Concert Review: David Duchovny In San Diego, CA

(PCM) David Duchovny kicked off his “Hell or Highwater” tour at The Music Box in San Diego, California on Sunday, February 12, 2017. With a five piece band rocking behind him, the TV legend serenaded the crowd with originals off his debut album “Hell or Highwater”, as well as several new songs that the band has written for the upcoming sophomore effort.

While some were drawn to the event by Mr. Duchovny’s star power, as evidenced by the huge number of fans at the pre-show VIP meet and greet Q&A session, many were already devoted fans of his music, singing along to every word. With tunes ranging from introspective ballads to uptempo rockers, and a few eclectic covers in the encore, fans were truly engaged and entertained by their evening with David Duchovny.

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You can view our recent interview with David Duchovny talking about the current tour, The X-Files and more by clicking here!

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Review and photography by: Johnnie “Crow” Vrana

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Concert Review: Evanescence At The Fillmore In Silver Spring, Maryland


Photography by: Cassandra Ference

(PCM) It has been four very long years since Evanescence has graced the stage and catching their recent show at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland was every bit worth the wait and more. It was a reunion that fans have been patiently awaiting for quite a long time and the band sounded as tight and well-rehearsed as ever! They were absolutely on fire!

When the lights went down and the band hit the stage the audience was instantly captivated from beginning to end. Vocalist Amy Lee is a true force to be reckoned with in the rock world and her performance was spot-on throughout the entire show. The band showed amazing energy and it was wonderful to watch both their stellar musicianship and engaging interactions with the crowd.


We literally got chills listening to the entire room belt out each and every word to Evanescence’s multitude of hits including “Going Under”, “Lithium”, “Breathe No More” and an especially heart-wrenching and soulful performance of “My Immortal”. Amy Lee is a vocal powerhouse and she left us absolutely breathless. The band played a 19-song set list and added a fantastic cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” as an encore that definitely left us all hungry for more!

Let’s hope Evanescence will whet our appetites sooner rather than later as we don’t think we can stand to wait another four years to once again witness such a phenomenal band. Kudos Evanescence for putting on one heck of an amazing rock show!

Evanescence Set List: The Fillmore Silver Spring

Everybody’s Fool
Play Video
What You Want
Play Video
Going Under
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Even in Death
Play Video
My Heart Is Broken
Play Video
Made of Stone
Play Video
Weight of the World
Play Video
The Change
Play Video
Take Cover
Play Video
Breathe No More
Play Video
My Immortal
Play Video
Your Star
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Call Me When You’re Sober
Play Video
Play Video
Bring Me to Life
Play Video
Dirty Diana
(Michael Jackson cover)

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Concert Review: Queensryche At The House Of Blues San Diego


Review and photos by Johnnie Crow

(PCM) Queensryche played the House of Blues San Diego on November 18, 2016 and it was a night to remember. After the enthusiastic crowd was warmed up by Midnight Eternal and Armored Saint featuring John Bush, the stage was darkened, the dual video screens were lit, and one by one, Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren and Todd La Torre took the stage.

The band played a set list that thrilled their dedicated fans, featuring songs from the debut EP through to Promised Land. Mixed throughout the night were four songs off their latest effort, Condition Human, which flowed perfectly with the classics, proving that Queensryche is not only a legend, but a currently relevant act with a bright future. Their skill, passion and ability to entertain are not to be missed.

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Concert Review: Halestorm At The House Of Blues San Diego, CA


Photos and review by: Johnnie Crow

(PCM) Halestorm rocked a sold out and passionate House of Blues in San Diego, CA on October 12, 2016. The band, started by siblings Arejay and Lzzy Hale more than a decade ago, continues to get better as they evolve. Lzzy has such a powerful voice, and she delivered from the first note to the last, singing a constant supply of crowd favorites from their entire catalogue.

Halestorm freaks got their money’s worth from one of the most entertaining live acts around. The night began with legendary rocker Lita Ford killing it as usual, as well as local girl Dorothy Martin bringing the blues with her band Dorothy.

img_3087 img_3103 img_3138 img_3243 img_3281 img_3293

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Made In America Celebrates Five Years In The City Of Brotherly Love!



(PCM) The Budweiser Made In America Festival has become a Labor Day tradition in the city of Philadelphia and this year the eclectic Jay-Z curated musical extravaganza celebrated it’s fifth anniversary in the city of brotherly love. It has been truly amazing to witness this festival continue to grow each and every year and we don’t think another festival in the country features the same level of artist diversity as Made In America.

At times the Made In America festival can truly seem like a game of spot the celebrity and this year was no different. Throughout the weekend there were many reported (and confirmed) sightings of former President Bill Clinton, Malia Obama, a slew of secret service and S.W.A.T. team officers, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Michael B. Jordan, and someone even claimed they saw Kanye West on the grounds (but we doubt it). It is a who’s who of the entertainment industry and we adore being right in the thick of it!


Headliners Rihanna on Saturday night and Coldplay on Sunday night absolutely slayed with their performances. We seriously can’t believe it had taken Rihanna this long to coordinate schedules with Jay-Z to make an appearance at the festival, as she has been a Roc Nation artist for years. Reading several other reviews of Rihanna’s performance, we couldn’t believe that more people were taking the time to comment on her clothing and boots (which were fantastic by the way) and not her absolutely amazing showmanship. This lady knows how to commandeer an audience and was hypnotizing to watch.


Rihanna opened with a very dark and soulful rendition of the hit “Stay” which she performed from the top of the soundboard behind the audience before sashaying her way across a lowered catwalk which carried her across the Ben Franklin Parkway directly over top of the audience. It was magical. Rihanna plowed through her hits such as “B*tch Better Have My Money”, “Umbrella”, “Live Your Life” and “Rude Boy”. Fans were hoping that we might get a glimpse of current boy toy Drake at some point during her performance, however no such luck here in Philly.

If we thought Rihanna’s performance to close out Saturday night was impressive, we had no idea what was about to hit with Coldplay’s amazing set to close out Sunday night. They were phenomenal. Vocalist Chris Martin and the rest of the band brought their A-game to their 90 minute Made In America performance.


The stage was bright and colorful and a glorious array of fireworks went off as Coldplay kicked off their set with the trippy “Headful of Dreams”. The band then kicked things into high gear incorporating the entire audience into the show with the use of LED lighted bracelets that lit up in time with the music that was being played. It was an amazing sight to behold. Highlights of their set included “Yellow”, “Paradise”, “Clocks” and a gorgeous rendition of “Evergold” that nearly brought us to tears.

Music has always had the power to unite and looking out around the crowd we saw that unity on full display. There were no lines of separation between race, religion, political affiliation or sexuality. It was just people, coming together as one, getting lost in the music that spoke to our souls.


The overall diversity of this year’s line-up was fantastic, while there were of course some performances we could have lived without for example, the utter boredom we endured during the Sunday evening set from FKA Twigs and not being all that impressed with Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, majority of the performances this year were spot-on. We loved rocking out with Collegrove ( 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne), Chance The Rapper,  Jamie XX, Martin Garrix, and DJ Khaled.  Artists such as Gary Clark, Jr and Dorothy are always a treat, however we definitely are hoping that 2017 features just a few more artists that lean heavier on the rock side, as this year was incredibly hip-hop heavy.



What we love about Made In America also has a lot to do with their charitable activities as well. The Cause Village is a wonderful area to visit as it is chock full of ways in which we can all become involved to help our world become a better place. It is not something you see at a lot of other festivals, so we certainly praise Made In America for teaching individuals, especially the younger generation, about the importance of giving back.


The audience, as in years past, was sea of red, white and blue and it was fantastic to see so many young people out having a good time and showing a ton of pride for their country. Diversity is what makes America great and yet again it was wonderful to witness so many people coming together as one in the spirit of music and the close out the summer festival season having the time of their lives.

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Photography credits:
Cynthia Good
Andrew Wendowski
Kevin Mazur (Getty)


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Concert Review: Slipknot And Marilyn Manson Annihilate The BB&T Pavilion In Camden, NJ


Photography credit: Ken Schuler Photography

(PCM) Talk about an amazing show! Two rock n’ roll juggernauts, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson, absolutely annihilated the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ and we were loving each and every moment. Of Mice and Men were the evenings openers. It was the first time in quite awhile we have seen a near sell-out crowd at the BB&T Pavilion, but with the theatricality and showmanship of these powerhouse bands you seriously couldn’t go wrong.


Throughout this tour Marilyn Manson has been making a lot of headlines with many claiming that he was incredibly inebriated during his performances in various cities. Stories were told about him falling off the stage, busting up sound equipment and heckling the crowd, however we felt his performance in Camden, NJ was one of the best we’ve seen from him in recent years.

He looked and sounded fantastic. Maybe he was in a good mood that evening, but either way he was sounded better than he has in years and it was refreshing. We are always a little biased, being ridiculously huge Manson fans, but we can certainly admit when an artist has not performed to their best standards. This was definitely not the case with Manson’s Camden performance as he exceeded our expectations by a landslide.


Entering a darkened stage, Manson appeared from within a cloud of fog tossing bags of Manson dollars which were emblazoned with his face and a “666” while covering the crowd in red and blue paint powder. Manson and the band blasted through some of their major hits including “Angel with the Scabbed Wings”, “No Reflection”, “mOBSCENE” and “The Dope Show”.  We were thrilled to see that Manson’s stage theatrics were as strong as ever, as he once again brought out the pulpit and burning Bible for “Antichrist Superstar” before leaping down into the pit to perform “The Beautiful People” up close and personal with the fans.


As the time neared for Slipknot to grace the stage, anticipation was building to an all time high within the building. Once the band entered the stage, they were firing from all cylinders from beginning to end. Talk about an intense performance!  Slipknot always gives their all to each and every performance and their show is absolutely electrifying.  Despite the fact that Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor recently underwent spinal surgery, he showed absolutely no signs of slowing down for even a moment. The dedication to the art from the members of this band is absolutely awe-inspiring.


The band plowed through their extensive catalog of hits putting together the perfect set list which combined both old and new material. We can’t even imagine how hard it is for a band like Slipknot to craft a set list for the tour, as they have such a plethora of material from which to pull. The band’s latest album “.5: The Gray Chapter” has been a huge success for the band and we were thrilled to hear songs such as “The Devil and I” and “The Negative One” included in the evenings performance.


Slipknot never ceases to thrill in the live environment and their Camden performance was stellar as always!  This touring package certainly provided a ton of bang for your buck and is certainly worth checking out!

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