Can Playing Techno Beats For Test Tube Babies Really Make Them Bigger? Science Says Yes!

(PCM) Researchers at the Altra-vita IVF clinic in Moscow were stunned to learn that playing a loud and pulsating techno beat for test tube babies appears to have a significant effect on making them grow larger and turn into embryos.

An experiment was conducted by the researchers where a 24-hour loop of techno music was played for eggs in test tubes and the results were astonishing. The eggs became more fertilized and the number of embryos that were usable increased by about a fifth.

The results of the experiment were revealed at the Fertility Conference that was held in Edinburgh where it was explained in layman’s terms that the so-called “techno eggs” were slightly more likely to grow into embryos and a lot more likely to develop to the point that they could be placed into the womb.

Techo music appeared to have a different effect on the test tube eggs than other musical styles that were played. Researchers tried everything from pop and classical to metal, however it was techno tracks that featured a steady pulsating beat that showed the most positive results.

It is thought that the reason behind the results is an effect of the pulsating rhythm mimicking the swirling movements that occur within the womb after a natural conception. It is almost like tricking the egg into thinking it is actually inside the womb therefore increasing the overall effectiveness of the IVF procedure.

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Why Cat Poop Can Lead To A Wild Sex Life

(PCM) This is definitely one of the more bizarre reports that we have studied. Researchers for the Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology have released the findings of a new study revealing that a certain type of parasite found in cat’s brains that is then transferred to humans by way of feline feces has the ability to make people feel “aroused by their own fear, danger, and sexual submission.”

The parasite is known as toxoplasma gondii and is linked to the disease toxoplasmosis. Those that suffer from toxoplasmosis are said to be sexually aroused by fear, danger and submission. The researchers have found that certain individuals who have been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis have shown a high interest level in elements of both bondage and violence. The study conducted by the researchers for the Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology consisted of collecting data from over 36,000 people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Over 700 of which were infected with the parasite. The results suggested that those who were infected with Toxoplasma gondii “expressed higher attraction to bondage, violence, zoophilia, fetishism, and, in men, also to masochism, and raping and being raped.” The disease can also cause extreme rage and a variety of other mental illnesses.

A terrifying statistic number shows that approximately 1/3 of the population is infected with the parasite, most likely transmitted through contact with feline feces. However, it should be noted that not all people infected with the parasite will come down with full blown toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, however many people go untested for the disease because it shows no symptoms and it does not always lead to individuals expressing interest in extreme sexual fetishes.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you are cleaning out kitty’s pan!


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A Christmas Carol Tradition

A Christmas Carol may be the greatest piece of classic literature ever written, it can definitely be said that is the most popular ever written.  Very few people do not know the story, in fact even the name of the main character, Scrooge, has passed into our language as name to call someone who is mean and stingy.  But A Christmas Carol is much more than that.

A Christmas Carol was written in 1843 by Charles Dickens.  Dickens was strapped for cash and had just participated in a lecture series about the social injustices of the time.  In a brain storm Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in 6 weeks and published it himself, It was an immediate best seller and sold out quickly.  Dickens did not make much money on the first run of the book, the expense of self-publishing was greater than he had anticipated, but the book would go on to become his most popular work and would eventually show a strong profit.

To get a strong view of A Christmas Carol you must remember that it was published in 1843 and the branch of science known as psychology had not even begun to be recognized if even thought of at all.  If Freud was around he would have been in diapers.  A Christmas Carol is however a story of redemption as well as a fantasy of psychological therapy.

We find out at the beginning of the book that Scrooge is tight fisted with money, a rotten guy to work for, a guy with a mean personality and a man who is generally disliked.  His old partner, suffering the consequences of his having the same general attributes, does an intervention on Scrooge’s behalf.  The Scrooge in a single night’s time is shown his past, then is shown his present followed by being shown the inevitable consequences for his future if he does not change.

This is basically what happens in therapy.  We discuss the pain of our past which could include sexual or emotional abuse.  We evaluate our present, in the light of the knowledge that our past has led us to the existence we are currently experiencing, and then we look at the future and figure out what will happen if we stay the way are and finally come up with a plan to change our future.  If we stick to the plan our future becomes better as we become better people.

Christmas is a great time to evaluate our lives.  To take a hard look at where our past actions have led us to and then evaluate our current situation ending with adjusting our lives so our future will be better.

I have a personal tradition in regards to A Christmas Carol.  As the book is 5 chapters long, I read one chapter a night starting on the 21st of December for 4 nights and then I read the last chapter on the morning of December 25th.  In doing so I have the chance to contemplate my own life making adjustments as I read.  When Christmas day comes I can revel in the day first by reading about the joy of Scrooge’s own changes and then enjoying the day itself knowing that my own future looks a bit brighter.

I have kept the tradition for many years and it has brought me great joy.  I’ve even done it with the film versions of the story.  Watching a portion of the movie each night and ending with the last bit on Christmas day.  However you decide to spend Christmas this year, I highly suggest bringing A Christmas Carol into your own celebration.  If you can’t read the book, put its principles into action.  Evaluate your life and have an incredible New Year.

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Researchers Claim That More Sex Can Improve A Woman’s Memory


(PCM) A group of researchers have discovered a new link between the amount of sex a woman is having and the strength of her memory. A group of researchers at McGill University conducted a memory study that looked at defining a link between sex and the growth of nerve tissue in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the are of the brain that is in control of memory, emotional responses, and the overall nervous system.

To complete the study the McGill University researchers asked 78 heterosexual women under the age of 30 to partake in a memory test that involved looking at individual faces and memorizing abstract words. They were also questioned about their overall GPA and use of birth control. The results interestingly enough revealed that women who had sex more frequently were able to recall more abstract words. Hilariously, the amount of sex did not have an affect on the women’s ability to recall faces.

The findings do cement the fact that sex is often linked to certain memory abilities and functions. The researchers published their findings in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior”. Some of the researchers feel that because sex is a form of exercise it works in much the same way to improve memory function as well as release stress and battle depression. Further research will now be conducted to determine whether or not reaching the point of orgasm has any effect on memory function as well. Definitely a study that we are sure women will be lining up to participate. Wondering if they plan to do a similar study with men?



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Woman Insists ‘Sperm Smoothies’ Have Incredible Health Benefits


(PCM) Health and fitness blogger, 29-year old Tracy Kiss, has made the bold claim that consuming a “sperm smoothie” each day has some truly amazing heath benefits. She is touting the drink as new miracle health product that is both all natural (of course) and vegan friendly.

It seems that Kiss is also a strong advocate for other benefits of semen other than just in smoothies. She has also sung the praises of the seman facial (and no, it’s not what you are probably picturing right now).  She claims that both the semen facial and sperm smoothie are non-sexual and she has a special donor who is tested for STD’s to be sure she is not putting her body at risk.

We love that she uses the word “harvested” to describe how a friend donates a tub full of semen for both the smoothies and the facials to her home three times a week. That’s definitely one heck of a good friend!

Kiss claims that to make the sperm smoothies she mixes the donated semen with fruit, seeds, and either coconut or almond milk. She also has no issue drinking just the plain semen on it’s own saying that it has properties that ward off the flu. She feels it gives her amazing amounts of energy and boosts her mood as well.

When speaking with Vice about her somewhat odd ingredient choices, Kiss reveals “In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things, and you don’t see it as cringeworthy. But when you take away the passion and say it’s scientific, people don’t like it.”

Doctors are refuting Kiss’s claim saying there are no health benefits associated with consuming semen, but hey, to each their own!

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What Happens When You Consume Too Many Energy Drinks?


(PCM) An eye-opening article was recently featured on about just what can happen to your body if you consume too many energy drinks on regular basis. A 50-year old male construction worker openly admitted to consuming around four to five energy drinks every day for a period of three weeks as a way to boost his energy level on the job. The rest of the man’s diet remained the same. He eventually ended up at the emergency room with dark colored urine, abdominal pains and jaundiced skin.

The culprit? Consuming too many energy drinks in a short time period gave his man a life-threatening case of hepatitis. He initially believed he had come down with a case of the flu, however when a biopsy was done on his liver it tested positive for hepatitis C. The doctors believe that the hepatitis C was brought on by all of the Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, that the man was consuming on daily basis. It seems that each energy drink contains about 40mg of niacin per serving.

Doctor’s hope that this man’s case will heed warning to other energy drink enthusiasts, as they said in their report “As the energy drink market continues to rapidly expand, consumers should be aware of the potential risks of their various ingredients. Vitamins and nutrients, such as niacin are present in quantities that greatly exceed the recommended daily intake, lending to their high risk for harmful accumulation and toxicity.”

It is not hard to believe that consuming too many energy drinks can lead to some pretty significant health issues. In this particular case the man is fully recovered, however in the future others many not end up some lucky!

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