Tempers Flare On The Set Of Glee


(PCM) According to several sources close to the production of FOX’s Glee claim that majority of the cast is getting pretty fed up with actress Lea Michele’s diva-like demands and behavior while on set.

It is rumored that actress Naya Rivera had finally had enough and went to producers to speak on behalf of herself and the rest of the cast to voice their concerns about Lea’s behavior.

The controversy was stirred up when Lea made the entire cast and crew wait to finish shooting a scene so that she could go deal with personal matters.

Sources claim when Lea returned to the set and got wind of Naya’s chat with the producers she then proceeded to walk off the set. However, if you speak with sources close to Lea, they claim that Lea was completely unaware that Naya had even spoken to the producers and the pair did not even have any recent scenes together.

The Lea sources also go on to say that it was actually Naya who got herself tossed off the set and may have even been fired from the show. Sources close to Naya are denying that she has been fired ,however only time will tell.

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Casting Begins For Utopia, A Bold New Social Experiment Coming To FOX


UTOPIA, FOX’s bold new unscripted series that follows a group of everyday people creating their own new civilization, has begun a nationwide search for pioneers to become the first inhabitants of UTOPIA. The series is looking for motivated and adventurous people who possess the passion and determination to create and build a whole new world – just the way they want it! Entrants should express their ideals, beliefs, skill sets and vision for their interpretations of UTOPIA.

Participants must be a legal U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, at least 21 years of age (on March 24, 2014) and able to commit to a full year as a “Utopian” pioneer. Videos are limited to one submission per person. Please continue to visit http://utopiatv.com/ for updated submission rules, terms, conditions and additional casting information and events.

UTOPIA will follow 15 inhabitants as they leave their everyday lives to move to a beautiful, but isolated and undeveloped location – for up to an entire year – challenging them to create their own world. The series offers people from across America the chance to be part of a groundbreaking social experiment – the pioneers will make every decision about how they will live, work and what the rules and laws of UTOPIA will be.

With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these “pioneers” must draw on their own ideals and everything they know about societies around the world, to create a new one…will it be better? Will they rewrite the rules they have always lived by? Will they falter or prosper?

UTOPIA is a presentation of Talpa Media USA. The show is created by John de Mol (“Big Brother,” “Deal Or No Deal,” “Fear Factor,” “The Voice”), who will also executive-produce.

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FOX Affiliate Station, KDVR, Accidentally Airs Photo Of A Penis During Crash Coverage


(PCM) A FOX News affiliate station in Denver, Colorado, KDVR, was doing a report on the helicopter crash that occurred near the Seattle Space Needle, when viewers suddenly were shown a lot more than they were expecting to see.

It was the stations intention to filter in some photos that people had been posting on Twitter from the crash scene using an employee’s computer in the control room. At least one image from the crash scene was shown, but along with it were images of Edward Scissorhands, a breakfast omelette and then, much to the shock and horror of the news anchors, an exposed penis.

Producers for the news station acted quickly and immediately cut away from the photo, but not before it had been seen by countless individuals. The look on the faces of the anchors is absolutely priceless!

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