Residents Concerned After Creepy “Free Candy” Van Spotted In Neighborhood


(PCM) Residents in Natomas, California (a suburb of Sacramento) were concerned after they spotted a creepy white van driving around the area with the words “Free Candy” splattered on the side with red paint and what appeared to be bloody hand-prints.

The van has no rear license plate and the hand-prints and smears meant to look like blood were leading towards the van doors. Overall, it gave many residents the creep factor and after snapping several photos for “evidence”, local media decided to investigate.

It turns out that the van was actually a joke art piece that the owner is driving to the Burning Man Festival. It is a Burning Man tradition to drive vehicles decked out in art to the week long festival that takes place in the Nevada desert.

The vans owner assures everyone in the neighborhood that the van is just a joke and does feel satisfied to know that if there were indeed a creepy white van driving around the area that residents would take notice.

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The First Documented Instance Of Stockholm Syndrome Occurred On This Day In 1973


(PCM) We are sure many of you are aware of the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome during which a kidnapping or hostage victim will begin to feel a certain level of trust and affection towards their captors, however do you know when this condition first originated?

It was on August 23rd, 1973 that the first documented case of Stockholm Syndrome occurred with the victims of a bank robbery at Sveriges Kreditbanken, on Stockholm’s upscale Norrmalmstorg square. The robber, Jan-Erik “Janne” Olsson, took four bank employees hostage and held them in a bank vault for a period of six days until his demands were met.

Olsson demanded that his friend Clark Olofsson, who was currently imprisoned be brought the bank along with 3 million cash, two guns, bulletproof vests, helmets and a fast car. The Swedish government granted Olsson’s request and brought Olofsson to act as point of communication between Olsson and the authorities along with a getaway car.

The authorities agreed on providing the car, but would not allow Olsson and Olofsson to take the hostages with them if they tried to escape. Olsson placed a call to the Swedish Prime Minister saying that he would kill the hostages if they were unable to leave together, however the Prime Minister refused to give in. Then in a move that baffled authorities at the time the Prime Minister received another phone call from one of the hostages saying that she was incredibly displeased with his attitude regarding the situation and requested that he let both the robbers and the hostages leave together.

Throughout the ordeal the hostages became more and more fearful of the authorities escalating the violence than they did with their captors. They began to sympathize with both Olsson and Olofsson and repeatedly told authorities after being rescued that they never felt fearful of Olsson or Olofsson, but were more concerned about the way the authorities were handling the situation. They even claimed that both Olsson and Olofsson were kind to them during the ordeal and even defended them for many of their actions during the hostage situation.

Despite the fact that Olsson threatened to kill the hostages if gas were leaked into the vault, authorities nevertheless used this method to eventually get both Olsson and Olofsson to surrender and the hostages were rescued.   The image above shows the hostages being held in the bank vault through a hole drilled by police from an apartment above just prior to them releasing the gas.

It was after this ordeal that the psychological behavior of the hostages began to be studied as never before had authorities seen victims of a crime actually sympathizing with their captors. The coined the term Stockholm Syndrome to describe the condition that still occurs during certain traumatic events to this day.



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Meet The Flying Spaghetti Monster In Real Life


(PCM) An incredibly bizarre looking deep-sea creature has been spotted by BP workers off the coast of Angola that is being dubbed the Flying Spaghetti Monster due to its’ uncanny resemblance to the satirical internet deity who shares the same name. The internet Flying Spaghetti Monster is a God-like creature that oversees carbon dating, and looks like spaghetti and meatballs. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was established, and Pastafarians still spread the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster throughout the nation. 

The creature that was recently discovered is believed to be part of the Bathyphysa conifera species and was spotted about 4,000 meters under the water’s surface. The creature is actually a colony of individual animals, with specialized functions. They cannot survive on their own and must travel together in the pack that resembles long strands of spaghetti tangled up together. 

See the creature is action below:


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Mars Curiosity Rover Spots A Strange Figure On The Red Planet


(PCM) Social media is buzzing after NASA released an image that was captured by the Mars Curiosity Rover that appears to show a woman wearing some sort of cloak staring at the Rover from a distance. The post has been titled “Alien Woman on Mars Watching Rover From Hill” and has been circulating various UFO and space related websites. It certainly has a lot of people talking however many also question the validity of the image. 

Many feel that it is indeed a cloaked Martian woman watching the Rover, others feel it is a left over statue from some great society, while majority feel that it is just a piece of dirt from the planet’s surface that just so happened to take on the form of a woman. 

What do you think?  Is there life on Mars? 

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Hatfield And McCoy Descendants Unearth The Site Of Their Families 1888 Ambush


(PCM) Nearly everyone knows the story of the infamous Hatfield And McCoy family feud that claimed at least a dozen lives leading up to an ambush that took place in 1888 and did not officially come to an end until the descendants of both families signed a truce in 2003. Many believe that the actual feud began during the Civil War, but there were many dispute that popped up between the two families over timber rights and even a pig. 

It was truly a sight to behold as descendants of both the Hatfield and McCoy families stood side-by side armed with digging tools rather than weapons in an attempt to assist archaeologists unearth artifacts at the site of of the families bloodiest battles during the on-going feud. The archaeologists were able to pinpoint the location of Randolph McCoy’s home that was infamously burned down by members of the Hatfield family. Another two McCoy family members were also gunned down during the attack, which served as a major turning point in the families on-going feud.

The archaeologist and members of both families were able to uncover charred timber, shell casings, nails, a pulley, as well as, various glass and ceramic fragments. It was an amazing and therapeutic experience for many of the Hatfield and McCoy descendants as they found themselves literally digging through their family’s past and historic history.  The property where the excavation took place is currently owned by Hatfield descendant Bob Scott, who would like to build a replica cabin on the same spot to honor his family’s legacy. 

As news of the excavation breaks visitors from all over the country are coming by to take a tour of the site and gain some further insight it to this epic historical feud. The families now share a very special kinship among on another and many have since even apologized for the actions of their ancestors.  


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Has The Lizard Man Returned To Terrorize South Carolina?


(PCM) The Lizard Man of Bishopville, South Carolina has been a urban legend in the area for the past 30 years ever since he was first spotted by a 17-year old stranded motorist back in 1988. The Lizard Man is said to call the area’s Scape Ore Swamp home and there have been numerous claimed sightings of him sporadically between then and now. 

Recently, a woman was leaving a church service and just as she stepped out of the building she saw the legendary creature stepping out of the wood. She was able to snap a quick cell phone photo and immediately sent it off to the local news station.  

After the photo was aired another man came forward with video footage of the Lizard Man that he and his wife filmed back in May of this year while they were exploring an area near Scape Ore Swamp. All of the sightings have been within the same area throughout the 30 year time period. 

WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 – Charleston News, Sports, Weather 

Despite a good number of reported Lizard Man sightings only two have included any type of violent interaction with the creature. The first was the initial Lizard Man sighting in 1988, as 17-year old Christopher Davis reported that a 7-foot beast came charging at him from the woods as he was changing his car tire. He says the Lizard Man took a leap on the hood of his car and left scratch marks on his vehicles roof. 

The second violent incident occurred in 2011 when a couple reported that their mini-van had been mauled overnight by a creature fitting the description of the Lizard Man. Sightings of the Lizard Man slowed down a bit after that, however it appears now that he is back in action. 

To us it looks like someone filming a really cheesy B-horror film, but the local residents of Bishopville take the Lizard Man fairly seriously.  What do you think?  Is this all just an elaborate prank? 

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