Sons Of Anarchy: “Greensleeves” Recap and Interview With Katey Sagal and Paris Barclay

**SPOILER ALERT: Article contains several plot points and details from the latest episode**


(PCM) The latest episode of the hit FX series “Sons Of Anarchy” certainly had me reaching for the box of tissues and cementing the fact that we are certainly in for one heck of a ride this final season.

“Greensleeves” was full of more than a few surprises as Jax and the rest of the club have some severely difficult obstacles in their path to overcome. To begin, we were thoroughly convinced that our beloved Juice was a goner once he was turned back over to the … read more...

Feast Your Eyes On The Opening Title Sequence For American Horror Story: Freak Show


(PCM) As we gear up for the upcoming premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show on Wednesday, October 8th, we are thrilled to share not one, but two brand new clips.

One clip just happens to be the opening title sequence for the series! Something tells us there could be a few clues hidden within the clip, but we will let you be the ultimate judge!

We also get our first look the very first preview for the upcoming season as well!  Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re about to see will astound your senses and harrow your very souls.

Be …

Catching Up With David Labrava And Niko Nicotero From Sons Of Anarchy



(PCM) Fans are obviously reeling from last night’s thrilling episode of “Sons Of Anarchy”, especially Juice’s little encounter with Chibs. It is nearly impossible to predict just how that situation is going to unfold.

Will Juice continue to keep Gemma’s secret  or will Jax finally find out the truth about Tara’s real killer. Either way he is one a path for vengeance that will most likely continue throughout the show’s final season.

On a happier note, we were thrilled with the news earlier this year that actors David Labrava (Happy) and Niko Nicotero (RatFace) were updated to series regulars for … read more...

Theo Rossi Discusses The Final Season Of “Sons Of Anarchy”


CR: James Minchin/FX

(PCM) As we delve deeper into the final season of the hit FX series “Sons Of Anarchy”, we can already tell that we are going to be in for an intense final ride.

During San Diego Comic Con we were able to catch up with series star Theo Rossi, who plays Juice to give us some insight into the final season.  For those that have been following the show, it is no secret that Juice is in a bit of a conundrum and all of us are at the edge of our seats anticipating how certain events … read more...

Sons Of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Discusses The Final Season


photo:Prashant Gupta/ FX Network

**Spoiler Alert: Article contains details about the premiere episode, in case you are not caught up**

(PCM) The premiere episode for the final season of the hit FX drama Sons Of Anarchy aired last night and certainly got off to quite the brutal start, but is that any surprise for this series.

We opened up with a jailed Jax Teller, obviously still reeling from the death of his wife Tara, brutally beating another inmate in prison. The beating sequence was spliced with cuts to his other club members and his mother, Gemma, caring for his two … read more...

The Strain’s Sean Astin Talks About Saying Goodbye And What’s Coming Up Next


**Spoiler Alert for those that are not caught up on the latest episodes of The Strain**

(PCM) Many of us are still left devastated after the events that unfolded during the heartbreaking episode of the hit FX series “The Strain” appropriately titled “Creatures Of The Night”.

It was probably not until that episode that we came to the realization about just how much we enjoyed the character of Jim Kent and his presence on the show will surely be missed.

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with actor Sean Astin, who played Kent, to discuss his characters untimely … read more...

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