What Is With All The Alien Sightings Near Peru? New Video Evidence Surfaces!


(PCM) New video evidence has surfaced from a gas station surveillance camera in Peru that allegedly shows a small alien creature lurking along side the busy roadway.  Apparently, reported alien sights have been a big thing in South America recently, especially near the country of Peru.

This new video is incredibly freaky as you can clear see some kind of creature moving about in the distance. One man, who is definitely braver than any of us, actually attempts to approach the creature, but it takes off quickly into the tall grass.  Currently, experts are trying to determine if the video footage has been tampered with or if this new sighting is some sort of elaborate hoax, but it definitely has people talking!

What do you think? Alien encounter or elaborate hoax?

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Clown Allegedly Trying To Lure Children Into South Carolina Woods


(PCM) No, this is not some elaborate marketing ploy for the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s “IT”, but rather a real life horror story involving a clown (or group of clowns) who is allegedly attempting to lure young children into the woods in South Carolina. Authorities in the area are warning parents to stand guard and be extra mindful of their children.

There have been multiple reports from the residents of the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, S.C. saying they received letters from apartment management urging them to follow the 10pm curfew and not allow their children to walk alone in the area, especially at night. The sheriff’s department in the area is aware of the situation and have been making more frequent patrols around the area.

One resident claims that her son noticed the clown near the apartment complex’s basketball court. She at first thought he was seeing things, but then about thirty other children she spoke with the next day all said “Did you see the clown in the woods?”.  At that point the resident knew there was some cause for concern, as other residents reported seeing the clown attempting to lure/take children into the woods.

This is truly the stuff of nightmares! Thus far the authorities in the area have no suspects or lead, but will continue to investigate the situation.

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Large Shark Discovered Alive In A Roadside Puddle


(PCM) Authorities in Australia are investigating the discovery of a large shark found alive in a roadside puddle in the town of One Tree Hill. Could it have been a real live “Sharknado” or some elaborate prank, but whatever the case it has left the authorities baffled.

Sadly, despite their best efforts to move the shark to a water tank, it later died as a result of the incident. It is still unclear how the shark managed to find it’s way to the puddle, but authorities are leaning towards the theory that it may have been someones pet that outgrew it’s home aquarium tank. Also, someone may have caught the shark while fishing and then later decided to dump the catch on the side of the road.

Authorities are asking for anyone with any information to please come forward.

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A Handy Five-Step Guide For Solving A Rubik’s Cube


(PCM) If you are anything like us than you have probably been baffled by trying to solve this mysterious Rubik’s Cube. It is damn near impossible and we can’t tell you how many times out of utter frustration we have tossed one of these puzzling cubes across the room and said ‘to hell with it’!

So, you can only imagine our joy in discovering that someone has finally published the ultimate guide to solving a Rubik’s Cube in just five easy steps! The solution diagram can be seen below:


Now go grab that Rubik’s Cube out of the trash and get to solving!  You can thank us later!

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Mysterious Easter Island May Hold The Key To Anti-Aging


(PCM) There have been plenty of mysteries surround Easter Island over the years and now researchers are adding even more fuel to the fire with the discovery of a strong anti-aging compound located around the statues that rest upon the island.

The compound is called rapamycin and it happens to be a naturally occurring by product of bacteria that is found native to the region. Researchers have been studying the effects of rapamycin for quite some time as the first sample of the compound was collected back in 1964.

Further research on the compound revealed that it could fight fungus, act as an immunosuppressant and prevent cells from dividing. It also increased the life expectancy for certain animals such as fruit flies, yeast, and worms when they were exposed to the rapamycin. The increased lifespan has been attributed to the suppression of a protein called mTOR.

Another study was conduct on mice and when they were given the rapamycin their life expectancy increased by nearly 14 percent. Rapamycin has not yet been tested on human subjects and researchers are still trying to determine if there are any adverse or hazardous effects due to long-term exposure to the compound, but the results are certainly promising.

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Set Photos Leak From American Horror Story Season Six


(PCM) A collection of photos from the set of American Horror Story Season Six have leaked possibly revealing the mysterious theme for the upcoming installment of the popular FX horror anthology series.

The photos show a tree with the word “Croatoan” carved into the bark. This news alludes to the premise for the new season to be focused on a group of settlers who mysteriously disappeared from Roanoke Island in the 16th century. TMZ.com was the first to published the leaked set photos and give us our first real glimpse into the new season.

FX previously released a series of teaser trailers via Snapchat in support of the season six which the network hopes to be it’s most terrifying yet. American Horror Story is constantly raising the bar when it comes to solid horror on TV and if the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke Island is indeed the upcoming theme, we are certainly going to have an amazing mystery to unravel.

Roanoke Island was the first settlement by the English in North America founded in 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh. But the first group of settlers were plagued by setbacks and returned to England in 1586. In 1586, John White led another group of 100 colonists back to Roanoke to try things again. He returned to England to gather supplies and his return was delayed by the war with Spain.

When he eventually returned to the colony of Roanoke he discovered that it had been abandoned without a trace of any of the colonists, including White’s daughter and infant granddaughter. The buildings were torn apart, but there was no other signs of violence. The only evidence was the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree. Croatoan so happened to be the name of an island located approximately 50 miles away from Roanoke, however when the island was searched there were no signs of the colonists there either. To this day their whereabouts remain a mystery.

While the story of the “Lost Colony” could be a flashback sequence in the new season of American Horror Story, because some of the released teasers feature technology that would have been non-existent during that time period, we still feel it is a really awesome premise to explore.

Are you excited for American Horror Story season six?  American Horror Story Season 6 premieres Wednesday, September 14, at 10 p.m. ET on FX.


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