GWAR Brilliantly Covers Cyndi Lauper’s “She-Bop”


(PCM) For the fourth year in a row (the most by any artist human, Scumdog or otherwise), your masters GWAR returned to The A.V. Club to take part in the A.V. Undercover Series. The A.V. Undercover Series features artists covering other artists’ music. GWAR’s first offering tackled the Kansas classic, “Carry On Wayward Son” – which was voted favorite performance of the year, This, of course, came as no surprise to GWAR who consider themselves the greatest rock performers on this or any other planet in history.

After a year of celebrating the victory, the group returned to defend the crown with its unique spin on Billy Ocean’s “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” What happened for their third appearance? The band returned and went New Wave with their version of Pet Shop Boy’s “West End Girls” which segued into a re-worked version of Jim Carol’s “People Who Died”, paying tribute to fallen GWAR members and friends of the band. And of course, they won performance of the year again. (Did you think they wouldn’t?)

By this point, people may be thinking, well GWAR wins every year, so why do they keep coming back? Well it’s because they are the rulers of the universe and they are the A.V. Club three-time champions. How did they top themselves this time? Well the band dug deep into their cassette collection and pulled out Cyndi Lauper’s Greatest Hits. Once they came across “She-Bop” and learned that it was a song about masturbation, which is a habit near and dear to their hearts, they decided this is the song they must play to defend their “Undercover” title for an unprecedented fourth time! So without any more fanfare here it is, the orgasm inducing GWAR rendition of “She-Bop” with a little surprise at the end.

After hearing that the A.V. Club was inviting GWAR back for a fourth time, Pustulus admits, “I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

GWAR are currently in the midst of their 30th anniversary tour as they continue to wreak havoc across North America. The show stops tomorrow in Tempe, AZ and runs through November 28th in Orlando, FL.

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Stop Everything And Watch This Owl Dance To The “Monster Mash”


(PCM) If this video of a live owl dancing with an adorable stuffed owl to “The Monster Mash” doesn’t get you into the Halloween spirit, we don’t know what will? The young owl is currently being cared for at the Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, Inc.

According to the video description, “Oakley” is with his favorite stuffed Owl. He is always leaning against it. It gives him comfort and keeps him from stressing. It is breakfast time and when it is time to eat I do a Great Horned Owl call, just like his momma would. When he hears that call he knows it is time to eat. I am hoping to put him in with 3 other older juveniles in the next few weeks. They are pretty wild,and this way he will finish growing up with his own kind. So for now while he is still pretty young all he gets is a stuffed Owl. He is starting to see things pretty good now. We hope to release him in about 6 weeks.

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Silento’s Smash Hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Takes Over Halloween Display!


(PCM) Bryan Hagan and his family have been known for putting on some amazing light displays at their two-story home on Ice Crystal Court in Oderton, MD during the holiday season and have in recent years began including a Halloween display as well. Visitors flock to the home to see the amazing show which begins at dusk each night and ends at 9:00pm.

This year Silento’s smash hit single “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” has become the central point of the Hagan’s light show that also features other Halloween favorites such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and more! The animated jack-o-lanterns are perfectly synced to appear to be singing the song and Hagan claims that is actually the hardest part of putting together the display, as he must program the lights and the music to perfectly sync.

The Hagan family urges visitors to the home to watch the display from inside their vehicles as they can now use their radios to tune into the music! We can’t even imagine the work that goes into making this type of display each and every years, but it looks phenomenal. Check it out below:

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Sorority Sisters Called Out For Snapping Selfies During Arizona Diamondbacks Game


(PCM) We are sure that many of us do not realize quite how ridiculous we look when we are attempting to strike a pose in order to capture the perfect selfie. A group of sorority sister who were attending a recent Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game learned the hard way that you never know just who could be watching.

The girls were called out and ridiculed by the baseball game announcers once they took notice to the sheer amount of selfies the girls were snapping. A video was then posted on the Arizona Diamondbacks Facebook page and it quickly went viral.

Many found the clip to be harmless and funny, while others felt that the girls suffered unnecessary ridicule. We found it to be a true testament as to just how addicted the younger generation is to their phones and further cements the fact that sometimes we all need to just unplug and go out and enjoy life and actual human interaction every once in awhile (and the commentary for the announcers is pretty spot-on)

Due to the media frenzy over the baseball selfies the Arizona Diamondbacks and FOX Sports offered the sorority free tickets to an upcoming game, however they politely declined the offer and instead requested that the tickets be donated to a charity organization named A New Leaf which focuses on assisting families who are the victims of domestic violence.

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Extreme Phone Pinching Is The Newest Social Media Trend


(PCM) We can’t help but get nervous just watching the videos of people partaking in the newest social media trend which is extreme phone pinching. The object is to loosely pinch your smartphone with two fingers and dangle it over ridiculously dangerous drops such as hotel balconies, sewer grates, elevator shafts etc.

The trend was first initiated by indie rock band Twenty One Pilots when they posted a series of Vine videos that showcased them using the extreme phone pinching technique in a slew of precarious situations. As attached as everyone is to their smartphones we have no idea why anyone would want to take the risk of possibly losing it forever and having to pay expensive repair bills to get them fixed, but we supposed the adrenaline rush is worth it for some.

Check out the compilation video below which is sure to put your nerves on edge! Currently, videos and photos are popping up all over social media with people showcasing their extreme phone pinching feats.

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Gotta Love Karma! Woman Yells At A Black Bear Snacking On Her Kayak


(PCM) We probably laughed at this video a little more than we should have, in fact, we even had to watch it twice!  It just proves why you cannot mess with mother nature or interfere with the animal kingdom, as karma certainly has a way of turning itself around.

Just listening to this poor woman continuously yelling “Stop Bear”, as if the bear will somehow turn around and respond is hilarious to those of us with a twisted sense of humor. The woman even attempts to reason with the bear while it is making a snack out of her kayak saying “It’s not even food. It doesn’t even taste good”! The woman’s identity has not yet been officially revealed and all that we know is that she is from somewhere in Southeast Alaska, but she is quickly becoming a viral superstar.  The video has been viewed nearly 800,000 times!

Something tells us “Bear don’t eat my kayak” is going to be a new catchphrase throughout the rest of this year. And taking a page right out of the Honey Badger handbook, bear doesn’t give a sh*t! Sorry about your luck lady … maybe next time you will think twice before busting out the pepper spray.

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