Teacher Consumes A Live Hamster To Teach Students A Lesson


(PCM) A South Korean teacher is facing child abuse charges after consuming a live hamster during class in an attempt to teach his students a lesson. The 44-year old teacher, named Yu, noticed that his students at the Jeongeup Boarding School were teasing a hamster, so his plan was to teach them a lesson about just “how dear life really is”. 

Yu removed the hamster from the cage and then bit, chewed and ate the hamster in front of the horrified students. Speaking with a Korean news agency Yu said “I couldn’t control the situation and couldn’t stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life.”

Once the parents of the students found out about the situation, Yu was booked and charged with child abuse. He claims that he is ashamed for his actions in the classroom and never would have done it if he had known that he would not be facing the child abuse charges.

Looks like he definitely bit off more than he could chew this time around!


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Mexico Opens An Underwater Oxygen Bar


(PCM) Definitely taking a unique approach to the bar scene, Mexico has recently opened up their first completely underwater oxygen bar.  Customers who visit the bar can put on an oxygen mask and casually sip on an oxygen-infused smoothie, all while never coming to the surface.

The new aquarium lounge is located in Cozumel, Mexico and features a 13,000 gallon transparent aquarium tank, where the helmets worn by customers are pumped with 70% oxygen. The customers also have the choice to breathe aromatherapy scents as well. Thus far they are offering mint or citrus flavors that provide customers with revitalized, refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.

No reservations are required for the new underwater oxygen bar and they will provide bubble guns and board games for customers to play with while getting their O2 fix underneath the surface.

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Ever Wonder Why A Revolving Door Was Created?


(PCM) For some reason many people seem to have an aversion to using revolving doors. Could it be the feeling of claustrophobia trapped in your little triangle as the door spins or perhaps it is the fear of becoming stuck if someone else fails to complete the rotation. Either way, people will go out their way to avoid using them, even if it means having to walk to a further entrance with a regular door to get into a building. 

In case you were wondering about just why revolving doors were created in the first place, we did some digging and discovered that they were invented by a man named Theophilus Van Kannel for one reason and one reason only … he hated chivalry! 

According to report from Slate.com, Van Kannel despised getting to the door at the same time as another gentlemen and having that “oh, you first’ exchange and more than anything else, Van Kannel hated feeling obligated to open the door for women. 

Van Kannel decided he had to do something to avoid having to be chivalrous and in the year of 1888 was granted a patent for a “storm door structure” that would later go on to become the revolving door that everyone avoids.  It took several years, but the very first revolving door was installed at a restaurant in New York City called Rector’s in 1899. 

Van Kannel’s invention of the revolving door not only helped abolish chivalry, but it also created a way to keep dirt, dust, rain, sleet, and snow from entering a building.  

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This Parrot Has Nailed The “Evil Laugh”


(PCM) Funny animal videos are always among the first to go viral on the internet and this parrot mimicking villainous laughter is no exception. Recently making the rounds on Reddit, the “super villain” parrot is certainly gaining a lot of fans. 

Bird experts claim that parrots mimic the sounds that they find to be appealing, so if this parrot took a liking to evil laughter, should we be worried?  Could you imagine walking into someone’s home and hearing that laughter coming from a dark corner!  


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Giggles The Pig Runs For Mayor


(PCM) As if the city of Flint, Michigan did not already have a bad enough reputation, but now due to some sort of clerical error in city’s electoral department, a pig named Giggles is now in the running to be the cities new mayor. 

The clerical error made by the city caused all of the mayoral candidates to miss the petition deadline, so therefor none of their names will appear on the official voting ballots. The election will not be up to write-in candidates, and hence Giggles the pig has her fair shot. 

Mike Ewing, Giggles owner, says that he saw the clerical error as an opportunity to launch a political campaign for Giggles, who also happens to have her own Facebook page and the trending hashtag #Giggles4Flint. The Facebook page now has over 3,000 likes and continues to climb. 

Ewing and several others were also angered that one of the mayoral prospects was previously convicted of murder and the clerical error was the final straw to make him decide to take action. The residents of Flint are mortified that their city could not even get a simple mayoral election correct. 

In praise of Giggles for mayor, Ewing posted the following campaign message “I hope that you will vote for her as a mayoral candidate who has never murdered a human. She has never placed citizens in harm by driving drunk on the highway, and has never interrupted public business and public meetings. She is a sweet and intelligent animal – which is more than can be said for some candidates.”

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Chinese Amusement Park Offers A Death Simulator Attraction


(PCM) Can we say gruesome? If anyone out there has ever been curious as to what it may feel like to be cremated then the Window of the World Amusement Park in Shenzhen, China has just the answer for you with their attraction called the Samadhi Game. 

The attraction is being toted as a “death simulator” and allegedly let’s those who dare to ride it, experience what it may be like to be cremated. The rider is placed in a coffin, which is then transported into a fake incinerator while being blasted with hot air up to 104 degrees in temperature. The rider is also surrounded in light which is said to give the authentic experience of burning. 

Wait … this get’s even better! For the next part of the attraction, riders are shown a womb projected on the ceiling and you have to crawl until you reach a white padded area, which is supposed to represent the actual womb and signify being reborn. 

The ride opened up at the amusement park last September after the creators were able to raise $65,000 via a Chinese version of Kickstarter to see their vision come to life!  Pretty terrifying stuff?  Would you have what it takes to ride the Samadhi Game? 

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