Fan Uses Twitter To Score A Prom Date With An Eagles Player


(PCM) High school senior Hannah Delmonte had her dreams come true when she managed to use her Twitter account to score a date to the prom with Eagles player Emmanuel Acho.

At first, Delmonte used her Instagram account to reach out to Acho with her proposal, he responded and issued her a bit of a challenge before accepting her date invitation. She was first asked to get 2,000 retweets on her request and then he upped the challenge to 10,000 retweets to secure the date.

Arkansas Prom Date Video Goes Viral


(PCM) The prom can be one of the most memorable occasions for any high school student, as  it is one of those memories that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

A high school in Arkansas is making headlines after a video and story about a very special “promposal” has gone viral, warming hearts across the nation.

A 19-year old student named Autumn Pollard, who is diagnosed with Noonan syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder that affects areas of her body such as her height and her heart,  was recently asked to attend the high school prom with star football player Cope Robinson.

Due to her disorder, Pollard is only 4 feet tall and ways just 57 pounds. In the very special promposal video, Pollard was on the gym floor dancing with the school mascot during a recent pep rally, when suddenly students holding cardboard signs spelled out “PROM ?” just before Robinson came out from behind them with a bouquet of flowers to ask Pollard to be his date.

Pollard says that this is a dream come true as this will be her first prom and Robinson said that he is just thrilled that he was able to do something to make someone else so happy.

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Seven High School Girls End Up Pregnant After A School Trip


(PCM) The parents of seven Bosnian high school girls are furious after their daughters returned home from a school trip to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo and it was discovered that they are all pregnant at the same time.

The girls range in age from 13 to 15 years old and it was determined that they all conceived at some point during the five day school trip.  It appears that these students were definitely exploring more than just museums during the trip that was supposed to be for education purposes so that they could visit some of the various historical sites in the area.

The students parents are demanding answers from school officials as to why teachers and chaperons were not keeping a better eye on and supervising the girls during the trip.

However, many people are also questioning the parents role in teaching their children about sexual education, as it seems these students were not properly taught the lessons of safe sex .

According to several sources there is a growing trend of underage pregnancies in Bosnia therefore, others are claiming that it is both the school and the parents responsibility to work together at teaching the children effective sex education.

The issue in this story is definitely stirring up a lot of controversy around the world as many are debating just who exactly is responsible for the students actions. What do you think? Should the school or the parents be held accountable?


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High School Senior Suspended For Saying “Bless You” To A Fellow Sneezing Student


(PCM) Have we really become a society that is this over-sensitive to common phraseology or even common courtesy for that matter? A Tennessee high school senior was recently given an in-school suspension over saying “bless you” to a fellow student who had just sneezed.

I mean for many of us, the phrase “bless you” comes out without even thinking when someone around us sneezes. It’s like second nature and most certainly shows common courtesy and good manners.

Kendra Turner, the student who was suspended, claims that her teacher has a list of banned words on the chalkboard in her classroom and “bless you” made it on to the list. Other no-no words include “my bad”, “hangout”, “dumb”, “stupid”..etc. Turner also reveals that the teacher literally stopped the class to ask who had said “bless you”!  Oh, the horror!

When the teacher asked Turner why she said, she claimed that she was only being courteous and that she had been taught by her parents and her pastor to say it when anyone sneezes.

Turner was then kicked out of the classroom and sent to in-school suspension. The school’s principal claims that the incident was not a religious issue, but rather a distraction taking place in the teacher’s classroom, but Turner and many others feel differently.

What do you think? Have we become too overly sensitive as a society or was this case truly a classroom distraction?



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Prom Queen, Kendra Muller, Gives Her Crown To A Special Needs Student

Prom1(PCM) This is definitely a story that tugs at your heartstrings and proves that even with all the headlines about bullying and selfishness that takes place in high schools there are still those out there that are willing to do a good deed and care about others.

The junior class at Riverton High School in Utah, crowned sixteen year old Kendra Muller as their 2014 prom queen, however they never would have guessed that three days later Muller would offer up her crown and sash, a completely selfless act, to a special needs student who was voted first runner-up.

Muller, went into a classroom and handed over the sparkly tiara, sash, and title to Amanda Belnap in front of her fellow students and teachers saying “I thought Amanda really deserves this honor”.  The school principal claims “It was one of the neatest things I could ever imagine”.

Prior to the prom, neither Kendra nor Amanda had ever interacted. Kendra is well-known and well-loved by her peers and also happens to be in a wheelchair, after she was paralyzed in an accident that occurred three years ago. She is shocked that her good deed for a fellow student is garnering all the attention that it has thus far.

Amanda was thrilled by Kendra gesture and has been sporting her tiara and sash with a huge grin on her face. It was a truly touching act of kindness on the part of Kendra and definitely helps to restore some faith in humanity, when at times it can seem that all we are ever out to do is knock one another down.

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School Raises Funds With The “Assistance” Of Justin Bieber Music

Bieber-high-school1(PCM) A school in Seattle, WA is making headlines after school officials came up with quite the interesting way to urge students to donate cash for a school fundraiser.

During all cross-over breaks between classes and lunch periods, “Baby” the hit song from Justin Bieber was blasted over the schools PA system and students were told it would not stop until the school’s goal of $500 was raised.

While this may border on torturous to some, it was a brilliant idea to get the students to donate. Even students who were Bieber fans were tiring of the endless chorus of “Baby, Baby, Baby..ohh!” after awhile. Other students claimed they were about to “go crazy”.

The high school is raising money for a great cause which is Crossover International Academy in Ghana. The money will go toward rebuilding the school, which was destroyed in a 2010 flood, and for food and supplies for the 254 orphans who attend the school.

The Bieber plan was a success as students raised over $900 dollars for the cause. Although it is yet to be determined if the students donated because of the charity or just to get the endless Bieber music to stop playing.

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