Make Fried Chicken Like The American Revolutionaries


(PCM) We have discovered a YouTube channel called Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. that is dedicated to teaching individuals about what life was like for early pioneers living in the 1700’s. It is truly fascinating to study the way that people lived their lives before the advent of current technology began to take over.

The channel’s latest video teaches you how to make fried chicken in the way that our founding fathers would have done it!  We are willing to bet it tastes better than much of our over-processed food that is currently available today.

The recipe comes from Nathan Bailey’s 1736 cookbook, “Dictionarium Domesticum”.  Haven’t you always wanted to bust out your cauldron and cook over natural open flame? There is also a recipe for doughnuts as well, because who doesn’t want a little dessert after dinner. The doughnut recipe comes from  the 1805 American edition of Hannah Glasse’s cookbook, “The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy.”

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Dad’s Across The Internet Created The Cheerio Challenge And It Rocks!


(PCM) The latest and arguably the most adorable internet challenge was created by a bunch of dad’s who have now won the internet just in time for Father’s Day.

The #cheeriochallenge was created by a blog called Life Of Dad and consists of asking fathers to stack Cheerio’s cereal on their sleeping babies faces. The challenge has caught on like wildfire and father’s all over are posting adorable images of their babies with stacks of Cheerio’s trying to outdo each other with who can get the highest stack without it falling.

The competition is fierce, as some dad’s have managed to stack as many as 17 cheerio’s on top of their baby’s sleeping heads. Some dad’s are accusing each other of using glue to hold together the stacks of Cheerio’s, but all in all the challenge has been in good fun and spirit. Many also claim that if you lick the Cheerio’s before stacking it helps them stick together or using flavored Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s assist with making the challenge a bit easier.

Either way it is completely adorable and amazing to see dad’s bonding with their babies just in time for Father’s Day!

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‘Naked Restaurant’ In Japan Releases Quite A Controversial Set Of Rules!


(PCM) Apparently, ‘naked restaurants’ are now a thing! To us, the thought of chowing down our dinner au naturel in a public restaurant is quite unappetizing, but hey, to each their own. One particular ‘naked restaurant’ that has opened up in Japan called The Amrita, has revealed their set of somewhat controversial rules for entering the establishment and if you are overweight or over the age of 60, don’t even bother trying to enter.

While there are other ‘naked restaurants’ in both Australia and London, the Amrita in Japan is the first to create rules for their customers based upon size and appearance. The website for the restaurant states that if you appear to be overweight, your weight will be verified on-site and you will be turned away. Also, you will lose your reservation and your ticket price will not be refunded, so (in hilariously translated English) they urge patrons to “be careful”.


Here are a few more of their ridiculously detailed rules below:

  1. There is a strict age limit. Only patrons between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to enter
  2. No tattoos of any kind
  3. No talking to or touching the bodies of other patrons
  4. And obviously, no cellphone use or photography is permitted
  5. You must wear a provided paper diaper


Even though the restaurant is recieving quite a bit of backlash and ridicule for their controversial rules, they are still incredibly confident that patrons will have an enjoyable dining experience. They will be featuring an all-nude male review featuring “the best of the best American and European male models.”  Tickets for the show average approximate $748 and are already completely sold out.

Looks like people enjoy wearing a paper diaper while dining and watching an all-nude male review, who’d have thought?



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Man Died After Eating At A Restaurant And They Respond With A Completely Shameless Apology


(PCM) A 38-year old young man by the name of Paul Wilson tragically passed away alone in his home after ordering food from the Indian Garden restaurant located in Easingwold, U.K.. Wilson had specifically requested that his curry dish be nut-free, as he suffered from an incredibly dangerous allergy to nuts.  The restaurant ended up serving him a take-out meal that contained nut powder, which sent Wilson into anaphylactic shock which killed him that very night.

This particular incident occurred back in 2014 and the owner of the restaurant Mohammed Zaman was charged with manslaughter and just recently began serving his six year sentence behind bars. Zaman was allowed to keep his restaurant open despite the horrific incident and it is now being managed by members of his family. However, many feel that the restaurant should not be allowed to remain open and they have been facing some pretty horrible publicity ever since.

Zaman’s son Emraz, who is a legal student (go figure) has now taken it upon himself to draft an email out to all the restaurants customers offering what we assume he intended to be an apology, however it is certainly leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many. The email only apologizes once for the incident and then turns into a completely blatant advertisement for the restaurant at the end. You can read Emraz’s full email below:

“[We] sincerely apologise to all our loyal customers for the recent heavy press surrounding the Easingwold branch and the somewhat disappointing decision for our founding father Mr Zaman. Mistakes have been made and this is no excuse but now is a time to move on as Mr Zaman so wishes. We are now in the process of launching a new dessert menu and have hired an exclusive pastry chef from London to design this. Our philosophy, started by our founder, [Mohammed] Khalique Zaman, was and still is to create real quality Indian cuisine of the highest standard. With exhilarating flavours and subtle aromas…Jaipur Spice will transform your perception of Indian food…You’ll spot the difference the moment the food arrives!!”

In fact, Emraz really doesn’t apologize at all for Wilson’s death, only focusing on the bad press and the decision to lock up his father for manslaughter. Also, a little more digging reveals that Wilson was not the only person to suffer for Indian Garden’s negligence when it come to nut allergies. Just two weeks prior to Wilson’s death, a teen girl was hospitalized after her request for a nut-free meal was also ignored by the restaurant. Luckily she survived.

Definitely makes us rethink where we would be grabbing some Indian food in the U.K., how about you?

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Blind Man Sues McDonald’s For Discrimination After Being Told At Drive-Thru Window To ‘Go Away’


(PCM) A blind man from Louisiana named Scott Magee is suing McDonald’s for discrimination claiming that by switching over to a drive-thru only service at night they discriminating against their blind/disabled patrons. It seems that Magee attempted to access a McDonald’s drive-thru on foot in August of 2015 and claims he was rudely turned away. Magee says the employees refused to serve him, laughed and proceeded to tell him to “go away”.

Magee was angered and claims that McDonald’s is in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act as he claims that visually impaired individuals or those with other disabilities can only use the drive-thru if they pay for a cab or have a companion with them to drive. Most McDonald’s locations change to a drive-thru only service at night citing safety as their number one concern for both customers and staff and it also significantly cuts down on labor costs.

McDonald’s has yet to publicly comment on the pending lawsuit and Magee is hoping to bring about even more action against McDonald’s by branching out even further and making his lawsuit class-action so that additional blind patrons can join in the fight.

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Hi-C Ecto Cooler Is Back!


(PCM) Everyone’s favorite lime-green colored citrus beverage, Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler, has made it’s triumphant return to store shelves! The popular beverage which was sadly discontinued back in 2001, is making a comeback as a way to promote the upcoming new live-action “Ghostbusters” film which is due out later this summer.

The film will hit theaters on July 15 and Hi-C’s parent company Coca-Cola revealed, much to everyone’s delight, that they will be re-releasing Ecto-Cooler on May 30. The company claims that fans of the beverage have been clamoring for its’ return for years and they felt now was the perfect time to bring it back out to the masses.

Unfortunately, the new Ecto-Cooler will not come in the large metal cans that had to be punctured with a can opener, but rather it will only be available in six-ounce juice boxes and 11.5-ounce metal cans. The original Ecto Cooler box featured The Real Ghostbusters character Slimer, as did the commercials. Slimer left the box sometime around 1997 and the product was renamed Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen.

We are totally on our way out to grab some Ecto-Cooler and a taste of nostalgia right now, who’s with us?

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