It’s Tan Mom – Her NSFW NSFL Rap Music Video

(PCM) Its Not Safe For Lunch. Its Not Safe For Work. It’s Tan Mom’s music video “It’s Tan Mom”.

For some reason, Tan Mam Patricia Krentcil decided to record an electropop rap song entitled “It’s Tan Mom.” It’s bad on mutiple levels, music, performance singing/rap(?)

“I’m sexier than the Teen Mom – I am cool, I’m the cool one – I’m hotter than the Octomom.” are just a sample of the lyrics from the 45-year-old (and looking like a 70) Nutley, New Jersey mom’s song.

The New Jersey mother began her publicity-whoring in 2012, after she faced child endangerment charges for allegedly placing her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning booth, after her daughter told a choll nurse she went tanning with mommy.” Patricia said she believes the nurse, who then called the cops, “made the worse mistake of her life” and “should to be punished.”

She was later cleared of the charges, and brought the term “tanorexia” into the lexicon.
And don’t be surprized to hear her new catch phrase on beaches this summer – “It’s Tan Mom, Bitch!”

On one hand, I have to ask if we need to call in Big Brother every time we may have a question about someone’s parenting skills (she faced up to 10 years in prison) – the repercussions of the false claim will effect her, her family, and now, everyone who sees the video.

Like our friends at TMZ said, about her video, “It’s so bad, it’s amazing.”

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