Cloud Eggs Are The Latest Food Trend And Are Surprisingly Easy To Make!

(PCM) Cloud Eggs, otherwise known as Eggs In A Cloud is the newest “it” food to take over our social media feeds, especially on Instagram, which can be a foodies paradise!

While the Cloud Eggs look like they would be fairly complicated to make, in reality they are really pretty simplistic. They are created by separating the egg yolk from the egg white and the egg white is then whipped, formed into a cloud shape and placed on parchment paper in the over to bake. It is then baked again for a few more minutes with the egg yolk sitting on top once it has hardened enough.

That’s really all there is to it! Home cooks claim that Cloud Eggs have been around for quite some time, however they are just now beginning to gain steam and pop up on several restaurant menus across the country. Once again the power of social media and the internet speaks volumes.

A few recipes claim that you can even add a dash or two of Parmesan cheese to the Egg Clouds to give them even more consistency, but it is not necessary to make them turn out delicious either way.  Because the egg whites are baked they can taste very similar to bread, but without the added calories. You are almost creating the illusion of a full breakfast sandwich. You can also add things such as bacon bits and other types of cheese or seasoning if you so desire, as the recipe is fully customizable to your own tastes! It’s fantastic and we can’t wait to give these Egg Clouds a try!


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New York Bakery Battles Online Trolls In The Sweetest Way Possible!

(PCM) A bakery in New York is taking revenge on internet trolls in the sweetest way possible by sending them back cakes featuring their very own hateful messages! Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency is based in Brooklyn and they have come up with this quite novel concept.

For a mere $35 fee you can serve your enemies a sweet slice of revenge by having Troll Cakes investigate the individual causing you grief online and give them a taste of their own medicine. If you know the perpetrators mailing address, you hand it over to Troll Cakes and they will send their comments right back to them decorated on top of a cake.

The $35 price covers baking the special cake, having it decorated with the “troll” words and having it delivered straight to their door! We only wish they could find a way to film some of the reactions! Now that would be truly hilarious!

For the mere price of $60 you get all the services listed above, but the Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency will actually put their investigative skills to use and hunt down the address for any anonymous trolls that are targeting you online and then they too can be dished with sweet revenge.

The company does have a disclaimer stating that “not all cases will be accepted” and it is at the bakery’s determination and discretion.

All cakes sent out feature the troll’s original comment or social media post inside the box and they are copied exactly (grammatical errors included) on top of the cake as well. The cakes ship to anyone in the United States and the bakery offers an in-person delivery service for New York recipients.

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Internet Is Freaking Out Over Video Of A Woman Giving Mouth To Mouth To A Pigeon

(PCM) During a recent visit to Glasgow, Scotland a 19-year old student named Charlotte was able to capture quite the bizarre occurrence. She filmed a woman literally giving a mouth to mouth resuscitation attempt and CPR to a dead pigeon. She labeled hilariously labeled the video, “Meanwhile in Glasgow”! Just when we thought we had seen it all, leave it to the internet to prove us wrong yet again!

The video has been shared thousands of times and unfortunately, as you can see in the video the woman’s attempt to resuscitate the poor pigeon was unsuccessful. Also, according to Charlotte, she posted that things got even worse for the bird after the failed CPR as the poor thing eventually got eaten by a seagull. What a horrible way to go!


The internet has been having some interesting reactions to the pigeons plight with some being greatly disturbed by the footage and others finding the entire situation to be both odd and hilarious. What no one can seem to figure out is just why the woman decided to give mouth to mouth to the pigeon in the first place, she obviously didn’t seem too concerned about any type of germs or diseases. Maybe she just has a strong affinity for pigeons, either way, it is definitely a bit on the weird side.


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Actor Shia LaBeouf Reveals Yet Another Bizarre Art Project

(PCM) Actor Shia LaBeouf has revealed his next art project titled #ALONETOGETHER and it is just as mind-boggling as his previous endeavors. We can give LaBeouf credit for making a statement, but in the last few years he has been going about these statements (for the sake of art) in the most bizarre ways possible. For this project, LaBeouf, along with two additional collaborators will be spending one entire month in complete isolation in a cabin in Finland.

The only communication they will have with the outside world for that month will be the ability to answer a series of text message sent via video screen from visitors to the Kiasma museum in Helsinki. Other than that, LaBeouf and his two collaborators will have no other communication access. This means no phones or internet and according to, LaBeouf says the goal of the project is to force people to rethink the “relationship we have with our phones and with one another.” The artists have said the project is a response to the global “digital revolution and its impact on our culture, economy, human identity, and behavior.”

It is basically to prove a point about just how much we are dependent upon our phones and daily social media updates throughout the day. Do you think any of you could get through an entire month without your phones? The artists feel that the internet and social media can be positive tools when used in the correct way, but without a doubt our human interaction with one another has changed drastically over the years.

It has not been revealed as to whether not the cabin will house any other forms of entertainment to help the days go by such as books or music, however we are assuming that they would have some time of electricity to run the video screens for the text. But what about food and water? We are sure LaBeouf has a plan and we are curious to see how this art project plays out!

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Viral Cat Trick Is Mesmerizing The Internet

(PCM) The internet is going wild over a Tweet posted by Danielle Matheson that features a cat getting into a box-shape that is taped to the floor. The theory, which was originally discovered on Pinterest, says that if you put any type of square shape on the floor your cat will want to sit inside of it. It’s kind of like a cat magic trick and the hilarious part is that it actually appears to be working.

There have been several theories posted online that try to explain this whole “cat/box” phenomenon, which initially gained steam back in 2014, however in that particular case the people were using circles rather than taped squares on the floor. Some people felt that the tape on the floor must have some sort of scent that the cats found to be irresistible and they just had to explore. Other felt that cats are just curious creatures and they truly enjoy exploring anything new. Lastly and the most reasonable explanation is that cats just love safe and enclosed spaces. This should be obvious because anyone that has ever owned a cat can tell you that they have definitely found their feline friend stuffed into some very interesting places such as shoe boxes, glass vases, bowls and more.

Go ahead and give it a try! For once your cat will actually appear to pay attention to you and follow a command! It’s pretty fascinating!

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Accused Of Using A Woman’s Cancer Diagnosis As Clickbait

(PCM) Cosmopolitan magazine is facing a bit of criticism after they appeared to use the story of a woman’s weight gain/loss after a cancer diagnosis as clickbait on their Twitter feed. It was not that the magazine wrote a bad story, it was more of an example of poor phrasing used by Cosmos’ social media team when promoting the feature. The story overall was about how a woman named Simone Harbinson from Melbourne, Australia, was diagnosed with a rare and malignant form of cancer of the appendix and it caused her to both gain and then lose weight.

When Cosmo posted about the article on Twitter their tweet read, “How This Woman Lost 44 Pound Without *ANY* Exercise”, it then featured a link to the article and a picture of Harbinson. Everyone is up in arms because happily Harbinsons’ cancer surgery was a success, however she gained 35 pounds in the process. She then went on to lose the excess weight by simply going on a diet. You can see that Cosmos’ tweet was only worded that way to get attention and a horrific disease like cancer should never be looked as a successful weight loss or gain solution. It is a very disrespectful headline to Harbinson and all others who have battled cancer or are currently battling the disease.

The article does explain how Harbinson lost the excess weight without going to the gym, but there is definitely a bit more to the story. She goes into great detail about her cancer diagnosis, recovery and steps she needed to follow to lose weight. The headline makes the story appear that the cancer was the solution to Harbinson’s weight gain, but it was really the source. Cosmo received a ton of negative backlash online and have since removed the offensive tweet and replaced it with a better headline for the story. The new tweet reads, “A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever.”

That’s definitely more appropriate and far less offensive than the original!

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