Lattes Are Now Being Served In An Avocado, Because Why Not?

(PCM) We all know that avocado’s are the “it” thing these days and they are slowly becoming harder and harder to come by as they are growing more expensive, but people will still find new and creative ways to consume avocado’s, but we think perhaps an latte being served in an avocado really takes the cake.

Melbourne, Australia’s Truman Café is doing just that with their creation called the “avolatte” and it is basically just your typical latte order made to order in a hollowed out avocado. We can’t really see how this would enhance the taste of a latte, in fact, mixing avocado and coffee just doesn’t seem like a good pairing, but hey, to each their own!

Some claim that the bitterness of the avocado and the sweetness of the latte balance each other out, but others are still on the fence about whether or not this is actually a good idea! Just when we thought we had seen it all the “avolatte” arrives and it seems to be around to stay (or at least until the hipsters become fixated on something else).

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Mystery Of The South Carolina ‘Nightmare House’ Is Unraveled

(PCM) We recently shared the story about the mysterious South Carolina Zillow listing for a home that was being dubbed the “nightmare house” due to the fact that no one was supposed to ask questions about the secret tenant that resided in home’s upstairs apartment.

This led to much speculation with some wondering if the so-called tenant, who wasn’t required to pay any rent and was not to be disturbed, was actually a ghost or some kind of evil spirit. Well, it turns out the first HotPad listing was correct and the tenant is indeed a professional artist, by the name of Randall McKissick.

70-year old McKissick was once a world-renowned artist who has since fallen on hard times. He suffered a divorce, an eviction and an anxiety disorder. His work was shown at galleries all over the world, but since the dawn of the digital age, McKissick found his work could not keep up with the growing technology.

McKissick was childhood friends with the homes owner Michael Schumpert Sr, who allowed him to reside in the apartment upstairs rent free to help him get back on his feet. Schumpert Sr. got into a car accident back in December of 2016 and suffered a broken back, it was actually Schumpert’s son Michael who penned the ad trying to sell the home, as they don’t know what else to do and do not want Randall to have to leave.

Well, for starters, he could have made it a little less creepy sounding and of course everyone knows once the internet becomes involved, nothing stays secret for very long! The house has since been taken off the market and Michael claims he does not know what the plan is next.

The family is looking into alternative home options for McKissick, but money is a bit of an issue and he comes along with three cats. His anxiety disorder also makes it very difficult for him to deal with change. For now it looks like McKissick is staying put until the Schumpert family can figure out what to do, and he told the News & Observer, the publication who first uncovered his identity, that he would love to paint again, but he just has to find that spark!

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Mystery Creature Washes Up On The Shores Of Indonesia

(PCM) Locals in Indonesia were shocked when the bloody and gooey carcass of some sort of mystery marine creature washed up on the shores of Seram Island. It is pretty terrifying to look at and not something one should view if you have a weak stomach.

Just how the mystery creature, which Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management team is saying could possible be the carcass of a humpback whale, came to wash up on the small island remains a mystery, as well as, it’s cause of death.

A team of marine biologists are working on testing samples and getting the mess cleaned up, however they believe the creature may have been brought to the area due to the warm current, as it is not an animal that is native to the region.

The creature is also baffling other marine biologists across the globe, as many are curious as to what type of animal the creature actually is and some feel it may be a very large species of dolphin rather than a humpback whale.

The Indonesian government is also assisting with clean-up efforts. Whatever the creature turns out to be, it is definitely a rare species and, to us, looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick! Yuck!

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Teen Knocks Em’ Dead With Unusual Prom Entrance

(PCM) Viral ‘promposal’ videos have become all the range these days with teens coming up with unique and clever ways to ask their crushes to be their dates for the prom. One New Jersey teen took things to an entirely new level by being delivered to her junior prom inside of coffin which was housed in a hearse. Talk about making an entrance! Megan Flaherty has been the talk of the town ever since, as she absolutely ‘knocked em” dead with that arrival.

Upon arrival to the prom, Flaherty casually exited her coffin with the help of her date and a close friend and then went about her way fully of smiles and enjoyed the rest of her evening. When asked why she chose to be deposited at the junior prom in a coffin and hearse, Flaherty simply said “I like being different”! You tell em’ sister! We think her entrance was actually pretty darn epic (and creative too)!

When speaking with, Flaherty went on to reveal that she has plans in the future to go into the funeral business saying that she would like to eventually become a funeral director after college. “She gets that many people are uncomfortable with death and the things that come with it. “It’s a natural thing of life,” she said, and she’s become very comfortable with it as she has gotten interested in mortuary work.”

Flaherty is normally a very quiet student in school and she was certainly curious to see her classmates reactions to her epic prom entrance and she was not at all disappoint. Everyone was certainly shocked, but most surprised since Flaherty is not the type to normally draw this much attention to herself. Way to keep them guessing! We certainly wish Flaherty all the success with her future endeavors.

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Mysterious Zillow Listing For South Carolina ‘Nightmare House’ Leaves Everyone Wondering!

(PCM) A Zillow listing for a home in Cayce, South Carolina has everyone talking after it was shared via Twitter by user @valhallabckgirl who called it a “nightmare house” and after looking at the listing we can certainly see what she means! It really does look like something straight out of a horror film.

The listing claims that the 4 bedroom/3 bathroom house is a diamond in the rough, but just one thing! Don’t even think about trying to ask about the mysterious tenant who lives upstairs rent free! The listing reads as follows:

“Upstairs apartment cannot be shown under any circumstances. Buyer assumes responsibility for the month-to-month tenancy in the upstairs apartment. Occupant has never paid, and no security deposit is being held, but there is a lease in place. (Yes, it does not make sense, please don’t bother asking.)”

So this has of course prompted people to begin jumping to all types of conclusions regarding this property and it’s mystery tenant. The listing goes on to state that the home is being sold as is with no repairs or clean-up and no warranties are expressed or implied. The sellers do note that not much is known about the property, but it does have active roof leaks. This would definitely have to be an investment purchase to deal with all of those issues, not to mention the mystery guest upstairs!

The listing for the home was posted on Zillow 32 days ago and the asking price for the home is $130,000. The home was also listed on the real estate website, HotPad, where the mystery occupant was described as a professional artist living upstairs, however that listing has now ended.

What do you think is going on here? Could there be a ghost living upstairs and the property is haunted? Is it just a really eccentric artist-type? Either way it is very creepy and certainly sparks our curiosity. Wonder if anyone will tour the property and get to the bottom of this whole nightmare, and can they please let us know what they find! Inquiring minds want to know!

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Curious About What Humans Will Look Like 1,000 Years From Now?

(PCM) Human beings as a species are constantly evolving and with the continued growth of technology, it leads us to wonder just where human evolution will end up in the next 1,000 years or so. We have always heard the rumors that there will eventually be chips implanted under our skin for identification and different chips implanted in our fingers to that we could swipe to use as payment when shopping. Many even wonder if one day we will become so obsessed with our smart phone that they will eventually just be implanted permanently in our ears or in front of our faces … look at the invention of Google Glass!

The folks over at Tech Insider have considered many of these ideas and have put together a video that shows how they think humans will evolve by the year 3017 and it is definitely a little freaky! Not to worry too much because surely none of us will actually be around by then, but it definitely sparks some food for thought.

The video. which can be seen below, suggests that by the year 3017 we will have found a way to possibly merge our bodies with machinery, be living on different planets such as Mars and even potentially make ourselves immune to all diseases and reverse the process of aging.

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