New Teeth-Whitening Trend Looks Like A Horror Movie In Your Mouth


(PCM) There are plenty of tutorials circulating the internet with various beauty tips and trends, however some are definitely a bit more odd than others. One of the latest trends in teeth-whitening involves using activated charcoal and makes your mouth resemble something straight out of a horror flick.

People all over the internet are posting images and video of themselves trying out this rather disgusting looking beauty trend and the results are a bit disturbing. Who would have ever thought that coating your teeth in charcoal would have whitening properties, especially considering the fact it turns them a lovely shade of black during the application process. Yuck! Keep in mind that these individuals are using activated charcoal, not the same stuff that you would throw on your backyard grill.

Those who have tried this trend claim that it will make your teeth shades whiter in just a few brushings, however this method has not yet been endorsed by the American Dental Association and they warn those willing to experiment to proceed with caution. Would you be willing to give this one a try?

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My Journey To Health, Beauty

asunriseBeauty is something that is very important in a journey to health.  Actually life itself, at least all human life, cannot be totally fulfilled unless some sort of beauty exists within that life.  You can certainly live but you cannot live well.

In The Bible The Apostle Paul closes his letter to the Christian church in Philippi in this way, “Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praise worthy – mediate on these things.”  Let’s think about these words for a moment.

First you don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate them.  These words are good advice for anyone.  Second let’s get rid of that word meditate.  To meditate simple means to think about.  To take some time and quietly think about something is meditation.  You don’t have to be a priest or a monk or guru living in a cave, you just have to be a person who takes some time to think about something without interruption.  The last thing I would like to point out is that we know when Paul wrote these words he was in Prison.  And two thousands years ago prison was a lot worse than it is now and yet he encourages people to think well and several times in this letter he talks of rejoicing.

You and I probably have very different ideas of what beauty is.  We were all created with different tastes and ways of thinking.  You might see beauty is a large bowl of steaming broccoli, I, however do not.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very true.

I spent some time this morning floating on my back in a pool.  My ears were below water level so I could hear very little but my eyes were open.  The sun was almost up and it’s brightness was on a very tall tree a little away from me.  There was a moderate breeze blowing and I saw the green leaves dance against the aqua blue sky.  It was peaceful, it was gentle and it was beautiful.

Being on the rigorous new diet and limiting sugar has kept me away from desserts.  I am allowed to cheat on occasion and a few weeks back I had the opportunity to have some chocolate.  I hadn’t had any in weeks and the experience was like tasting chocolate for the first time.  It was the best thing I had ever eaten.  Before things like chocolate were ordinary, now they are beautiful.

The work of Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo Renoir and Van Gogh and other world renowned painters and sculptures continue to take my breath away, more so as I have gotten older.  I loved the song Vincent long before I saw the beauty in Starry Night, probably Van Gogh’s most famous painting.  In fact I didn’t enjoy paintings much at all until I heard experts discuss it and then I could see what I could not see before.

Music is also a source of great beauty as well as solace for our souls.  In music we can hear tragedy and comedy.  There are symphonies that can bring us to the height of joy and songs that can break out hearts but music and it’s beauty fills a need in us that I don’t think that we ever actually even acknowledge we have.  Music is also something you should learn more about.  People say that they don’t like classical music and they lump many different types of music into that category.  I did this once as well.  But when I learned about it and when I learned what different composers were trying to say I began to see its beauty.

The theory of learning about and experiencing music does not just apply to classical music it applies to today’s popular music as well.  I never liked Hip Hop.  I felt that it disrespected many of my values and was almost impossible to listen to.  And then Lin Manuel Miranda wrote the musical Hamilton and I now have respect for Hip Hop and see its value.  It can be enjoyable and tell a story.  I hope to find more like this.

Novels and poetry are also sources of beauty.  The works of Dickens and Shakespeare can at times bring us both tears and happiness.  The last chapter of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens tells us of the actions of a reformed Scrooge.  I Challenge you to read the chapter.  You know the story but read the chapter and feel the joy that Dickens fills it with.  You see the beauty of a reformed man as well as the magnificence of Christmas day.

Tolkien’s work in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings creates a world that is both ugly and beautiful.  He paints pictures with words that come to life in your mind.  You can see the places he describes and even believe you are there and he awakes a desire to go to these places, such as The Shire, Rivendell and Loth Lorien because he captures your heart.  The beauty of his words is that he draws you into his world and you want to stay.

Imagine if we all began to to spend our free time thinking about and experiencing beauty.  Our minds may be dragged away from depression and our anxious hearts may be calmed for a while.  We may wake up to a new sense of wonder as we look at the world around us.  Our senses may become more acute and our hearts experience more joy.  This is why beauty is so important in a healthy lifestyle.

So what challenge can I give you today?  Go and spend some time thinking about and experiencing what you consider beautiful or lovely or good.  Immerse yourself in a novel or a symphony.  This is not something that you can just do.  You must look or read or taste or hear the beauty you are seeking.  Interact with it and think about it.  You must experience it.  Chase beauty and you will find it almost wherever you go.

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Fitness Center Is Stirring Up Controversy By Telling Women On Their Period They Can Not Use The Pool


(PCM) An upscale fitness center in the country of Georgia (not the U.S. State) is stirring up quite a bit of controversy after posting signs around their center informing women that if they are on their period they are not allowed to swim in the facilities pool. Members of the fitness center are outraged and the center has been receiving quite a bit of backlash from social media users after one guest posted a image of one of the signs online.

The Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Club has several notices posted up around the building that read “Dear ladies! Do not go in the pool during periods.”  No further explanation was provided on the notices. We are guessing that this club has never heard of a tampon, seriously, how would they even be able to tell if a female guest was menstruating or not?

Female guests of the center are deeply offended by the notices and some are even demanding that they should receive a discount since they will be unable to make use of the facility for five to six days per month. Why should they pay the same price as men, who apparently, are free to use the facility each and every day of the month.

When commenting on the issue, the Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Center stands by their decision to post the notices as they claim they only added the new rule as a “preventative measure” after their pool was “contaminated” with menstrual blood. This has led to quite a large debate online with some people taking the side of the fitness center and others standing behind the women.

What do you think? Did the fitness center go to far with the notices?


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My Journey To Health; It’s Not Easy

choice-quintessential-leader-1My journey to health has not been an easy one to date.  The fact is sometimes I feel as if I have made a lot of progress and at other times I feel I have made no progress at all.

Last week I got on the scale.  Some healthy experts say that you should weigh yourself daily, I disagree with this.  You see it is also true that you can weigh about two pounds different on a daily basis because of fluid intake and so I purposely stay away from the scale.  I want to see progress not a yo-yo effect.  When I got on last week I found that I had lost 25 pounds.  25 pounds is a good thing but it takes a lot out of me to get these results.

The last several weeks I have been full of self doubt and self hatred.  I stopped writing because I believed in my heart that I no longer had anything to say.  I believed that I had no talent for saying things that I needed to say.  I would look at the computer on my desk and a sense of dread would come over me as well as the feeling that I was no good and could never be any good to anyone.

Today I am at my desk typing wondering if I have anything to say that people want to read or should read.  Is there a part of my story that resonates with people or at least one person?

I am still eating a mostly vegetarian diet and still exercising about 6 days a week.  I had a small setback last week as my foot doctor told me that one of the bones in my left foot is out of alignment.  I have to wear a boot for 3 weeks and he had told me to stop exercising.  I stopped for a couple of days and asked him if I could exercise in the pool as long as I stayed off my feet.  He agreed and now I float in the pool and do jumping jack motions in the water which actually works out the top and the bottom of my body so it is a more complete work out and it is good for my cardiovascular system.

Lately I have found that many things make me sad.  I watched the movie BELLS ARE RINGING last week with Judy Holiday and Dean Martin.  I realized during the film that I had never known what has happened to Judy Holliday.  I instantly believed she simply stopped working.  Possibly to raise a family or maybe just to get away from the craziness of Hollywood, but that was not the case.  Judy died in 1965 from breast cancer, she was 43.

Miss Holliday was an amazing comic actress and singer.  Her timing was perfect.  She is most remembered for the film BORN YESTERDAY, but she also worked with Tracy and Hepburn in ADAMS RIB and starred in THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC.  She could go from dumb blond to sophisticated lady in a heartbeat.  She was an amazing talent and was taken too soon.

In BELLS ARE RINGING she sings a song called THE PARTY’S OVER.  It is a song that she made famous but has been recorded by both men and women over the years.  The song tells of the end of a relationship.  It make the point all things come to an end and the “the piper must be paid.”  She would die a few years after making that film.  Her party ended.

After reading about her short life the movie just stopped being funny for me.  All I could think of was that she was gone too soon.  My brother and my nephew also left us too soon.  It seems that God has a way of timing things that make no sense to us and yet in everything He does there is a reason it’s just not ours to see on this side of life.  Sometime I wish God would tell us why at least once.

Along with the bone that is misaligned in my foot my legs have become numb up to my knees.  This is not much of a problem now but if the numbness continues to progress I do not know what my future holds.  My hands continue to have tremors and sometime the whole left had side of my body will shake almost violently if I am really upset or frightened.  The medications that I take, a total of eight but some of them are twice a day, continue to have side effects that are truly horrible to deal with.  I am tired all of the time and have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

I find I am becoming more afraid.  New places and new people frighten me a lot.  Many times I will not go some place because I don’t know it or am afraid to drive where it is.  Fear can rule my life and I have missed a lot that I shouldn’t have.  The fears are not grounded in any reality, but the emotion is strong and paralyzing.

My depression lives on.  It is painful and hard to deal with.  An overwhelming sadness that at times becomes so severe that I stay in bed and hope to sleep all day.  It is only in sleep that pain goes away and I find I have happy dreams…sometimes.

This is much of what I live with but not all, some of the detail is too much for public consumption.  I do pray regularly that God would take me.  He takes the good hearted and the talented and leaves me behind a broken mess of a man who has to fight to find hope every day.  This is the road I am on.  This is my journey to health.  This is the cross I am being asked to bear.

We don’t choose some things in life.  We choose how to react to them.  I have chosen to fight and I have chosen no matter how hard it gets, that there is a happy ending and I have something to say.  As I type this last sentence by left hand has begun to shake just short of violently, hitting the keys is hard to do and I have to concentrate to make this work.  The fight goes on.


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Could Cockroach Milk Be The Superfood Of The Future?


(PCM) Researchers are now claiming that cockroach milk (yes, you read that correctly) could soon be labeled the superfood of the future. We didn’t even realize that cockroaches made milk until today, however as disgusting as it sounds, the research claims that cockroach milk is more than four times as nutritious as cow’s milk.

Apparently, there is only one specific breed of cockroach, the Pacific beetle cockroach, that produces milk, as they are the only cockroach species that gives birth to live babies. The group of researchers in India discovered that the milk produced by these specific cockroaches makes for a wonderful protein supplement.

Head researcher on the project, Sanchari Banerjee claims, “The crystals are like a complete food—they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids.”

The research shows that the cockroach milk is a time-released food, so individuals that are looking for a high calorie food choice that is also time released cockroach milk would be a perfect choice because it is the complete package making it a fantastic superfood!

We are going to pass, however can certainly see some individuals, especially those that are always picking up on the latest food or diet trends, to eat this one up! Yum? or Blech?

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Nivea Creates A Seagull Drone That Poops Out Sunscreen … Seriously!


(PCM) Skincare manufacturer Nivea recently created quite a character for their commercial about the importance of putting sunscreen on young children when spending the day on the beach. The only problem is that the commercial was meant to be taken seriously and it ended up bring more laughs that anything else during the recent Cannes Lions Festival where it was competing.

Nivea came up with the idea to build a rather large remote-controlled drone in the shape of a seagull which literally poops out globs of sunscreen on unsuspecting children as they are frolicking along on the beach. Yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds!

The company felt the sunscreen pooping seagull drone was the perfect answer to the on-going issue of parents attempting to put sunscreen on squirming children who refuse to sit still at the beach. It’s actually kind of creepy and the fact that the drone is being controlled by two creeper Nivea representatives who are watching your children while hiding in a sand dune does not make this whole scenario play out any better at all.

We could only imagine seeing this thing swooping around during a day at the beach! Too weird!

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