Album Review: The Pretty Reckless “Going To Hell”

TPR_GTH_72dpi(PCM) Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless are dropping their new album “Going To Hell’ today and it is absolutely brilliant. It is the kind of album that defines the spirit of rock n’ roll as it is chock full of attitude, rebellion and raw aggression that speaks to the soul.

Forget any preconceived notions you may have had about vocalist Taylor Momsen, as she has most certainly shed them all and has shown her true colors as extraordinary vocalist and lyricist with the songs that make up “Going To Hell”. Momsen’s vocals are both spell-binding and seductive and she, along with the rest of the band, have without a doubt secured their spot on the top of the rock music world.

From the album’s opener “Follow Me Down” the listener is immediately captivated and we are ready to follow The Pretty Reckless where ever their musical journey chooses to lead us and what a trip it turns out to be!

The album carries the full range of the emotional spectrum and weaves a beautiful story with hard and heavy tracks such as the album’s title track “Going To Hell”, radio single “Heaven Knows” and the brutal “Sweet Things”. The more emotional side of the band is revealed with songs such as “Dear Sister”, the acoustic track “Burn” and the gut-wrenching closing track “Waiting For a Friend”.

The Pretty Reckless are currently out on the road in Europe with Fall Out Boy and are set to return to The States next month for an appearance at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards on April 23rd. The band is also slated to appear at several of this year’s major U.S. rock festivals including Rock On The Range, Rocklahoma, Monster Energy’s Fort Rock, Welcome To Rockville, RockFest Kansas City and more!


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Album Review: ARTPOP by Lady Gaga

artpop2(PCM) The year 2013 has brought us some fabulous album releases and we have had a chance to check out the good, the bad, the so-so, and the un-listenable from this year’s crop of new tunes. Thus far, the new album from Lady Gaga aptly titled “ARTPOP” has given me the most mixed feelings. Is it possible to love an album and hate an album at the same time?

“ARTPOP” consists as a smorgasbord of various genres, melodies, and styles all brought together in a way that only an artist like Lady Gaga can manage and I simply have to give her credit where credit is due. Gaga is never afraid to be experimental with her music and that earns her my utmost respect, but sometimes there are certain elements that seem to be a bit out of place. I found that some of the tracks on “ARTPOP” lost their sense of flow, leaving the album to feel a bit jumbled and a lot of the stylistic changes occurred quite drastically.

That being said there are more than just a few tracks that showcase Gaga’s incredible talent for songwriting and the creation of a delightfully catchy pop track that has way more substance behind it than the other bubblegum crap we hear on Top 40 radio these days.  Tracks such as “Dope” and “Gyspy” are simply oozing with raw emotion that can be thoroughly felt with each and every verse.

Songs such as “G.U.Y” (standing for ‘girl under you’) and “Sexxx Dreams” are incredibly sexual but fantastic nonetheless ,as if you couldn’t guess that from the titles and “Jewels N’ Drugs” finds Gaga collaborating with rappers T.I., Too $hort, and Twista and along with “MANiCure”, “Swine”, and “Do What You Want” feat. R.Kelly make up some of my favorite tracks on the album.

The album almost lost me right from the start with the strange album opener “Aura” and when “Venus” began playing I kind of wanted to punch my speakers much the same as the ridiculous “Donatella”. Those tracks aside, Gaga has certainly put together a thought provoking piece of musical art with “ARTPOP” and I’m sure that Mother Monster has made her little monsters proud with this release.

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