$2,145 Balenciaga Tote Bag Looks Strikingly Similar To $0.99 IKEA Shopping Tote! The Internet Notices!

(PCM) If high-end fashion designer Balenciaga thinks that people didn’t take notice of just how strikingly similar their¬†$2,145¬†Balenciaga Arena Extra-Large Shopping Tote looks to everyone’s favorite $0.99 blue IKEA shopping tote then they are wrong. In fact, the Swedish furniture retailer even claims to be “flattered” by the uncanny resemblance.

People began noting the similarities when the Balenciaga bag was recently posted on luxury retail store Barney’s website. People began sharing posts commenting on the similar designs via social media and IKEA says in a statement to NBC’s The Today Show, “We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents. Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

Everyone knows that the wonderful Frakta IKEA tote bags can carry just about anything and everything you would ever need to transport. We must have like five of them laying around the house and have used them for everything from everyday laundry tasks to full on house moves. Something tells us that the high-end $2,145 dollar Balenciaga bag would never hold up to all that and for that price we would probably be too scared to even use it.

According to Barney’s website, the description for the bag read, “Balenciaga’s Arena extra-large shopper tote bag is constructed of blue wrinkled, glazed leather.” Wrinkled blue leather? Is that supposed to be equal to the sustainable material used in creating the IKEA bags, we think not! Paying even more homage to the IKEA bag, the Balenciaga bag featured a gold stamp at the top for the “ultimate luxury” feel, so yet again copying the idea from IKEA’s gold colored lettering.

$2,145 is way too much money to spend on any type of bag, especially when we can have the same one for only $0.99, so we will totally be sticking with our love IKEA Frakta bags for the foreseeable future. Good luck Balenciaga, hope IKEA doesn’t sue!

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Playing Hide-and-Seek Is A Big No-No In IKEA Stores


(PCM) The fact that furniture and housewares retailer IKEA even had to issue a statement in regards to customers playing hide-and-seek in their stores is utterly ridiculous, but the company is done “playing games” and has made a new rule, telling their customers : No more hide-and-seek in the store!

It seems that online groups have been popping online in order organize massive games of hide-and-seek that take place inside IKEA stores across the country. It seems that the trend is currently only occurring in Europe, but could soon make its’ way over to The States.

In the Netherlands, over 30,000 people signed up via Facebook for a massive hide-and-seek game that was supposed to take place in a store in Eindhoven, which possible could have broken the World Record for the largest game of hide-and-seek ever, but alas, the organizers were not permitted to play and the massive game failed to take place.

A spokesperson for IKEA says that the new trend is hard to control and that the company’s main focus is the safety of customers in their stores, which is hard to do if those customers can’t be located.

IKEA goes on to claim that they are thrilled that customers want to gather together with friends and family to have some fun, but the massive hide-and-seek games in the stores need to cease, as they have gotten so out of control the company can no longer guarantee the safety of both the customers and their own employees.

We certainly understand the safety concern, but admit it … a massive game of hide-and-seek at IKEA does seem a little appealing, right?

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