Pop! Pop! Ep. 14 – New York Comic-Con (Finally!)

The episode we promised and you might’ve been waiting for is finally here! Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! goes to New York Comic-Con!  The LA Nerd and Patrick are joined by Age of the Nerd owner Sean McAloon on location from the east coast to dish about what went down at NYCC.

Kevin Smith, Bruce Campbell & Ash vs. Evil Dead, the cast of Mr. Robot, the cast of From Dusk Till Dawn, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of The Venture Bros… The guys talked to all of these lovely people and more!  Tune in and find out who they geeked out over the most!  There’s a little bit of Nerd News too, have no fear!  The title for Ant-Man 2 and the fact that J.J. Abrams gets final cut on Episode VII both dropped while the guys were in New York and they’re excited as hell! You should be too!  Well what are you waiting for!?  Hit the play button on Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! 

Many thanks to Mister Mitchell for his musical talents in creating our theme song. Check out his website for all things music & audio related at Mister-Mitchell.com, and like his facebook page here!

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Niagara Falls Unveils A Creepy New Mascot


(PCM) We will never understand who in the world possible thought this was a good idea!  The Niagara Falls  Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Team in Buffalo, New York has unveiled their new mascot and it is an incredibly creepy looking goat-human hybrid creature named “Totes McGoats”.  Well, at least they timed it fairly close to Halloween because we may have just seen this mascot in our latest nightmare.

The team introduced the Totes McGoats mascot to help urge children and parents to get involved with the company’s recycling initiative, but we think he might just have people running and screaming in the opposite direction. Totes McGoats will visit the area’s schools to help promote the city’s year-old recycling program.

Even the mayor of Niagara Falls himself admitted that Totes is a bit scary, although he was meant to be cute. We think they might have to go back to the drawing board on that one!  The mayor went on to say that they chose an animal mascot because they seem to relate the best with children. The company only had a budget of $100, and spent $60 on the mask. McGoat is a reference to Goat Island, and goats eat everything, so it made for a good recycling mascot.

Of course once he has been revealed, Totes McGoats is already become a viral sensation online and the company is overjoyed by the reaction despite the fact that Totes is becoming the butt of many jokes, at least he has people talking about recycling.

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Group Of Maximum Security Inmates Defeat The Harvard Debate Team


(PCM) The news that a group of inmates from the Eastern New York Correctional Facility recently defeated the illustrious Harvard University debate team is quickly going viral. The completing inmates are part of the Bard Prison Initiative which is a program created by Bard University to provide college education to qualifying prisoners.

Thus far, the inmate debate team has defeated the nationally ranked team from the University of Vermont, as well as, the team from the U.S. Military Academy of West Point. The inmate team invited the Harvard debate team to participate.

During the match, the inmates has to defend a point of view that they strongly disagreed with which was “Resolved: Public schools in the United States should have the ability to deny enrollment for undocumented students”.

After the debate when speaking with the Wall Street Journal, a member of the inmate debate team Carlos Polanco said “He would never want to keep a child from attending school but he was incredibly grateful for the chance to attend Bard College while incarcerated.  He says the program helps the inmates believe in themselves once again.

The Harvard team did not appear to be too upset over the loss, as they posted the following on their Facebook page “There are few teams we are prouder of having lost a debate to than the phenomenally intelligent and articulate team we faced this weekend, and we are incredibly thankful to Bard and the Eastern New York Correctional Facility for the work they do and for organizing this event.”

The inmate debate team members faced many challenges when preparing for the debate, as they lack easy internet and computer access and there is often times a delay in receiving necessary written materials.  According to CNN.com, they also have a different perspective that college students may not share. They fully understand that their education from Bard College is an opportunity that many inmates don’t receive.

The Bard Prison Initiative currently has over 300 students enrolled and less that 2% of the students who have been released from prison ever return.

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‘Scary Lucy’ Statue Is Now Part Of A Mall’s Haunted House Theme


(PCM) For those that were curious about the fate of the ‘Scary Lucy’ statue, which was erected as a tribute to the late “I Love Lucy” actress Lucille Ball, but received a ton of backlash for depicting her in quite a terrifying way, will be happy to know that the statue is now part of a haunted mall event near her hometown in western New York.

An actor at the Chautauqua Mall’s annual “Haunting At The Mall” will be dressed up as the statue during weekends that run from now through Halloween. The mall is located in Lakewood, New York. Glad to know this hideous statue could inspire something!

The statue was erected in 2009 in a park in the village of Celoron, on Chautauqua Lake. Back in April of this year a Facebook campaign was started by residents and “I Love Lucy” fans in the area to raise funds to have a better-looking statue created to replace “Scary Lucy”.  A businessman from Massachusetts donated $20,000 to the cause, however “Scary Lucy” will stay in Celoron until the replacement is created.

The statue will then be moved to the National Comedy Hall Of Fame which is currently being built in Jamestown, New York. Proceeds from the “Haunted Mall” event are being donated to the Chautauqua County Humane Society.

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Are Flesh Eating Squirrels On The Rise In NYC?


(PCM) Most people don’t think anything about seeing a cute and fuzzy little squirrel frolicking around our yards and sometimes wreaking havoc on our bird feeders, however people in NYC may want to think again before interacting with these flesh-eating little beasts, especially if you work for MTA.

About a month ago an MTA worker was viciously attacked by a squirrel on a New York City subway car. The squirrel bit off a chunk of the woman’s finger and caused her to make a visit to the emergency room for treatment.  While one incident like that one can happen from time to time, it now seems that there has been yet another squirrel attack on an MTA works that occurred just this past week. 

Witnesses of this most recent flesh-eating squirrel attack, claim that the demonic little squirrel ran through the window of the Q train and then proceeded to stare down and attack the train operator. Passengers nearby were able to come the operators rescue and force the squirrel off of the train. The operators injuries, if any sustained were not reported. 

It is not known if there have been any additional squirrel attacks in the immediate area, but it seems like they really have it out for MTA workers. Either that or it is the start of the flesh-eating squirrel revolt and in that case we should all beware. 

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“Artist” Stirs Up Controversy Selling People’s Instagram Images For Profit


(PCM) A so-called “artist” by the name of Richard Prince has been turning quite a large profit by blowing up images from other people’s Instagram posts and selling them for upwards of $100,000. This is yet another reason to be incredibly careful about what you post online, as Mr. Prince is selling all of these prints without the permission of the individuals who originally posted and shot the photos.

Thus far, those that have attempted to sue Prince for copyright infringement have all lost in court due to a loophole in the laws surrounding intellectual property. It appears that fair use allows artists to comment or change an existing artwork to create something different. It is just how much change that is needed to make it different that comes into question, as long as it is a new expression, the court system considers it to be fair use.

Prince is simply taking the original photo from Instagram, blowing it up in size and then adding some of his own commentary to the bottom of the image. He has title the art series “New Portraits” and it has been on display at several art galleries and fairs in the New York City area.

Word to the wise for Instagram users … if you don’t want your images stolen and used for profit, be sure to set your accounts to private for protection.


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