Apparently There Is Now A Doritos Flavored Version Of Mountain Dew


(PCM) I don’t know about you, but the thought of any type of Doritos flavored beverage does not sound very appealing, however for those that are feeling a bit experimental it actually does exist.

There is a photo circulating on Reddit that was taken during a tasting event held at Kent State University that allowed students to sample the Doritos flavored Mountain Dew which happens to appropriately called “Dewritos”.

The students claimed that their samples of the beverage actually did taste like Doritos. It was described as tasting like orange with a Doritos aftertaste. The students also said that after … read more...

Quadruple Amputee Is A Person Of Interest In His Parents Murder


(PCM) Currently, police in Orlando, Florida are searching for a quadruple amputee, whom they say is currently a “person of interest’ in the shooting death of both of his parents in their home. The police say that the the man, 30 year old Sean Petrozinno is considered to be armed and dangerous (yeah, we are not really sure how that works either) and that currently he is only being named as a person of interest and not yet a full-fledged suspect in the case. Petrozinno had recently moved back in with this parents after allegedly suffering from some financial issues.… read more...

Canadian Man In Search Of A Woman With His Ex’s Name For Very Special Trip


(PCM) A 28-year old Canadian man by the name of Jordan Axani recently posted on Reddit that he is in search of a new female companion to take on a journey around the world. There is only one slight catch … you must have the same name as his ex-girlfriend who was originally supposed to go on the trip, so that you would be able to use her plane ticket.

Axani obviously purchased the trip before he and his girlfriend split and the three-week excursion will include stops in Milan, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi. In his post on Reddit, … read more...

Could We Finally Be Seeing The World’s First Airplane, Helicopter, Car Hybrid


(PCM) For years futurists have been predicting that we will be seeing great advancements in the area of travel technology. It has always been a fantasy that we would eventually be zipping around in those futuristic flying cars just like a real life episode of The Jetsons.

Well, it seems now that those technology advances are not as far off as we initially thought. An Arizona-based start-up company by the name of Krossblade, has recently unveiled their latest invention called the SkyCruiser and it is an electric hybrid aircraft that switch between being an airplane, a quadcopter and also be … read more...

Money Rains On A Maryland Highway


(PCM) Drivers on a Maryland highway got quite the surprise when all of a sudden it began to rain down cold hard cash from the skies. Drivers scrambled to collect the flying cash, some even simply rolling down their window and hold their hand outside to catch a few of the flying bills.

The incident occurred after one of the doors of an armored car swung open and a bag full of money fell out and hit the ground. Of course, the driver made an attempt to pull over, but by that point the damage had be already done and … read more...

Ever Wonder How Many Ridges Are On A Reese’s Cup?


(PCM) The spirit of Halloween got us thinking about some of our favorite Halloween treats, especially the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and of course that led to us wondering just how many ridges are indeed on a full size Reese’s Cup.

We have reached the conclusion that there are 66 ridges on a full size Reese’s Cup and for good measure we took a look at the famous treat sized Reese’s Cups as well which boast 48 ridges.

All the talk about ridges made us think about other items with ridges that we come into contact with day to day. … read more...

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