Diet Pepsi Reveals A Major Change


(PCM) Over the years the Pepsi company has noticed a huge decline in the sale of Diet Pepsi mostly due to the side effects and health risks associated with their use of the artificial sweetener aspartame. This is all about to change with Pepsi’s announcement that Diet Pepsi is officially going aspartame free!

This is a huge move in the right direction for the company and they even plan to place large lettering on the cans that read “Now Aspartame Free”. The reason that it has taken the change so long to take place is that Pepsi has been attempting to formulate a new recipe for a low-calorie sweetener that would still keep the taste of Diet Pepsi the same.

The new recipe formula they have discovered is a mixture of sucralose and ace-K that will take the place of the aspartame. The new formula Diet Pepsi is scheduled to hit store shelves sometime in August and executives for Pepsi say the taste is still going to be exactly the same.

The Coca-Cola company has also seen a decline in sales of Diet Coke over the years due to the same problem with aspartame, however there has been no word if Pepsi’s rival company plans to make a similar change with their Diet soda product as well.

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Blue Bell Voluntarily Recalls All Products Over Listeria Concern


(PCM) The Blue Bell Ice Cream company has issued a voluntary recall on all of it’s products over serious concerns of Listeria contamination. The company, based out of Brenham, Texas, is pulling all of its’ ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert, and frozen snacks from both food service accounts and retail store shelves. The recall has been issued immediately.

In a statement a spokesperson for Blue Bell says “We’re committed to doing the 100 percent right thing, and the best way to do that is to take all of our products off the market until we can be confident that they are all safe. We are heartbroken about this situation and apologize to all of our loyal Blue Bell fans and customers. Our entire history has been about making the very best and highest quality ice cream and we intend to fix this problem. We want enjoying our ice cream to be a source of joy and pleasure, never a cause for concern, so we are committed to getting this right.”

The company made the decision to issue the massive recall after discovering that half gallon containers of their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream flavor tested positive for Listeria. Consumers who may have recently purchased Blue Bell products are encouraged to return them to the point of purchase where they will be issued a full refund.

The company plans to hold its’ current products in the manufacturing plant until further testing can be conducted. They will resume production on a very limited basis after they are absolutely certain that their products will be safe for consumption.

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“Spice” Sends Hundreds To New York Area Hospitals


(PCM) Experts have been warning people for quite some time about the dangers associated with the use of synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as “Spice”.  In just nine days, about 160 people have been seen at New York area hospitals having incredibly serious reactions to “spice” or “K2, also in the southern states of both Alabama and Mississippi there has been a notable rise in the number of synthetic marijuana-related hospital visits.

The New York State Health Commissioner reports to CNN that “Since the exact compounds contained in synthetic cannabinoid products change so frequently, it’s often impossible for users to know exactly what they are putting in their body.” There is often a range of symptoms that accompany reactions to using “spice” such as headaches, confusion, seizures and sometimes even loss of consciousness resulting in death.

Consumers are led to believe that “spice” is a legal plant-based material that is coated with chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana.  Some of those so-called “safe” chemicals are the very same ones that are found in both insecticides and rat poison.

“Spice” is popular among teens because it is sold as natural product and often times marked as incense making it legal for them to purchase.

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Recall Alert: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals Could Contain Listeria


(PCM) Thus far there have been no reports of any illness associated with consuming Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal, however the company has issued a voluntary recall of about 73, 897 cases of their meals which contain organic spinach that could possibly be infected with listeria.

The possibility of listeria contamination was brought to the company’s attention by one of their organic spinach suppliers who warned that the presence of listeria could be linked to the spinach from their facility.

The FDA explains that listeria infection can be deadly for young children, the weak and the elderly but healthy adults should only deal with short-term symptoms. In a statement they say “Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.”

Customers who purchased any of the affected Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals can return them to the point of purchase for an exchange or a full refund. A full list of the meals being recalled and the contact information for Amy’s Kitchen can be found in the post below:

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Blue Bell Issues Ice Cream Recall After The Death Of Three People


(PCM) Tragically, three people have died in Kansas after consuming Blue Bell ice cream products that tested positive for Listeria. Now, Blue Bell has made the decision to recall their products, which is a first in the company’s 108-year history.

The individuals who died became ill at a Kansas hospital between January 2014 and January 2015. The ice cream was not linked to their deaths until recently when four strains of listeria monocytogenes were discovered in Blue Bell products during routine testing at the company’s South Carolina distribution center.

Blue Bell’s creamery in Texas was contacted and further testing at the Texas creamery also found positive listeria samples. The affected products (see list below) have been removed from the market and the company’s production line has been temporarily shut down.

Chocolate Chip Country Cookie SKU #196.

Great Divide Bar SKU #108.

Sour Pop Green Apple Bar SKU #221.

Cotton Candy Bar SKU # 216.

Scoops SKU #117.

Vanilla Stick Slices SKU #964.

Almond Bars SKU #156.

6-pack Cotton Candy Bars SKU #245.

6-pack Sour Pop Green Apple Bars SKU #249.

12-pack No Sugar Added Mooo Bars SKU #343.

It is worth noting that the affected products were most likely not sold in grocery store or retail chains but rather available in hospitals and food service restaurants. Blue Bell products are distributed to 23 different states. If you discover any of the affected products please discard them immediately and do not consume.  Cups, pints, and half gallons were not included in the recall advisory.

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Dunkin Donuts Set To Remove Chemical Compound From Powdered Donuts


(PCM) It is certainly quite unsettling to learn that for many years Dunkin Donuts has been using a chemical compound on their powdered donuts called titanium dioxide in order to brighten their appearance. This same chemical is also found in both sunscreen and paint products and is thought to be fairly unsafe for human consumption.

An advocacy group called “As You Sow” pushed for Dunkin Donuts to remove the chemical which brightens the powdered sugar claiming that it can cause chromosomal damage and other health issues. It seems that their pleas have been answered and an executive from Dunkin Donuts announced that the company is currently reformulating their powdered sugar and a currently at work on a new schedule to reveal the new and improved recipe.

“As You Sow” is incredibly pleased with this outcome and praises Dunkin Donuts for their swift and intelligent decision to remove the titanium dioxide from their food products. The use of titanium dioxide in foods is currently not monitored by the FDA and falls under the same category of materials as something like asbestos, where no one really understood it’s dangers while it was still in use until the harm was already done.

See … you never really know what you are eating! It makes us wonder how many other companies could be using this particular chemical as well.

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