Everyone Is Stumped On Kindergarten Homework Assignment Question

(PCM) Everyone appears to be stumped over a question found on a kindergartner’s homework assignment that truly makes no logical sense at all. If anyone can figure out the logic behind this one, please enlighten us!

Royce Winnick, a New York mom, recently posted an image of her five-year daughter’s homework assignment sheet with the confusing question which no one online could see to answer. The sheet was meant to help children learn the letter of the alphabet, which one this particular handout, spotlighted the letter “T”. Here’s where it starts to get odd. The handout asked the children to “tap out the word in the picture and write the sounds you hear.”

Makes no sense, right? Well, it gets even better! Every picture on the handout featured an image of something that begins with the letter “T” such as “tub” and the number “ten”, but then at the bottom there was a picture of bunny rabbits outside of a cage. Now what in the world would start with the letter “T” to describe that image? Winnick couldn’t figured it out and neither could anyone else.  When she shared the image on Facebook many thought it could have been “Troupe” or “Twany” but those are very big words for a kindergartner to know. Her daughter eventually went with the word “pet” to which the teacher graded and “ok” next to the answer.

We think even the teacher didn’t know what it was supposed to represent either, but according to Winnick, when she asked the teacher said the correct answer was “vet”! Seriously! First off, “vet”doesn’t even start with the letter “T” and it certainly doesn’t even begin to describe the image pictured. Are you just as baffled as we are?

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Parents Petition To Have Initials Of Florida School Changed

(PCM) Parents whose children are about to attend the soon-to-open Innovation Park Middle School in Florida have created an online petition to have the school’s initials “IPMS” changed to avoid potential embarrassment for students.

The new school is set to open up in August and a concerned parent by the name of Christal Feldman, along with several others, decided to start the petition to urge the community and the school board to consider changing the schools name. They feel that the “IPMS” abbreviation would lead the children to be made-fun of with menstrual-related jokes and commentary.

Feldman spoke with Orlando-area news station WKMG-TV and explained the need for the change saying, “What the parents are concerned about is that the acronym for Innovation Park Middle School is IPMS and it was suggested our colors be red, white and black. They don’t want to go to a school and wear a red shirt with the letters IPMS across the shirt for athletics, for academic competitions. They just don’t want to be ridiculed or be made fun of from other students from other schools”.

It definitely makes sense and kids nowadays can be so cruel when it comes to anything they could possible poke fun at, so we could certainly see the schools initials posing a potential risk for that kind of bullying behavior. Middle school is already such a tough and transitional time for children at that age, so alleviating the risk for any type of bullying is always a good idea. We also think parents don’t really want “IPMS” bumper stickers on their vehicles!

The school board has responded to the parents petition and says that they will investigate the issue, but have not yet revealed whether or not a change will be made.

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Teacher’s Homework Assignment Includes Detailed Instructions For Cooking Meth

(PCM) Parents were outraged when a teacher’s homework assignment included detailed instructions about how to both cook and inject crystal meth. The teacher from Mississauga, Canada has since been suspended with pay pending an investigation surrounding the controversial assignment.

The assignment was given to 13-year old students and their parents were in a state of shock. The homework was printed double-sided and included detail instructions about how to obtain ingredients, manufacture and then inject the crystal meth. Who in the right mind would think this is a good idea?

One of the students commented that the assignment was handed out by the teacher in order to “dramatize”, as they were supposed to act scared when making the meth and then act happy when they were injecting the finished product. Seriously! Children can be incredibly impressionable at this particular age, so how could the teacher know that none of them would actually try recreate the assignment in real life.

Children should never be given this type of information at anytime, especially not at school! Perhaps this particular teacher loved AMC’s “Breaking Bad” a little too much!

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Study Reveals Children Can Adapt To The Personalities Of The Peers

(PCM) A study conducted by Michigan State University psychology researchers and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology claims that the more time children, specifically preschoolers spend around one another the more than they begin to mimic each other’s personality traits.

The study appears to reveal that children and their personalities, which can later transfer over to adulthood, are indeed shaped by environmental factors and not just genes.  It further proves that personality is not something that is naturally ingrained in an individual, but rather something that is adaptable and can be changed depending upon a child’s environment growing up.

The researchers who conducted the study spent the course of a year with two preschool classes and closely monitored their personality traits and social networking behavior. Through their research it was noted that children who chose play partners who were extroverted and hard-working appeared to pick up and mimic those traits over time. However, what was a bit odd was that children who chose play partners who were over anxious and overly frustrated did not appear to take on those particular traits.

According to co-researcher and associate professor of psychology, Emily Durbin the children are having more of an effect on each other’s personalities than people tend to realize!

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Kanye Sets His Sights On Designing School Uniforms


(PCM) Always one to chase the latest fashion trend, rapper Kanye West is setting his sights in a completely different direction claiming that he would now like to design school uniforms for the city of Chicago.

He feels that his school uniform designs would help bring about an end to bullying and classism within the public school system. Kanye may actually be on to something, as school uniform use in urban areas is on the rise according to the National Center for Education Statistic, especially in areas known for high rates of gang violence.

On the other side the American Civil Liberties Union feels that incorporating school uniforms infringes upon students freedom of speech and expression. We can definitely see the pro and cons of this debate, however we would certainly be curious to see just what kind of uniform design Kanye would come up with, you can’t say you’re not curious, too!

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My Journey To Health, September First is New Years Day

AutumnNo matter how you want to look at it, somehow in the last 20 years or so September first has become New Years Day.  The whole world comes back together again after being dispersed in every different direction.  Sure the kids are back in school but that is not the only thing that restarts.  Many groups and organizations go on hiatus during the summer months and come back with September.  Co-workers are back together again.  Football pools start as do teams and the season.  Theater groups start their new seasons and there is something fresh and crisp in the air as summer fades and autumn begins.

I feel a sense of hope and a sense of a fresh start in the beginning of September.  This is a much brighter hope and a cleaner start than on New Year’s Day.  In fact on January first I feel a bit let down.  On January first we have had three months filled with wonder.  Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December then it all stops and the hard months of snow and ice hit.  It’s sort of sad and it that melancholy moment we are supposed to establish new goals for ourselves and dream new dreams?  I say NO!

Now is the time to dream new dreams, hope new hopes, make new plans and follow through in all of it.  With Fall coming on the air gets cooler and our energy levels go up.  We begin to feel a sense of newness as we see the labors of summer bear fruit, literally.  Pumpkins apples and other forms of nature’s bounty line our supermarkets.  Old recipes come out for soups and stews and other dishes that lay dormant through the summer months because, “It is just too hot to cook.”

I believe our desire for new experiences are aroused as some will begin to take courses or start a new hobby.  And what wonders happen in nature as the trees prepare for their long winter sleep and the squirrels and other small animals fatten themselves for the coming cold.

I have plans that I am already putting into motion for the Fall and resolutions I have made.  The pool that my neighbors have so graciously allowed me to use for exercise will soon be covered over and so a new exercise plan has been developed.  I joined Planet Fitness where I can receive free personal training and I have already met with my trainer and she is preparing to help me exercise without using my legs and feet too much as there is damage there.  I meet with her at 6 a.m. on Labor Day.

I have committed to a LIVE THE DREAM LIVE one day conference being given by Bearj Jehanian and James Levin on Saturday September 17.  I have also been able to make the commitment to write more and work more focused on my weight and health issues by Tom Anderson, The Purpose Guy, who is a great life coach.  I am gathering, as much as I can, people around me who think positively but with a lot of energy to cheer me on.  It seems there is a lot of truth in the saying that “No man, or woman, is an Island.”

By the end of October, if all goes as planned, I will also begin working on my Master’s degree.  This is something that I really need to do if I want to work.  So right now, new exercise, new seminars and new classes as well as old traditions and joy will begin as The Fall season rolls in.

I also was led to a new app for my phone called Smule.  It is a karaoke app that allows me to sing as well as record my performance.  I love the opportunity to make music.  I recorded Beauty and the Beast this morning.

I am also working on my spiritual side by studying The Gospels and reading about a great Christian singer and song writer named Rich Mullins who truly lived out the message of Jesus while he was alive.  Check out some of his music if you can.  He is truly inspiring.  There is a lot of his material on YouTube.

What about you?  It’s not too late.  What will you do to make your life better this New Year?  What a great time to decide on new ways to eat, as so much food will be available.  Getting those pesky 10 pounds off could be easy by eating correctly and raking the leaves..  What are you curious about?  Do you want to learn about the stars or about photography or how to paint?  There is no better time than right now to make those decisions.  A whole new world can open for you right now.  Just take the first step.

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