Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight Over Ex’s

bloom-kerr(PCM) Just in. Did Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fight in Ibiza? Orlando Bloom is rumored to have thrown a punch at Justin Bieber reports TMZ. Grainy video shows two silhouettes with entourages converging but no punches are seen. It’s suggested they argued over ex’s.

It all takes place in Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza. Surprisingly Paris Hilton is said to have been there but yet to sound off on the altercation. Diddy was also said to be nearby as Justin is friends with his nephew.

According to eyewitnesses, Orlando began to throw a punch at Justin that he pulled midway. … read more...

Looks Like Justin Bieber Might Be the New Face of Calvin Klein Underwear

(PCM) Bad boy Justin Bieber has been making headlines lately for various delinquent behavior, from egging houses to throwing rowdy rooftop parties, but that doesn’t stop the hustle.

Various celebrity gossip sites and pop culture pundits have been speculating that Justin Bieber will be the new face of Calvin Klein underwear.

Few people have been shocked by this considering Bieber has been posting selfies of himself in the fashionable underwear on his instagram for some time now.

It was rumored back in April that the Biebs would appear in a Calvin Klein underwear campaign with Kendall Jenner when Hollywoodlife.com reported … read more...

Canadians Will Get A Taste Of The Taco Bell Breakfast Menu If They Take Justin Bieber Back!

Taco-Bell2(PCM) I am sure you have all heard by now that Taco Bell has finally unveiled their new breakfast menu here in The States. So, far the highly anticipated new breakfast items have been a huge hit and the company has been receiving a ton of positive press.

To keep the steam going on the new launch, Taco Bell president Brian Niccol hopped on Reddit to take part in a AMA (ask me anything) about the new menu choices and more.

There were a ton of interesting questions, but one in particular really stood out. When asked if the new … read more...

School Raises Funds With The “Assistance” Of Justin Bieber Music

Bieber-high-school1(PCM) A school in Seattle, WA is making headlines after school officials came up with quite the interesting way to urge students to donate cash for a school fundraiser.

During all cross-over breaks between classes and lunch periods, “Baby” the hit song from Justin Bieber was blasted over the schools PA system and students were told it would not stop until the school’s goal of $500 was raised.

While this may border on torturous to some, it was a brilliant idea to get the students to donate. Even students who were Bieber fans were tiring of the endless chorus of … read more...

Justin Bieber Shows 15 Year Old Girls His True Self – They Won’t Care.

Remember when Jimmy Kimmel had the fake reporter tell teenage girls horrible things Justin Bieber did, only to have them shrug it off?

Now there’s video showing him to be a true self absorbed narcissist. A deposition is a fact finding event that takes place before trials. It allows lawyers to establish evidence before they go into trail. In one of Justin Bieber’s encounters with the law he is sworn to answer questions in the video below.

What makes this video special is that Justin doesn’t have screaming and adoring fans to protect his behavior. Here he lets it all … read more...

Justin Bieber Gets Last Word In New Song: Broken

Well, this is it. You really made him mad!

Justin Bieber reacted to public scrutiny today (Friday February 21, 2014) with the way he thinks he communicates effectively. He released a song aptly named Broken. Bieber’s hip hop pop song is a collaboration with Blake Kelly who hinted a song was in the works weeks ago on his Instagram account. The song comes the same day he tweeted he acknowledged the USA and Canada’s Olympic hockey match up was being meme’d heavily to determine which country would take him based on who won. Canada won. Does that mean we really … read more...

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