Bruce Jenner Undergoing Sex Change Transitioning To A Woman

(PCM) This may be news, but it’s no surprise. Yet it is. People Magazine is early to report that it has confirmation Bruce Jenner is undergoing a change in his physical make-up into a woman. In the past this was called a sex change. In the current societal setting it’s known as transitioning to a woman.

jenner-playgirlIt’s a far change from Bruce Jenner’s 1982 Playgirl cover stint. There he was portrayed as boyishly sexy appreciated husband being kissed on the cheek with his shirt off.

Many know Bruce Jenner as the ex-husband to Kris Jenner on the reality TV show … read more...

Spider-Man In a Marvel Movie? Civil War!

Marvel Civil War (PCM) The summer of 2014 had many rumors. Each rumor came to be true with the third appearing to be every bit as much true!
  1. Robert Downey wanted to be Iron Man again but not in an Iron Man solo film.
  2. Deadpool may get his own film. In September it was announced Deadpool will be in theaters February 2016.
  3. Marvel was in talks with Sony to allow Spider-Man to guest appear in a Marvel Studios film.
Two of those three are true. The third and last has all the earmarks of being true. Here is why you should hold out… read more...

Tempers Flare On The Set Of Glee


(PCM) According to several sources close to the production of FOX’s Glee claim that majority of the cast is getting pretty fed up with actress Lea Michele’s diva-like demands and behavior while on set.

It is rumored that actress Naya Rivera had finally had enough and went to producers to speak on behalf of herself and the rest of the cast to voice their concerns about Lea’s behavior.

The controversy was stirred up when Lea made the entire cast and crew wait to finish shooting a scene so that she could go deal with personal matters.

Sources claim when Lea


Did the LEGO Movie Steal a Jerry Seinfeld Joke?

Did the LEGO Movie Steal a Jerry Seinfeld Joke?
Jerry thinks so, and if you saw the film, what do you think?

The joke is from this 2004 America Express advertaining video, about one minute in…

The post Did the LEGO Movie Steal a Jerry Seinfeld Joke? also appeared on PCM Reviews.… read more...

Duck Dynasty Axed From Christian Event Due To Wine Business

duck-dynasty1(PCM) A Tennessee Christian organization has pulled the plug on a recent appearance and speaking engagement from Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family due to the family’s latest business venture into the wine business.

Willie Robertson was scheduled to speak at a benefit in Bristol, TN for the bible-driven organization Faith Ministries. However, despite the Robertson family’s emphasis on Christian values and dinner time prayers Faith Ministries decided to cancel the appearance. Derek Bell, director of development for faith ministries had the following statement:

“Our greatest responsibility is to the young people we serve. Therefore, we feel that in light of the … read more...

Angela Lansbury Slams “Murder, She Wrote” Remake!

Murder-She-Wrote1(PCM) As you very well many know, CBS is gearing up to release a revamp of the classic TV series “Murder,She Wrote” and the new series will star the wonderful actress Octavia Spencer. However, there are some that are not too thrilled with the idea of a remake and that person is original “Murder, She Wrote” award-winning actress Angela Lansbury.

Lansbury, who starred in the series as Jessica Fletcher from 1984-1996, had the following comments about the remake news:

“I think it’s a mistake to call it ‘Murder, She Wrote,’” Lansbury said, “because ‘Murder, She Wrote’ will always be about … read more...

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