Mayfly Mayhem on the Mississippi

Mayflies(PCM) Think the swarms of mosquitoes that plague most people over the summer are a nuisance? How about swarms of mayflies so large they cause car accidents?

The Mississippi Valley was swarmed by the recently hatched flies this weekend.

Mayflies hatch and erupt in large swarms on the Mississippi every year, but scientists say this year’s swarm is larger than in previous years.

The mayflies presence is actually a good sign for the area; it denotes a healthy river system capable of supporting life, but it definitely makes life tough on locals.

Reports were coming in from Minnesota of swarms so large that they blocked out the sun and caused poor visibility, even resulting in a 3 car accident that injured three and sent one to the hospital.

Aside from the poor visibility, the swarms of flies have been known to pose a hazard to drivers; when the flies are smashed on the road, they form a thick oily buildup resulting in poor driving conditions.

Some towns have even taken to pouring sand on the road when the mayflies hatch to provide more traction for drivers.

While they are a huge nuisance, completely covering local businesses and homes withMayflies2 their ever-buzzing selves, the mayflies almost slip into nonexistence as soon as they swarmed up.

The flies belonging to the order Ephemeroptera, whose Greek translation roughly translates into “lasting-a-day insect,” have a very short adult lifespan, ranging anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

While locals aren’t over the moon about the mayflies arrival, experts, scientists, and those in the Department of Natural Resources are rejoicing in the healthy signs of life from the Mississippi.

Mayfly larva thrives in healthy freshwater systems, and the record numbers from this year’s hatching point to a healthy river system with healthy levels of lead and mercury, two pollutants that mayfly larva are highly sensitive too.

This year’s large swarms are also good news for someone else; the hungry fish in the Mississippi and local waterways. The mayflies provide a nice source of protein and nutrients for the fish, making a nice meal that will hopefully support and help grow local fish populations.


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Your Face On Toast For Breakfast?


(PCM) Talk about a breakfast of champions…well…at least some people might think so!  A Vermont company has created the first “selfie” toaster, so now you can enjoy chowing down on your face (or someone else’s) for breakfast in the morning.

Burnt Impressions (gotta love the name) is selling the “selfie” toaster for $75, which may be a little on the expensive side for some, but how can you put a price tag your own likeness created on food?!?

The company is even willing to thrown in a free decal sticker of the image you choose for your toast design, so you can display it proudly in your kitchen!  Burnt Impressions also happens to be the same company that brought us the Jesus and Rapture toasters as well!

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Virginia Man Claims “No Man’s Land” For His Daughter In Africa!


(PCM) 38-year old Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia recently posted on Facebook about how he wanted to make his 7-year old daughters dreams of becoming an actual princess come true. However, in this case it seems that the dream could actually come true!

Heaton discovered that the eastern African region of Bir Tawil, a 796-square-mile piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, was terra nullius or “no man’s land.”  According to colonial-era law that mean that Heaton was able to claim the land as his own.

After receiving permission from the Egyptian government, he was able to travel to the land in time for his daughter’s birthday to lay an official claim on their “kingdom”.  Heaton also went as far as to rename the land, so it is no longer Bir Tawil, but not called the The Kingdom of North Sudan and Heaton.

Heaton is now requesting that his family and friends refer to his daughter as Princess Emily and is calling himself King Heaton. (We have a feeling this is going to cause a few problems down the line…or a big ego!)

Heaton plans to use the land of his “kingdom” to advance agricultural technology for the surrounding areas. Also,  Heaton still needs to receive legal recognition from Egypt, Sudan, the United Nations and other political groups.

Virginia Man Claims “No Man’s Land” For His Daughter In Africa! was contributed by a Myth

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