Footage Of Concessions Company CEO Abusing A Puppy Has Gone Viral


(PCM) Disturbing footage has recently surfaced that shows the CEO of arena concessions company Centerplate, Desmond “Des” Hauge, violently kicking and pulling on a small doberman pincher puppy named Sade while in an elevator.

The multi-millionaire CEO can be see in the elevator security camera footage repeatedly kick the puppy and then yank so hard on its’ chain that the puppy is actually lifted off of the floor. The poor puppy can be seen cowering in the corner in an attempt to get away from from the attack.  Hauge was allegedly pet sitting for a friend when the incident occurred.… read more...

Motorcyclist Lands Feet First On Top Of A Moving Car


(PCM) The dashboard camera from a vehicle in Russia captured a truly amazing feat. A motorcyclist appears to have crashed into the back of another vehicle as it was switching lanes and was able to amazingly land feet first on the top of the car when he was thrown from the bike.

The whole incident appeared like some sort of stunt from straight out of an action movie! The motorcyclist manages to somersault over top of his bike and land feet first on the top of the moving vehicle he struck. You almost won’t believe your eyes!

So far there …

Watch President Obama Rap To Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”


(PCM) We really don’t think these lip-dub videos will ever get old!  A team of people with a lot free time on their hands and some excellent video mash-up skills have put together a video that features President Obama lip-dub rapping to Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy”.

While, of course, President Obama himself is not actually rapping in the video, the clip is made up of a bunch of clips cut from Obama’s speeches at various public events, press conferences and appearances.

If you found this version of President Obama getting “Fancy” than you are in luck because the creators … read more...

Lorde’s “Royals” Will Make The Cows Come Home….Literally!


(PCM) A Kansas farmer by the name of Derek Klingenberg has recently posted a video of himself playing a version of “Royals” by Lorde on his trombone in the middle of a field. As he is playing the song, all of a sudden it appears that dozens of cows are summoned up over the hill as they hear the music. 

The video has now been viewed over 3 million times on Youtube and while it seems that the cows are attracted to Klingerberg’s amazing trombone skills, in actuality he admits that they have learned that hearing the song means that … read more...

Horrifying Video Shows A Tourist Kicking A Squirrel Into The Grand Canyon


(PCM) A horrifying animal cruelty video has recently surfaced that show a tourist kicking a squirrel off the edge of a cliff down into the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The video is quickly picking up viral status and investigators are trying to determine the authenticity of the video that they believe was shot at the Grand Canyon National Park. Investigators are working with YouTube in attempt to determine the individuals identities and some additional information about the video.

The disturbing video, which is titled “Squirrel kicked into the Grand Canyon by French thugs”, features two men clothed only in underwear … read more...

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