Dad Starts A Class To Teach Men How To Style Their Daughter’s Hair


(PCM) Phillipe Morgese of Daytona Beach, Florida has begun organizing classes that teach father’s how to style their daughters hair and the response has been amazing. So much so, that Morgese’s classes have been labeled the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

Morgese got the idea for the classes after very patiently watching YouTube tutorials on how to create certain hairstyles for his daughter Emma. After creating a simple Hunger Games-inspired Katniss Everdeen braid, Morgese began to move on to much more complicated designs. Morgese began to think that while hair styling may not be a skill set mastered by men, fathers definitely enjoy bonding with their daughters and seeing them be both happy and confident in their appearance.

He approached the International Academy cosmetology school in Daytona Beach and they agreed to assist him with hosting a father-daughter night so he could share his hair-styling skills with the world. International Academy loved the idea so much that they agreed to allow Morgese to use their facility free of charge to host the classes. He has been able to offer the classes free of charge and the hair products have been donated by supporters of his efforts online.

Morgese says that those that have attended the classes are a mix of both married men and single fathers who were all incredibly excited to learn, as well as, spend some quality time with their daughters. The classes continue to grow in size and Morgese has already began to attract the attention of both local and national media. He is thrilled with the success of the classes and hopes that more events like these will begin in other areas of the country.

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Five Finger Death Punch Band Members Lend A Helping Hand To The Down Syndrome Foundation Of Florida


(PCM) It is always heartwarming to hear stories about artists who are willing to take the time and consideration to give back to their fans and communities. Zoltan Bathory (Guitars) and Chris Kael (Bass) of Five Finger Death Punch will lend a helping hand to the Down Syndrome Bowl-A-Thon’s 2016 Tour of Champions on 2/21 from 1:30 to 4:30pm ET. The event will be held at The Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center in Orlando, FL.

You can find out additional information about the foundation and upcoming event here!

Five Finger Death Punch’s goal is to bring awareness to the cause, bowl with fans and donate materials for a silent auction. This is just a continuation of 5FDP’s history of charity work, always being a band to give back to fans and organizations that they believe make a difference throughout the world. The band have been involved in running suicide prevention campaigns and PTSD awareness campaigns and also raised money for veterans.

Zoltan Bathory states: “We are in the fortunate situation of being able to do what we love to do and fulfill our dreams, but we didn’t get here alone. We haven’t forgotten where we came from, and it is our duty to give back by leveraging our success and ultimately providing meaningful support & assistance to those in need”

The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida (The Foundation) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to not only support and help families and individuals with Down Syndrome, but also help the community experience and appreciate the gifts our loved ones bring to their peers, friends and neighbors. They believe when potential is given opportunity the outcome is success.

On February 21st The Foundation is hosting their annual Tour of Champions Valentine’s Bowl-A-Thon. Last year’s Bowl-A-Thon was a huge success raising $225,000 (with only $7,500 in expenses!); their goal this year is to raise $250,000! The Foundation is run 100% by volunteers, so all proceeds go directly to their programs.

They began with a simple scholarship program that primarily offered community scholarships that promote peer-to-peer inclusion. The foundation quickly saw additional needs emerge and expanded our scholarship program to include scholarships for academic tutoring, speech therapy and swimming lessons. In 6 years, they have awarded over 360 scholarships totaling almost $250,000!

Here are just a few of the programs they offered in 2015 and plan to continue in 2016:

iCan Bike – bike camp for 40 people ages 8 and up with various abilities to teach them to ride a two-wheel bike
iCan Work program to help individuals with DS receive job training and coaching to gain and keep meaningful employment
iCan communicate—a comprehensive language program to help people learn to communicate with peers, family and teachers using the iPad
iCan! The Learning Program – a research based program teaching effective strategies and providing customized materials to support parents, teachers and children in the educational process
Parent Information meetings, Camping Trip, Holiday Party, Skate Night, Mom’s Night Out
Over $50,000 in scholarships for academic tutoring, oral motor evaluations, swim lessons, and community activities.

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My Journey To Health, The Staff

IanMcKellanAsGandalfinTheHoWizards carry staffs and through them they channel their power.  It is the same with doctors.  They need a large staff in order to make you healthy.  Today’s post is all about a doctors staff.

When you go to the doctor’s office, it is never a one man show.  First you report to the receptionist, from there you may be escorted to an exam room by a nurse or a medical assistant.  Once in that room that staff member is going to take time with you to check your vital signs and go over your medications and other relevant information.

If blood work is taken the staff reaches out beyond the office to labs where the tests are done.  X-ray technicians and other hospital or lab based personnel will then be part of the doctor’s magic staff.  Almost everything your doctor does, he does with the help of someone else.

If you are chronically ill in any way it is a good idea to get to know these people.  The receptionist that welcomes you to the office and makes your appointments for you on the phone is just as big a part of your care as your doctor himself.

Be kind to these people, learn their names, remember your manners and say please and thank you.  These people in their own way have as much to do with getting you well as the doctor.

I can honestly say I really love the staff at the doctor’s office I go to.  Because of my many visits there I feel like they are part of my family.  I’m glad I know as much about them as I do because they add much to my life.  I like to know when they’ve been on vacation and if they enjoyed themselves.  I like to know about their children and their spouses.  And I enjoy treating them as kindly as I can because the kindness comes back around.  And because they are really good people.

If you can afford it remember your doctor’s staff during the holidays.  Send a card or bring some cookies or a box of chocolates.  Let them know that what they provide is important to you.

There is another group of people that many of us do not fully appreciate and yet they play a vital part in our health care, your pharmacist.  Your pharmacist is vital to you as well and deserves the same respect you give your doctor.  This applies to if you fill your prescription medications through the mail, or if you go to a pharmacy.

If you go to the pharmacy, the same rules apply as the doctor’s office.  Get to know your pharmacist.  He or she has a wealth of information at their finger tips and can tell you more about a medication than most doctors can.  The pharmacy staff is just as important and vital to you as your doctor’s staff.  Treat them with the same respect.  The opportunity to chat with them will not be very long, but everyone appreciates being remembered and called by their names.  A holiday gift here is not inappropriate.  People that serve you should know they are appreciated.  When you are kind to others it is almost inevitable that kindness will be come back to you.

A doctor is not a wizard and his staff will not magically make you well, however the staff at his office, in the hospital, in the lab, all play a part in your well being.  Never forget that or over look it.  And always remember your manners.  These people work hard for you.  Remember that.  You may enter a doctor’s office really sick and may not be able to say please or thank you, but you can control yourself enough to not give anyone a hard time while you’re there.

The doctor’s staff is as powerful as any wizard’s wand.  Learn that one rule and it will serve you well.

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My Journey To Health Weekend Survival

lady-Violet-What-is-a-weekendOne of the greatest words in the English language is “weekend.”  These are the two days of the week most of us look forward to.  We plan things to do.  We decide to work on personal projects or possibly do chores around our home that have been neglected.  The choice, however, is ours to make.  There is no one giving us instructions or ordering our day.  The weekend can be the best time of the week and for some the worst.

These past five days have been difficult, problem after problem arose.  You may read about some of my adventures in the last installment of this series.  There were few bright spots, if any at all, and by the weekend I had become very depressed.

I see a physician’s assistant instead of a doctor.  His name is Jim and he is the best medical practitioner that ever existed.  I saw him on Friday.  This was a follow up appointment.  He had suggested the week before that my blood sugar had gone too high and I might have to go on medication.  I take 15 doses of meds a day.  I was in no mood to start another one, and suggested we wait a few days and do another blood sugar.  He agreed, and I stayed away from bad foods as best as possible.  As I saw him the first time on New Year’s Eve, I knew I was planning to change my diet the next day.

This past Friday I saw him again, and I am happy to report that the blood sugar had gone down and no further treatment was necessary.  But it was a scare for the whole week, and even though the news was positive it didn’t help where I was emotionally and I sank deeper in depression.

The good news is that in the depression I did not seek out a lot of extra stuff to eat.  I did cheat a little.  But it was not that much and though the food I chose was not the best for me, it was not sugar based.  So it was a win lose situation.

Chronic depression is not something anyone likes to talk about.  I know this from experience.  There are some good people out there that will listen, but most people are really not that interested or they are a little uncomfortable with emotional illness.  This makes things difficult.  You have to wisely choose who you tell and try to explain what you need or may need.

It’s great to have therapists, but therapists are not part of our daily existence, we need to build a network of friends to help us along.  This should never be one sided.  You may need help with depression but they have needs too.  In fact true friends have each other’s backs so in receiving you should also be giving.

That brings up one other point.  Chemical depression does not just go away, but it can be relived a little.  When things begin to go wrong, when our emotions seem out of control, when we find ourselves in a dark place, look to help someone else.  It does not take the feelings away, but it does make the load a little easier to bear as we focus on someone else instead of ourselves.  Whenever we help another person we truly help ourselves.

Depression is not to be taken lightly.  If you find yourself in serious depression go to the hospital, It is imperative that you get the treatment you need.  If you don’t want to go but someone is strongly suggesting you go, do what they say.  If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or hutting others go to the hospital.  We have lost too many people to suicide.  Good people, who just didn’t ask for help.  People that kept their pain inside until it broke them.

If you would like some encouragement I  suggest the web site, Rebuilding Love.  It is a good place to start. this sight has stories and blogs of real people that are going through depression and made good choices.  The site is in its infancy so the stories are real and fresh.  You will find one of mine there.

If you know someone who has chronic depression help as you can.  Studies have shown that a 15 second hug actually raises your emotions to higher level.  You can help by holding on to someone for 15 seconds.  We can all spare 15 seconds.  Not only that but it raises both participants levels, so you walk away feeling better too.

Weekend can be deadly for some people.  Those who trying to stay healthy, and are changing their habits, will find the weekends the hardest part of the week to keep to their chosen program.  Those who struggle emotionally may find weekends hard to deal with in general.  We can all make it.  That’s the point.  The resources are there if we choose to use them.  Every day has potential for good.

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Son Tells His Mother He Will Sell His Kidney On Ebay If She Refuses To Accept It For Transplant


(PCM) Imran Najeeb’s mother,Zainab Begum, was in need of a kidney transplant, however she did not want to accept her sons offer to donate one of his, as she did not want to place her son at any risk.  In order, to get Begum to accept his offer for his kidney he had to create an elaborate lie and threaten to sell his kidney on Ebay to finally get her to accept his offer.

His plan worked, as Begum finally agreed to accept Najeeb’s kidney, as she was curious why he would want to sell his kidney to complete stranger when he could donate it to her. Najeeb had continuously been in contact with the hospital about his offer to donate his kidney to his mother, however he was told unless she agreed he would have been unable to donate.

When Begum first found out she desperately needed a kidney transplant she initially agreed to take her sons kidney however she later changed her mind, as she felt she would never forgive herself if something were to happen to him during the procedure. Over time Begum’s condition began to deteriorate rather quickly and she was forced to be on dialysis. When Najeeb overheard his mother talking to another relative who was living in Pakistan about the possibility of purchasing a kidney and having the procedure done overseas he decided it was time to take action.

Najeeb tricked his mother into believing that he had put up his kidney for sale on Ebay for the price of $10,000 and that a man in China was willing to make the purchase. Because his mother could not read or write in English he was able to pull up the image of a kidney through a Google search and trick her into believing that it was his for sale.

He continued the trick every time that he mother tried to pull back out of the procedure after agreeing to take the organ and just kept telling her that if she didn’t take it, he would relist it on Ebay for another patient. Both Najeeb and his mother made a successful recovery and both continuing to enjoy life each with one kidney a piece!

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Making Changes In The New Year

vulcan_sunrise_by_americanpsycho-d65zz9iNew Year’s Day.  We celebrated the night before.  Maybe we opened champagne and kissed the person we love and wished all in our circle a Happy New Year.  Maybe we spent the evening alone and quietly brought the New Year in with some soft music and a glass of wine or eggnog with a little brandy in it.  Maybe we went to sleep early getting rested for a long weekend ahead.

Whatever happened on New Year’s Eve, it is now over and the New Year has started.  This is the time we decide if we are going to make some changes on the outside of us or the inside.  Many people feel that this is a day of new beginnings and it should be taken advantage of.  People decide to lose weight, to exercise, to be more social, to get out of debt, and many other good ideas.

The problem with most of these ‘resolutions” is we find that we give them up about the 14th  of January.  The schedule gets to busy and so exercise goes out the window.  The car breaks down and getting out of debt turns into getting in to more debt.  A co-worker brings in a couple dozen donuts and the diet goes out the window (especially if they are jelly).

Why is this the case?  Literally thousands of people get gym memberships the first week of January and never use them.  We can assume Weight Watchers and Slim Fast do a booming business too.  In the first week of January many store put diet and exercise supplements and equipment items in front of the store as you go in or make sure these items are on sale.

Part of the reason most people fail at their goals at the beginning of the year is that the goal isn’t reached fast enough or it becomes too hard.  We live in a society where most of our lives are easy.  The time it takes to do things that used to take hours’ in the past, take minutes now.  You can have dinner ready in a few minutes if you use a microwave.  If you use a credit card you can almost anything you want when you want it and to be honest most people do not think of the consequences of these actions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, change takes time.  It takes three weeks to establish a new habit.  So if you start to exercise it will take three weeks to get used to going to the gym.  If you start a diet it will take three weeks to get used to eating less and to eating the right things.  If you are getting out of debt you must come up with a plan and stick to it no matter what.  There are many organizations out there that will help you eliminate your debt.  Saving money also has to become a habit.

Many banks charge a monthly fee if you don’t open a savings account with a certain amount of money.  One bank allows you to start with a $25.00 dollar deposit but the agreement is that has to be up to $200.00 in four months or they will start to charge a fee.

Recently a chart was found on Face book.  The chart showed that if you put aside one dollar the first week of the year, two dollars the second week of the year and so on.  On the last week of the year you will add $52.00.  In the end you will have saved over a thousand dollars in that year.  It’s a good plan and easy to follow.

Exercise can be done the same way.  On the first day of the year walk around your block once on the second day, two blocks and keep going until you get to the third week.  After that the habit will be formed and you will feel better.

Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  We need to look at our inside too.  Do we hold a grudge against someone?  Are we less kind then we should be?  Could we spend more time with our families than we do?  Do we get angry quickly and hurt others in out anger?  Do we love well?  Not romantic love, to be honest that’s pretty easy.  But do we love in such a way that we keep going when the going gets tough, when someone get under our skin, or simply has a different opinion than ours.

The Greeks have four words for love as opposed to our insufficient one.  Eros refers to sexual attraction, storge which is love for family, plillia which is the type of love when we help others. And the last is agape which is a love that is between friends.  So these are the four types of love that we need to master if we want to become a different person this year.  These are also the areas of our lives to be examined if we want to make healthy changes on the inside of ourselves.

Whatever you decide to do in the coming year remember to stick with it no matter how hard it gets.  Remember that you are more than you think you are and you have what it takes to be the person you want to be.

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