Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

For procrastinators, Halloween sneaks up behind us like Norman Bates in Psycho, but have no fear! We have 5 quick and easy, last-minute costume ideas for those of you who forgot that Halloween is coming up this Monday.

1. A Domino

What you need: A black shirt and pants or a black dress, white felt, scissors, a hot glue gun, or tape.

How to make it: Cut out as many circles of white felt as you would like and arrange them on your black outfit in the design of a domino. Cut out a white strip that will serve as the line dividing the domino or even better find a white belt to wear. Tape or glue the felt onto your outfit and you’re all set!

2. A Twister Board

What you need: A white shirt and pants or a white dress, red, green, yellow, and blue felt, scissors, and glue or tape.

How to make it: Cut out circles of colored felt and tape or hot glue them to your white outfit in the shape of a Twister board. If you have the time to run to the halloween store, pick up a hat with a spinner on top to finish off the costume.

3. Risky Business

What you need: An oversized button-up shirt, boxer shorts, high white socks, and sunglasses.

How to make it: Throw on the outfit then slide across hardwood floors and dance around like Tom Cruise.

4. A Smurf

What you need: White shorts/pants, a blue t-shirt, a white hat, blue tights, blue long-sleeved shirt or blue body paint.

How to make it: Put on your blue tights on underneath your white pants and put on your blue shirt. For dedciated trick-o-treaters, forget the shirt and paint your body and face blue.

5. Grapes

What you need: Green or purple balloons, a green hat, and tape.

How to make it: Blow up several balloons and tape a bunch onto your outfit. Plop on your green hat as the leaves but be careful if you decide to sit down, your costume might pop!

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Walmart In Hot Water For Selling “Fat Girl Costumes”


(PCM) Walmart has stirred up some controversy after several customers noticed that there was a link on the company’s website that was labeled “Fat Girl Costumes” rather than the typical (and socially acceptable “Plus-Sized Costumes”) aimed at online shoppers looking to purchase Halloween costumes.

The incident was first reported by Jezabel.com, when are reader sent in an outraged comment about the harsh labeling. The first Twitter comment directed at the company criticizing the labeling was published back on 10/21 and received what appeared to be some sort of automated reply in response.

As more and more individuals began to chime in and complain to the company, it has become a huge public relations nightmare for Walmart overall. The hash tag #FatGirlCostumes was even trending for awhile on Twitter as the complaints continued to roll in!

It is thought that a computer programmer who was putting together the site added the “Fat Girl Costumes” label as an internal joke and failed to remove it before publishing online. After several days of the offensive label being up on their site, it appears that Walmart has finally come to their sense and the label has now been removed. The link now directs shoppers to the “Women’s Plus Size Adult” page.

A Walmart spokesperson had the following comments about the incident “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.”

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