“Spice” Sends Hundreds To New York Area Hospitals


(PCM) Experts have been warning people for quite some time about the dangers associated with the use of synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as “Spice”.  In just nine days, about 160 people have been seen at New York area hospitals having incredibly serious reactions to “spice” or “K2, also in the southern states of both Alabama and Mississippi there has been a notable rise in the number of synthetic marijuana-related hospital visits.

The New York State Health Commissioner reports to CNN that “Since the exact compounds contained in synthetic cannabinoid products change so frequently, it’s often impossible for users to know exactly what they are putting in their body.” There is often a range of symptoms that accompany reactions to using “spice” such as headaches, confusion, seizures and sometimes even loss of consciousness resulting in death.

Consumers are led to believe that “spice” is a legal plant-based material that is coated with chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana.  Some of those so-called “safe” chemicals are the very same ones that are found in both insecticides and rat poison.

“Spice” is popular among teens because it is sold as natural product and often times marked as incense making it legal for them to purchase.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Failure With The Food Stamp Challenge


(PCM) Now that the New York Food Stamp Challenge come to an end, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that she failed. She confessed  via her lifestyle website, Goop.com, that she actually failed the challenge in only four days.  She claims that she broke down on day four and purchased some chicken, fresh vegetables and half a bag of black licorice.

For those that recall, the New York Food Stamp Challenge was put in place to see if celebrities would be able to survive living off the city’s small $29 a week food stamp budget. The goal of the challenge was to bring about awareness and raise much needed funds for the cities food bank.

Last week, Paltrow who was challenged by her good friend Chef Mario Batali via Twitter, posted a photo on Twitter of her $24 worth of groceries and stirred up quite a bit of backlash with the image. She was criticized because her purchases were non-realistic for someone who was living on such a meager budget and proved just how out of touch she was with the real world.

Paltrow said online that she would give herself a “C-” for the challenge and goes on to say “My perspective has been forever altered by how difficult it was to eat wholesome, nutritious food on that budget, even for just a few days—a challenge that 47 million Americans face every day, week, and year. I’m not suggesting everyone eat organic food from some high horse in the sky. I’m saying everyone should be able to afford fresh, real food. And if women were paid an equal wage, families might have more of a choice in the grocery aisles, not to mention in the rest of their lives.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Food Stamp Publicity Stunt Is A PR Nightmare

(PCM) While we definitely think that her intentions were in the right place,  actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweet showcasing her $29 worth of groceries purchased with food stamps has left many people with a bad taste in their mouths.

Paltrow is taking part in the New York City Food Bank Challenge that aims to raise awareness and money for the city’s food bank. The challenge is for Paltrow to live off the city’s weekly food stamp allowance which is only $29.

Paltrow’s photo showed that she purchased brown rice, black beans, eggs, an avocado, cilantro, some leafy small leafy greens and yes, count them, SEVEN limes! People were understandably outraged by Paltrow’s food stamp purchases, as majority feel it does not adequately show how the average person would shop if given the budget of only $29. Could she even survive for a week off of what she purchased? It looks more like she is trying to make some guacamole and seriously … what could she possibly be doing with seven limes???

With the image she tweeted the following text : “This is what $29 gets you at the grocery store – what families on SNAP (i.e. food stamps) have to live on for a week.”

While Paltrow did make healthy choices for her weekly food budget, many feel it was like an insult to those who are forced to use the benefits just for adequate sustenance. The tweet further proved the point about just how out of touch celebrities are with average everyday life.

While there were some people on Twitter that praised Paltrow for her choices, the majority of people were absolutely disgusted and insulted. A firestorm of criticism broke out against Paltrow and many were telling her just where to stick her Goop and asking ‘How about we try living on Paltrow’s weekly allowance for a week’?

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New York Teenager Gets Accepted To Every Ivy League College


(PCM) We can only imagine how proud his parents must be! New York teen Harold Ekeh applied to 13 colleges and has received acceptance letters from every single one. Those colleges include all eight Ivy League colleges, as well as, John Hopkins, MIT and several others.

Ekeh, who is from a Nigerian immigrant family, has a GPA of over 100 and scored 2270 out of 2400 on the SATs. In addition to his school work, Ekeh is also a model U.N. leader, a drummer, a youth choir director and the leader of a mentorship program at his high school. It is truly amazing that he has to time to fit some much into his schedule.

Ekeh currently attends Elmont Memorial High School in Long Island, NY and his school’s principal commends him for being one of the most humble young men he has ever has the pleasure to meet. Ekeh and his family, including three brothers, immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria when he was just eight years old.  He credits his family for giving him such a strong support system over the years for his success.

To celebrate the news of Ekeh’s acceptances the family took a trip to Chipotle!  We are guessing nothing says Ivy League acceptance than a delicious burrito and guac!

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SBTRKT Announces New Album, Drops New Single “New Dorp, New York”

(PCM) UK producer SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract” for the uninitiated) delighted the music world when he announced his new album Wonder Where We Land and dropped the single “New Dorp, New York” on Tuesday.

“New Dorp, New York” is an ode to the Big Apple, featuring New York native Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.


Wonder Where We Land follows SBTRKT’s self titled debut album from 2011 which received generally positive reviews, earning the 42nd spot on Pitchfork’s “Top 50 Albums of 2011.”

SBTRKT’s announcement follows the release of Transitions, a three part series of instrumental 12-inches released on Young Turks back in March.

SBTRKT also recently released the track “Temporary View” featuring singer Sampha just last month.

Watch the teaser trailer for Wonder Where We Land, being released on September 23, 2014 on Young Turks, below!


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Loom Ensemble’s Production of Olympus

olympusLoom Ensemble has produced a show displaying a tapestry of circus talent and drama that delighted its audience. In Olympus, directed and written by co-founder Michael Bauer, the leading gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece show their hubris and open disregard for the human race. Bauer’s script, performed for the first time at Dixon Place in New York City (April 10th-12th), seamlessly weaves together the stories of Hephaestus and Hera, Ares and Aphrodite, and Prometheus making for a moving retelling of a few tales in Greek mythology.

The energetic, mesmeric circus acts woven within-aerial rope act (Sloan Bradford, Hearts of Gold at the West End, Asylum at The Muse), poi spinning (Benjamin E. Oyzon, AlRealistic, Exploding Moment), trick ropes/juggling (Harold Moeller, Britney Spears’ Circus tour, Ringling Bros.), roué Cyr wheel routines (Courtney Giannone, American Ballet Theatre, Team USA Wheel Gymnastics; Randy Kato, Burning Man Fire Conclave; and Michael Bauer, Javert in Les Miserables)-paired with dramatic acting beautifully illuminated the stories of the gods well. Acceptable for children and adults alike, the ninety-minute, one-act play entertained from beginning to end and was more than worth the $15.00 general fee.

Bauer dusted his script with humor, lightening the mood of otherwise dark and gloomy anecdotes successfully bringing them out of antiquity and making them 100% enjoyable. The kinship and antics of Giannone (Artemis) and Bauer (Apollo), the polished comedy of Harold Moeller (Dionysus), Autumn Kioti (Aphrodite) and Thomas Schario (Hephaestus) gave the show its humorous push.

Particularly engaging, strong acting performances also seen in Madeline Hoak (Hera) and Sasha Bogdanowitsch (Hermes). Hoak founded Upsidown Productions and performs internationally with the Gwirtzman Dance Company. Bogdanowitsch has performed worldwide and has worked with American composer Meredith Monk.

Sasha Bogdanowitsch’s soulful music and Bauer’s costumes were terrific. Bogdanowitsch’s use of the lyre, drums and xylophone created an ethereal, otherworld atmosphere. Bauer’s costumes were tasteful, crisp and clean, evoking the god-feel for each actor appropriately while allowing for far-reaching physical performances.

The set was small and lean save for the necessary apparatus mounted to the ceiling. The show was the cast. The cast was fantastic as is their combined list of accomplishments. Many have performed worldwide and on television, i.e. Sam Stage, Zeus, doubled for Elijah Wood and Paul Walker; Kioti’s work can be seen this June as a stunt double on POWER; and Schario has appeared on Deadly Devotions and D.O.A. See their site for more details: https://www.facebook.com/loom.ensemble

Choosing a highlight for this attendee is as difficult as choosing a favorite vacation spot or dessert, however, the war scene is a tremendous climax. The show picks up momentum with each scene culminating in a fabulously choreographed battle between the gods. Energy and talent, humor and grit are teeming. An explosion of acrobatics and drama creates a unique, smart spectacle and intelligent exhibition.

Just as powerful, especially due to the contrast of the aforementioned war scene, is the very moving, serene closing scene. It is rich with originality and creativity. Simply put, it is inspired.

Of the circus arts and acrobatic feats, it is truly a disservice to choose one as a highlight, thus making “Loom Ensemble” a brilliant and apt name for this interlaced team of well-rounded, extremely talented performers.

Loom Ensemble is an interdisciplinary theater company that weaves together equal parts music, movement and text to tell their stories. Their shows are resultant of a collaborative effort of all its members, which, “We find both exhilarating and painful”. Loom is based in Dubai, New York where they also offer theatre making workshops.

Loom Ensemble plans to take this show on the road while also teaching high school and college age students via their traveling Mini-Circus Academy. You can support this goal financially at Indiegogo.com, an online fundraising campaign.

By Suzzanne Graham Paire

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