Man With Last Name King Set To Marry Woman With The Last Name Burger


(PCM) Seriously, what are the chances!  Meet the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Burger-King, a match made in fast-food heaven.  The couple, Joel Burger and Ashley King are set to tie the knot in Illinois sometime later this year.

Sources say that the couple have been friends since kindergarten, but only began dating right before starting college. While they have understandably received a ton of teasing from friends about their fast food royalty surnames, they don’t plan to let any hecklers bring them down.

The couple have fully embraced their nickname and even posed of joke engagement photos in front of a Burger King restaurant sign. It is also rumored that the couple plans to serve drinks at their upcoming wedding out of Burger King cups with each guests name written on the side.

It wonderful to see that they are keeping a sense of humor about it and we know one thing for sure, it is definitely going to be one whopper of a wedding!

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Convicted Murderer Charles Manson Set To Wed In Prison


(PCM) Convicted killer 80-year old Charles Manson and his young fiancee 26-year old Afton “Star” Burton have received the marriage license and are set to wed in a prison ceremony.

The couple have 90 days to complete the wedding ceremony after obtaining their license or else they must reapply again. Manson is currently serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California.

Burton relocated to Corcoran to be closer to Manson and speaks to him by phone at least once a day and visits every weekend. Her days are spent painting and maintaining Manson’s various social media sites.

Burton revealed to CNN that her goal is to eventually get Manson out of prison, claiming that he had nothing to do with the seven murders that took place in August of 1969 which he was convicted of being the mastermind behind.

Manson and Burton are allowed only one hug at the beginning and end of their weekend visits and even after they are wed, the two will not be allowed conjugal visits due to Manson’s life sentence.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says that the wedding ceremony must take place on a visiting day and that Manson and Burton will be allowed to have up to 10 guests from outside the prison and two from inside the prison, as well as, an officiant of their choice. There will be absolutely no outside photography permitted.

The news about Manson and Burton’s upcoming nuptials has been sparking a ton of controversy online with many claiming that it truly speaks volumes for the sanctity of marriage these days.

We want to hear from you. Do you feel Manson and Burton should be allowed to marry?

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Deer Photobomb Creates Magical Wedding Images


Photo credit: Ian Christmann

(PCM) Well after the formal wedding party pictures has already been taken and the newlywed bride and groom were sitting down to enjoy their first meal, wedding photographer Ian Christmann noticed something magical happening in the wooded area outside of the venue.

What Christmann noticed was a herd of deer emerging from the woods and not wanting to miss the opportunity for some truly magical shots, he urged the couple, Erik Fix and Lauren Ruff, to put down their forks and come outside to take just a few more photos.

The end result was something straight out of a fairy tale. Christmann was amazed at just how close they were able to get to the deer and at one point there is a shot where all of the deer are looking up at the camera at the very same time!

Christmann’s photos of the couple with the deer have since gone viral after his brother decided to post the images up on Reddit. For the record, Christmann claims that none of the photos have been at all retouched and the only thing added in was a bit of color correction.

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Have Officially Tied The Knot


(PCM) A spokesperson for celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has just revealed that the pair got married last Saturday in a small private ceremony in the French hamlet of Correns.

The wedding was held in a small private chapel and was only attended by the couples family and very close friends. It was a nondenominational civil ceremony and the pair obtained a marriage license from a judge in California, who also traveled to France to perform the wedding ceremony.

The couple’s children also took part in the ceremony, as Jolie was walked down the aisle with her oldest sons Maddox and Pax.  Zahara and Vivienne threw flower petals. Shiloh and Knox served as ring bearers.

Over there years there has been much debate about when the couple was finally going to wed and they became engaged back in 2012 after being together for seven years. This will be the second marriage for Pitt, who divorced from actress Jennifer Aniston back in 2005 and the third marriage for Jolie, who divorced from Jonny Lee Miller in the 90′s and Billy Bob Thornton in 2003.

Congrats to the happy couple!  Both are continuing to keep busy with their film projects. Jolie recently directed the Word War II film “Unbroken” that will be released this December  and Pitt stars in another Word War II film “Fury” which will be released on October 17th.

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Man Impersonates His Own Father To Break The News Of His Death To Get Out Of Wedding


(PCM) 23 year old Alex Lanchester of the U.K. met her fiance Tucker Blandford while they were both attending the University of Connecticut back in 2012. The pair dated throughout college and were set to become husband and wife this August, until Blandford decided he wanted to fake his own death to back out of the upcoming nuptials.

Blandford had proposed to Lanchester right after college before she returned Britain. Lanchester accepted his proposal and claims that she purchased a hand-made wedding gown online, paid for the bridesmaid dresses and took care of all the other necessary wedding day details. Blandford told her that he had taken care of booking the venue, which was supposed to be at the college campus where the pair had begun dating.

Lanchester even allegedly book airfare for Blandford to come and visit her to finalize their wedding plans and vacation together before the wedding date. About a week before Blandford was scheduled to arrive, Lanchester received a phone call from someone claiming to be Tucker’s father telling her that Tucker was deeply depressed and had wanted to die, so he threw himself in front of a car and was killed.

Obviously Lanchester was devastated by news and once she got herself together called Blanford’s home phone line back again. This time, however, Blandford’s mother answered the call and revealed that Tucker was just fine and she and the rest of the family were under the impression that the couple had broken up when she returned home to Britain.

Lanchester revealed that she is absolutely sickened by the events that occurred and said that Blandford is both a liar and a coward. She says that she will be spending the couples would be wedding day making new memories without him. Good for her!  It is such a shame that Blandford just could not have been honest about the whole situation, it is totally unfair to lead someone on for that amount of time.

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Hilarious Craigslist Ad Looking For A Wedding Band

(PCM) It is the time of year when couples begin planning their weddings and for some reason, people still insist upon getting married in June even though being the most popular month for weddings they should know that the prices will skyrocket.

Thinking about spring/summer, weddings and all that jazz, I came across this hilarious Craigslist ad posted by the brother of the groom in search of the perfect wedding band.

The ad was posted several years ago, but is still just as hilarious today! Now we just wonder if he a) ever found a band and b) are the married couple still together?

Check it out below:


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