California City Set To Offer Free Pot To Low-Income Residents


(PCM) Residents in the city of Berkeley, California that qualify as low-income will be offered the chance to receive free marijuana as early as next summer.

The San Francisco news is reporting that the city will require their medical marijuana dispensaries to giveaway two percent of the medical marijuana that they see each year to assist low-income families.

Although they must still have a prescription, if a person earns less that $32,000 per year individually or $46,000 for a family then they will meet the eligibility requirements to receive free marijuana at one of the dispensaries in the city.

It …

CVS Moves Ahead With Name Change And Stops Tobacco Sales A Month Early


(PCM) It was announced yesterday that CVS executives made the decision to transition the company into both a new name and out of the sale of tobacco/tobacco related products.

About seven or eight months ago the company first revealed their plans for the big change, however those changes were not set to take place until October 1st. There was no specific reason given for the why the switch over has taken place almost a month earlier than expected.

CVS Caremark will now be known as CVS Health and the sale of tobacco products in stores has ceased. It is reported … read more...

Kraft Issues A Recall On Kraft American Singles Cheese


(PCM) It has just been announced that Kraft is issuing a wide-spread recall on packages of their Kraft American Singles cheese. While the recall is voluntary, Kraft Food Group believes that close to 7,000 cases of cheese could be affected.

The recall stems from the fact that one of the company’s suppliers had out of standard storage temperatures for one of its’ ingredients.

There are four different variations of the Kraft American Singles are part of the recall. Check your fridge for “best when used by” dates of Feb. 20, 2015 and Feb. 21, 2015.

Thus far there have been …

Diabetic Teen And His Family Kicked Out Of A Drive-In For Bringing In Candy


(PCM) We all know that most movie theaters have a policy that does not allow outside food or drinks to be brought into their establishments, however shouldn’t individuals with certain health conditions be given an exception?

Recently, 16-year old diabetic Brad Weidner and his family were visiting the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, NJ and were kicked out of the establishment because Brad had a backpack on him that contained some juice and candy.

Brad suffers from Type-1 diabetes and carries a backpack with him at all times that contains insulin, an Epi-pen, a juice box and some candy that he … read more...

Texas Mother Kicked Out Of A Restaurant For Changing Baby’s Diaper


(PCM) A Texas woman has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau after she was recently kicked out a Texas restaurant for changing her baby’s diaper at the table.

In fairness to the woman, she did make an attempt to change the baby in the restaurants bathroom, however found that they had no changing table. She claims this gave her no private place to change the baby forcing her to just quickly do it at the table.

The woman goes on to claim that she was dining alone with her baby and her other two daughters who are 4 … read more...

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