EDM Ravers Dance To The Benny Hill Theme Song!


(PCM) I have recently come across this absolutely hilarious video that pairs a group of Dutch ravers dancing at the 2013 Awakening Festival with “Yakety Sax” the theme song from “Benny Hill”.

The video was created by Jesse Reinier Nieuwenhuijzen and it is absolutely brilliant. I could not believe that the audio and video were able to synch up so perfectly. It is hilarious.

I am out covering a slew of music festivals throughout the year, many with EDM-dedicated stages. From now on, I am forever going to be stuck with the visual of everyone dancing to the Benny Hill theme … read more...

Colorado News Anchor Goes On A Hilarious Rant Against Snow-Covered Patio Furniture!

(PCM) At least one Colorado news anchor is sick and tired of the station being sent nothing but images of peoples backyard patio sets covered with snow every time the area gets hit with a significant storm.

The anchor was Kyle Clark of 9News and he made sure to remind viewers that they reside in a state known for it’s incredible natural beauty and gorgeous snow-covered mountains. He further urges the station viewers to try harder this year!

The video of the rant has since gone viral and while most people found the rant to be hilarious, some were offended … read more...

Recent Monistat Ad Causes Some Hilarious Controversey!

(PCM) Something tells me this video could go viral!  A recent Monistat ad has sparked a fair amount of controversy and angered women who support the wearing of granny panties. Even after a formal apology from the company, the controversy continues!

Some argue that granny panties are a fashion statement – just ask Miley Cyrus. Others like Lady Gaga are seemingly staunch supporters of sexy undies. Then there’s Amanda from Big Brother…no word on her preferred panty choice!

Box Talk host Kitty Montgomery recently allowed both sides to air out their differences in this hysterical news segment below:

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