Fan Uses Twitter To Score A Prom Date With An Eagles Player


(PCM) High school senior Hannah Delmonte had her dreams come true when she managed to use her Twitter account to score a date to the prom with Eagles player Emmanuel Acho.

At first, Delmonte used her Instagram account to reach out to Acho with her proposal, he responded and issued her a bit of a challenge before accepting her date invitation. She was first asked to get 2,000 retweets on her request and then he upped the challenge to 10,000 retweets to secure the date.

Father Refuses To Give Up Baby Born With Downs Syndrome


(PCM) Samuel Forrest, a New Zealand man living in Armenia, is making headlines after he refuses to give his newborn baby, born with Downs Syndrome, up for adoption.

When the child was born the doctor came out and said to Forrest, “There’s a real problem with your son” and then they took him back to see his son. Forrest responded to the doctor saying “He’s beautiful — he’s perfect and I’m absolutely keeping him”.

However, his Armenia wife had other ideas and informed Forrest that if he didn’t agree to put the baby up for adoption than she was going to leave him.  When he refused, the wife filed for divorce just one week after little Leo was born.

It seems that when a baby is born with Downs Syndrome in Armenia, the hospital gives parents the option right away of putting the baby up for adoption.  Forrests’ wife had already made that decision behind his back without first speaking with her husband.

In the country of Armenia, it is the social norm to be non-accepting of children born with certain birth defects and/or imperfections. The families often feel that an orphanage is a safe option for these children.  Hopefully with more awareness to these types of situations things can begin to change for the better in these areas of the world.

Even, the wife’s family was urging Forrest to put the child up for adoption and he was unfortunately no longer welcome in the family’s home.

Forrest who is a freelance business contractor will take baby Leo and move back in with his family who have agreed to help him out with raising the child.  He has also started a GoFundMe page to help raise some additional funds to assist with baby Leo’s care.

Forrest started out with a $60,000 target and has already well-surpassed that number garnering tons of supporters who were touched by this story across the globe.  Thus far Forrest has raised over $481,000! He plans to donate the additional funds received to help support abandoned children in Armenia and families with disabled children.

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WWE’s Triple H Breaks Character To Console A Crying Young Fan Ringside


(PCM) It is incredibly rare that fans ever get the chance to witness any of their favorite WWE wrestlers break character, especially in the middle of a match, when that wrestler happens to be one of the biggest heels in the current story-line.

That is why it was shocking when fans in attendance for a recent WWE RAW show says Triple H completely break character and console a young fan who he saw sobbing in the front row.  As the current story line goes, 13-time World Champion Triple H is currently the bad boy leader and evil COO of an organization called The Authority.

During the evenings main event which was a handicap match between John Cena, Shawn Rollin, Kane and The Big Show, Triple H noticed the young fan in tears and shockingly completely broke character and leaned over the barrier, patted the boy on the head and apologized. The moment was captured by many fans and was immediately posted on various social media channels.

It was also revealed that Triple H’s wife in real life and on RAW, Stephanie McMahon also broke character to speak to the young boy as well.

Photos show Triple H smiling at the boy and consoling him in hopes of cheering him up. Later that evening, after the taping of RAW, security was seen escorting the young boy and his father toward the backstage area where we are sure he got to meet many of his favorite WWE superstars.

We certainly have a ton of respect for the way that Triple H handled the situation and it was wonderful that he was able to share such a touching and memorable moment with a young fan, who will now surely become a fan for life.


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Famous Delaware Hotel Cancels Reservation For The Homeless On Christmas


(PCM) We have recently come across a story that was reported exclusively to where a man by the name of Matthew Senge who works for the Road To Redemption Ministries had reserved a two room suite at the famous Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware on Christmas Day as a gift for six homeless individuals in the area.

It was Senge’s hope that the homeless guests would be able to enjoy a warm bed and a hot shower at the hotel as a way to lift their spirits and take them off the streets for a night.

It was a wonderful gift idea and Senge was able to speak with management and the reservation clerk at the Hotel DuPont, all of who thought it was a wonderful idea as well. According to, Senge was very clear with the hotel from the beginning that the suite would be for the homeless.

All was well and Senge booked and paid $639 for a one night stay in the two-bedroom suite, even receiving a confirmation letter that everything was secure.  Here’s where things take a turn for the worse.

Senge gift-wrapped a copy of the confirmation letter and delivered it to the two men, a woman and her three children who make their home in deplorable conditions under the Amtrak bridge in the city of Wilmington. claims that Senge let them know that they would be having a warm place to stay on Christmas night.

The individuals were blown away by the act of kindness and Senge had even planned to have gift baskets filled with food and hygiene products placed in the room for their stay as well.  It was his hope that after a comfortable night and a hot shower the individuals might wake up in the morning with a different attitude to face life.

Approximately three hours before check-in time, Senge received a phone call from the Hotel DuPont with the terrible news that they were canceling his reservation.  The staff member told him “What if one of those people rapes or robs one of my guests?”

Apparently, according to Hotel DuPont, just because someone happens to be homeless that automatically makes them a robber or a rapist.  We are sure that there is plenty of white collar crime that goes on behind those hotel doors in which they are able to turn a blind eye.

A spokesperson for Hotel DuPont told that the true reason for the cancelled reservation was that the guests would not be able to check in with proper photo identification which is part of hotel policy. The spokesperson went on to say that it was an issue of hotel security but would not comment either way if the statement above was actually made.

Senge tells that he was not given that reason by the hotel and that the individuals in question do in fact have photo identification.  He also says that the hotel should be ashamed for their behavior in letting down these individuals, as the effect could have the potential to be devastating.

Senge reveals that he has no plans on letting this go and that we need to realize that some of us are only a paycheck away from being in their situation, so how can we live with a conscious that says that’s ok?

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To Teach Their Kids A Lesson Utah Parents Cancel Christmas


(PCM) In a move that has sparked both praise and outrage, Utah parents John and Linda Henderson decided to cancel Christmas this year in order to teach their children a lesson about respect.

Lisa Henderson is a stay at home mom and founder of the blog Over The Moon, where she first posted the news about she and her husband’s decision to cancel the holiday. She claims that they gave their children, three boys ages 5, 8 and 11, fair warning that if they did not change their behavior there would be consequences.

Lisa goes on to say that she and her husband have been struggling for months to teach their children to change their often disrespectful and entitled behavior. Very little changed over the course of time, so they came up with the idea saying “We should just cancel Christmas”.

Lisa claims the children did not react very well to the news that the holiday would be canceled this year saying “They cried pretty hard”. The family will still be celebrating Christmas in other ways and they money that was set aside for presents will instead be used for service projects and helping the needy in their community.

She also was sure to add that while the children will not be receiving any gifts from her and her husband this year, they will still receive presents from other family members during the holiday season.

The comments on Lisa’s story were pretty much split down the middle with positive and negative with many calling her and her husband mean and lazy, while others said her idea was a blessing and would teach her children a lesson that would stick with them for years to come.

What do you think? Did the Henderson family go to far with canceling Christmas or is that just the lesson that the three naughty children needed?

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Thanksgiving Facts, Traditions & Trivia

Thanksgiving Facts, Traditions & Trivia

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln, declared the last Thursday of November to be a National Day of Thanksgiving. The fourth Thursday in November was officially sanctioned by Congress as a legal holiday in 1941, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

TDayThe ‘Thanksgiving” event that the Pilgrims had included about fifty Pilgrims and ninety Wampanoag Indians. The Indians may not have been invited per se, but came to see what the celebration was all about, and were welcomed in.

The Pilgrims took their religion very seriously – if the Thanksgiving was actually a religious event, they probably would not have let the Indians (non-Christians) join in. A religious event would have mostly involved praying all day – not celebrating.

The first Thanksgiving probably actually took place in early or mid-October of 1620 -but it was not an annual event for the Pilgrims. Some Texans claim the first Thanksgiving in America actually took place in little San Elizario, a community near El Paso, in 1598, and at the Berkeley Plantation near Virginia’s James River, claims the first Thanksgiving in America was held there on December 4th, 1619.

Unlike today’s feast consisting of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry, etc – the original Thanksgiving menu probably consisted of the following items: duck, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, and squash. The pilgrims weren’t really prepared for baking, and didn’t have access to butter, etc, so they did not have pies at the first Thanksgiving.

‘Turducken’ – deboned turkey, duck and chicken nested inside each other then cooked is popular with many families.

Being held on a Thursday, often with no work on Fridays for white collar employees, the extended four day weekend is often a time for families to gather together – the Saturday after Thanksgiving is often a time for high school, college, or locals reunions.

Many people blame the turkey for the sleepiness after the big meal, but chances are it is the trimmings, carbohydrate-rich sides and desserts that allow tryptophan into the body that cause the need for a nap.

The Wednesday night before is actually one of the biggest nights of the year for bars and nightclubs, matching and sometimes surpassing St. Patrick’s Day for consuming alcoholic beverages. Sadly, that also adds to the statistics that say that US deaths spike over Thanksgiving.

Today’s traditions often include: pre-meal snacks, the children’s table, NFL football, scheduled with traditional rivals, radio stations begin playing Christmas music, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (televised nationwide), The Dunkin Donuts Parade (in Philadelphia, a continuation of the first Turkey day Parade, started in Philly in 1920) – the Parade is also the official introduction of Santa Clause for the Holiday Season.

Another tradition is ‘making a wish’ – breaking the wishbone of the bird, often between a senior and junior member of the family.

Often families take advantage of the time together to play games – indoor and outdoor, and make plans for Christmas. Outside of the distractions of television, it is a popular time to ‘get to know’ other family members better. It is often a good time to learn about the family tree.

Thanksgiving is also the prelude to Black Friday, named because it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year – and the day (hopefully) retail businesses make a significant profit.

Things best not discussed on this day: politics, religion and family gossip.

Recent presidents have pardoned turkeys in the days before Thanksgiving. 2014’s lucky duo (officially pardoned and the alternate) were Cheese and Mac. Both came from Cooper Farms in Oakwood, Ohio. Prior pardoned birds were:
1999 – Harry
2000 – Jerry
2001 – Liberty
2002 – Katie (the first pardoned female turkey) and Zack
2003 – Stars and Stripes
2004 – Biscuit and Gravy
2005 – Marshmallow and Yam
2006 – Flyer and Fryer
2007 – May and Flower
2008 – Pumpkin and Pecan
2009 – Courage and Carolina
2010 – Apple and Cider
2011 – Liberty and Peace
2012 – Cobbler and Gobbler
2013 – Popcorn and Caramel
2014 – Cheese and Mac

Abraham Lincoln actually spared a turkey named “Jack” from becoming the main dish in the Presidential holiday meal.

The obligatory Thanksgiving Joke:
A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn’t find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, ‘Do these turkeys get any bigger?’

The stock boy replied, ‘No ma’am, they’re dead.’

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