Flight Attendant Hilarious Mocks Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ Video

(PCM) An actual flight attendant named Assraf Nasir who works for Malaysian-based airline Airasia has hilariously recreated the music video for the Britney Spears song “Toxic” and he is completely spot-on.

Nasir has mastered Britney’s moves right down to high-stepping in the aisles to grinding against the walls of the plane. The best part is that he looks like he is enjoying every moment. Nasir’s parody video has already been viewed well over 4 million times and continues to pick up steam thanks to the power of the internet and our love for a good viral video!

When speaking to the Huffington Post, Nasir says, “I used to be a performing arts teacher before I became a flight attendant and dance has always been my passion. Once a dancer, always a dancer. The video was meant to be for some close friends and I didn’t expect it would go viral and receive such an overwhelming response, but I guess when you work for a fun company, fun is never far away.”

Nasir’s video even got love from the CEO of Airasia Tony Fernades, as he added the video to his own Instagram account saying, ““The talent in Airasia never fails to amaze me. @assrafnasir is the best. Love it that staff can just have fun and be themselves.”

You can compare Nasir’s version to the original music video below:

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Woman Get Rejected On The ‘Kiss Cam’ But Ends Up With The Ultimate Revenge!

(PCM) Okay, folks! Here is a very important life lesson: if you happen to be attending a sporting event of any kind and the infamous “kiss cam” happens to land on you, unless you are there with a family member, if the person you are with leans in to kiss you, it is highly suggested that you kiss them back. Don’t make the same mistake as this guy!

During an Atlanta Hawks game the “kiss cam” turned on several couples but when it got to one particular couple, the guy apparently didn’t get the “kiss cam” rule memo and his girlfriend got the best revenge. The guy was lounged back sipping on this beer and when his lady friend leaned in for a kiss he refused and continued to guzzle the beer. Well, the girl was having none of that, so she looked over at the ready and willing stranger sitting next to her and they proceeded to smooch on the camera instead.

Needless to say guy number one was none too pleased, but hey, he’s the one that chose beer over kisses. Not cool, dude, not cool at all! Some people are saying that the clip looks staged as when guy number one the supposed boyfriend gets up an angrily walks away his girlfriend does not get up and go after him. He might have a slight right to be mad, but hey, she was following the “kiss cam” rule correctly! It’s not her fault he preferred the beer!

So, ladies and gentleman, what lesson did we learn here! When the “kiss cam” turns on you, you kiss! End of story and one that might not have a very happy ending if you behave like the guy at the Atlanta Hawks game!

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Internet Falls In Love With Olly The Jack Russell Terrier And His Special Skills

(PCM) At the recent Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier named Olly completely stole the show and won of the hearts of people all over the world. Thanks to the power of the internet the video of little Olly’s adorably terrible obstacle course performance has been shared hundreds of times and you just can’t help but giggle while watching Olly attempt to take on the course.

Even the video’s commentator was having a difficult time keeping it together, as the competition was a rescue dog’s agility event. Olly was having the best time ever doing exactly as he pleased on the course. He spent his entire time in the spotlight running in the wrong direction, avoiding his handler/trainer and completely missing several important jumps.

We love a feel good story every now and then so thank you Olly for brightening up ours (and everyone else’s) day! Somebody get this dog a participation trophy or at least a celebratory biscuit. You can see Olly in his full glory below:

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Teens Discover Yet Another Ridiculous Internet Challenge And Set Parents Crazy!

(PCM) We are beginning to feel like every month there is some sort of new challenge that is sweeping the internet, especially on social media and of course teens are the first ones to jump on the bandwagon. Some of these challenges are just plain funny for example the Mannequin Challenge, while others such as the “Salt and Ice Challenge” can be dangerous and pose serious risk for injury.

The newest internet challenge is the “Hell Challenge” and it is driving parents absolutely insane. The “Hell Challenge” poses no real danger, other than angering adults and the results have actually been rather humorous for once. The rules of the “Hell Challenge” are simple. All you have to do is ask your parents if the word “hell” is a cuss word and the continue to use the word as the conversation continues. Teens are then posting the results online, either as screenshots of text messages or as short video clips. That’s really all there is to it!

The results have been a mixed bag of parents taking it well and others becoming, well, let’s just say annoyed! Here are a few examples below:

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Internet Loses Its’ Mind Over Poorly Spaced Church Sign

(PCM) You would think that when a large banner type sign gets placed in front of your building, someone maybe, just maybe might want to take a few moments to go out a take a look at it to make sure that everything is okay. Especially if that building happens to be a church and the sign you just hung up appears to promote atheism rather than the church itself. The image below was posted by Reddit user,GODDOGGODDOGGOD

We are fairly certain that the sign pictured above was supposed to read “God Is Now Here” however because of poor spacing and design execution on the banner it instead reads something more similar to “God Is Nowhere” or as Reddit users prefer “God I Snow Here”. Either way, somewhere along the way the message got lost in translation and the internet is having a field day making fun of the poorly spaced sign.

This is not the first time that signs with poor spacing have hilariously circulated the web. Here are few other examples below (seriously, some of these people need to be fired)

Hmm … just what kind of machine is this anyway? Oh, wait! Pen! They mean a writing utensil … now we get it!

Let’s hope that poor “Curt” has many many more Happy Birthday’s to come!

Is this a “special” kind of juice? They might want to rethink the font choice!

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Man Provides Himself With Possibly The Shortest Obituary Of All Time!

(PCM) Douglas Allen Legler of Fargo, North Dakota passed away at the age of 85 and has possibly written himself the shortest obituary of all time. Seriously, the spelling of his name is longer than the obituary itself.

While Legler’s family can share a ton of stories in regards to his time working as a truck driver and a vending machine repair man, as well as a sometimes singer, none of those details appear in Legler’s obituary.

He told his family that he wanted to keep it simple, so Legler’s obituary reads “Doug Died”. That’s it, no more or no less. Legler wanted to be remembered for his sense of humor and his family was more than happy to honor his wishes.

Legler’s simple obituary has since gone viral and has been shared across the net. Many feel that they wish they could have known Legler better and his family says he never realized just how many people loved and cared for him.

Legler’s obituary will now live on in infamy, as one of the more unique and certainly straight to the point.

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