High School Girl Who Was Voted “Ugliest” Battles Bullies With The Perfect Response


(PCM) Holy Trinity high school senior Lynelle Cantwell recently discovered that she and several other female students were victims of an “ugliest” girl in school poll online. Despite being hurt and angered by the poll, Cantwell responded in the most appropriate way possible putting the bullies who started the poll in their rightful place. Her incredibly sincere and mature response has now gone viral and she is completely overwhelmed by the amount of support and compassion she has since received.

In the horrible online poll, Cantwell was voted “fourth ugliest” in her school and after some careful time and consideration she crafted the perfect response, which she then posted on Facebook and it reads:

“To the person that made the ‘ugliest girls in grade 12 at hth’ straw poll: I’m sorry that your life is so miserable that you have to try to bring others down.
‘To the 12 people that voted for me to bring me to 4th place. I’m sorry for you too. I’m sorry that you don’t get to know me as a person. I know that i’m not the prettiest thing to look at. I know i have a double chin and i fit in XL clothes. I know i don’t have the perfect smile or the perfect face. But i’m sorry for you. Not myself.

‘I’m sorry that you get amusement out of making people feel like s**t. I’m sorry that you’ll never get the chance to know the kind of person i am. I may not look okay on the outside.
‘But i’m funny, nice, kind, down to earth, not judgemental [sic], accepting, helpful, and i’m super easy to talk to. Thats the same for every other girl on that list that you all put down. Just because we don’t look perfect on the outside does not mean we are ugly. If that’s your idea of ugly then i feel sorry for you. Like seriously? Get a life.'”

To the person that made the “ugliest girls in grade 12 at hth” ask.FM straw poll. I’m sorry that your life is so…

Posted by Lynelle Cantwell on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Since her response, Cantwell’s Facebook posting has been shared over 5,000 times and she has received numerous comments in support and encouragement. It some times pays to take the high road, as Cantwell has managed to squash the negativity that goes along with bullying with an outpouring of positivity and love.

Cantwell is a gorgeous young lady and we are so pleased to share her story and that she took the higher road in regards to the other student’s disgusting behavior.



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Oregon High School Cancels Dance Over Questionable Student Behavior


(PCM) A high school in Portland, Oregon is making waves after they announced that their upcoming winter formal dance has been cancelled because of concerns about dirty dancing occurring between students at the event. A spokesperson for the Portland Public Schools claims that the dancing at Cleveland High School has been “over the top and sexual in nature” leading to their decision to cancel the upcoming event.

The school board is now receiving criticism from both parents and students who don’t feel that the dance should have been cancelled and that all students should not be punished because of the actions of a few classmates. The school board has not yet released another statement addressing these concerns from both the parents and students, but currently the dance still remains cancelled.

It is unknown if the students will be allowed to have any other dances throughout the rest of the school year. Do you agree with the school boards decision or do you think that only those students directly involved should be punished?


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Teen Runner Disqualified For Showing Good Sportsmanship


(PCM) A high school runner by the name of Zach Hougland came in first place during a cross country race in Des Moines, Iowa, but was later disqualified from the competition all because he showed some good sportsmanship and went back to assist a fellow runner who was struggling.

Competitor Garrett Hinson was suffering from severe dehydration during the race, so when Houghland noticed that no one else was coming to Hinson’s aid, he turned back and helped Hinson cross the finish line.

Definitely a heartwarming gesture, however it backfired when Hougland was notified that he had lost his first place medal. The rules of the Iowa High School Athletic Association a competitor is immediately disqualified for giving or receiving help, so therefore both Hougland and Hinson were both disqualified from the race.

A representative for the Iowa High School Athletic Association claims that his hands are tied due to the rules, however he does commend Hougland for his good sportsmanship. Hougland’s team did score high enough in the competition to allow him to compete at the state meet later this month and Houghland says despite losing his medal he would not do anything differently and would still come to the aid of a person in need.

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High School Student Sent Home For Wearing “Inappropriate Attire”


(PCM) Recently, a Kentucky high school student was sent home from school for an absolutely ridiculous dress code violation. She posted images of her so-called inappropriate outfit on Reddit and they have since gone viral.

The student was told by her school principal to cover up her exposed collar bone, as it was distracting to the male students. The student contacted her mother, who came all the way to the school to deliver her daughter a scarf to put on so that she would not be sent home from school, however despite the fact that the scarf covered nearly all of her exposed neckline, she was still sent home for the violation.

Outraged over the ridiculousness of an exposed collarbone being a dress code violation, the mother and daughter launched an online petition to have Woodford County High’s eleven year old dress code policy updated and changed. You can show your support and sign the petition here!

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Student’s Senior Pictures Taken At Taco Bell Go Viral


(PCM) Missouri high school student Brittany Nicole Creech’s senior portraits have gone viral, as they were shot at the most unlikely of places … her local area Taco Bell restaurant! 

Creech hilariously posted the set of images that show her dramatically posing at different areas in the Taco Bell including the cash register, sipping a drink and playfully laughing outside the establishment.  In a message to go along with the photos she wrote “remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at Taco Bell and you thought I was joking … “

Creech’s Taco Bell photo shoot which was shot by Missouri-based photographer Brendan Batchelor, has since gone viral with nearly 5,000 retweets and over 10,000 favorites after they were posted on Creech’s Twitter account. 


It is still up in the air as to whether or not Creech was trying to be playful with her senior pics or she really is just that big of a Taco Bell fanatic.  Her Twitter account does reveal that her dream is to one day appear in a Taco Bell commercial and after this hilarious photo session we think that there is a pretty good chance she is well on her way! 


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Fan Uses Twitter To Score A Prom Date With An Eagles Player


(PCM) High school senior Hannah Delmonte had her dreams come true when she managed to use her Twitter account to score a date to the prom with Eagles player Emmanuel Acho.

At first, Delmonte used her Instagram account to reach out to Acho with her proposal, he responded and issued her a bit of a challenge before accepting her date invitation. She was first asked to get 2,000 retweets on her request and then he upped the challenge to 10,000 retweets to secure the date.

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