Time Capsule From 1795 Discovered In Massachusetts


(PCM) An ongoing water filtration project going on at the Massachusetts State House led to the discovery of a centuries old time capsule that is rumored to have been placed there by Revolutionary War figures such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

The location of the capsule was at one of the granite cornerstones of the house and it is believed that the capsule was placed there during the buildings initial construction back in 1795.

The capsule is a a small copper box believed to be about 219 years old and said to contain old coins, documents, newspapers and a … read more...

New “Paranoia” Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’

InherentVice(PCM) Warner Bros. Pictures’ released the new “Paranoia” trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s drama starring Joaquin Phoenix, Inherent Vice, today.

The new trailer has more of a comical tone than one would expect from a film described as a drama but, as everyone knows, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Along with the trailer came a link that allows you to RSVP to December 13th advanced screenings of Inherent Vice happening in major cities across the U.S. and in Canada.

Inherent Vice, based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Pynchon, stars a multitude … read more...

Nineteen “Furries” Hospitalized After Seemingly Intentional Gas Leak At Convention


(PCM) A very frightening incident occurred at the recent furry fandom convention, Midwest FurFest, which was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosemont, IL located just outside of Chicago.

Authorities discovered that chlorine gas was in the air when they were called to the hotel after convention attendees became aware of the strong smell of chlorine sweeping over the ninth floor of the hotel. The hotel was evacuated at about 12:40am after hazmat technicians discovered what appeared to be powdered chlorine in the stairwell at the ninth floor.

Authorities are treating the incident as a criminal matter, as they feel … read more...

Mysterious Green Cat Wandering The Streets Of Bulgaria


(PCM) Could you imagine seeing an almost fluorescent green colored cat roaming around your neighborhood?  Well, many residents in the town of Varna, Bulgaria are seeing just that when they began to notice a bright green colored cat roaming around the area.

Many residents assumed that the cat’s bright green colored fur was the result of some sort of cruel joke or prank, however it now appears that is not the case.

According to the HuffingtonPost, the cat got its’ green coloring by sleeping on “an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage”. At least the mystery has … read more...

Canadian Family Lives With A Corpse For Six Months In Hopes Of A Resurrection


(PCM) A devout Christian family was discovered to be living with the corpse of the family patriarch in hopes that he would eventually be resurrected from the dead.

50 year old Kaling Wald plead guilty to keeping her husbands decomposing corpse in a bedroom and from refraining to tell police or the coroner that her husband had passed away from an illness that was not treated by a medical professional.

Peter Wald, the woman’s husband, passed away sometime in March of 2013. He is said to have been suffering from diabetes and became ills after he foot became severely infected. … read more...

DNA Evidence Reveals That It Was King Richard III’s Remains Found Under A Parking Lot Structure


(PCM) Researchers are nearly 100% sure, 99.999% to be exact, that the remains that were discovered underneath of a parking lot indeed are those of King Richard III. The details surrounding the King’s death have been a mystery for nearly 530 years.

King Richard III died in battle in 1485 and part of the mystery is that church that had originally marked his grave had been demolished, so researchers had to locate the spot where the church had once stood. When they finally tracked down the location of the churches foundation it turned out to be located underneath of a … read more...

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