McDonald’s Reveals Plans To Test An All-Day Breakfast Menu


(PCM) This is probably the best news we’ve heard out of the McDonald’s company in quite some time. It has been announced that the company plans to test an all-day breakfast service starting next month.

Currently, the new all-day breakfast menu will only be available in the San Diego test market area, but depending on how well it does, they will then make the decision to roll it out nationwide.

It is the company’s hope that they can use the test market research to work out any kinks, as the main issue they had with offering breakfast all day was limited grill space in the kitchens. The grills were not big enough to handle both the breakfast and lunch/dinner items at the same time. Breakfast unfortunately had to be cut off at 10:30am on weekdays and 11:00am on weekends.

There are some McDonald’s restaurants that currently offer limited breakfast items on their late night menus that become available at midnight. However, we have to note that nearly every time we have driven up to a McDonald’s drive-thru around midnight asking for the breakfast items that are supposed to be available, we are 99% of the time told it is not ready yet.

Here’s to hoping they can figure out an economical way to serve breakfast all-day, which would be a dream come true for us McMuffin lovin’ consumers!

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Haven’t You Always Wanted To Wear A Big Mac?


(PCM) I think we have discovered the most bizarre fashion line ever created now that McDonald’s has revealed their line of wearable high fashion Big Macs.

At first we assumed this had to be some kind of joke, but trust us, it is absolutely legit. The new clothing and lifestyle line features everything from raincoats and thermals to bed sheets and wallpaper printed with a recurring image of a Big Mac sandwich on an all-white background. It is definitely a bit on the odd side.

The new line of products made their debut in Sweden last week and all profits with benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The items are currently not offered outside of Sweden at this time, but there are plans to open up the items to more countries soon. You can check out the clothing line here!

According to the NY Daily News, the new and somewhat strange items are part of McDonald’s new “imlovinit 24″ campaign.   The campaign features 24-McDonald’s themed stunts that take place in 24 different cities around the globe in a 24 hour time period.

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Starbucks Unveils Birthday Cake Fraps To Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary!


(PCM) We need this flavor of Starbucks frappuccino in our lives right now!  To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Starbucks has unveiled the “Birthday Cake Frappuccino” and it is everything you could dream it would be.

The beverage is described as a creamy blend of vanilla bean and hazelnut, topped with special raspberry-infused whipped topping”. It sounds absolutely delectable.  Too bad this delightful dessert frappuccino is only going to be offered for a limited time.

It is set to roll out to all stores today (March 26) and only stick around until March 30, so you better get in line with us and snag one of these quick!

If you miss your chance to grab one of the special “Birthday Cake Frappuccino’s” don’t fret!  A little research online provided us with the recipe for a “Cake Batter Frappuccino” from the Starbucks secret menu.

The recipe is:
Order a vanilla bean frappuccino and add hazelnut syrup (1 pump tall, 1.5 pumps grande and 2 pumps venti). Also, if you are fan of the Starbucks cakepops you could also ask the barista if they are able and willing to blend one in with your drink.

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Taco Bell Rolls Out The New Biscuit Taco


(PCM) Always trying to stay ahead of the competitors in the fast food breakfast war, Taco Bell has made the decision to ditch the Waffle Taco and replace it with the all-new Biscuit Taco.

Taco Bell’s new Biscuit Taco can be stuffed with your choice of sausage, eggs, bacon, cheese and … wait for it … even deep-fried chicken with either jalapeno honey sauce or country gravy. The new Biscuit Taco’s are set to make their official debut at Taco Bell on March 26th.

McDonald’s is still currently holding on to the number one spot in fast food breakfast stops and twenty-five percent of the companies sales come from breakfast items. Taco Bell has been offering up breakfast choices for awhile now, but they only add up to about six percent of the companies overall sale. They are hoping that the roll out of the new Biscuit Taco will help that number rise to at least twenty percent.

They also hope that their choices will offer breakfast customers something different and unique rather than the same old boring breakfast sandwiches. The Biscuit Tacos will be sold for $2.49 when they join other new Taco Bell menu items such as Capn’ Crunch Delights and Fritos Tacos which are set to make their debut soon!

Are you looking forward to giving the new Taco Bell Biscuit Taco a try? I know where we will be on March 26th.

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Recall Alert: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals Could Contain Listeria


(PCM) Thus far there have been no reports of any illness associated with consuming Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal, however the company has issued a voluntary recall of about 73, 897 cases of their meals which contain organic spinach that could possibly be infected with listeria.

The possibility of listeria contamination was brought to the company’s attention by one of their organic spinach suppliers who warned that the presence of listeria could be linked to the spinach from their facility.

The FDA explains that listeria infection can be deadly for young children, the weak and the elderly but healthy adults should only deal with short-term symptoms. In a statement they say “Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.”

Customers who purchased any of the affected Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals can return them to the point of purchase for an exchange or a full refund. A full list of the meals being recalled and the contact information for Amy’s Kitchen can be found in the post below:

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Starbucks Urges Employees To Talk About Race Relations With Customers


(PCM) Retail coffee giant Starbucks is now asking customers to #RaceTogether and urges  their employees to begin talking about race relations in our country with their customers. The baristas have begun writing “race together” on beverage cups in hopes of sparking some of these conversations that many people are afraid to have with one another.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claims that “We as Starbucks should be willing to talk about this issues in America”. After incidents that occurred in Ferguson, MO, New York City, and Oakland, CA, there is a lot of deep emotional and racial unrest throughout the country and these are issues that we should not be afraid to address.  Schultz goes on to say “Not to point fingers or to place blame, and not because we have the answers, but because staying silent is not who we are,”

It is the hope that this new movement will be the catalyst to help people gain a greater empathy, understanding and compassion towards one another.  Stores in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland and Los Angeles have already begin writing “Race Together” on cups, but the rest of the company’s some 12,000 stores are expected to join in with them today.

Schultz feels it begins with “one conversation at a time” to create a more emphatic and inclusive society overall.  While it appears that Starbucks may have had good intentions with the #RaceTogether campaign, it is causing the company to receive quite a bit of ridicule online and on social media, as many feel that it potentially puts customers in an awkward position and could lead to racial stereotyping, just the opposite of what it was initially proposed to do.

Check out Twitter and the #RaceTogether for some pretty hilarious quips aimed at the company. Starbucks still continues to stand by the movement and feels that it is truly worth a little bit of discomfort for the great good.

What do you think?

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