Coachella Did NOT Cause Instagram To Crash


(PCM) Instagram users were in a frenzy this afternoon when the popular social media photo app was down for a few hours with many blaming the influx of Coachella selfies being shared for the issue. Instagram has issued a statement and claims that it was not the Coachella music festival that caused the outage.

The problem according to Instagram was a “feed delivery issue” which appears to be fixed at this time.

From the many tweets that were posted from those attending Coachella, the popular music festival in Indio, Ca, this weekend, you would have thought that the entire world was coming to an end and that Instagram was just another part of the festival.

The very best one came from comedian/actor David Spade which read “Instagram is down.  Does that mean they cancel Coachella? I mean what’s the point of going now. To hear music??”

We can’t believe that some even believed that the festival would be cancelled over a lack of Instagram use!  We love social media as much as the next person, but seriously… attention to the incredible festival happening around you and put down the phone or tablet for just a little while!

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Who Needs Machines? Watch As Eighty Amish Men Pick Up A House And Move It


(PCM) A clip that was captured by a woman in Spartansburg, PA shows just how the Amish get things done, that thing being moving an entire home from one location to another with nothing but their bare hands. The use of machinery is banned in their community.

It took about eighty men to get the job done, however it was a success. The video clip shows a few men guiding the dozens who are underneath the house, move it on top of a hand-laid concrete foundation. You can watch their feet shuffling from beneath the home as it is shifted from one spot to another.

The six-minute clip has since gone viral, as people are truly amazed at the feat accomplished! It is certainly awe-inspiring to see what can be accomplished with a little bit of teamwork.

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Teen Discovers A Way To Save The Government $400 Million


(PCM) A Pittsburgh area middle school student, Suvir Mirchandani, was working on a school project when he discovered that a simple change to the font or typeface on paperwork produced by government officials and authorities could save as much as $400 million dollars every year.

The basis for the school project was a look at the ways in which computer science could improve evironomental stability. Mirchandani analyzed the typeface on teacher handouts and the amount of ink used for letters that appear repetitively. He was then able to make the conclusion that if the school were to go with the thin and light weight Garamond typeface rather than a thicker font, his school would be able to reduce their overall ink consumption by 24% and save about $21,000 per year.

Mirchandani’s findings were incredibly impressive to school officials and the real-world application was quite apparent. The school challenged Mirchandani to apply his findings to the government printing budget which equals out to about $1.8 billion per year. The students results were exactly the same, so therefore if the U.S. government were to change its’ typeface/font, they would be able to save as much as $400 million dollars annually.

The school was the US Printing Office aware of Mirchandani’s findings, however, while there were incredibly impressed by the work, they would not comment on whether or not they have any plans to change the typeface. Currently they are in the process of switching over most of the paperwork to an online format going forward in the future.

While there many not be any big changes coming from the government printers, we can use Mirchandani’s research in our homes and offices as well to reduce our own printing costs over times.

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