Vandals Won’t Stop Stealing Heracles’ Penis Forcing City Officials To Come Up With A Plan


(PCM) For many years French officials have been faced with quite an interesting predicament at the Parc Mauresque in France, as their statue of the ancient Greek hero Heracules is missing a certain body part. It seems that vandals in the area very much enjoy stealing the statues intricately designed marble penis.

After replacing it several times, city officials have finally had enough and made the decision to leave poor Heracles penis-less for the majority of the year. They have now come up with a plan to fit the Heracles statue with a removable prosthetic penis that will only be placed on the statue at certain times of the year such as certain festivals and ceremonies.

The statue was created by artist Claude Bouscau and placed in the park in 1948. At the time the statue was placed, it is rumored that women in the city were shocked by the size of Heracles marble member and Bouscau had to shave down and remold it two times before it was considered satisfactory.

None of the stolen marble penises have ever been recovered over the years, leaving us to use our imaginations as to just what someone would want with a giant marble penis laying around the house, oh wait … nevermind!

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Inspirational Message Discovered On A 2,400 Year Old Mosaic In Turkey


(PCM) We can all use some positive vibes in life every now and again, so take heed and follow the advice that is engraved upon the 2,400 year old ancient mosaic that was recently unearthed in Turkey which states “Be cheerful, live your life”!

The centuries old “skeletal mosaic” was discovered during excavation works in the southern province of Hatay. Demet Kara, an archaeologist from the Hatay Archaeology Museum, said the mosaic belonged to the dining room of a house from the 3rd century B.C., as new findings have been unearthed in the ancient city of Antiocheia.

Kara further explained, “There are three scenes on glass mosaics made of black tiles. Two things are very important among the elite class in the Roman period in terms of social activities: The first is the bath and the second is dinner. In the first scene, a black person throws fire. That symbolizes the bath. In the middle scene, there is a sundial and a young clothed man running towards it with a bare-headed butler behind. The sundial is between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. 9 p.m. is the bath time in the Roman period. He has to arrive at supper at 10 p.m. Unless he can, it is not well received. There is writing on the scene that reads he is late for supper and writing about time on the other. In the last scene, there is a reckless skeleton with a drinking pot in his hand along with bread and a wine pot. The writing on it reads ‘be cheerful and live your life”.

The mosaic was definitely quite the unique find in Turkey, as the only other place in the world that a mosaic such as this one was said to exist was in Italy and this particular mosaic dates back to a much further time period. Definitely words to live by as then ring just as true now as they most likely did many centuries ago!

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Man Discovers A Ghostly Figure In Image Taken At Hotel That Inspired “The Shining”! We Are Not Surprised!


(PCM) A tourist from Houston, Texas named Henry Yau was taking photographs at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado when he was shocked to discover that his image of the staircase in the hotel lobby featured more than just the hotel decor. Yau captured what appears to be the ghostly apparition of a woman dressed in black standing at the top of the stairwell.

For those that are unaware, the Stanley Hotel is what inspired author Stephen King to write his famous book “The Shining”, although in both the book and the film adaption, the name of the Stanley Hotel was changed to The Overlook Hotel.  The hotel has fascinated suspense and horror fans for decades and is certainly a prime tourist destination for those visiting the region.

Yau stands by his claim that there were no humans present when he was taking the image and it has also been reviewed by several paranormal experts who claim that feel it was definitely not photoshopped and does indeed feature some sort of paranormal entity.

What do you think? Did Yau capture a ghost or is it just a trick of the eye?

By golly! I think I may have captured a #ghost at #StanleyHotel. #EstesPark

A photo posted by Henry Yau (@ares415) on

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Could The World’s First True Hoverboard Really Exist?


(PCM) Ever since we got our first glimpse at hoverboard technology in the cult-classic film “Back to the Future” it has remained a staple on the pop culture radar and we have been obsessed with trying to recreate the high-flying phenomena.

There have been many YouTube videos made with people claiming to have perfected the technology and producing working versions of a hoverboard, however all of them at one point or another have proven to be a hoax, that is until now!

The Zapata Racing Flyboard Air, very well may be the first actually legit working hoverboard the world has ever witnessed. While many still continue to doubt it’s authenticity, a video recently surfaced showing a test flight of the board in action and we have to say that it appears to be pretty darn legit to us!

It certainly appears that they are still working on getting the kinks out of operating the board, which is basically a hydraulic jetpack  that is strapped to a users feet. Designer Franky Zapata claims that he has been working on the hoverboard project for over four years now and has nearly perfected the product. Currently the test flights have been taking place over a body of water for obvious safety reasons and the board is powered by four 250hp turbines, all linked to each other via wifi to maximize stabilization.

There was a little bit of an issue with the battery life, as when it went dead, it caused Zapata to spiral out of control a bit and land in the water. His water landing damaged the electronic components in the only working version of the hoverboard, so it appears they are back to the drawing board for the time being.

What do you think?  Could this product be a safety hazard and too dangerous or an incredibly unique way to travel from point A to point B? Either way we think it is pretty cool!

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Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon Perfectly Syncs With Star Wars: The Force Awakens


(PCM) It was only a matter of time before someone would give this a try!  One Reddit user has come to the conclusion that Pink Floyd’s album “Dark Side Of The Moon” syncs up perfectly with the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” much the same as the album does with the legendary film “The Wizard Of Oz”.

Reddit user knnl says “Each act is roughly the same time as the album (~40 minutes). The music is always spot on for every scene, but the lyrics are what confirm that this was, indeed, [intentional].” In order to create the perfect sync knnl says you must start the album at the end of the movie’s crawl and the repeat album option must be checked in order for it to play continuously throughout the film. In the end the album should be played three times in a row for each of the film’s acts.

Some highlights of the sync include:

  • Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town, waiting for someone or something to show you the way.
    All the lyrics of “Time” happens while the movie shows Rey’s daily struggles. The whole scene just fits with the song
  • Get away. I’m alright, Jack, keep your hands of my stack. Money, it’s a hit. Don’t give me that do goody-good bullsh*t. I’m in a high fidelity first class travelling set, I think i’ll buy me a lear jet
    During the “keep your hands off my stack”, Han grabs Kylo’s saber. He gets stabbed right at the end of the “Don’t give me that do goody-good bullsh*t”.
  • You raise the blade,You make the change, You rearrange ’till i’m sane
    Played just perfectly at the end of the film.

You can check out the first eight minutes of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” synced with “Darkside of the Moon” below to get a taste:

We can recall many trippy nights back in high school zoning out to “Darkside of the Rainbow” as we used to call it, so we can’t wait to make an attempt at “Darkside of the Force”!

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Woman Loses An Eye Due To A Single Speck Of Glitter


(PCM) A woman by the name of Erica Diaz is sharing her tragic story to warn others that something as harmless as glitter, which is used in many children’s arts and crafts projects, can be very dangerous. Diaz lost her eye after she was helping her daughter clean up an arts and crafts project and a tiny speck of glitter became stuck in her eye.

The speck of glitter ended up rupturing her cornea, which in turn led to a painful fungal infection in her eye that would not go away. Diaz underwent several painful surgeries, including a cornea replacement, as well as, various medications and eye drops, however the infection never cleared and she eventually had to have her entire eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic.

Diaz decided to share her story via IMGUR under the user name “minimonster1437” and somehow was able to keep a strong sense of humor throughout the entire ordeal. You can read her postings here! Despite her ordeal she still manages to keep a positive attitude about the entire situation saying “I guess a brush with potential glittery death helps you figure out what you really love and what you don’t. Do I think glitter should be banned? No. Just wear goggles and gloves when using it to protect your eyes and keep it from getting stuck under your nails where you risk rubbing it into your eyes accidentally. F**k glitter bombs, tho.”

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