Is It A Wall Or A River? Internet Debates Another Optical Illusion

(PCM) Everyone is wrapped up in yet another internet photo debate over whether or not this image of a picnic in Germany shows a wall or a river in the background. It was posted in a German Facebook group and the debate has commenced.

The internet folks love a good optical illusion, as you can recall both The Dress, The Underwater Or Jumping In and the Girl with the Missing Leg photos left us pretty baffled! Usually they end up being fairly easy to figure out, but this one is really getting to us!

We are kind of leaning towards a river because the wooden planks look like they could be part of a dock of some sort on the left hand side of the image, however the rest of the background really does resemble a wall.

What do you think? Let’s hope some super internet sleuths hop on this case quickly and let us know once and for all just what in the world we are looking at and in the meantime, can we hop on in there and join the party!


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Seriously! Guy Rompers Are Now A Thing!

(PCM) It is summer music festival season and of course one festival season fashion staple is the romper, which, for the most part, has been a garment specifically geared towards women … that is until now!

Our worst fashion nightmare has come true and a company called Aced Design has launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch the “RompHim“, which is essentially a romper for men. It is pretty freaking ridiculous!

But, of course, bro-culture has latched on and the “RompHim” has already surpassed their initial start-up goal of $10,000 and the company has already raised over $65,000 and we are still over here asking ourselves why on earth???

This is a true hipster nightmare! One major difference between a women’s romper and the new RompHim comes with a zip down fly for easier access when needing to use the bathroom. We females call this unfair, as we need to completely come out of these silly garment when needing to use the restroom! Such a bummer!

Although we have to admit we can’t wait to see some guys actually try and pull off this look! Laughs for days!

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Everyone Is Mesmerized By Weather Channel Clam Video

(PCM) While the words “squirting” and “clam” could be taken in a completely different context, everyone is still mesmerized by a recent video posted by The Weather Channel that shows a “squirting” and “digging” clam burrowing itself in the sand.

It is definitely one of the oddest things we have ever seen and once it has been seen, it is one of the videos that can never be unseen!

The video has been viewed over 15 million times and the view count continues to grow! To think about these clams actually living just under the surface of the sand on the beach almost makes us want to rethink taking that romantic stroll at the shore!

Many people have commented on the bizarre video and it has been determined that this particular clam is a Pacific razor clam. While this is completely normal behavior for the clam it still gives us the heebie jeebies watch it ….Ew! Just watching that sand and water shoot out of it … no thanks! Clams casino anyone?

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Mystery Of The South Carolina ‘Nightmare House’ Is Unraveled

(PCM) We recently shared the story about the mysterious South Carolina Zillow listing for a home that was being dubbed the “nightmare house” due to the fact that no one was supposed to ask questions about the secret tenant that resided in home’s upstairs apartment.

This led to much speculation with some wondering if the so-called tenant, who wasn’t required to pay any rent and was not to be disturbed, was actually a ghost or some kind of evil spirit. Well, it turns out the first HotPad listing was correct and the tenant is indeed a professional artist, by the name of Randall McKissick.

70-year old McKissick was once a world-renowned artist who has since fallen on hard times. He suffered a divorce, an eviction and an anxiety disorder. His work was shown at galleries all over the world, but since the dawn of the digital age, McKissick found his work could not keep up with the growing technology.

McKissick was childhood friends with the homes owner Michael Schumpert Sr, who allowed him to reside in the apartment upstairs rent free to help him get back on his feet. Schumpert Sr. got into a car accident back in December of 2016 and suffered a broken back, it was actually Schumpert’s son Michael who penned the ad trying to sell the home, as they don’t know what else to do and do not want Randall to have to leave.

Well, for starters, he could have made it a little less creepy sounding and of course everyone knows once the internet becomes involved, nothing stays secret for very long! The house has since been taken off the market and Michael claims he does not know what the plan is next.

The family is looking into alternative home options for McKissick, but money is a bit of an issue and he comes along with three cats. His anxiety disorder also makes it very difficult for him to deal with change. For now it looks like McKissick is staying put until the Schumpert family can figure out what to do, and he told the News & Observer, the publication who first uncovered his identity, that he would love to paint again, but he just has to find that spark!

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Mystery Creature Washes Up On The Shores Of Indonesia

(PCM) Locals in Indonesia were shocked when the bloody and gooey carcass of some sort of mystery marine creature washed up on the shores of Seram Island. It is pretty terrifying to look at and not something one should view if you have a weak stomach.

Just how the mystery creature, which Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management team is saying could possible be the carcass of a humpback whale, came to wash up on the small island remains a mystery, as well as, it’s cause of death.

A team of marine biologists are working on testing samples and getting the mess cleaned up, however they believe the creature may have been brought to the area due to the warm current, as it is not an animal that is native to the region.

The creature is also baffling other marine biologists across the globe, as many are curious as to what type of animal the creature actually is and some feel it may be a very large species of dolphin rather than a humpback whale.

The Indonesian government is also assisting with clean-up efforts. Whatever the creature turns out to be, it is definitely a rare species and, to us, looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick! Yuck!

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Unintentionally Sexual Posters Pop-Up At Middle School

(PCM) Someone may have wanted to rethink the oddly sexual slogan that was printed on several posters that were posted at a middle school near Houston, Texas. The posters urged students to “Please, bust a N.U.T”, and while the message was well-meaning, urging students to “N-Never Abandon Your Friends!, U-Understand your friends feelings!, and T-Tell your friends how you feel!”, the posters till took on an oddly sexual context.

We want to say that the posters were unintentional, however something about the way they were worded make us suspicious that the creator was hoping that they would go viral and they certainly have after an image of one of the flyers was shared by the sister of a student who attends the school.

While the posters give sage advice to students, it is the way in which they were presented that leads to many questions. Did the person who created them really have no idea what “Bust a N.U.T” really refers to or was it someone who was just trying to be funny?

No word yet on who posted the flyers, and something tells us they have been taken down by now, but let’s hope that no one got in too much trouble over this bizarre incident.

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