The Mystery Surrounding The D.B. Cooper Hijacking Lives On Over 40 Years Later!


(PCM) Many are familiar with the mysterious case of airplane hijacker D.B. Cooper, which currently remains the only unsolved airplane hijacking case in United States history and has led to thousands of conspiracy theories and ended in nothing but dead ends for FBI investigators. On November 24, 1971 an unidentified man, who called himself Dan Cooper, hijacked a Boeing 727 in the air as it was travelling from Portland, OR to Seattle, Washington. It was due to a miscommunication with the media that he became known as “D.B. Cooper” rather than “Dan Cooper” and the name “D.B. Cooper” has become permanently associated with the case.

Cooper was able to extort $200,000 in ransom money, as well as, several parachutes which he used to jump out of the plane and make his escape. Despite there being a massive manhunt for the man calling himself Dan Cooper no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced regarding Cooper’s true identity or whereabouts to this day. Only small shreds of any type of concrete evidence have surfaced in this case with the biggest break coming in the year 1980 when $5,800 of the Cooper ransom money was discovered in an area known as Tena Lake near Ariel, Washingon by an eight-year old boy by the name of Brian Ingram.

The young boy was on vacation with his family in the area and was raking the sandy riverbank in order to help make a campfire when he discovered three packets of the ransom cash. The money packets were severely disintegrated, however the serial numbers on the bills matched those associated with the D.B. Cooper ransom money and they were still bound together by rubber bands in the same order that they were given to Cooper.  It is still very much a mystery to investigators as to just how the money ended up in the area of Tena Lake as it is no where near the supposed flight path of the hijacked plane.

Some feel that the money was brought to the area due to a dredging project that occurred in the area, but others feel that the money may have been placed there by another person or even a wild animal. Some say Cooper, himself, may have dropped the money in that particular area, as he knew it was marked therefore knew it could not be spent.

Another small piece of evidence was discovered prior to the ransom money back in 1978, when a deer hunter discovered a placard containing instructions for lowering the aft stairs of a 727 in what would have been an area somewhere along the flight path of the Cooper hijacked plane. Over the years there have been several theories as to what exactly happened on that mysterious evening of November 24th and whatever happened to the elusive  D.B. Cooper.

The FBI has revealed some previously undisclosed information about the case such as the fact that a partial DNA profile had been obtained from three organic samples found on the hijacker’s clip-on tie in 2001. The Bureau also made public a file of previously unreleased evidence, including Cooper’s 1971 plane ticket from Portland to Seattle (price: $18.52 plus tax, total $20.00, paid in cash). They also revealed that Cooper chose the older of the two primary parachutes supplied to him, rather than the technically superior professional sport parachute; and that from the two reserve parachutes, he selected a “dummy”—an unusable unit with an inoperative ripcord intended for classroom demonstrations, although it had clear markings identifying it to any experienced skydiver as non-functional. (He cannibalized the other, functional reserve parachute, possibly using its shrouds to tie the money bag shut and to secure the bag to his body as witnessed by flight attendant Tina Mucklow. The FBI stressed that inclusion of the dummy reserve parachute, one of four obtained in haste from a Seattle skydiving school, was accidental.

What makes this all the more strange is that the owner of the Seattle skydiving school that the parachutes were obtained from was found dead in his home in 2013, the victim of an apparent burglary. Many D.B. Cooper conspiracy theorist claim that Cooper was behind the crime as some sort of twisted pay back for the dummy parachute as his killer has never been found.

The physical description of D.B. Cooper has not changed over the years, however if he is still alive today he would have aged considerably. FBI agents speculate that Cooper was familiar with the terrain in the Seattle area and may have been an Air Force veteran due to his knowledge of the distance to McCord Airforce Base from the Seattle-Tacoma airport which he revealed to flight attendant Mucklow while on-board the plane.  There is also speculation that he chose his alias based upon the Belgian comic book character Dan Cooper, who was a fictional superhero who took part in numerous heroic adventures, including parachuting.

While not available in the U.S., Cooper could have discovered the comic book while on a tour of duty overseas or he was a resident in Canada where the comic book was sold. Witnesses say he had no accent, but did request that the ransom money be delivered in “negotiable American currency” not something a U.S. resident would necessarily say, leading investigators to believe that he may have actually been of Canadian decent.

The FBI task force believes that Cooper was a careful and shrewd planner. He demanded four parachutes to force the assumption that he might compel one or more hostages to jump with him, thus ensuring he would not be deliberately supplied with sabotaged equipment. He chose a 727-100 aircraft because it was ideal for a bail-out escape, due not only to its aft airstair, but also the high, aftward placement of all three engines, which allowed a reasonably safe jump without risk of immediate incineration by jet exhaust. It had “single-point fueling” capability, a recent innovation that allowed all tanks to be refueled rapidly through a single fuel port. It also had the ability (unusual for a commercial jet airliner) to remain in slow, low-altitude flight without stalling; and Cooper knew how to control its air speed and altitude without entering the cockpit, where he could have been overpowered by the three pilots. In addition, Cooper was familiar with important details, such as the appropriate flap setting of 15 degrees (which was unique to that aircraft), and the typical refueling time. He knew that the aft airstair could be lowered during flight—a fact never disclosed to civilian flight crews, since there was no situation on a passenger flight that would make it necessary—and that its operation, by a single switch in the rear of the cabin, could not be overridden from the cockpit.

Finally, Coopers timing was ideal for the situation, as no one matching his description was reported missing over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend that year, so therefore he could have just returned to his normal day job without raising any suspicions. He would have plenty of time to get out of the woods, find transportation and get back home. He was wearing a suit and this leads to the theory that he may have thought it was easier to get picked up hitchhiking while wearing a suit rather than just a pair of jeans.

There have been many suspects and claims from individuals that say they have insider information about D.B. Coopers true identity and whereabouts however nothing completely concrete has ever come to the surface. What do you think happened to D.B. Cooper?  Do you think he survived the jump? If not, why has a body never been discovered? The case is truly one of the great American mysteries and one that may truly never reach a conclusion!



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Is It An Alien Or An Animal Corpse? Woman Discovers Mysterious Creature In Her Backyard


(PCM) When a California woman uploaded a photo that shows a very odd-looking slimy pink creature that she discovered in her backyard the internet immediately went wild with speculation that it could be the corpse of some kind of alien creature. The image was uploaded just a few hours after a proposed UFO sighting in Los Angeles that spread panic across the the area.

More than likely it is a strange coincidence as many are pointing out that the creature shares many of the same characteristics and features as what would take place during an animal, such as a deer having a miscarriage.  The woman who uploaded the photo to her Facebook page claims that she heard the sound of a scream outside in her backyard around 11:30pm  and when she ventured outside to check things out she discovered the mysterious creature in her yard.

After the woman posted the  images to her Facebook page, asking her friends to help her identify the creature,  they were then  reposted to Reddit with the caption, “Friend found this outside her house. WTF indeed.” The online debate began almost immediately with many UFO enthusiasts claiming that the creature is a dead alien astronaut that dropped from the UFO as it traveled across the California sky. They go on to claim that the government is trying to cover up the fact that there was a UFO sighting and the “alien” corpse in the backyard is proof.

They also say Facebook is in on the cover-up and assisting the government by deleting all posts that mention or feature images of the UFO sighting and the mysterious creature. However, this doesn’t really appear to be true because we have seen several postings on Facebook debating the origins of this mysterious and creepy-looking creature.

Again the most likely scenario that was mentioned by social media users, was that it could be the aborted fetus of a hoofed animal, such as a deer. The mysterious creature is probably an aborted deer fetus partly eaten by animal scavengers. The slimy pink body of the creature looks like a partially developed fetus expelled prematurely from the womb. There is still a ton of debate going on about exactly what type of animal the fetus actually is and of course that leads to even more speculation.

What do you think? Alien corpse or Animal fetus?



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Cracker That Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic Sells At Auction For Big Bucks!


(PCM) A cracker, or rather a biscuit as they are referred to in the UK, that survived the 1912 sinking of the Titanic has recently sold at a UK auction for the staggering amount of $23,000.

The Spillers & Bakers Pilot cracker was nabbed from a survival kit that was located on-board one of the Titanic’s lifeboats by a man named James Fenwick. Fenwick was a passenger on the Carpathia, the ship that helped rescue passengers of the Titanic, when the “unsinkable” ship crashed into an iceberg killing 1,500 people.

Fenwick took the cracker, placed it in an envelope and labeled it “Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912”.  How Fenwick managed to keep the cracker in such pristine condition all these years is quite the mystery, however in the end it has paid off nicely!

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Scientist Recreates Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Using Bacteria And A Petri Dish


(PCM) We are sort of hoping that this does not pick up as a new art trend, however it is definitely pretty cool to view!  A group of scientists came up with the idea for “Agar Art” contest in which microbiologists use bacteria as paint and a petri dish as a canvas to recreate famous works of art for submission. For those that may not know, agar is a jelly-like substance that is placed in the bottom of petri dishes that bacteria can eat and grow upon.

Missouri microbiologist Melanie Sullivan entered the contest with her incredible recreation of Van Gogh’s famous painting “Starry Night” where she used various types of bacteria to create different colors including one that causes urinary tract infections and others that cause infections such as pneumonia and meningitis. Rest assured that all safety precautions were taken when working with the various bacteria and submissions were only accepted from individuals who were members of the American Society of Microbiologists (ASM).

It is the hope of the individuals who organized the contest that for once art and science can be married together and prove that scientists can indeed be artistic!

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Has The Infamous Jersey Devil Finally Been Captured On Film?


(PCM) The legend of the Jersey Devil has long been a story that has been shared among New Jersey residents and visitors to the Pinelands area of the state for years. Many have reported sightings of a large winged creature that resides in the wood, however there has truly been no concrete proof of its’ existence .. that is until now?

A New Jersey resident by the name of Dave Black claims that he has photographic proof of what is alleged to be the infamous Jersey Devil that was captured as he was driving home from work on Route 9 in Galloway, New Jersey.

Black says that as he was driving past the Galloway golf course he saw what appeared to be a llama darting in and out of the trees that line the roadway. Here’s where it gets to be a bit odd. Black says that as he was watching the creature, it suddenly opened up it’s wings, took flight over the golf course and then it was gone.

Black managed to grab his cellphone and take a few quick pictures, however he claims that only one came out clearly. Black initially believed that his mind was playing tricks on him as he was unable to come up with any clear explanation to describe what he witnessed other than a sighting of the Jersey Devil.

After submitting the photo to, people immediately began to question the authenticity of Black’s image, however he swears up and down that it was not manipulated in any way and that he is only looking for some sort of rational explanation for what he witnessed.

In fact, just as many were about to dismiss Black’s photo as yet another fake, a woman by the name of Emily Martin, also reported a second sighting of the Jersey Devil on the same day. She managed to capture the creature on film and submitted it to the website

We have to admit that the photo definitely depicts some sort of out of the ordinary creature. What do you think?  Has the infamous Jersey Devil at long last been captured on film?

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of James Dean’s Porsche


(PCM) As we look back on the tragic passing of 24-year old actor James Dean, who died as a result of injuries suffered during a car accident on September 30, 1955, there has been some new light shed on the mysterious disappearance of his Porsche Spyder that was involved in the horrific crash. There has been a long-standing rumor that the car, which Dean nicknamed “Little Bastard” is cursed as several strange incidents have occurred surrounding the car and its’ internal and external parts.

Right after the accident, the car is said to have rolled off the back of a tow truck crushing the legs of a mechanic who was standing nearby and when the car was broken down into parts and sold to buyers all over the country, even more strange incidents began to occur. The car’s engine, transmission and tires were all placed into other cars that were each involved in deadly crashes, and a truck carrying the Spyder’s chassis to a highway-safety exhibition skidded off the road, killing its driver. Since that time period, the additional remains of the car have mysteriously vanished from the accident scene and they have yet to be seen again.  That is perhaps until now, as a new mystery man has come forward and revealed that he may just know the whereabouts of Dean’s cursed “Little Bastard”.

During the 50th anniversary remembrance of Dean’s death back in 2005, Chicago’s Volo Auto Museum offered up a reward of $1 million to anyone who was willing to come forward with information about the cars whereabouts and allow them to purchase. The museum has received many tips over the years, but have thus far still been unable to locate the actual car, however just this year a man from Whatcom County, Washington contacted the museum and revealed that when he was a young boy in the 1960’s he witnessed a car being hidden behind the false wall of a building. The man’s story was incredibly detailed and he even recalled cutting his hand on a part of the vehicle at the time.

The man was asked to submit to a polygraph test and passed, however he does not own the building and has zero claim on the car that could be resting inside. Currently, the location is still being kept secret and both the man and the museum are trying work out some sort of agreement in regards to the $1 million in reward cash. There is no official paperwork on the table in regards to who actually owns the car and the museum is trying desperately to hash out the ownership issues so, that they can finally possibly unearth the car. We certainly hope this mystery can finally come to an end!

Details Surrounding The Death Of James Dean ( via

At 5:45 PM on this day in 1955, 24-year-old actor James Dean is killed in Cholame, California, when the Porsche he is driving hits a Ford Tudor sedan at an intersection. The driver of the other car, 23-year-old California Polytechnic State University student Donald Turnupseed, was dazed but mostly uninjured; Dean’s passenger, German Porsche mechanic Rolf Wütherich was badly injured but survived. Only one of Dean’s movies, “East of Eden,” had been released at the time of his death (“Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant” opened shortly afterward), but he was already on his way to superstardom–and the crash made him a legend.

James Dean loved racing cars, and in fact he and his brand-new, $7000 Porsche Spyder convertible were on their way to a race in Salinas, 90 miles south of San Francisco. Witnesses maintained that Dean hadn’t been speeding at the time of the accident–in fact, Turnupseed had made a left turn right into the Spyder’s path–but some people point out that he must have been driving awfully fast: He’d gotten a speeding ticket in Bakersfield, 150 miles from the crash site, at 3:30 p.m. and then had stopped at a diner for a Coke, which meant that he’d covered quite a distance in a relatively short period of time. Still, the gathering twilight and the glare from the setting sun would have made it impossible for Turnupseed to see the Porsche coming no matter how fast it was going.


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