Massachusetts Man Has Started Selling Snow To Other Areas Of The Country


(PCM) All of us here on the East Coast are without a doubt tired of all the snow that has been dumped on our region lately, however one Massachusetts man has decided to take advantage of the situation and hopefully create a little cash on the side.

Kyle Waring came up with a wonderful idea while he was out shoveling the wintery mess. He started the website, and began offer to ship 6 pounds of snow from winter storm Neptune for the price of $89.

At first, Waring was offering 16 ounce bottles of snow, however they were completely … read more...

Student Named Dean Who Ordered Fake ID’s Online Had Them Delivered To University Dean


(PCM) Can we say opps! A case of mistaken identity has landed four 18-year old college students from Pennsylvania in some pretty hot water!  They are now facing possible criminal charges, as well as, disciplinary action from the school after they ordered a set of fake ID’s from China and they were mistakenly delivered to the dean of their university.

It seems that when the mail delivery person saw the name Dean on the package he went ahead and delivered them to the actual dean of the university.  When the unidentified dean of the university opened the package he discovered … read more...

Florida Mans Cause Of Death Listed As An Uppercut From Batman


(PCM) 31-year old Stephen Merrill’s family and friends were left heartbroken and shocked when he passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. There had been no official cause of death listed, so his family and friends came up with the idea to honor his passion for comic books and absurd humor and say that he passed away due to an “uppercut from Batman”.

Merrill’s printed obituary in the local Florida newspaper now reads “Stephen Merrill, 31, passes away February 12, 2015, due to a uppercut from Batman.” The funny suggestion was made by Merill’s close friend after things began getting too … read more...

Demonic Ring Eating Away A Young Mans Flesh And Won’t Let Go


(PCM) 19-year old Eric Buabeng discovered a shiny golden ring on the roadside on his way home from church services last November. He picked it up and took it home, wearing it on his right index finger. Almost right away, Buabeng says he could feel the ring mysteriously tightening on his finger and now it looks like he may have to have the finger amputated because the ring is stuck and is beginning to eat into his flesh.

Baubeng and his father have visited nearly 37 hospitals and churches near their home in Ghana and thus far no one has … read more...

Ex-New Jersey Teacher Faces Jail Time For Owning A 300-year Old Pistol


(PCM) 72-year old Gordon N. Van Gilder and his 22-year old traveling companion Adam Puttergill were pulled over for a minor traffic violation in Millville, New Jersey last November.  During the ordeal both Van Gilder and Puttergill were arrested with one of the charges being a felony against Van Gilder for owning/possessing a 300-year old flintlock pistol that he had recently acquired at a local area pawn shop.

Van Gilder, who is planning to fight the charge, claims that police deputy Joshua Sheppard began screaming at both him and Puttergill and he that he demanded to search the vehicle. In … read more...

100 Finalists Selected For A One-Way Trip To Mars


(PCM) Would you sign up for a journey that you knew that you would not survive? It appears that over 200,000 people are ready to make the leap, as that is how many applicants signed up in hopes of taking a one-way trip to Mars in the name of science.

The group of 200,000 applicants has now been narrowed down to just 100 finalists that will make the journey, never to return and start work on building a space colony on the Red Planet. The project was put together by the Dutch non-profit organization Mars One. The 100 finalists will … read more...

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