Monopoly Reveals New Game Tokens

(PCM) The results of the online poll have been tallied and Hasbro has revealed three new game tokens will be introduced to their classic Monopoly board game. This news means that we have lost three classic tokens as well.

The wheelbarrow, boot and thimble tokens will now be replaced with a T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin token in all future versions of the game. In a press release announcing the new tokens Hasbro says, “Fans across the globe have spoken, and the eight tokens set to ‘pass GO’ in the next generation of the Monopoly game are the Scottie dog, top hat, car, battleship, cat, T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin tokens”.

There was an insane amount of voters who took part in the online poll, as there are Monopoly fans young and old all over the globe and over 4.3 million people voted in the “Token Madness” campaign. Hasbro went on to say, “The next generation of tokens clearly represents the interests of our fans around the world and we’re proud to have our iconic game impacted by the people that feel most passionate about playing it.”

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Monopoly Bids Farewell To One Of It’s Iconic Tokens

(PCM) The results from a massive online poll of Monopoly fans has been received and it has been revealed that the famous Hasbro board game will be losing it’s iconic thimble game play token moving forward, as it is being permanently removed from the game.

Over four million people voted in what the company called the “Monopoly Token Madness” campaign during which Hasbro decided to allow game players to decide which eight game play tokens should be part of the games next generation. The voters were given over 50 options of various tokens to cast their vote including a T-Rex and a rubber ducky, as well as, the tried and true classic game play tokens such as the top hat, Scottie dog and shoe.

We will just have to patient a little longer to find out just which token will be replacing the famous Monopoly thimble, as Hasbro plans to unveil all of the new game play tokens on World Monopoly Day which is set to take place on March 19. The next generation game boards will be available beginning in August, so if you were a huge fan of the thimble, be sure to get out there and grab a classic Monopoly board game set before it’s too late.

Monopoly has gone through several updates over it’s 84 year existence, such a the inclusion of digital banking and various pop-culture themed editions. A major change took place with the game play tokens back in 2013 when yet again fans voted and the iron token was replaced with a cat charm token instead.


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New Monopoly Game Is Swapping Out Paper Money For Debit Cards


(PCM) The latest version of Hasbro’s ever-popular Monopoly board game is doing away with one very classic aspect of the original. The new version of Monopoly has replaced the games infamous paper money with debit cards instead and to top it off, there will no longer be a banker, but rather an ATM looking device that can be used to swipe the cards.

Players of the new version of the game will be able to use the debit cards to make purchases on properties, as well as, pay any fees incurred during game play. This move definitely changes the way the game will be played in quite a big way, as it completely changes the money-managing lessons that were taught by all those hours playing the original game, however it could definitely make those late-night Monopoly game sessions a whole lot shorter.

We are certainly curious as to what kind of lessons the game will now teach about the dangers of credit/debit card spending. The new “Ultimate Banking” Monopoly game will be hitting store shelves this coming fall, just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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Appreciate A Dragon Day, January 16th

dragon-rider-1-1680x1050The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Flight of Dragons, The Dragon Riders of Pern, How to Train a Dragon and Harry Potter are all books and films that explore dragons in one way or another.

Appreciate A Dragon Day is a day set aside to celebrate this cultural icon

Dragons have been part of culture and mythology for hundred if not thousands of years.  Appreciate a Dragon Day is the opportunity to explore dragon history, which is long and varied.  There are good dragons and bad dragons.  Some can be found at sea others live in caves, some are part of mythology while others are pure fiction.  Some are even in musicals like Pete’s Dragon.  There are many dragon toys and stuffed animals as well as games like Dungeons and Dragons the first of a long line of role playing games.

Our childhoods were filled with stories of princes going into caves to fight a dragon and rescue the princess.  Christianity has at least two dragons associated with it, St. George and The Dragon, and The Book of Revelation, where the dragon is used as a symbol in St, John’s prophecy.

Appreciate a Dragon Day was created by Donita K. Paul.  Her purpose for this day is to explore the fascination people have had with dragons over the centuries and to become aware of their significance in culture.

Ms. Paul also has a second reason to create this day and that is to promote literacy.  Any attempt to get both children and adults reading more should be applauded.

So how can you celebrate this day?  Researching the history of dragons is certainly one way, getting together with friends to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, starting to read one of the books listed above, or even spending some time drawing a dragon of your own.

There is one other way to celebrate this day which I hesitate to mention.  Playing Snap Dragon!  Snap Dragon is a game that is at least two hundred years old.  In England the game is played at Halloween or on Twelfth Night. The game is very easy to play and requires things you may already have in your home.  You put on a plate a large quantity of raisons.  You then douse the raisons with plenty of brandy and set them on fire.  Then you pull as many of the raisons out as you can without getting burnt.  This is actually a children’s game, but since alcohol; is involved adults may enjoy it too.  However make sure the insurance on your house is paid up before attempting this game.

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Scrabble Adds Some Questionable New Words


(PCM) In a move that proves that text speak is becoming more and more an everyday part of our venacular, Scrabble has add quite few questionable new words to its’ official dictionary. The new words include not only popular text speak, but also social media, technology and common slang.

A few of the new additions include ridic (a text abbreviation for ridiculous), shizzle, lolz, lotsa, pwn, thanx, bezzy, tweep, Facetime and many more. In total, about 6,500 new words have been added.

In a statement released by Collins Dictionary, the publisher of the dictionary of the Scrabble Players Association, claims that the new words were influenced by all parts of life including social media,slang, technology, and food plus English from all over the world.

The dictionary basis its’ decision on which words make the cut by researching just how often a word is used in everyday life. If they can find it written enough times it will make the cut. These days people are using slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs and text messages, so an new informal variety of the English language has been created.

Many people are outraged over the new additions to the official Scrabble dictionary claiming that slang or abbreviated words should not be included in the game, but others feel that as language continues to evolve so should the game and that appears to be just what they are doing.

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Playing Hide-and-Seek Is A Big No-No In IKEA Stores


(PCM) The fact that furniture and housewares retailer IKEA even had to issue a statement in regards to customers playing hide-and-seek in their stores is utterly ridiculous, but the company is done “playing games” and has made a new rule, telling their customers : No more hide-and-seek in the store!

It seems that online groups have been popping online in order organize massive games of hide-and-seek that take place inside IKEA stores across the country. It seems that the trend is currently only occurring in Europe, but could soon make its’ way over to The States.

In the Netherlands, over 30,000 people signed up via Facebook for a massive hide-and-seek game that was supposed to take place in a store in Eindhoven, which possible could have broken the World Record for the largest game of hide-and-seek ever, but alas, the organizers were not permitted to play and the massive game failed to take place.

A spokesperson for IKEA says that the new trend is hard to control and that the company’s main focus is the safety of customers in their stores, which is hard to do if those customers can’t be located.

IKEA goes on to claim that they are thrilled that customers want to gather together with friends and family to have some fun, but the massive hide-and-seek games in the stores need to cease, as they have gotten so out of control the company can no longer guarantee the safety of both the customers and their own employees.

We certainly understand the safety concern, but admit it … a massive game of hide-and-seek at IKEA does seem a little appealing, right?

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