Bride Sells Her Wedding Dress On Ebay To Fund Divorce


(PCM) A U.K. bride is making headlines as she is selling her wedding dress on Ebay to assist with funding her pending divorce. In her hilarious, yet bitter, posting she claims that her ex-husband has left her to “foot the bill”.

It is the incredibly tongue-in-cheek posting by 28-year old Samantha Wagg that has caused her Ebay list for a size 6 Art Deco wedding gown to go viral. She goes into great detail about her pending divorce from her “cheating scumbag of a husband”.

Wagg is accepting emails from people who have questions about the dress and “the skank that my husband ran off with”, she also hilariously warns buyers that they should be sure to dry clean the dress before wearing to get rid of the “stench of betrayal”.

Wow! Definitely would make us rethink purchasing this one!

Wagg had made an initial posting in regards to the dress however it wasn’t getting any attention. Her brother suggested making it funny in hopes of going viral and the results have been astonishing.

Wagg says her parents paid around $2,600 for the dress back in 2014, however her incredibly comedic bid has raised the price upwards of over $86,000!  Wagg will not reveal any more details about her divorce and claims that she has been approached to appear on several U.K. reality television series, which she is seriously considering.

Wagg says she is humbled by outpouring of love and support from people all over the world and that she has managed to forgive her ex-husband for his mistake and wishes him nothing but the best (without her!) for the rest of his life. She goes on to say “I am very happy now, so I hope he is too.”

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Couple Gets Billed For Wedding No-Show!


(PCM) There has been a huge debate that sparked online over whether or not a couple who no-showed to a recent wedding should be sent a bill for the price of their reception dinner plates.

What makes this even more controversial is the fact that those billed by the bride and groom for no-showing are family members. A cousin of the bride was shocked when she received a bill in the mail in the amount of $75.90 for two herb-crusted walleye plates, that also included service and tax charges.

The note that accompanied the bill read “This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVPed for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.”

The cousin posted a picture of the bill on social media and it quickly went viral. The cousin said that she and her husband did plan to attend the wedding, however a last minute cancellation from the babysitter left them unable to attend, as the initial wedding invitation specifically stated that children were not welcome to attend.

The cousin does admit that she did fail to tell the bride about her change of plans or follow-up after the wedding, however she never expected to receive a bill in the mail for the no-show. There has been plenty of debate online with support for both sides of this issue, however we feel a simple phone call would have done the trick for either party.

Either way, what do you think? Should the cousin have to pay?

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Devo Vocalist Jerry Casale Shows Poor Taste With 9/11 Themed Wedding Ceremony


(PCM) Someone needs to whip Devo singer and bassist Jerry Casale and whip him good after photos have surfaced showing Casale and his bride, 26-year old Krista Napp, celebrating their 9/11 wedding day with a theme that poked fun at the tragic 2001 terrorist attacks.

The pairs disgusting wedding display included cakes that were crafted in the shape of the Twin Towers that were adorned with both his and Krista’s faces and guests received engraved box cutters with the couples name and wedding date as reception gifts. Unbelievable! The Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks were armed with box cutters which they used to overtake the hijacked planes.


Once, TMZ leaked out the controversial photos, Casale was quick to back-pedal and placed the blame on a friend of his who was in attendance at the reception which took place at a hotel in Santa Monica. He told TMZ, “One of the friends surprised me with the cake and the place settings and it’s because they thought it was really macabre that I was getting married on 9/11 and I said no, it’s just arbitrary”.  Casale went on to reveal that the cake joke did not go over so well, as he and his bride tried to play it off as them being the Twin Towers of love and that love conquers all … however despite the terribly bad joke not going over well, Casale reveals that everyone still ate the cake.

The Casale/Napp wedding definitely takes the cake as one of the most truly offensive, however their guests appeared to accept it and sources say that both Casale and Napp both share a very dark and strange sense of humor.


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Newlyweds Create An Epic Music Video Montage In Just One Take!


(PCM) On the internet there have been a ton of amazing dance videos filmed at weddings, but none quite as epic as the one filmed by newlyweds Robert and Theresa where they managed to involve all of their guests in on the fun.

The couple celebrated their nuptials by having all of their 250 guests join them in the filming of an amazing mash-up music video shot in only one take. Opening things up with “Love Is An Open Door” from Frozen and blasting through hits such as “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj, “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, “Sugar” by Maroon 5, and of course “Gangnam Style” by Psy the pair danced and partied their way around the entire banquet hall.  They truly did an fabulous job!

The couple’s wedding guests only had about 10 minutes to prepare for the video shoot and were give instructions in manila envelopes taped under their seats.

The couple own a ninja-themed sushi restaurant in Orlando, Florida and friends say they are know to go “all out” and certainly enjoy crazy!  Since the video was uploaded it has already gone viral and has racked up well over 1 million views and counting on YouTube!

We definitely need an invite to their next party!

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Man With Last Name King Set To Marry Woman With The Last Name Burger


(PCM) Seriously, what are the chances!  Meet the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Burger-King, a match made in fast-food heaven.  The couple, Joel Burger and Ashley King are set to tie the knot in Illinois sometime later this year.

Sources say that the couple have been friends since kindergarten, but only began dating right before starting college. While they have understandably received a ton of teasing from friends about their fast food royalty surnames, they don’t plan to let any hecklers bring them down.

The couple have fully embraced their nickname and even posed of joke engagement photos in front of a Burger King restaurant sign. It is also rumored that the couple plans to serve drinks at their upcoming wedding out of Burger King cups with each guests name written on the side.

It wonderful to see that they are keeping a sense of humor about it and we know one thing for sure, it is definitely going to be one whopper of a wedding!

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Convicted Murderer Charles Manson Set To Wed In Prison


(PCM) Convicted killer 80-year old Charles Manson and his young fiancee 26-year old Afton “Star” Burton have received the marriage license and are set to wed in a prison ceremony.

The couple have 90 days to complete the wedding ceremony after obtaining their license or else they must reapply again. Manson is currently serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California.

Burton relocated to Corcoran to be closer to Manson and speaks to him by phone at least once a day and visits every weekend. Her days are spent painting and maintaining Manson’s various social media sites.

Burton revealed to CNN that her goal is to eventually get Manson out of prison, claiming that he had nothing to do with the seven murders that took place in August of 1969 which he was convicted of being the mastermind behind.

Manson and Burton are allowed only one hug at the beginning and end of their weekend visits and even after they are wed, the two will not be allowed conjugal visits due to Manson’s life sentence.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says that the wedding ceremony must take place on a visiting day and that Manson and Burton will be allowed to have up to 10 guests from outside the prison and two from inside the prison, as well as, an officiant of their choice. There will be absolutely no outside photography permitted.

The news about Manson and Burton’s upcoming nuptials has been sparking a ton of controversy online with many claiming that it truly speaks volumes for the sanctity of marriage these days.

We want to hear from you. Do you feel Manson and Burton should be allowed to marry?

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