One Sons Of Anarchy Star Will Definitely Return For Spin-off Series ‘Mayans MC’


(PCM) We have been spoon-fed very little information in regards to the upcoming “Sons Of Anarchy” spin-off series “Mayans MC”, however at least one star of the series has confirmed their involvement with the new show. Actor Emilio Rivera, who played Alvarez on “Sons Of Anarchy”, has teased his participation in new series with a new Instagram post which reads “#Rollout Mayan Monday gonna be a Crazy Ride, with @sutterink @elginnjames and the #MayansMc , #marcusalvarez #kurtsutter #elginjames #emiliorivera ,Follow @mayansmc_onfx”

Prior to this revelation there have only been a few cryptic tweets and mentions flying around social media, but that is usually the way that Kurt Sutter operates, so we shouldn’t really be surprised. Rivera played the president of the Mayans on “Sons Of Anarchy”, so it was always assumed when the spin-off was first announced, that he would be involved one way or another. Rivera did not comment on just what type of role he will be playing in “Mayan MC” as that will most certainly depend on the time frame in which the new series will be taking place.

If it ends up to be a prequel to “Sons Of Anarchy” and will feature SOA protagonist Jax Teller as a child, then perhaps Rivera would be too old to reprise his role as Mayan club president. This leads us to believe that the spin-off series may be actually taking place closer to the time frame in which the events in “Sons Of Anarchy” unfolded. Either way we absolutely can’t wait to see what Sutter has up his sleeve for the new series and are excited to have our boys on bikes back on FX with “Mayans MC”!

Jimmy Smits Says Upcoming Sons Of Anarchy Finale Will Be Both “Touching and “Grim”

**Spoiler Alert: Article contains spoilers about last week’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy**


(PCM) The final ride for the hit FX series “Sons Of Anarchy” is quickly coming to an end and we have been absolutely devastated by the loss of many of our beloved characters throughout the course of the show’s final season.

We are still reeling from the deaths of both Gemma and Unser in last week’s epic “Red Rose” episode and we have to wonder where Mayhem and/or the dreaded reaper will strike in the upcoming series finale.

We recently spoke with actor Jimmy Smits who plays Nero Padilla in the series about his thoughts on the finale, where Nero will end up and the overall emotional roller coaster that has made up the final season of our beloved show.

While Smits can obviously not reveal too many details about the upcoming finale which will air Tuesday, Dec. 9th, he did tell us a bit about how Nero is dealing with the revelation about Gemma’s death.  He says “You’ll see more than guilt. It’s touching in a lot of ways. It’s sad. But, it’s grim too.”

Smits also feel that fans are going to be satisfied with the outcome of the finale. He says “I don’t think audiences are going to be disappointed at all.”

We mentioned to Smits how happy we were to see that Nero has made it to the end of the series and Smits jokingly responds “He made it till the end, but maybe not to the end, end.”

Smits goes on to say “I think I was a little nervous getting ready to open that script up to see who was going down next, because we were like in that somebody is going down every episode mode here. It’s all part of the culmination of what has been brewing in Kurt’s head for all this time. It’s good.”

Jimmy-Smits2Smits also gave us a brief hint about where Nero ends up saying “I was little surprised about the way Nero specifically ends up. But I get it. I totally get it.”

He also reveals his opinion on the way that series creator Kurt Sutter has ended the show saying, “I think that Kurt ended it really beautifully and it has all of those elements that have been the signature of the show throughout the seven seasons.”

We know that in the last episode Nero sent Unser up to Gemma’s fathers home which ultimately led to his demise rather than going himself. We were curious as to what Smits hypothetically thought would have happened if Nero had gone instead of Unser.

Smits replies “If Nero had gone, there would have been probably three dead bodies there. All of them would have gone down in some way. I think that was his big fear that he didn’t want to try to have to make that particular choice, but I don’t think that the Nero character understood how profound and deep the relationship that Unser has with them also. I guess he thinks that because of the police element or line in Unser’s character thread was there that he would be able to exact some kind of calm out of the situation.”

We also spoke about the scene at the end of “Red Rose” where Nero is seen sitting on Gemma’s bed and sobbing. It left us wondering what will Nero do next. Smits comments “The pain definitely of being in that room and the loss that he felt and what was going through the mind in the close-up shot was I was trying to play a what the next move is and to try to keep it percolating in terms of active, is there a shade of revenge or something that’s much more active than just the pain. I don’t know if I achieved that, but I just had to keep it alive in my mind because you didn’t what was going to happen in the episode that follows. “

He goes on to say “What I know, there’s enough trust there that I know that when we turn pages, there’s always going to be a nice surprise for everyone.”

Smits also spoke about what he feels resonates well with fans of a show like “Sons Of Anarchy” saying “I think Kurt was really successful with the writers in terms of like presenting this kind of like Shakespearian story in a lot of ways that has a lot of emotionality and humor and tragedy and all of that, violence, but at the same time has this thread of family and brotherhood, so those are the things that I think really engage audiences with the show specifically.”

Smits also revealed what he has taken away as an actor from his time on the show saying “The whole thing about the strength of family through thick and thin, and even though the whole thing about family is questionable with this particular family, but that’s something that was like an ongoing the club becomes the family and when things are done against the family, how the family kind of like sticks together and the glue. That was just like a running theme and to see that group from being a fan and watching them on television to partaking with them on the performance level, I think that that bond was really, really strong, so that’s something that I’ll always remember about that particular group and about what they conveyed not only in the writing, but on a performance level as well.”

Be sure to tune in for the upcoming series finale of FX’s “Sons Of Anarchy” on Tuesday, December 9th at 10pm.


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Sons Of Anarchy Creator Apologizes For Finale Spoiler Leak


(PCM) Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has taken to social media to apologize to fans for the recent leak of spoilers that involve a key death in upcoming series finale set to air on December 9th.

The leak occurred when a companion book for the series “Sons Of Anarchy: The Collectors Edition” shipped out to fans ahead of scheduled release. The book was meant to be released and shipped on December 10th after the finale had already aired.

The book contained an in memoriam section that highlighted the deaths of key characters throughout the show’s seven seasons. There was one key name listed under season seven, which we will not reveal here, that definitely shows how the upcoming finale will play out.

While the leak may have told fans who, it certainly did not tell them how, so at least we have that much to still be able to enjoy the upcoming finale.

Sutter posted the following message and apology to fans online:

“It has been brought to my attention that our SOA Collector’s Edition Book has been sent out a week early by some distributors and book outlets. This book contains details about the final episode of the series. This, my friends, is a storyteller’s worst nightmare. I wanted this book to be a compliment to the show. It contains personal messages and photos from the cast, in-depth behind-the-scenes information and detailed breakdown of episodes. It’s a smart, well-conceived book that I was very excited for the fans to have. AFTER the motherf—ing finale.”

He went on to say that he feels that he is to blame for the leak as well because he felt that the book was a good idea. He also request that fans try to keep the details revealed in the book from spreading online by saying “I ask that you not share your wrath or pain or opinion in social media so as to not spoil the experience of others. There is no excuse for utter ineptitude. It pains me that this will be the parting memory of some fans. I hope you all tune in for the finale. It plays much better than it reads.”


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Sons Of Anarchy Penultimate Episode “Red Rose” Was Utterly Heartbreaking

**Contains spoilers from last night’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy**


(PCM) Normally I tend to hold off on my reviews/recaps until the following morning when I have had time to sleep on an episode and better process all that has transpired, however with “Red Rose” the penultimate episode of Sons Of Anarchy I am still left reeling and can’t rest until I can get it all out.

I can honestly say that I have not cried that hard during an episode of a TV show in a very long time, which speaks volumes to the emotional impact that this show and it’s characters have built up in the audience over the years. No matter how it ultimately ends up I am surely going to deeply saddened to see it go.

The build up during this episode was excruciating and while two of the deaths we experienced, Juice and Gemma, were ultimately unavoidable, it was the death of Unser that provided the episode with it’s most shocking moment.

Juice was taken out in the most fitting way possible and it was incredibly touching to see that he was without a doubt still loyal to his club and SAMCRO family right up into the end. His final words spoken to Tully which were “At least let me finish my pie” will certainly become a tragically quotable phrase among fans. His death from being stabbed in the neck by Tully several times took place in utter silence and it was apparent that Juice had accepted his fate and was ready to leave this world.

When, Wendy unknowingly spills the beans to Jax about Gemma’s whereabouts at her father’s home in Oregon, we can already see from the reaction of Nero that the worst is about to come true. Nero rushes over to Teller-Morrow to let Unser know what had happened and beg him to head up to Oregon to arrest Gemma as he knows that Jax is on his way.

Unser beats Jax to Oregon and finds Gemma sitting on the floor of her father’s home going through old photographs and reliving moments of youth. Unser tells Gemma that he needs to arrest her, however in true Gemma fashion she refuses and he threatens to involve the local Oregon P.D.  Just as he is about to call in to the police department, Jax comes in through the door and we can feel that this is it.

Unser and Jax have a stand-off pointing guns at one another as Unser tries to reason with Jax that there has been enough blood-shed. Jax tells Unser to go home, but Unser says he can’t and utters “This is all I have left”. We see Gemma lower her head and Jax nods before quickly killing Unser by shooting him in the chest. It was an utterly shocking moment, as I utterly gasped at the TV, but I can understand why it had to done.

The showdown between Jax and Gemma was quite the emotional one and Jax does not want to hear Gemma’s attempt at an apology. She knows what is coming and requests to go out to the garden (somewhere that was brought up earlier when she was visiting with her father who is suffering from Alzheimers). Gemma stops to smell the gorgeous array of white roses with Jax following behind. She never turns around but can hear Jax begin to sob as he attempted to raise the barrel of his gun but is seriously struggling to actually pull the trigger.

Gemma then eases Jax into her killing telling him how much she loves him and it has to be done because that is who we are before finally saying “It’s okay baby boy. Now is the time. I’m ready”. The sound of the shot was jarring and I immediately broke down into tears as Gemma’s lifeless body sunk to the ground. The scene was gorgeously executed and the image will be ingrained in my memory for quite some time.

A musical montage featuring the haunting tune “Make It Rain” from Ed Sheeran closed out the episode where we see that Jax has not moved the bodies and is traveling alone back home on his bike. We see him enter the house, sit down on the couch and then remove his shoes once he notices they are splattered with blood. Wendy then comes out in her night gown and we can already see where this is headed.

Many fans were angered over the fact that Jax could even think about sex with Wendy especially after the events that had just occurred, however we have learned throughout the course of this series that sex is one of the major ways that Jax deals with grief, so it should be no surprise that he would turn to Wendy who was readily available during this time.

To me it almost feels as if Jax is preparing for his own death and with only one more episode of the series left we will soon know the answer to this and any other questions we may have built up along the way. Do you feel that Jax will finally meet Mr. Mayhem and his fate will be sealed or do you feel that he will live and just no longer be a part of SAMCRO?

We are on the edge of our seat waiting for the Sons Of Anarchy series finale airing next Tuesday, December 9th on FX!

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“Anarchy Afterword” Returns Tonight Following An All New Sons Of Anarchy


(FX) Sons of Anarchy’s post show, “Anarchy Afterword,” returns to FX tonight immediately following SOA’s penultimate episode. “The Kevin & Bean Show’s” Kevin Ryder returns as host and will be joined in studio by Showrunner Kurt Sutter, Executive Producer/Director Paris Barclay and surprise SOA cast members.

In tonight’s 12th episode, “Red Rose” (Airs December 2 at 10 PM ET/PT), with tensions mounting and truths finally revealed, Jax must make the ultimate decision. Written by Kurt Sutter & Charles Murray; directed by Paris Barclay.

Produced by Emmy® nominated Mob Scene Creative + Productions, Anarchy Afterword premiered during season six. Fans can also watch episodes of Afterword at The show will also be available for VOD viewing, including on FX Networks’ FXNOW app. The episodes are posted online and will remain there until one month after the season finale. In addition to watching on FX and online, fans can ask their own questions live via a toll-free call-in number and the show’s official Twitter and Facebook pages – follow the hashtag #AnarchyAfterword.

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Katey Sagal Reveals That The Upcoming Sons Of Anarchy Finale Will Be “Satisfying”

*Spoiler Alert: The article below contains plot details from last week’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy.


(PCM) With only one more episode of the hit FX Network drama “Sons Of Anarchy” before the series finale on December 9th, things are moving along at break neck pace and many inevitable truths have been revealed.

Last week’s episode was one of the most emotionally charged of the entire series, where Gemma’s lies have finally caught up to her and the truth about Tara’s true killer has been revealed to Jax and the rest of the club.

Gemma’s initial lie about who killed Tara set off a chain reaction of events that created so much unnecessary chaos and bloodshed in the the club, so should she be punished for those actions?

Watching Jax’s highly emotional response when Juice confirmed his suspicions about his mother was heartbreaking. Although that cold streak that lives within his character was also incredibly evident as well, especially when he eerily said to Juice as he was leaving “It will be be quick”, teasing Juices ultimate fate.

Another heartbreaking scene occurred between both Jax and Nero when Jax admitted before breaking down in sobs on Nero’s shoulder that despite all the wrong that she has done, he still loves his mother.

So, will Jax be able to serve his mother the ultimate punishment? We recently spoke with actress Katey Sagal who plays Gemma Teller Marrow on the series about her thoughts on Gemma’s fate, as well as, what fans can be expecting from the upcoming series finale.

Many people feel that Gemma is beyond the point of any redemption, however there are still others that feel she may not have crossed that line yet, as she was only acting for the protection of her family.

Katey tells us ” I think what we’re seeing now is her own conscience finally grabbing her. I still think, though, she believes that her momentary rageful act at the end of Season VI killing Tara was not premeditated and was not something that—she really did believe that Tara had turned the entire club in and her son and it was the downfall of her entire existence. At that moment it was just sort of a perfect storm, and not that she doesn’t realize the heinous nature of it, but I do believe that what’s happening now is that in times before, she was able to compartmentalize and almost rationalize. I think this one was just too much for her.”

Fans of Sons Of Anarchy know that it has been an absolutely incredible ride through seven seasons, however we are certain that there were quite a few challenges along the way as well.

Katey comments “It’s constantly challenging, which as an actor you only hope for, so I felt every season brought a new set of things that I’ve never done before and needed exploring, so it was that kind of job where week to week, episode to episode there was always a little something that I felt like this will be great. I guess the overall challenge of it was playing somebody that was so very different from myself. Her maternal instincts are similar to mine, but her ways and means of doing things were something very foreign to me. I don’t live in an outlaw world and I don’t carry a gun and I don’t do those things.”

We are absolutely devastated that the series is coming to an end, so we can only imagine what the cast and crew must be going through having worked together for such a long time.

Katey reveals “We’ve all sort of known the end was coming, but I don’t think any of us really acknowledged it till the last couple of weeks. We’d have moments on set where people would tear up and we’d say good-bye to one director, but the work really requires you to be pretty much where you are. It’s complicated to keep everything in place in your brain and your character and where you are, so that pulled focused. I think Kurt and I are just—part of us are in denial and we have lots of other stuff in life, so it takes the onus off it. I’m sure at some point we’ll probably crash from it all and we’ll recognize it, but I think overwhelmingly we’re both so grateful that it’s seven years and it’s been such a great experience, so I don’t know that you get too sad really. Things happen. I think it’s ending at the perfect time, I really do.”

Katey-Sagal2Throughout the season we have caught Gemma speaking to the ghost of Tara, as she can be heard and Katey suggests that this is because she is unraveling. She says “They’re super easy to do, because I felt very close to Maggie, who played Tara, and so it’s easy for me, and Gemma felt very close to Tara, ultimately. I think that they had such an intricate relationship, but also very mother/daughter, so I think that I just can put her there very easily and speak to her. And it just speaks to Gemma’s own—as the season goes on, her remorseful moments get stronger and start to eek out and the walls start closing in, but I think that it keeps her connected. It’s like I keep reiterating it wasn’t intentional what happened. It really wasn’t and so it kind of shows her just continuing to connect.

To me it’s interesting, too, that she believes that it speaks to what she believed happens after we die. Clearly she thinks she’s being heard, I would think.”

Sons of Anarchy will without a doubt leave quite a legacy in the world of television. Katey comments “I think Sons, it’s an entertainment show and I always look at what I do and what the services entertainment is that it is just that. It’s service, so you’re providing something for people. The fact that people had become so engaged and so invested in the story and the characters, that’s done something for them. I think that’s its own legacy is that it has become a successful way for people to be entertained.

And so I think, too, that it’s sort of in that wave of everybody talks about of cable dramas that have—it’s sort of like the little independent film world now in television. I think that Sons has helped to open all those doors just as The Shield did, so I would imagine that it will be in the wave of those shows, the Mad Men and those kinds of shows that have come around at this time. I think legacy is such a big word. Really our job is to entertain and I think we’ve done that.”

One of the biggest questions leading up to the series finale is whether or not it is going to be satisfying for fans. Katey assures us “You’ll be really satisfied with the ending. I think Kurt has even spoken about this, but he was trying to approach it like another episode, like the story keeps going. But I think it’s very satisfying and it was very satisfying filming it and I will say that for Charlie and myself. Both of us sort of felt—you’ll have to talk to Charlie, but he liked it, too. It was satisfying for all involved; that’s what I’ll say.”

We were also curious about what Katey will personally miss the most about being involved with the show. She says “I’ll miss so many things. It was a great working environment. I’ll miss the people. That’s what you really connect to and I’ll miss the writing. I’ve been in television a long time and you don’t find great parts that readily and you don’t find great writing that readily. It’s been just a great creative experience to be able to have both of those things, and it’s a colorful bunch of people to work with, so going to work was never boring. I will miss them all terribly.”

Fans are also incredibly curious to see what kind of punishment will eventually be dealt to Gemma. Does she deserved to be killed or suffer with living with the guilt for what she has done. Katey responds “I’d say that is a tough call. That’s a really tough call, because I don’t know given where she’s at now, I don’t know. This is what’s interesting about denial. You know how you read in the news and like you’ll see some, like that one guy they arrested this guy in Santa Monica. He was a mob guy and had been hiding for 40 years. He killed a bunch of people and there he is living in Santa Monica and he’s fine and then they arrested him. So you wonder what the psychology is of somebody that’s really done heinous things how far can we hide that from ourselves and would Gemma actually be able to.

I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s gone so far. To me it seems like either way is horrible, so you will see the way it all pans out, but it’s a tough call. It’s a tough call, but people do do heinous things and continue to have lives. Yes, they do.”

We have all heard the news that Kurt Sutter is developing a new series for FX called “The Bastard Executioner”, so of course we had to know about Katey’s involvement. She reveals “I’m going to be in it. We don’t know in what capacity yet, because he’s now working on it, but that is where we’re going, yes. I will definitely be involved in it.”

Be sure to tune in for the final two episodes of “Sons Of Anarchy” airing on Tuesday night’s on FX.



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