Famous Canine Actor Uggie Dead After Battle With A Prostate Tumor


(PCM) Hollywood is mourning the death of on of their most beloved canine actors. 13-year old Jack Russell terrier Uggie has sadly passed away after a battle with a prostate tumor. Uggie’s illustrious Hollywood career included award-winning acting roles and even a published memoir.

Uggie’s most famous roles include a large appearance in the 2011 award-winning film “The Artist”, as well as additional memorable roles in film such as “Water For Elephants” and “The Campaign”. Uggie’s performance in “The Artist” won him a Golden Collar Award and the Cannes Film Festival’s Palm Dog Award. Those are considered the world’s top honors for canine actors in the industry. Uggie was also video game company Nintendo’s first-ever spokesdog during their promotion of the popular Nintendo DS game “Nintendogs & Cats”.

Uggie’s memoir titled “My Story” was published in 2012 after Uggie retired from acting. Imprints of his paws are in the iconic cement outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. According to his Wikipedia page “Uggie was rejected by at least his first two owners as being too wild. He was about to be sent to a dog pound, but was adopted by animal trainer Omar Von Muller after his friends alerted him to the dog. Von Muller intended only to foster the dog while he found him a new home, but decided that Uggie should stay. He said of the dog, “He was a crazy, very energetic puppy, and who knows what would have happened to him if he [had] gone to the dog pound. But he was very smart and very willing to work. One of the most important thing is that he was not afraid of things. That is what makes or breaks a dog in the movies, whether they are afraid of lights, and noises and being on sets. He gets rewards, like sausages, to encourage him to perform, but that is only a part of it. He works hard.” When not working, Uggie lived in North Hollywood with Von Muller, Von Muller’s wife and Von Muller’s 6-year-old daughter. There are six other dogs in the household, all of whom work in the film industry.

Our sincere condolences go out to Uggie’s family.

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The Internet Has Become Obsessed With Matt Damon’s Ponytail


(PCM) A celebrity makes one change to their appearance and the internet goes absolutely wild! Hence, is the case with actor Matt Damon and his new acquired ponytail. The ponytail was first spotted during the actor’s recent appearance at a press conference in China regarding his role in the upcoming 2016 film “The Great Wall”.

Despite the fact that Damon looked rather dashing in his grey plaid button down shirt and blue jean the main focus was on the adorable tuft of a ponytail tied neatly behind his head. Social media was quick to explode with hundreds of comments about Damon’s new lengthy locks and many appear to be pleased with the new style.  In fact, someone even gave Matt Damon’s ponytail its’ very own Twitter account.

Sources say that Damon may have grown out his hair for his role in “The Great Wall”, which is a mystery-thriller surrounding The Great Wall of China and features a production budget of close to $150 million.

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Marvel Monday Update – Marvel Comics News

pcm-monday-marvel(PCM) Monday June 22, 2015 It’s our first Marvel Monday Update. Let’s get right to them…

Hulk: Seems Mark Ruffalo had it wrong when he said Marvel Studios couldn’t make a stand alone Hulk movie due to Universal. After some digging, folks at Forbes learned that when Universal failed to deliver another Hulk movie within a contracted timeline they can’t make another Hulk movie, but they still have right of first refusal to distribute. This means Marvel Studies can make all the Hulk they want. They just need to give Universal the first right of distribution. If Universal passes on distribution, Marvel takes on that task, which has no impact on Hulks future in films. Can you say “Planet Hulk”?


Thor: Rumor has it Marvel Studios wants Kenneth Branagh back for the third Thor installment, Thor 3: Ragnarok. His first Thor film turned non-Thor fans into fans. It is a smart choice.


Spider-Man: Jumping from film to print, Spider-Man no more? It’s coming down that the social justice warriors and thought police have completely mind f’d Marvel management, editors and writers. Spider-Man will no longer be Peter Parker after the completely inaccurately named series, Secret Wars is over in the summer of 2015. In the Secret Wars, separate Marvel Universes collide (literally) to combine and subtract the characters Marvel sees as it’s future franchise players. Seems Marvel just wanted to leverage the name Secret Wars from past Marvel history. From this shake up, or should it be called ‘breakdown’, characters such as Miles Morales will replace Peter Parker permanently as Spider-Man. In Marvel’s own words, they do not want Miles Morales to be a Spider-Man with an asterisk (*). Marvel wants the public to know him as ‘the’ Spider-Man. Those are the words of Brian Michael Bendis, creator of the Miles Morales Spider-Man. It’s not entirely fair to blame Morales as being mind F’d by social justice police. Bendis has a mixed race family and the cause is close to home.


Spider-Man: Again? Yes, in other Spider-Man news, more leaked Sony hack information has revealed that Spider-Man must fit old school expectations in Marvel films. What’s shocking is that it’s Sony making the rules. Sony requires Marvel to not make Spider-Man Black in films unless he’s the main black Spider-Man in print. Somehow that last Spider-Man piece now has more meaning doesn’t it? Spider-Man has other requirements too, look for a separate Spider-Man Film Contract article here at PCM for the details.


Wolverine: Yep he’s still dead in the comics but Hugh Jackman has been confirmed through on-set sightings in Montreal back in May to be in Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse.


Ant-Man: Marvel is clearly concerned this could be their first flop. They are hard at work releasing stills and offering high profile quotes that the film is ‘good!” to gain some tracking and buzz leading up to it’s July 17th release. It’s entirely possible many Marvel fans intend to pass on it’s theatrical release and see it on Blu-Ray. On Father’s Day Sunday June 21st Marvel released a special Father’s Day trailer with the intention of building excitement for the film. Yet every trailer installment released reinforces the lackluster impression everyone has already formed towards Ant-Man.

Come back next week for more Marvel Comics News.

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Enter Derry: Why Stories From The Mind Of Stephen King Would Make A Great Video Game


(PCM) Since the mid-70s Stephen King has been hammering out story after story and letting us know what goes bump in the night. He is has become the true “king” of the modern day horror tale. Which is a good and bad thing. The good thing is we all benefit from it. We can read a scary tale and have a fine time using our imaginations and playing it out. And then talk about it with our friends and family. Word of mouth is still the best marketing there is. King doesn’t need this marketing ploy. His talent and perseverance has helped him become one of the most successful writers today. Longevity at its finest.

The bad thing he has been branded a horror author. While a vast majority of his work is horror. There is still a lot of his work that isn’t horror at all and it’s beautiful written. He is simply a writer and he writes what he does and does a magnificent job at doing it.  He is the “king” for a reason.

He has been in pretty much every form of media possible. Countless short stories, novels, movies, and even audio books. I think I even saw him in an American Express TV commercial once. A play that he worked on with John Mellencamp called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. ( I haven’t seen this yet but I want to.) King has been playing off and on with the band The Rock Bottom Remainders. Playing the guitar and singing a song or two. He’s a busy guy. He has done been pretty much everything except make a videogame.

I’m not a huge videogame kind of guy. But videogames are a form of storytelling that a lot of people are into. I have a Playstation 2 and 3 and that’s about it. Still kind of mad that Mortal Kombat X won’t be out for the PS3 for a couple more months. Maybe Pennywise could be a playable character in the next Mortal Kombat. And if your kicking enough a** in the game Stephen King appears on the side of the game and yells REDRUM. ( I know that’s from 2 different stories but would be cool to see. Admit It.) Just like in the history of the Mortal Kombat games someone would suddenly appear and yell Toasty.

With the vast universes he has created over the years I’m a huge fan of the fictional town of Derry, Maine. This is the town of course where the murderous clown Pennywise dwells. I love the book and movie. I can still see Tim Curry under all that make up smiling at me from afar even as I write this and get goose bumps. And the book was beautifully written. I was kind of excited when I heard that IT was being remade. I know it will never beat the original, but the remake will give a new generation of people goosebumps. Because we all float down here. I read on the net the director dropped out of the project with New Line due to creative issues. And that stinks. I hope they get the issues fixed as soon as possible. And as an audience we don’t have to wait years for this remake.

Oh yeah, I was talking about a videogame. Imagine playing a character that looked like Stephen King in his younger days riding his Schwinn Bicycle into the woods at dusk. A paperback book in his back pocket poking out. He gets lost in the woods during the night and comes across a witch. The witch is a beautiful blonde but as he get closer to her she grows old and horrifying. The witch chases him through the woods to a lake. The lake of water plays out the visions in his head like a projector. The witch knows the young man before her has many ideas in his head he wants to be a writer. She tells the young man that he must fight her or all his horrifying ideas will come to life and effect this reality. Sounds like a pretty cool videogame idea to me!

A videogame based on something King has written I think would be very cool to see. Or even an original story for the videogame written by King would be great. I don’t think he will have a hard time coming up with something. He is after all the “king” of IT …

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“No Kardashian Parking” Signs Pop Up Around Hollywood


(PCM) Can we give a giant hug to whoever came up with this brilliant idea? It seems that someone feels that that Kardashian family have worn out their welcome, especially when it comes to parking around Hollywood, CA.

Mysterious “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs have been popping up all over the areas of Hollywood that are most frequented by the family. Hilariously, there was even one placed directly in front of the clothing store Dash which is owned by Kim Kardashian West and her two sisters.

Taking credit for the parking sign stunt is a local Los Angeles based artist who goes by the name Plastic Jesus. He claims that the signs are part of an art project titled “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”, however that may have backfired because they have the media yet again talking about all things Kardashian.

Plastic Jesus says the art piece is a statement about America’s obsession with all things celebrity.  He explains that the art project is not meant to condemn celebrities, but is a statement about society as a whole.  He feels that the media sacrifices genuine news stories to feed our celebrity obsessions.

Funny enough, the LAPD says that no one has complained about the signs as of yet, but they are still considered vandalism regardless of Plastic Jesus’s artistic intent.

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Kevin Hart: A Look At How Hollywood Comedy Would Have Been Saved If Chappelle Never Left


As another Kevin Hart movie is released (Get Hard), I comparatively wonder what the career of Dave Chappelle could have been. I say COULD because Hart’s career is certainly nothing like what Chappelle had in mind. Hart has fully embraced Hollywood and his newfound stardom, where Chappelle rebelled against almost everything that came with reaching that certain level of success. Chappelle feels that when you reach a certain level of “success” you become dehumanized. He never went crazy as was reported. The Africa trip wasn’t about drugs, but rather getting away from the Hollywood “game”, which scared the shit out of him. Hart on the other hand, seemingly becomes more and more comfortable as he climbs the ladder of fame.

As he continues to climb to the top, and stars in a few dozen movies every year, for some reason I’m drawn back to the career of Dave Chappelle. Sure these guys have slightly different styles, but they are both stand-up comedians who put in their time playing the Hollywood game to eventually becoming leading men. They were both in multiple films before hitting that level of notoriety that tends to lead to the staring role of a Hollywood feature.

While they are different ages, (Chappelle 41- Hart 35), and differing levels of films to their credit (13 for Chappelle and 35 for Hart), whenever I see Hart in a new film I long for Chappelle. My desire to see Chappelle in more movies is completely selfish. It was never Chappelle’s goal to reach Kevin Hart’s level of fame, however he’s forever immortalized and will no doubt leave more of a lasting impact on popular culture than Kevin Hart could ever reach. It’s a shame (for everyone other than Chappelle and his family) that we may never see Chappelle in another film or television show, but are force-fed stereotypically bland performances and dozens of terrible Kevin Hart films.

Before I truly begin I want to make a five quick points:

1. I find Kevin Hart extremely funny; otherwise I wouldn’t make this comparison to begin with.

2.What I don’t like about Kevin Hart are his movies. His standup is without a doubt fantastic.

3. Chappelle doesn’t want and never desired a career like Kevin Hart’s. At all.

4. While I typically find Hart’s films awful, he is not the reason why. It’s usually a combination of terrible writing/directing/stereotypes/clichés.

5. Again, this is coming from the selfish place of wondering “what could have been” if Hollywood didn’t drive Mr. Chappelle away. What did we (his fans) miss out on? What would he be starring in now? Was he genius enough to elevate the entire landscape of Hollywood and comedies in general? Or was the system that chewed him up and spit him out turning their back on one of the most naturally gifted comedians of all-time. Was he blacklisted and not given the opportunities after proving he wouldn’t simply be a pawn in the game?

My theory is that if Dave Chappelle had chosen to stay within the system, Hollywood would be completely different. Chappelle is a genius, and certainly would have changed the current comedic landscape that has become stale, repetitive, clichéd, lazy, and almost entirely forgettable.


I compare the current state of Hollywood comedies to the terrible state of mainstream American horror films. We’ve become so accustomed to mediocrity that when a decent effort is released, it garners more praise than otherwise deserved. Take James Wan’s 2013 horror film The Conjuring. I’m not saying the film isn’t good; it’s just not great. This “good” movie was however better than 99% of the other feature length horror films (and better than some Oscar nominated films) released that year, so it has the appearance of being great. It’s not. Sure there are cool camera tricks, but the film relies on clichés and jump scares to entertain the audience.

There’s almost nothing original in the film, or anything truly memorable, yet it’s regarded as a classic. Again, it’s not. I only bring this up because the same thing is happening to our comedies. Every year the Oscars (not that it’s necessarily a true representation of the “best films”) chose drama after drama for award contention. Horror, and especially comedies never try anything risky or original and are content with mediocrity.

Looking at Kevin Hart’s film career only backs up this sentiment. He’s an extremely talented standup and comedic actor who is in one terrible movie after another. Not to say he’s terrible in them, he’s just not given much to work with. For example, last year’s film Ride Along was a commercial success raking in $154 million at the box office against a budget of $25 million. That kind of profit puts blinders on the studios eyes, as all they see is cash money. This doesn’t give the studios any incentive to try to make a better movie; they simply green-light a sequel, and do more of the same. Everyone cashes in, including Hart, but hey, Chappelle would never play that game. Look for Ride Along 2 in theaters next year. I’m sure you can already guess the plot and a majority of the jokes.


So what exactly happened to Mr. Chappelle to cause him to turn away from inevitable cinematic success? Chappelle’s story is a familiar one… up until a certain point. Chappelle was almost instantly successful at comedy. His standup was making waves and then he landed a role in Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights. He continued his standup routines, which led to specials (although I’m certainly not arguing that Chappelle is a better standup comedian, Hart’s had unreal box office returns for his standup specials). Chappelle continued to land roles in movies like The Nutty Professor and Con Air, until he was given a chance to star in a movie he also wrote. That movie is the classic stoner comedy Half Baked.

While not perfect, almost everyone within a certain age demographic has seen the film once, if not multiple times. This was 1998 and he’d continue starring in roles until 2002. In 2003, his life changed forever. He created and starred in The Chappelle Show, which led to his eventual downfall. In a now classic interview with James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio, Chappelle stated: “Did I get too big? Cause I like people. I like entertaining and the higher up I go, for some reason the less happy I am”. At this point in 2006, Chappelle left his show and went on a spiritual journey to Africa, to escape the madness. The media calling him crazy and a drug addict only reassured him that he made the right decision to escape the sickness that is Hollywood.

What if he never left? I think we would have gotten one or two more seasons of The Chappelle Show, until he eventually moved to movies. His move to movies would have differed from Hart’s because Chappelle would be given more creative control of the roles he decided to take. Scripts would be written by him or tailored for his strengths. Hart’s at a disadvantage here, never writing his own scripts and choosing roles that could be interchangeable for any comedian. Chappelle is the type of guy who doesn’t care about fame or money, so his roles would be selected based on quality and not finances.

The comedy world is missing something. That’s not to say there aren’t funny people working; the gatekeepers may be keeping everyone at bay and at a distance, never allowing one person to transcend the landscape. In Hollywood, this may be exactly what they want. Where Kevin Hart is merely a pawn in this game, Chappelle is the guy that could have changed things.

I mean the guy walked away from a $50 million contract, because he knew the price of admission to this level of fame wasn’t worth it. If Hollywood had this guy mentoring and working with guys like the Kevin Harts, the quality of productions could have only risen. Hart’s an extremely smart guy, but Chappelle is much more realistic in his way of looking at things. I really wish this guy could work with all the new talent coming out, because their philosophy and perception of reality would inevitably be shifted. While I know that no one player is bigger than the entire game, Chappelle is that voice that’s so desperately needed as we cross into a new age in Hollywood. Gone are the classic comedies like Caddyshack, Trading Places, Young Frankenstein, Beverly Hills Cop, Blazing Saddles, and even more recent films like Office Space, Friday (one of my personal favorites), and Moonrise Kingdom. Things are changing, and if not Chappelle, we need more guys that echo similar sentiments.

Dave Chappelle stood up to the Hollywood system, and in return, may have gotten himself blacklisted, meaning nobody would work with or hire him. This forced him to turn his back on any of this stuff and focus on what truly makes him happy. He lives the lifestyle he wants. He does his standup, spends time with his family, and isn’t living this weird isolated lifestyle that comes with reaching the top of the ladder of “success”. He’s doing what he wants, and I’m happy for him. I just know that we missed out on something truly special and for that I’m sad. Maybe things wouldn’t have drastically changed and they would have squashed his creativity to the point where he accepted terrible roles and just went through the motions. But I don’t believe this. The Hollywood comedies missed out, and most of all, the world missed out on groundbreaking comedy that would have questioned everything from race to gender equality, instead we have subsequently been force fed mediocre meals that are beginning to taste more and more bland as the years tick away.

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