Swiss Company Creates The First Ever Chairless Chair


(PCM) Have you ever dreamed about wanting to sit down at any given time anywhere you happen to be? Well, a Swiss company may have created just the solution you have been looking for with the “chairless chair”.

The concept is actually fairly simplistic. The “chairless chair” is a device that is worn on your legs and whenever you are ready to sit down, you just push a button and the mechanism locks into place giving you a chance to get off your feet.

The “chairless chair” was created by 29 year old Keith Gunura, who is the co-founder and … read more...

How To Eat A Hamburger… The Proper Way!


(PCM) Having a large backyard BBQ is one of the nation’s top ways to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday with family and friends. Nothing beasts the taste of hamburgers and hot dogs straight from the grill, but did you know you are probably eating that juicy hamburger all wrong.

Nothing is more annoying than when you build the perfect burger filled with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and various condiments only have it all fall apart the second after you take your first delicious bite!

A new Japanese study has discovered the root of the problem. We are holding the burger … read more...

Coachella Did NOT Cause Instagram To Crash


(PCM) Instagram users were in a frenzy this afternoon when the popular social media photo app was down for a few hours with many blaming the influx of Coachella selfies being shared for the issue. Instagram has issued a statement and claims that it was not the Coachella music festival that caused the outage.

The problem according to Instagram was a “feed delivery issue” which appears to be fixed at this time.

From the many tweets that were posted from those attending Coachella, the popular music festival in Indio, Ca, this weekend, you would have thought that the entire world … read more...

Who Needs Machines? Watch As Eighty Amish Men Pick Up A House And Move It


(PCM) A clip that was captured by a woman in Spartansburg, PA shows just how the Amish get things done, that thing being moving an entire home from one location to another with nothing but their bare hands. The use of machinery is banned in their community.

It took about eighty men to get the job done, however it was a success. The video clip shows a few men guiding the dozens who are underneath the house, move it on top of a hand-laid concrete foundation. You can watch their feet shuffling from beneath the home as it is shifted


Teen Discovers A Way To Save The Government $400 Million


(PCM) A Pittsburgh area middle school student, Suvir Mirchandani, was working on a school project when he discovered that a simple change to the font or typeface on paperwork produced by government officials and authorities could save as much as $400 million dollars every year.

The basis for the school project was a look at the ways in which computer science could improve evironomental stability. Mirchandani analyzed the typeface on teacher handouts and the amount of ink used for letters that appear repetitively. He was then able to make the conclusion that if the school were to go with the … read more...

Easy And Cost Efficient Way To Make Canvas Print Photos

canvas-photos(PCM) With the holiday season in full effect many are looking for ways to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank in the process. I have recently discovered an awesome way to create canvas prints of your favorite Instagram photos, or which ever photos you would like showcase that look absolutely amazing.

Here’s what you will need:

1 small paint brush
1 small paint sponge
1 piece of sandpaper
1 bottle of Modge Podge
1 white canvas size 6×6 or 8×8 (for nice square Instagram prints)
*You can vary the canvas size depending on the image that you would … read more...

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