Cindy Crawford Did Not Give The Go Ahead To Share Un-retouched Photo


(PCM) As we are sure many of you have heard or seen by now, an un-retouched photograph of model Cindy Crawford was posted on the net creating a frenzy of commentary in regards to body image and aging.

The image in question was posted on Twitter by British journalist Charlene White and it featured Crawford posed in black lingerie, however visible cellulite, wrinkles and sun damage can also be seen in the image. You can see a lot of skin imperfections. However, it was White’s point to try to applaud Crawford for going photoshop free!  The tweet can be seen … read more...

Montana State Legislator Wants To Ban Yoga Pants


(PCM) There has always been a little bit of controversy surrounding yoga pants and whether or not they are deemed to be proper everyday attire or are indeed too form-fitting and revealing.

Montana State representative David Moore is stirring up the controversy even more by proposing a new bill that would make wearing yoga pants in his state a criminal offense.

The bill was introduced to the table for voting last week and it states that any clothing that exposes the nipples or gives the appearance or simulation of someone’s buttocks, genitals, or pelvic area should be considered indecent exposure … read more...

Puerto Rico Wants To Fine Parents For Having Obese Children


(PCM) The Puerto Rican senate is currently trying to pass legislation that would allow the parents of obese children to be fined by the government if it is discovered they are not feeding their children both healthy and nutritious.

One of the bill’s sponsors claims that the new bill is only trying to “improve children’s well-being and help parents make healthier choices.”.

The way it works is that educators would begin identifying obese children and then work very closely with the parents to help the children lose weight.

The proposed bill goes on to state that if the educator determines … read more...

Beyonce Introduces New Vegan Meal Delivery Service


(PCM) Wow, we had known that both Beyonce and Jay Z had tried the vegan lifestyle at one point, but had no idea that Beyonce was this dedicated.

Beyonce has just recently launched a new vegan meal delivery service called “22 Days Nutrition” in partnership with her personal trainer Marco Borges. The idea behind “22 Days Nutrition” is that it takes 22 days to break any bad habit. Borges says “The vegan meal delivery program makes it easier to reset your habits with healthy and delicious plant-based foods.”

While we think the meal prices are a little on the … read more...

New Study Reveals The Dangers Of Energy Drinks Especially For Kids


(PCM) A new study has been conducted by the American Heart Association that has revealed that over 40 % of phone calls made to the poison control center are related to the consumption of energy drinks by young children under the age of 6.

In a majority of the cases, the parents were unaware that their children had consumed the energy drink until they became ill. The children were suffering from both cardiac and neurological symptoms and even in some cases seizures and heart rhythm abnormalities.

The amount of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine and natural additive that is contained in many popular … read more...

The Dangers Of E-Cigarette Use


(PCM) Many people feel that the use of e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking actual tobacco cigarettes and “vaping” has soared in popularity in recent months. However, are e-cigarettes still considered a health risk?

The answer is yes. New research released by the New England Journal of Medicine claims that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes when turned up to their highest voltage levels, contain a very high concentration of formaldehyde, which is labeled a carcinogen.

While experts do claim that the health risks involved with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are much higher, they also feel that there are certain dangers … read more...

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