Tempers Flare On The Set Of Glee


(PCM) According to several sources close to the production of FOX’s Glee claim that majority of the cast is getting pretty fed up with actress Lea Michele’s diva-like demands and behavior while on set.

It is rumored that actress Naya Rivera had finally had enough and went to producers to speak on behalf of herself and the rest of the cast to voice their concerns about Lea’s behavior.

The controversy was stirred up when Lea made the entire cast and crew wait to finish shooting a scene so that she could go deal with personal matters.

Sources claim when Lea returned to the set and got wind of Naya’s chat with the producers she then proceeded to walk off the set. However, if you speak with sources close to Lea, they claim that Lea was completely unaware that Naya had even spoken to the producers and the pair did not even have any recent scenes together.

The Lea sources also go on to say that it was actually Naya who got herself tossed off the set and may have even been fired from the show. Sources close to Naya are denying that she has been fired ,however only time will tell.

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Did the LEGO Movie Steal a Jerry Seinfeld Joke?

Did the LEGO Movie Steal a Jerry Seinfeld Joke?
Jerry thinks so, and if you saw the film, what do you think?

The joke is from this 2004 America Express advertaining video, about one minute in…

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Duck Dynasty Axed From Christian Event Due To Wine Business

duck-dynasty1(PCM) A Tennessee Christian organization has pulled the plug on a recent appearance and speaking engagement from Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family due to the family’s latest business venture into the wine business.

Willie Robertson was scheduled to speak at a benefit in Bristol, TN for the bible-driven organization Faith Ministries. However, despite the Robertson family’s emphasis on Christian values and dinner time prayers Faith Ministries decided to cancel the appearance. Derek Bell, director of development for faith ministries had the following statement:

“Our greatest responsibility is to the young people we serve. Therefore, we feel that in light of the recent news, to continue with this event would send mixed messages to the young people who go through our Adolescent Drug and Alcohol program. Our message must be consistent. The lives of those children may well hang in the balance.  We certainly apologize to the people who have already purchased tickets, and pray they understand our position.”

The Robertson family only recently announced their latest business venture which is in conjunction with the winemakers of Trinchero Family Estates in Napa to create Duck Commander Wines. The line will feature a Red, White, and Chardonnay and it set to hit store next month.

This event was a fundraiser planned in support of  Family Ministries’ “School Expansion Project,” and proceeds would have benefited Family Ministries’ planned 10,000-square-foot expansion to provide updated classroom space and counseling facilities for the children that Family Ministries serve.

Tickets are being refunded by the scheduled venue, Viking Hall Civic Center.

The Duck Dynasty brand appears to be popping up with all kinds of products these days and their foray into the wine industry may or may not be a smart move, but with the show’s target demographic being 18-49 yr olds, it should be a fairly good fit. They just need to be sure that they are not alienating other fans in the process. Somehow we don’t think that the Robertson’s were attending the Family Ministries event to promote their wine line!

There has been no comment from the Robertson family thus far on the cancellation.

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