Dirty Heads Gear Up For New Album Release! Exclusive Interview With Drummer Jon Olazabal And Live Review!


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(PCM) Dirty Heads is a name that is popping up everywhere on the music scene these days and they are busy gearing up for the release of their fifth self-titled album which will drop on July 15. We were absolutely thrilled to nab an early listen to the upcoming album and we can say with certainly that fans are sure to be in for a treat.

Dirty Heads are a band that has the uncanny ability to flawlessly blend together a multitude of both musical style and genre to create a unique sound that is very much their own. In our humble opinion we feel that the new self-titled album showcases some of Dirty Head’s best work to date and is sure to appeal to both longtime fans and quite a few new ones as well!

We had a chance to catch up with Dirty Heads drummer Jon Olazabel to of course discuss the new album, but also share some details about upcoming touring plans and more. When asked what fans should be expecting for the new album Jon told us “You should be expecting some of our greatest work ever done”.  We couldn’t agree more.


Digging a little deeper we asked Jon to chat with us about what the mindset was like in the recording studio when the band was putting together the album. He replied ” For this album, as far as the studio goes, we decided that instead of going out of town or isolating ourselves from everything as we have done in the past,  for this one we decided to stay close to home, here in a studio in L.A..  It was awesome to be able to record for a few days and then if you weren’t needed you could actually go home and spend some time with the family. We worked with a few different producers and feel that we really came out with some good stuff that we are stoked on.”

Sometimes the area which a band records can have an influence on the overall sound or theme of a record. Jon commented “I don’t feel that area really influences our sound too much, as all of influence mostly comes from experiences and such that occurred before we get into the studio. This time around the recording process was definitely a very easy, light-hearted and fun studio experience for us and I’m sure that somehow translated into the music.”

When speaking about the band’s evolution to this point in the career, Jon tells us “We have definitely learned a lot over the years with all the different albums we’ve done and with the last one we kind of experimented with a new sound. It was a bit more alternative and we had some different ideas that we wanted to try and kind of get out of our system. We thought it came out great and now with this record we are going back a little bit more towards our original sound and older styles we did in the beginning. It’s awesome.”


We feel that it is wonderful that Dirty Heads can not be boxed into any particular genre and that they very much have the ability to do their own thing. Jon says “It’s funny because we never really made a conscious effort to do that, but I guess that’s just the music that we’ve always been influenced by and it came out that way. Somehow we have managed to blend different styles and genres and we are able to pull it off”.

We were recently able to catch Dirty Head’s out on the road with both Bleeker and Sublime w/ Rome and there is such an amazing generational appeal to their music. You see fans of every age group and demographic imaginable all rocking out and having the time of their lives. Jon comments “That is one of our favorite things. It is one of the things that we are most proud of and it’s crazy to see. We do a lot of meet and greets before our shows and we’ll have everyone from little kids all the way up to grandparents coming through that love the music and somehow find a similar connection through it.  It’s great for us.”


When speaking about the changes in the music industry and the fact that the band’s music actually says something to listeners, we asked Jon if there was anything he would change. He replied “We just try to stick to our guns and do what we do because we know that we believe in our music and have faith in what we do. Things are always going to change around us, but if we just keep our head down and keep working and stick to our original plan, it’s all gonna work. It’s also super hard to keep up with everything that’s going on out there.”

It can be hard for artist’s to earn a solid stream of revenue these days especially when it comes to streaming and illegal downloading. Jon adds “It is definitely a little frustrating, but I guess that is just the way that things go now. ”

Jon reveals that music first began speaking to him when he was a very young child. He says “In probably the fifth or sixth grade I started messing around with drums and I had an older sister that was big into music and she kind of dragged me along for the ride.  She exposed me to a lot of cool stuff early on and it stuck with me and somehow I link up with these guys in the band and it worked out. ”


Dirty Heads are certainly true road warriors, playing a ton of live dates each year. Speaking about upcoming touring plans, Jon reveals, “We are going to be doing a lot of touring this year. We start in a few days in Florida out with Sublime w/ Rome and that tour runs through August and we are pretty much just going to be going constantly till the end of the year.  We are trying to support this record and get in as many shows as possible.”

Every fan is going to have a different favorite song, so we were curious if Jon was ever surprised by which ones fans tend to gravitate towards. He says “It’s so funny because we think we know what we’re talking about thinking this particular song will be the best single and we’re always surprised by what people gravitate towards. It’s impossible for us to know.”

In the day and age of the internet there is often times a bunch of misinformation floating around out there about certain bands. Jon comments ” I feel like the guys are pretty clear with their lyrics and they kind of wear everything on their sleeve. They are upfront about who they are and who we are and we try to be pretty honest about that. We don’t really hide anything so hopefully people get it.”


Jon reveals that the Dirty Head’s creative process is a collaborative one saying ” Duddy and Jared, usually have all the starts to the songs and then we work together holed up in a room and start beating on the stuff to try to figure out how to put the song together.  We definitely work together in that way.”

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Album Review: “Getaway” From Rockers Adelitas Way


(PCM) We literally have zero desire to “Getaway” from the newly released album from Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way, in fact it has been in heavy rotation here in our office and we simply can’t get enough! The band recently dropped “Getaway”, which is their fourth studio album, and it is truly some of the band’s strongest material to date. Having endured many ups and downs over the year’s one thing is for sure, Adelitas Way has found the light at the end of tunnel with this album release.

“Getaway” is chock full of radio friendly tracks such as “Bad Reputation”, “Low”, and “Only The Good Die Young”, however it was refreshing to see the band experiment a bit and showcase their amazing musicianship on tracks such as “Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used”, “Filthy Heart” and “Shame”. Vocalist Rick DeJesus oozes with raw emotional intensity which paired with the searing guitar work of Robert Zakaryan, thumping bass lines of Andrew Crushing and pounding drums from Tre Stafford,  makes Adelitas Way is a unstoppable force in the realm of rock n’ roll.

We adore an album that can be played from start to finish and “Getaway” provides us with the perfect collection of hard rocking tracks which are all worthy of our full, unadulterated attention. This one is definitely worth checking out and has once again cemented Adelitas Way as a force to be reckoned with on the hard rock music scene.  The band just recently wrapped up their winter tour and we certainly expect to hear a lot more from them throughout the rest of this year!

Keep up to date with Adelitas Way:
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Album Review: Clutch “Psychic Warfare”

Clutch3(PCM) Clutch is one of those bands that continues to grow on me year after year as I have always felt that they have managed to remain true to themselves and their music which is no easy feat considering the pressures for a band in the ever changing musical landscape. As, impressed as I was with the band’s 2013 release “Earth Rocker”, their latest album release “Psychic Warfare” takes things to an entirely new level.

Following the trajectory of the band’s career from their beginnings back in the early nineties to where they have ended up now strongly lives up to the age old adage of slow and steady wins the race. It is quite apparent that a lot of time and energy pours forth from the band to be sure that they are putting out their strongest material possible and the collection of tracks that make up “Psychic Warfare” showcase some of the band’s best material to date.

The band is able to flawlessly blend together blues and hard rock topped off with a punk rock spirit to create a sound that is both incredibly unique and very much their own. The songs that make up this album take me back to a time when music still had something to say and I, for one, am very eager to listen. Right out of the gate the hard and heavy “X-ray Visions” sets the pace for the journey this album will take and it is a story the listener will enjoy thoroughly from beginning to end. Noteworthy tracks include the blues-infused “Quick Death In Texas”, the pulsating “Our Lady Of Electric Light” and my personal favorites “Sucker For The Witch” and album closer “Son Of Virginia”.

Clutch has always been a solid rock band and they have once again released a solid rock album. They have managed to stay on the radar without the tons of commercial success that has rained down upon other bands. They continue to prove that there are still true rock bands out there and we as fans continue to adore them for it!

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Album Review: Escape The Fate Shine With “Hate Me”


(PCM) We are absolutely blown away by “Hate Me” the upcoming new album from rockers Escape The Fate which is set to drop on October 30th! The album showcases a much more mature sound for the band and they have truly pulled out no stops in putting together what is arguably one of the most solid albums of their extensive ten-year career.

Few bands have endured what Escape The Fate has over the years and “Hate Me” is like a musical journey through the many trials and tribulations that took place over the course of this band’s career. While other bands would have thrown in the towel, Escape The Fate has risen from ashes stronger than ever before. “Hate Me” is like a slap in the face to anyone who ever doubted Escape The Fate’s will to survive in the ever-changing musical landscape .

The tracks that make up “Hate Me” are chock full of raw honesty and emotion and the band Robert Ortiz (drums), Craig Mabbitt (lead vocals),  Thomas “TJ” Bell (Rhythm guitar) and new lead guitarist Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft have done a phenomenal job of taking a lot of the hate they have received over the years and turning into a musical masterpiece.  On this album the band explores a variety of different elements stylistically and prove once again that we can throw any type of outdated genre definitions completely out the window.

“Hate Me” is certainly a rock record, however songs like the album’s title track “Hate Me” and brutal “I Won’t Break” play with electronic elements and songs such as the gorgeous “Breaking Me Down” and album closer “Let Me Be” show a taste of the band’s softer side. The album showcases the band’s amazing versatility and superior musicianship and finds the perfect way to balance anger and aggression with a message of uplifting hope that says we will be alright in the end! The album is a true emotional journey from start to finish and definitely worthy of quite a few repeat spins.

Escape The Fate has added yet another stellar album to their growing catalog and long-time fans will certainly be thrilled, however we definitely feel that with this album in particular they will draw in a slew of new listeners as well!

For more information about Escape The Fate, upcoming tour dates and more, please visit: http://www.escapethefate.com/

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Journeying Into The “Badlands” With Halsey!


(PCM) Halsey’s debut album “Badlands” has been unleashed and if she is not yet on your musical radar than you are about to get zapped, as Halsey is well on her way to superstardom.

“Badlands” was released via Astralwerks Records, which is an electronic imprint of Capitol Records, and is without a doubt one of the most refreshing and hauntingly beautiful albums to be released this year. Halsey’s raw honesty and emotion shine throughout the entire album and it is wonderful to see an artist that is not afraid to take a risk and put it all out there for the world to hear.

Halsey prides herself on her honesty and it immediately makes “Badlands” both memorable and incredibly relatable. She confronts the many hurdles that women must face, not just in the music industry, but in everyday life,  head-on and sings openly about the trials and tribulations that come about in one’s journey into adulthood.

It is hard for us to pick even one track that stand-outs from Halsey’s debut release, as they all ebb and flow naturally into one another and we feel “Badland’s” is remincient to some of our favorite albums from the 90’s in the sense that you can just pop it in the CD player (or set up the mp3 playlist, these days) and just let your journey into the “Badlands” with Halsey begin!

Stand-out tracks: “Castle”, “Ghost”, “Roman Holiday” and “New Americana”

Halsey is gearing up to start her sold-out headlining run this fan and we certainly look forward to catching her performance at the upcoming Budweiser Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA.

09.30.2015 Wed San Diego California House of Blues
10.01.2015 Thu Scottsdale Arizona Livewire
10.04.2015 Sun Austin Texas Austin City Limits Music Festival
10.07.2015 Wed Houston Texas House of Blues
10.08.2015 Thu Dallas Texas South Side Ballroom
10.11.2015 Sun Austin Texas Austin City Limits Music Festival
10.16.2015 Fri Atlanta Georgia Buckhead Theatre
10.17.2015 Sat Orlando Florida House of Blues
10.19.2015 Mon Philadelphia Pennsylvania Union Transfer
10.20.2015 Tue Washington District of Columbia 9:30 Club
10.22.2015 Thu New York New York Webster Hall
10.23.2015 Fri New York New York Webster Hall
10.24.2015 Sat Boston Massachusetts House of Blues
10.27.2015 Tue Columbus Ohio Newport Music Hall
10.28.2015 Wed Chicago Illinois Vic Theatre
10.29.2015 Thu Chicago Illinois Vic Theatre
11.02.2015 Mon Montreal Quebec Metropolis
11.03.2015 Tue Toronto ON The Phoenix
11.06.2015 Fri Minneapolis Minnesota Varsity Theater
11.09.2015 Mon Englewood Colorado Gothic Theatre
11.12.2015 Thu Seattle Washington Showbox SoDo
11.13.2015 Fri Vancouver BC The Rio Theatre
11.14.2015 Sat Portland Oregon Wonder Ballroom
11.16.2015 Mon San Francisco California The Fillmore
11.18.2015 Wed Los Angeles California The Fonda Theatre
11.19.2015 Thu Los Angeles California The Fonda Theatre

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Motorhead Prove Rock n’ Roll Is Alive And Well With The Release Of “Bad Magic”!


(PCM) With the release of their 22nd album “Bad Magic”, Motorhead have certainly conjured up something absolutely magical to offer up to the gods of rock n’ roll and it is anything but “bad”! This album is everything you would expect from Motorhead and a bit more.  It hits with a certain level of intensity that only Motorhead can master which is fast, hard and heavy as hell!

It is hard to believe that Motorhead vocalist Lemmy Kilmister will be turning 70 years old this year, as he and band mates Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell, are sounding as rebellious and rambunctious as ever on the 13 tracks that make up “Bad Magic”. Musically the album has the feel of early eighties punk with just the right amount of grit and grime to make it undeniably Motorhead.

“Bad Magic” is one of those albums that punches you right in the face and as a listener you are loving every moment. Lyrically, there are a lot of introspective moments, however never once does the band lose their edge. Right out of the gate, songs such as “Victory or die!”, “Thunder & Lightning” and “Firestorm Hotel” hit hard and fast and the album plows forward with no regrets. Songs such as “The Devil”, “Evil Eye” and “Choking On Your Screams” are classic Motorhead and I was incredibly surprised by just how much I enjoyed the band’s cover of the hit Rolling Stone’s track “Sympathy For The Devil”.  Motorhead’s version is just gorgeously arranged and something about Lemmy’s gravely and eerie vocals add a new element to the song that was seemingly never present before.

Motorhead has outdone themselves yet again with the release of “Bad Magic” and have proven without a doubt that rock n’ roll is still very much alive and well, as this album is sure to be a hit with both old fans and new!


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