiders In Your Home


(PCM) Another viral sensation to over take the web is the invention of the Critter Catcher, a device that was created to catch and release spiders in a humane way without killing them. It appears that the Critter Catcher has been in existence since 2012, when a father invented the product to help his arachnophobia son get over his fear of spiders and rid the home of these pests without causing them any harm.

Recently, Insider picked up on the product and posted a video showing it in action and the rest if viral internet history. The video clip has since been viewed over 87 million times and shared by thousands!

The product can work for more than just spiders! It can also be used to capture other household insects pests such as cockroaches, grasshoppers and scorpions as well. The device is also a winner for people who are freaked out about being close to bugs as it features a 25.5-inch-long stick, which offers plenty of distance between the user and the insect.

Once the insect is trapped in the devices bristles it can safely be carried outside and with a squeeze of the handle it can be released outside and away from the home. The internet is freaking out over the invention and we would love to see the sheer number that have been sold since the latest viral trend.

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Sigurd and Fafnir the Dragon

Sigurd and Fafnir the Dragon
Sigurd was the son of Sigmund, a warrior who died in combat with Odin. As Sigmund lay there dying he gave the shattered pieces of his blade to his wife and promised them to his then unborn son. He made a prophecy that if his son were to carry the blade then he would be the greatest warrior of them all.

Sigurd’s mother was smart, she married a chief after her husband died and Sigurd lived in style while he trained to become a grand hero. The sword of his father was reforged and when Sigurd became a man grown his assistant, Regin, who was a dwarf living in exile, said that he should ask his step father for a horse of his own to help him become a hero.

On Sigurd’s way to the great Hall where men and their fathers and father’s fathers had ruled since before anyone could remember, a strange old man stopped him. This old man was actually Odin in disguise, he had watched over the boy out of remorse for making his mother a widow.

Odin convinced Sigurd to come with him instead, and Odin told him to drive the horses towards an icy river and the one that swam across would be the one he chose. This was a good plan and so Sigurd did it and he chose the horse that swam across. The horse was a descendent of Sleipnir, Odin’s own horse.

On the following night Regin informed Sigurd that in order to become a hero he must slay a dragon. Sigurd said that he wouldn’t know where to look for a dragon, but Regin knew.

Regin was the youngest of three brother Dwarves, who came from a rich family. But his eldest brother, Fafnir, had become sick with greed, so much so that he was cursed to become a dragon who then killed the rest of his family, except for Regin of course who escaped. Regin told Sigurd he would take him to the dragon and let him take the wealth and become a hero as long as Sigurd would let him have the heart of the beast to eat.

Sigurd agreed and the two set off. After several weeks they finally came to Fafnir’s cave. It was a ferocious battle and Sigurd was badly wounded but he eventually killed Fafnir after a three hour battle.

Sigurd and Regin made camp in the cave but Sigurd was restless. He decided to surprise Regin by cooking the heart up for him while he slept as a sign of gratitude. But as the heart cooked the grease popped and burned Sigurd’s finger. He sucked on the wound to reduce the swelling but even the taste of dragon’s heart has magical properties. Sigurd could now hear the speech of birds

The birds outside the mouth of the cave were talking. “Poor Sigurd,” they said, “He has no idea that his beloved Regin plans to betray him after he eats the heart and becomes strong enough to kill Sigurd.” Sigurd was enraged, he drove his sword through his assistant’s chest and ate the heart out of spite. He left the gold for he realized it was cursed to give him misery and woe and continued in his quest to become the greatest hero.

The moral of the story is that you don’t always know who you can trust when greed is involved.

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