Harry Styles Urges Fans Not To Go To SeaWorld

HarryStyles(PCM) In the years since the SeaWorld-condemning documentaries The Cove and Blackfish alerted the public to the horrible mistreatment of sea life in the aquatic theme parks, the chain of marine mammal parks has been suffering from a decrease in park attendance and revenue.

Despite launching a promotional campaign to improve its public image, SeaWorld is continuing to struggle with backlash, and now they’ve received another blow in the form of a One Direction concert.

On Thursday, July 9th, at a concert in San Diego, California, One Direction member Harry Styles took a moment to urge the band’s fans to avoid SeaWorld. The singer briefly paused from performing and asked the fans in attendance: “Does anybody like dolphins?” before telling everyone to “not go to SeaWorld.”

Maisie Williams of HBO’s Game of Thrones was in attendance at the concert and, as an avid supporter of The Dolphin Project, posted a video of Styles’s plea to Instagram, echoing his words to her 1.2 million followers.

PETA, another fan of Harry’s move, applauded the musician on its website for taking a stance.

SeaWorld on the other hand was not too happy about the popstar’s words, posting the following public letter to Styles:

“We’ve seen a concert clip of you urging your fans not to visit SeaWorld. We want you to know we love dolphins too. We care for the animals in our parks like we would our own family. We are committed to making sure their lives are enriching and they are continually engaged socially, mentally and physically. And, we also care for dolphins in the wild.

“In fact, SeaWorld has rescued more than 480 whales and dolphins. Right now we are caring for a wild dolphin that we rescued several weeks ago. This animal would have died without our help. Our team is with this animal 24 hours a day, and has walked alongside him and cradled him to help him stay afloat. Our goal with him is the same as with any rescued animal: rehabilitate and return him to the wild.

We invite you to see for yourself, and then decide based on facts. We are happy to open our doors, take you behind the scenes, and have our trainers and vets answer any questions you have.


Your friends at SeaWorld”

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Actor Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are About Him


(PCM) Aww … how adorable!  Actor Billy Zane think that all of the heartbroken tweets about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction are directed at him.

While he is certainly a bit confused, Billy Zane certainly appreciates all of the Zayn support on Twitter! He appreciates it so much that he even made a video about it.  Check it out below:

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Zayn Malik Quits One Direction. Millions Of Tween Hearts Broken!


(PCM) One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik made headlines last week when he suddenly dropped off the bands current tour and claimed he needed a temporary break to deal with “stress”. Now, Malik has revealed that he has decided to part ways with the group permanently.

Tweens on the internet promptly went crazy claiming to be absolutely depressed, devastated and heartbroken by the news.  The band’s publicist Simon Jones confirmed the news and said that One Direction will continue as four-piece. There was no mention about finding a replacement for Malik.

In a statement Malik says, “My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I’d like to apologise to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.

I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight. I know I have four friends for life in Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. I know they will continue to be the best band in the world.”

The band was created by Simon Cowell back in 2010 when they were all individual contestants on the UK version of “The X-Factor”. Cowell commented on Malik’s departure saying, “I would like to say thank you to Zayn for everything he has done for One Direction. Since I first met Zayn in 2010, I have grown very, very fond – and immensely proud – of him. I have seen him grow in confidence and I am truly sorry to see him leave. As for One Direction, fans can rest assured that ‎Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis are hugely excited about the future of the band.”

The remaining group members say that they plan to continue their world tour and very much look forward to recording their upcoming new album.

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Is One Direction More Popular Than President Obama?

(PCM) Well, it seems that according to Twitter that very well may be the case. It appears that now a tweet made by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has officially been retweeted more times that President Obama’s infamous re-election tweet.


The tweet from Tomlinson was posted back in 2011 and was a simple love note to his fellow One Direction band mate Harry Styles that read “Always in my heart @HarryStyles. Yours sincerely, Louis.”

The heartwarming message has now been retweeted 757, 822 times which surpassed President Obama’s “Four more years” re-election tweet which has been retweeted 757,460 times.

President Obama’s tweet was record-breaking at the time, however it is now been ranked down to third place as the most retweeted message of all time. Tomlinson’s tweet is now in second place and of course we can all probably guess which tweet still hold the number one spot.

It is the famous Oscar night selfie from Ellen DeGeneres, which shattered all retweeting records and nearly broke the internet. It has been retweeted well over 3 million times to date.

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Liam Neeson Prank Called Maggie Grace’s Ex-Boyfriend As His Taken Character


(PCM) It seems as though actor Liam Neeson is very protective of his on-screen daughter actress Maggie Grace. Awhile back when she was going though some relationship issues with an ex-boyfriend, Neeson and Grace decided something had to be done and he pranked called the guy as he character from the “Taken” film franchise.

Lucky for us, Maggie Grace taped the prank call and the audio recording was recently played during an episode of on “Conan”.

Check it out! It definitely brings out the LOLz!

Another one of our favorite celebrity prank calls was when Matt Healy of The 1975 was playing a phone prank game during a radio appearance on BBC 1. During the game he hand to prank call One Direction’s Harry Styles and ask to borrow five thousand dollars claiming he was in an emergency.

The funniest part is that he had never spoken to Styles before and listening to the call it was apparent that Styles was still ready to help him out. Healy later tweeted out an apology to Styles for the prank.

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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Team Up With One Direction to Spread Holiday Cheer

TonightShow(PCM) I believe it was Buddy the Elf who proclaimed, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” and truer words are rarely said. Jimmy Fallon, the legendary Roots crew, and One Direction are doing their part to spread the cheer this year.

English-Irish boy band sensation One Direction stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday night and continued Jimmy Fallon’s fun series of popular songs covered on classroom instruments with the traditional Christmas standard, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and One Direction all crammed into The Tonight Show Music Room, sporting their classiest and best ugly Christmas sweaters, and busted out a colorful array of classroom instruments to accompany the tune, including Liam Payne on the coconut and Harry Styles on the kazoo.

The appearance is due in part to One Direction’s hour-long special, One Direction: The TV Special, airing Tuesday night on NBC. The special will feature footage from the group’s Where We Are Tour as well as behind-the-scenes takes of the band working on their new LP, Four. One Direction will be featured as guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after the special airs.

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