New York Woman Lives With Her Mothers Corpse For Three Years


(PCM) Many are claiming that this story sounds as if it was taken straight from the film “Psycho”, as it has been recently discovered that a woman from Brooklyn, NY has been living with the corpse of her dead mother for nearly three years.

The woman, named Chava Stirn, was able to hide her the body of her mother, Susie Rosenthal, in her apartment for three years without anyone knowing about it. Strin had Rosenthal’s bones set up on a pile of trash bags in the apartment’s kitchen.

It is also reported that Stirn allegedly slept next to the remains, as it was found that she would drag a chair out into the kitchen to sleep next to the pile of bones. Her own twin size bed in the apartment was found to be covered with stacks of paperwork.

What is even odder about this story, is that neighbors told authorities that they have never actually seen Stirn or Rosenthal and it was not until the building superintendent needed to gain access to the apartment to fix a leak that the mother’s remains were discovered.

Stirn refused to allow the superintendent to enter the apartment so he returned with emergency works who then broke down the door to gain entrance. When approached by authorities, Stirn was acting erratically and was eventually taken to Maimonides Medical Center for a psych evaluation. Police say Stirn believed that her mother had left her in the apartment to die.

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Toddler Assumed To Be Dead Awakens At Her Own Funeral


(PCM) In a bizarre story out of the Philippines, a 3-year old who was pronounced dead by a local area hospital awoke in her casket at her own funeral.

The 3-year old was initially taken to the hospital after she was suffering from an incredibly high fever for three days. During her time spent in the hospital, the personnel and doctor declared that the toddler had no pulse and was pronounced clinically dead last Saturday at around 9 am.

The toddlers body was released to her parents so they could begin the funeral preparations the following day and when a family friend opened up the casket to adjust the remains, those in attendance witnessed the incredible sight of the toddlers head move.

The family was in complete shock and the toddler was immediately removed from the casket and cradled by her family in the church. She was immediately given water, taken to the hospital and then brought home.


Source say that the child was still comatose, however she is being taking to a more well-equipped hospital for further evaluations and treatment.

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Body Fall Out Of Coroners Van And Blocks An Intersection


(PCM) There are many things that drivers must be aware of when operating a motor vehicle, but something tells me that navigating around a dead body on a stretcher in the middle of an intersection was something that may have gotten looked over in high school drivers ed.

An incident occurred in Lower Southhampton, PA where a corpse, which was of course strapped to a gurney, was launched out the rear door of an area coroners van and right onto a busy intersection.

Definitely not something that you see everyday, that’s for sure!

The vehicle was said to be transporting the corpse to the county morgue when the door malfunction occurred. A few motorists stopped to try to lend a hand with getting the body back to the van and the hands of the coroner’s office.

Many of the motorists that stopped to help were surprised that other cars continued to navigate their way around the corpse and did not at all bother to stop.

No one knows if the family of the deceased body has been notified about the incident and the coroner’s office made the following statement:

“Care was taken to respect the deceased individual in this instance. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office deeply regrets this incident and will take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future”.

Let’s hope not!  It is just downright freaky!

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