There Is An App That Lets You Purchase Restaurant Leftovers For A Fraction Of The Price!


(PCM) What a genius idea! There is an app in the UK called “Too Good To Go” that allows people to purchase leftover food from various cafes and fancy dining establishments for a fraction of the price it would normally cost to dine. On average a “Too Good To Go” meal could equal out to about two British pounds which is the approximate equivalent to $2.60 in U.S. currency.

How do we not have this here in the States already?

It is a fantastic way to avoid having all of that perfectly good food go to waste. Seriously, why not make a little money off it and feed some hungry people rather than have it do nothing but rot in a garbage can. Co-founder of “Too Good To Go” James Crummie says “Food waste just seems like one of the dumbest problems we have in this world. The restaurant industry is wasting about 600,000 tons of food each year, and in the U.K. alone there are one million people on emergency food parcels from food banks. Why do we have these two massive social issues that are completely connected, yet there is not much going on to address them?” He makes a completely valid point. One in six U.S. households go hungry, while restaurants throw away 40% of their food each and every day.

How is works is, users can pick up their meals an hour before closing time at the restaurant of their choosing. Ordering through the app is simply like waiting until the last minute to grab takeout before heading home to Netflix and Chill! Here’s to hoping that we can get something like this started up in the States sometime soon, as we think it is an utterly fantastic idea and a perfect way to be environmentally conscious and cut down on the massive problem of food waste.

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Italian Police Prepare A Pasta Meal For Elderly Couple Disheartened About The State Of The World


(PCM) Get ready to grab your box of Kleenex because here is yet another heartwarming story that is sure to turn on the waterworks. The police in Italy responded to a call about crying coming from the apartment of an elderly couple and decided to pay the couple a visit to do a wellness check.

It turns out that 84-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband Michele had been watching television and became so upset about the state of the world that they began to cry after seeing all the horrific stories playing out. It also turns out that they were feeling quite lonely as well, so of course that led the pair to shed even more tears. We can’t stress the importance of calling your grandparents and other elderly loved ones, in our busy lives we sometimes forget that they get lonely and can at times feel forgotten about. It is important to remind them that you are thinking about them and that they are truly not alone.

The police decided to call an ambulance to further check-up on the couple, but instead of just leaving them alone to wait for the transport medics the police decided to spend a few extra minutes with the couple and cooked them a lovely pasta dinner while they waited. Such an amazing act of kindness on behalf of the Italian police officers. The officers shared photos of their dinner party with the couple on the agency’s Facebook page and it has since gone viral being shared over 25,000 times.

Many people commented on the post praising the officers for their good deed and thanking them for showing concern for the couple, who sadly do not receive many visitors these days. Hopefully, Jole and Michele are feeling some better now and perhaps they will receive some more visitors in the future.

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Zappos Customer Service Call Lasts A Whopping 10 Hours And 43 Minutes


(PCM) Talk about dedication to your job! A Zappos employee has set the new record for the company’s longest customer service call which clocked in at an astonishing 10 hours and 43 minutes.  Customer service rep Steven Weinstein answered the call from a female customer who required assistance with an online order for several items.

The pair struck up a conversation during the call and even after the customer’s issue with the online order was solved, she still remained on the line and continued to chat with Weinstein for several hours. Weinstein claims that he had an immediate connection with the customer and from the very start of the call the pair were chatting as if they had been lifelong friends.

During the nearly 11 hour call, Weinstein only took one brief bathroom break and a co-worker was able to deliver him both food and water throughout the duration of the call.  Zappos is a company that prides itself on it’s stellar customer service and employees are trained to go the extra mile and create lasting connections with customers who call in for assistance.  Weinstein and his customer spoke about everything from the best vacations they’ve taken to swapping stories about their childhood and hometowns.

Call-center employees at Zappos are encouraged by the the CEO to stay on the call as long as necessary to be sure that the customer has the best and most memorable shopping/customer service experience possible. Perhaps, even creating a lasting friendship along the way, as appears to be the case with Weinstein’s lengthy call.

Weinstein broke the company’s previous call length record set by Mary Tennent back in 2012 which clocked in at over 9 hours. Weinstein claims that he did not stay on the call simply to break the record, he just simply wanted to impress his customer and says they probably could have spoken for up to 18 hours if they truly wished.

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Dad Starts A Class To Teach Men How To Style Their Daughter’s Hair


(PCM) Phillipe Morgese of Daytona Beach, Florida has begun organizing classes that teach father’s how to style their daughters hair and the response has been amazing. So much so, that Morgese’s classes have been labeled the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

Morgese got the idea for the classes after very patiently watching YouTube tutorials on how to create certain hairstyles for his daughter Emma. After creating a simple Hunger Games-inspired Katniss Everdeen braid, Morgese began to move on to much more complicated designs. Morgese began to think that while hair styling may not be a skill set mastered by men, fathers definitely enjoy bonding with their daughters and seeing them be both happy and confident in their appearance.

He approached the International Academy cosmetology school in Daytona Beach and they agreed to assist him with hosting a father-daughter night so he could share his hair-styling skills with the world. International Academy loved the idea so much that they agreed to allow Morgese to use their facility free of charge to host the classes. He has been able to offer the classes free of charge and the hair products have been donated by supporters of his efforts online.

Morgese says that those that have attended the classes are a mix of both married men and single fathers who were all incredibly excited to learn, as well as, spend some quality time with their daughters. The classes continue to grow in size and Morgese has already began to attract the attention of both local and national media. He is thrilled with the success of the classes and hopes that more events like these will begin in other areas of the country.

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Five Finger Death Punch Band Members Lend A Helping Hand To The Down Syndrome Foundation Of Florida


(PCM) It is always heartwarming to hear stories about artists who are willing to take the time and consideration to give back to their fans and communities. Zoltan Bathory (Guitars) and Chris Kael (Bass) of Five Finger Death Punch will lend a helping hand to the Down Syndrome Bowl-A-Thon’s 2016 Tour of Champions on 2/21 from 1:30 to 4:30pm ET. The event will be held at The Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center in Orlando, FL.

You can find out additional information about the foundation and upcoming event here!

Five Finger Death Punch’s goal is to bring awareness to the cause, bowl with fans and donate materials for a silent auction. This is just a continuation of 5FDP’s history of charity work, always being a band to give back to fans and organizations that they believe make a difference throughout the world. The band have been involved in running suicide prevention campaigns and PTSD awareness campaigns and also raised money for veterans.

Zoltan Bathory states: “We are in the fortunate situation of being able to do what we love to do and fulfill our dreams, but we didn’t get here alone. We haven’t forgotten where we came from, and it is our duty to give back by leveraging our success and ultimately providing meaningful support & assistance to those in need”

The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida (The Foundation) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to not only support and help families and individuals with Down Syndrome, but also help the community experience and appreciate the gifts our loved ones bring to their peers, friends and neighbors. They believe when potential is given opportunity the outcome is success.

On February 21st The Foundation is hosting their annual Tour of Champions Valentine’s Bowl-A-Thon. Last year’s Bowl-A-Thon was a huge success raising $225,000 (with only $7,500 in expenses!); their goal this year is to raise $250,000! The Foundation is run 100% by volunteers, so all proceeds go directly to their programs.

They began with a simple scholarship program that primarily offered community scholarships that promote peer-to-peer inclusion. The foundation quickly saw additional needs emerge and expanded our scholarship program to include scholarships for academic tutoring, speech therapy and swimming lessons. In 6 years, they have awarded over 360 scholarships totaling almost $250,000!

Here are just a few of the programs they offered in 2015 and plan to continue in 2016:

iCan Bike – bike camp for 40 people ages 8 and up with various abilities to teach them to ride a two-wheel bike
iCan Work program to help individuals with DS receive job training and coaching to gain and keep meaningful employment
iCan communicate—a comprehensive language program to help people learn to communicate with peers, family and teachers using the iPad
iCan! The Learning Program – a research based program teaching effective strategies and providing customized materials to support parents, teachers and children in the educational process
Parent Information meetings, Camping Trip, Holiday Party, Skate Night, Mom’s Night Out
Over $50,000 in scholarships for academic tutoring, oral motor evaluations, swim lessons, and community activities.

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My Journey To Health, The Staff

IanMcKellanAsGandalfinTheHoWizards carry staffs and through them they channel their power.  It is the same with doctors.  They need a large staff in order to make you healthy.  Today’s post is all about a doctors staff.

When you go to the doctor’s office, it is never a one man show.  First you report to the receptionist, from there you may be escorted to an exam room by a nurse or a medical assistant.  Once in that room that staff member is going to take time with you to check your vital signs and go over your medications and other relevant information.

If blood work is taken the staff reaches out beyond the office to labs where the tests are done.  X-ray technicians and other hospital or lab based personnel will then be part of the doctor’s magic staff.  Almost everything your doctor does, he does with the help of someone else.

If you are chronically ill in any way it is a good idea to get to know these people.  The receptionist that welcomes you to the office and makes your appointments for you on the phone is just as big a part of your care as your doctor himself.

Be kind to these people, learn their names, remember your manners and say please and thank you.  These people in their own way have as much to do with getting you well as the doctor.

I can honestly say I really love the staff at the doctor’s office I go to.  Because of my many visits there I feel like they are part of my family.  I’m glad I know as much about them as I do because they add much to my life.  I like to know when they’ve been on vacation and if they enjoyed themselves.  I like to know about their children and their spouses.  And I enjoy treating them as kindly as I can because the kindness comes back around.  And because they are really good people.

If you can afford it remember your doctor’s staff during the holidays.  Send a card or bring some cookies or a box of chocolates.  Let them know that what they provide is important to you.

There is another group of people that many of us do not fully appreciate and yet they play a vital part in our health care, your pharmacist.  Your pharmacist is vital to you as well and deserves the same respect you give your doctor.  This applies to if you fill your prescription medications through the mail, or if you go to a pharmacy.

If you go to the pharmacy, the same rules apply as the doctor’s office.  Get to know your pharmacist.  He or she has a wealth of information at their finger tips and can tell you more about a medication than most doctors can.  The pharmacy staff is just as important and vital to you as your doctor’s staff.  Treat them with the same respect.  The opportunity to chat with them will not be very long, but everyone appreciates being remembered and called by their names.  A holiday gift here is not inappropriate.  People that serve you should know they are appreciated.  When you are kind to others it is almost inevitable that kindness will be come back to you.

A doctor is not a wizard and his staff will not magically make you well, however the staff at his office, in the hospital, in the lab, all play a part in your well being.  Never forget that or over look it.  And always remember your manners.  These people work hard for you.  Remember that.  You may enter a doctor’s office really sick and may not be able to say please or thank you, but you can control yourself enough to not give anyone a hard time while you’re there.

The doctor’s staff is as powerful as any wizard’s wand.  Learn that one rule and it will serve you well.

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