Couple Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace, However Their Facebook Pages Are Mysteriously Being Updated


(PCM) The mysterious circumstances continue to grow surrounding the case of missing couple Charlie Carver and Kala Brown who vanished from their apartment in Anderson, South Carolina back in August of 2016.

Thus far there have been no clues to lead authorities to the couples whereabouts, however one factor makes this case even creepier. Someone has been continuously updating the Facebook accounts for both Charlie and Kala with creepy memes, quotes and even ominous direct messages to the couple’s friends and family members.

A reporter for the Daily Beast, Kelly Weill, has been keeping up with the case and has published an in-depth exploration into the couples disappearance. It seems that Charlie, 32, and Kala, 30, vanished from their apartment without even the basic of necessities. The couples apartment was found unlocked and their cell phones were both found dead inside.

They also failed to bring with them necessary medicines and contact lenses and even left their pet dog unattended in the apartment with no food or water, however the dog carrier was never recovered. There have been very few physical clues in the case for authorities to investigate.

Charlie’s Facebook profile was updated on Oct 1 with changes to major life events with the updates saying that he and his girlfriend were expecting a child, got married and had just purchased a home. Neither of these facts are true.

Also posted to the account were creepy status updates such as “Sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the backyard to keep the nosey neighbor’s guessing,” as well as news stories about the couple’s disappearance. There was also a private message sent out to Charlie’s friends saying “We [are] both ok. there is only one person that knows where we are … the person that means the most to me and kala she know where we are and we are coming that way for ever.”

Many feel that Charlie’s ex-wife could be involved with the couple’s disappearance, however no formal charges have been filed and it is not known if she is considered a suspect by the authorities. Reports do claim that she was accused of stalking the couple and was seen on or around the couple’s apartment complex.

You can read the full story and all it’s creepy circumstances at The Daily Beast. Definitely sounds straight out of a horror film. We certainly hope the authorities are able to discover some answers soon and the couple is found safe and sound.

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Police Search For U.K. Woman Who ‘Got Busy’ With A Headless T-Rex Statue At Children’s Theme Park


(PCM) The fact that we even had to write that title is quite unsettling!  It seems that one woman in U.K. simply could not control herself when she came upon a headless T-Rex statue located in a children’s theme park near the area of Devon. She proceeded to lift up her skirt and “get down to business” with the headless T-Rex statue in broad daylight and in full view of other park visitors.

The local police are currently searching for the woman, as there was also a second incident where she exposed herself at a local area bar, as well! This lady seriously has no shame! A spokesperson for the Exmouth Dino Trail theme park says “”Whilst we have had some deliberate damage to the dinosaurs in past weeks, this episode brings things to an all time low as far as these important and very popular assets to our town are concerned.”

We certainly cannot fathom what would possibly be a turn on when looking at a headless baby T-Rex statue at a children’s theme park, as surely one has reached an all-time low/desperation level to partake in this kind of obscene behavior. Let’s hope the authorities are able to locate this woman and get her the kind of help she apparently needs!

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Patient Discovers That Doctors Accidentally Connected Her Colon To Her Vagina


(PCM) Yes, we can only imagine that this is just about as awful as it gets!  A Macedonian woman by the name of Jasminka Velkovska underwent surgery three years ago to remove cancer from her colon, however when reattaching her colon, they somehow attached it her vagina by mistake.

That is quite a mistake if you ask us!  We can’t even fathom how this type of thing could have possibly happened. Velkovska said she felt a bit uncomfortable after the procedure and slowly began to notice a problem when she began passing gas out of her vagina. She told the local news “While I was recovering, doctors came and asked me if I was passing gas, and I said yes, but it’s coming out of my vagina. They told me that it would soon pass and I would be ok, but stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant.”

The doctors at the hospital told her she would be fine and it would eventually pass, but boy were they ever wrong. After agreeing to perform an X-ray to get a better look at what was going on the hospital discovered their mistake. The woman’s colon was now connected to her vagina. This sounds like something straight out of a horror film!

To top it off they didn’t even manage to remove the cancer and only agreed to compensate Velkovska a measly $33,000 dollars, outright refusing to pay the entire total. Velkovska is currently filing a lawsuit against the hospital for the full amount, as she has every right to pursue.

She truly deserves millions for that kind of mess up!


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Woman Sues Her Parents For Posting Her Embarrassing Baby Photos Online


(PCM) Seriously, people these days will come up with a lawsuit for just about anything! An 18-year old Austrian woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is suing her own parents for posting embarrassing baby photos of her on Facebook. She claims that over the last seven years her parents have continually posted more than 500 images of her as a baby and refused to take them down even though the woman has requested their removal several times.

It seems she reached her breaking point and made the decision to get the courts involved. Her parents feel that because they took the photos (and you know, she is their daughter and all) that he has the right to post the images. The woman obviously does not feel the same way and says “They knew no shame and no limit—and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot—every stage was photographed and then made public.”

Despite how ridiculous this lawsuit seems the woman’s lawyer feels that she has a good chance of victory over her parents if she can show that the images violated her right to a personal life and her parents could be forced to not only pay for her legal fees, but also her “pain and suffering”. Good grief!  Aren’t parents allowed to be proud of their children. More than likely the photos were only posted in good fun.

Why do we get the feeling that if this case succeeds we are going to be seeing more and more of this type of lawsuit popping up all around the world, as we are sure there are more than a few people out there who have some embarrassing baby pictures taken by their parents that they would rather not share with the world a.k.a. Facebook.

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Yes, Umbilical Cord Art Is Really A Thing


(PCM) If you are the type to get queasy we suggest you look no further as it seems umbilical cord art is now a thing! New mothers are finding a way to put the umbilical cord to use in several artistic ways. We didn’t even realize that afterbirth crafting was actually a trend!

Looks like the trend of new mothers consuming the placenta directly after birth is on the way out and umbilical cord art is on the way in and both make us equally squeamish. The new mothers are taking the dried up body fluids and tissues from the umbilical cord and crafting it into various shapes such as hearts or spirals and even spelling out the word “love” is an incredibly popular choice.

They are then framing the dried umbilical cord art to hang as wall art either in the nursery or other areas of the home. This is totally not something we would like to walk in and find on someone’s wall, but to each their own it seems. You should see some of the images people have posted on Pinterest and Instagram showcasing this art, as it truly takes things to an entirely new level. Buzzfeed gathered quite a collection to showcase.

The art has been described by new mothers as both “amazing” and “magical”, but others tend to find it a bit disturbing. Many women feel that the last thing on their minds after giving birth to their child would be trying to save the umbilical cord for the sake of art. Either way the trend is beginning to take off and don’t be surprised to see a lot more umbilical cord art pieces hanging in the homes of new parents, disgusting or not!

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Murder Suspect Pulls An Epic Escape From Police Custody


(PCM) Las Vegas murder suspect Alonso Perez pulled an Houdini-like escape from police custody while he was being held in a police station interrogation room. Perez was being investigated for the murder of a man outside of a Las Vegas area McDonald’s restaurant.

Once the detective who was interrogating him left the room, Perez was able to somehow break free of his handcuffs and then after a few minutes make his escape through a ceiling tile in the room. Video surveillance captured the entire ordeal, including the leg chains that Perez can still be seen wearing as he hoists his way up into the ceiling.

It seem the no one was watching the surveillance cameras at the time of the incident. Great police work, guys! You can see the look of surprise on Perez’s face when he was able to break out of the handcuffs. He escape was successful, however that success was short-lived as he was later caught and arrested as second time after a four hour stand-off with police and FBI agents.

Seems this Houdini magically added quite a few more charges to his wrap sheet!

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