Kanye Tweets Out Track List For “Swish” And All Everyone Is Talking About Is His Terrible Penmanship!


(PCM) Kanye West has finally revealed the track list to his highly-anticipated new album “Swish”, however when he tweeted out an image of the handwritten track list, all anyone could focus on was his illegible and terrible handwriting skills. Honestly, it looks like you would need a decipher ring or something!  The only thing we could clearly read was a note from Kylie Jenner which read “Kylie was here” scrawled at the bottom!

Thankfully, someone will skills better than ours was able to translate the chicken scratch and the complete track list can be found below:

1. Nina Chop
2. Father Stretch My Hands
3. Waves
4. High Lights
5. 30 Hours
6. No More Parties in L.A.
7. Fade
8. FML
9. Real Friends
10. Wolves

He also made sure to mention that “Swish” was going to be the best album of all time, but we will be the judge of that!

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See Kanye West’s American Idol Audition! “Idol” The Farewell Season Kicks Off Tonight


(FOX) American Idol will begin its 15th – and farewell – season with a special two-night, four-hour premiere event Wednesday, Jan. 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Jan. 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. American Idol continues on Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursdays (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). A season-long celebratory event, American Idol will feature host Ryan Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., as they discover an IDOL one last time, and pay tribute to the past 14 seasons of amazingly talented contestants and the millions of fans who phoned, tweeted, texted and championed their favorites.

Fans and judges got a special treat in the form of a surprise audition in San Francisco by none other than Kanye West. Check out his “golden ticket” earning audition clip below:

Follow American Idol on the following:

 OFFICIAL SHOW WEBSITE:  americanidol.com/

OFFICIAL SHOW TWITTER: @AmericanIdol / #americanidol

OFFICIAL SHOW FACEBOOK: facebook.com/AmericanIdol

Petition Calls For British Train Station To Be Renamed After Rapper Kanye West


(PCM) Why, just why?!? A British man by the name of Mark Kilner has such a love for rapper Kanye West that he has started a petition to have Canterbury West train station in Kent, England renamed after the famously egotistical rap star.

When Kilner first started the petition via Change.org, he had only accumulated about 10 signature, but now the petition has gone viral and has racked up well over 1,000 supporters. Kilner refers to West as “the greatest human being of our time” and would eventually like to see more than just the rail station named changed to honor West.

Kilner says he has dreams of an entire Kanye West-inspired town with both a cathedral and a hospital paying homage to West. In the petition’s description, Kilner writes “We cannot undo past wrongs, such as retroactively giving Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award to Beyonce, any more than we can save Jesus from crucifixion (although technically God kind of took care of that). But we can show our appreciation in other ways, and what better start than renaming Canterbury West Station to Kanye West Station?”

Well, Kanye does say he plans to run for President in 2020,  so perhaps this idea is not too far-fetched? Nevermind … yes, it is!

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Could Kanye West Really Be Serious About His 2020 Presidential Bid?


(PCM) Many got a good laugh when Kanye West took to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and revealed that he has plans to run for President of the United States in the 2020 election, however according to wife Kim Kardashian he is actually serious about his bid.

During her recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kim revealed that she was just as surprised as everyone else when Kanye revealed his political goal saying “That was news to me! That wasn’t a discussion in our household” beforehand”. Kim went to say “I believe he is serious and I know that if he puts his mind to something he’ll do his best. It’s been fascinating just hearing all the conversation that’s gone on since that announcement. I don’t know if that was planned and I just didn’t know about it or if he just came up with that idea then and there.”

DeGeneres remarked that Kanye did say that he was high when he took to the stage to make the announcement and accept his MTV Video Vanguard Award, however despite that fact he is still not shying away from the idea of a 2020 Presidential bid. That is definitely a bit of a scary thought and as the interview went on, it seems that Kim had more concern over the redecorating of the White House rather than her husband’s political platforms saying “That’s a big thing to not talk to your wife about — but I think it would be so much fun to be in the White House. I was joking with him, I was like, ‘You’re going to have to make it to a second term’ — because he loves redecorating — so I was like, ‘You’re going to want to redo the whole White House, and we’re not going to be able to enjoy it so we’re going to just have to go with the flow.’ ”

If this happens in 2020, we think it might be time to move!

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Jay-Z Holds A Bizarre Press Conference To Launch Tidal


(PCM) Yesterday, the internet was buzzing after Jay-Z held a bizarre celebrity-filled press conference to launch his new artist-run music subscription service called Tidal.

Jay-Z recently purchased the platform which is worth an estimated $56 million and will feature high quality audio and exclusive content that is owned by the actual artists.  Jay-Z was joined at the press conference by artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Jack White, Alicia Keys, Jason Aldean, Daft Punk, Arcade Fire and of course Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce. Both Calvin Harris and Chris Martin joined in via video conference.

Tidal, prides itself as being by the artist, for the artists and will cost the listener $20 per month. It was not so much the announcement of Tidal that was bizarre, it was just the behavior of the artists in attendance. They were all lined up on the stage appearing very cult-like and made a big to-do about signing an official declaration.

The worst was Alicia Keyes incredibly confusing speech that found her rambling about everything from Jimmi Hendrix to Nietzsche while giggling and humming “Pomp & Circumstance”, she appeared more intoxicated than serious. It didn’t help matters when Madonna threw her leg up on the podium, Usher made odd hand gestures and the rest of the celebrities just stood around the stage looking uncomfortable.

Almost abruptly the sound cut out and then it was over and Tidal was official born … at least we think. You can watch the full bizarre press conference below:

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Kanye West Is Developing A Video Game To Honor His Late Mother


(PCM) It is no secret that rapper Kanye West was truly devastated by the loss of his mother Donta, who passed away suddenly back in 2007 due to complications from a cosmetic surgery procedure.

In addition to his latest musical tribute to his mother with the single “Only One” which features accompanying piano by the legendary Paul McCartney, West has now revealed that his he currently developing a video game in honor of his late mother as well.

When speaking with New York radio station Power 105.1 FM, West revealed details about the upcoming game saying,  “The idea is, it’s my mother going through the gates of heaven and you have to bring her to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light.”.  He went on to say that they’ve apparently been working on the game quite a bit over the past six months.

At this time there has been no official release date set for the game and no information about what sort of platform the game will be offered.

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