Would You Name Your Baby Quinoa For $10,000?


(PCM) Many people enjoy eating quinoa, however do they enjoy it enough to name their new baby after it? Restaurant chain BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse think it’s a great idea and are currently offering up a $10,000 gift card to whichever family names their baby Quinoa first.

The gift card giveaway is in promotion of the restaurant chain’s new quinoa bowl entrees, which include a “Roasted Chicken with Spinach Quinoa Bowl” and “Roasted Salmon Quinoa Bowl”.  They are super excited about the new quinoa bowls and wanted to do something a little outside of the box in terms of promotion.

The giveaway began on June 22 and the $10,000 gift card will be awarded to the family that names their baby Quinoa first and can prove it with the birth certificate. The deadline to enter is October 21 and entries can be submitted via email or regular post mail.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse operate 163 restaurants in 20 states including New York and California. Would you name your baby Quinoa for $10 grand?  That is an awful lot of free meals!

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Whole Foods Accused Of Price Gouging


(PCM) If you have ever shopped at Whole Foods, you are well aware that their prices are always quite a bit higher than you would pay at a regular grocery chain. In fact, the grocery retailer has even been jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck” over the years. Recently, investigators in New York launched a probe into Whole Foods pricing and discovered that they have been grossly overcharging their customers for years.

In fact, the investigators called it “the worst case of overcharges” they have ever seen! It was found that Whole Food has been overcharging customers over a period of the last five years. The store received violations which included inaccurate weight labels on pre-packaged food, as well as, adding tax to non-taxable items.

To give an example, the cost of pre-packaged coconut shrimp was marked up by as much as almost $15.00 above normal cost, a pack of chicken tenders by about $5.00, and a vegetable party tray by about $6.00. Definitely hurting the pockets of consumers!

A spokesperson for Whole Foods defends the store saying that the pricing often happens on the manufacturing side of things and that the grocers are not to blame for the price gouging. Just last year, Whole Foods paid upwards of $800, 000 in a settlement for overcharging consumers for food based on weight.

Are you a Whole Foods shopper? How happy are you with their pricing practices?

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“Sweet Baby Jesus” Beer Pulled From Store Shelves


(PCM) When DuClaw Brewing Company made the decision to name a flavor of their beer “Sweet Baby Jesus!” they had to know that they would be stirring up a certain level of controversy, however they never imagined it would lead to having their product pulled from store shelves.

“Sweet Baby Jesus!” which is a chocolate-peanut butter porter, has received so many customer complaints that the Heinen’s grocery store chain that spreads throughout Ohio and Illinois has made the decision to pull the product from their shelves.

Majority of the customer complaints had nothing to do with the taste or quality of the product, but rather the name which they find to be tasteless. However DuClaw Brewing Company is standing by their decision to use the name saying that it was not meant to be offensive or derogatory and plan to continue using it into the future.

The company says that they name their beers based on the way that they feel to them and they absolutely refuse to censor those feelings. The company has additional beer named Morgazam, Guilty Filthy Soul and Dirty Little Freak.

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FDA Calls For Trans Fat To Be Removed From All Products

trans fat

(PCM) The U.S. Food And Drug Administration has issued a statement that health advocates have been waiting for, for years. After many extensive studies about the use of trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils, the FDA has deemed them to be unsuited for human consumption and now manufacturers have three years to remove them from their products.

In their statement the FDA says “The FDA’s action on this major source of artificial trans fat demonstrates the agency’s commitment to the heart health of all Americans.This action is expected to reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.”

If companies refuse to abide by the FDA’s new regulations in regards to the use of trans fat they will face penalty if they do not file for a special permit and be specifically approved by the FDA administration.

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Powdered Alcohol Set To Go On Sale This Summer


(PCM) There has been a huge debate over the legality and possible abuse from underage drinkers getting their hands on a product called Palcohol, which is a ‘just add water’ powdered alcohol substance. Despite concerns, Palcohol has just been legalized and is now slated to be available for retail purchase beginning this summer.

The University of Michigan conducted a study in which they asked adults if they were even aware of the powdered alcohol product. Majority had not heard of it and once they did learn of its’ existence, nearly all were concerned about its’ possible misuse by underage drinkers.  A lot of them feel that the product should be banned before it is even released.

Palcohol was approved for sale by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau back in March and is slated to come in three varieties which are vodka, rum, and “powder-rita”.  Each powder packet contains 1oz of powdered alcohol substance which is then mixed with 6oz’s of water to create the consumers drink of choice.

It is the concern of health and law enforcement officials that underage drinkers will be able to easily get their hands on Palcohol and then add it food or even go as far as to snort the powder which could lead to very serious health risks.  Already close to 12 states have banned powdered alcohol while others plan to regulate the same as they do regular liquid alcohol.

What are your thoughts on Palcohol?  Is it a good idea or too much of an underage drinking risk?

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Happy 20th Anniversary To The Starbucks Frappuccino


(PCM) It has been 20 years since Starbucks first introduced their delicious Frappuccino blended beverages and to celebrate Starbucks has introduced six brand new flavors, voted on by fans, which will all be available beginning now for a limited time only.

The new flavors are: Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lemon Bar and Red Velvet Cake. According to Starbucks the new flavors were decided on by the various Frappuccino flavor combinations created by customers over the last 20 years. The flavors chosen were the most popular.

Each beverage is made with milk and ice and of course topped with a delightful dollop of whipped cream. Below you can find a complete list of the ingredients/flavor combinations that make up each special Frappuccino.

Red Velvet: mocha sauce, raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup and Frappuccino chips
Lemon Bar: lemonade, vanilla syrup, and a sprinkle of caramel sugar
Caramel Cocoa Cluster: toffee nut syrup, Frappuccino roast coffee, a layer of dark caramel sauce, and a drizzle of mocha sauce.
Cotton Candy: vanilla bean and raspberry syrup,
Cupcake: vanilla bean and hazelnut syrup,
Cinnamon Roll: cinnamon dolce syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce, vanilla bean, Frappuccino roast coffee, and a sprinkle of cinnamon dolce.

I definitely see multiple trips to Starbucks in our near future!

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