Medical Clinic Choose An Odd Character To Promote Medical Circumcisions

(PCM) Talk about an advertising fail! We hope someone lost their job over this one, either that or people in the Philippines have a really sick and twisted sense of humor! The Dionisio M. Cornel Memorial Medical Center in Antipolo is using an image of the “X-Men” character Wolverine (claws out, mind you) to advertise for their circumcision service. Ouch! Wolverine doing a circumcision! That is something we never ever, every want to think about!

Something about adamantium-claws and circumcisions just don’t seem to go hand in hand! The ad features actor Hugh Jackman dressed as the Wolverine character he has portrayed in both the “X-Men” and “Wolverine” film franchises. The text featured next to the image explains the clinics circumcision services. The text translates out to read: “Cheap, doctor, hospital… this is where you get painless circumcision!” And get this! The price is only a whopping $28! Well, at least we don’t have to worry about going broke on a circumcision in the Philippines, but for that price maybe a Wolverine character really is doing the procedures!

Let’s hope they have some kind of licensed medical staff, but who knows? There has be some kind of law against using licensed characters for advertising, but sometime the rules are a little shady when you are travelling overseas. Either way, using a claws-out Wolverine to advertise your circumcision service is an epic fail all the way around!

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‘Legion’ is Hypnotically Intense

Have you ever had that feeling that you’re experiencing a dream? Only to realize you were actually just watching FX newest hit show ‘Legion’? Maybe not? Well that has been my experience for the first six weeks of its premiere season, and it is now safe to say my mind grapes have been stretched and twisted in ways I never thought could be so engaging. Each new chapter in the show feels as if I’m given a cosmically charged LSD trip littered with foreshadowing of oncoming information revelations, reminders of past events that tie into current events, and easter eggs for future plot twists. It is bold in its very nature, a show about a mutant who has potentially hundreds of personalities existing within him, and each personality comes equipped with its own characteristics and more interestingly their very own super powers. It is also bold in its storytelling and production. Scenes seemingly end and begin traveling between planes of reality and time periods. The creators expect you to be sharp enough to keep up, forcing you to earn the right to understand David Haller’s gift. You can never truly be sure what you are seeing exists. Is it reality? Or is part of David’s mind? These sorts of questions are answered while at the same time compounded upon in a way that is both satisfying and challenging. Without hesitation I can say this show is very heavy and needs to be given your maximum focus and attention while viewing. This may be a drawback for people looking for a casual experience, but I can attest to the fun and excitement of trying to play detective, picking apart every detail to form your own interpretation of what’s to come. Noah Hawley (Fargo) beautifully demonstrates that he is not scared of testing your understanding of reality within the “Legion” universe. Drawing heavy on flashbacks, dream sequences, astral planes as well as times in which characters have changed bodies or are figments of the imagination, you may easily begin to think you have lost your own mind trying to keep pace with the storytelling. Eventually the scale tips the other way, providing important information revealing momentary clarity while simultaneously creating new questions. Patience will pay off in a well crafted and well designed story such as this. Those who need instant gratification may be frustrated by the lack of answers initially given. Same for those who expect non-stop action, just because it’s a Marvel title. But who needs those people anyway, I mean I’m sure there is a new Transformers movie right around the corner for them to stare blankly at. A unique quality about “Legion” is its overall ambiguous tone (which seems to be purposefully done to mirror David’s character). This show feels like a drama with some action but has a tendency to dance with elements of psychological horror. As we explore some memories of David’s they glow with an aura of creepiness through the tone and set pieces. The character design in the baddies are simple yet effectively terrifying, striking a nerve we all have within us that reaches to the roots of our childhood. Its setting and timeline seem to draw heavy influence from late 60’s to mid 70’s culture and is executed it in a way that feels real but also dreamlike. The sound design is supremely handled. I can recall many moments where the music was effectively altered in a way that communicated the tone change of the scene and heightened the tension. This show successfully aims to draw on your senses as it guides you through the characters psyches in a hypnotic fashion. Among the multitude of recurring themes within “Legion” I have noticed a large one revolves around control, more specifically having none of it. David struggles to grip his own thoughts and actions at times constantly at war within himself. Spotlight characters have had traumatic pasts and dwell over having no way of changing it, becoming victim to its outcome. This motif of no control is masterfully reflected in the environments they find themselves in. Whether confined to a psych ward or trapped within a memory their restrictions become haunting. It is layered to the point where the characters feel completely helpless adding depth to the unsettling tone set all throughout. Even between romantic partners we see the ongoing clash of control. Resisting urges, regret over past choices, not knowing the truth about intentions… The theme of control creeps through the narrative like a parasite feeding on the conscious of the characters. Legion” is not afraid to spread its wings narratively and challenge its audience to unfold the wrinkles of their own brains along the way. It has quickly became one of my staple shows and I look forward to continuing my journey through David’s mindscape. The fact that it has already been renewed for a second season proves that i’m not the only one invested in this journey. The post ‘Legion’ is Hypnotically Intense appeared first on Age of The Nerd. Save

‘Logan’ Spoiler Free Review

Fans have felt like they have waited an eternity to see a proper Wolverine story brought to the big screen. Thats not to take anything away from Jackman’s previous performance of the character, but we can all pretty much agree the first two solo outings were far from perfect. Even if you are a fan of The Wolverine (which I am) it’s hard to pretend that the movie is flawless, regardless of what “unrated” version you’re watching. Logan however is pretty much a masterpiece. Now I know that statement is bold, may even seem extreme. But as far as what this studio, cast, and crew set out to do, and what they were able to actually achieve, I really do think that level of admiration is deserved.

Logan feels like James Mangold and Hugh Jackman’s love letter to the fans. It is a perfect send off to the character in every way. This movie takes its R rating and fully embraces it, delivering a level a brutality we know surrounds the characters but have never experienced quite like this. This film properly telegraphs exactly how sharp those “adamantium” claws really are. We have always known that it’s painful for Wolverine to break out the claws, but this film really drives it home with the blood and scars. This is just one example of why this film needed to be rated R.

What is really impressive is that all of the blood and gore is not done for shock value but instead used with purpose and intent. Right from the jump the film sets up a situation that provides not only an amazing action scene setting the bar for what we can expect throughout the film but also showcases Logan’s frame of mind as we dive into the story. All done without any silly exposition or stupid dialogue. All within the matter of moments not only did we get a taste of the action but it is made clear that this is a desperate man. A man who is struggling to find a reason to carry on.

The early scenes of the film have our titular character caring for an elderly Charles Xavier, who as far as we can tell has pretty much gone mad, and definitely can’t use his powers. Logan relies on the help from his from mutant buddy Caliban, who as far as we know is pretty much the last of the mutants. The movie never lets itself get bogged down with plot lines from the previous films, but it does make implied references to events and the extinction of the mutant race. In this earlier moments of the film, we get some fantastic banter between Xavier and Logan, which is not only a testament to their outstanding acting but also to how long these two have worked together. Both actors seem to give it their all, knowing how important it is to the fans, and boy do they deliver.

As I mentioned the movie establishes itself fairly quickly, as we are introduced to our main protagonist, a man hunting down a little girl reached out to Logan in desperation. True to the character and his current state of mind, Logan is reluctant to help to say the least. But certain events ensue, circumstances change and Logan has no choice to help Laura, grab his friends and hit the road. A relatively simple yet plot that provides a playground to explore these characters in ways fans have only imagined.

There is no shortage of action when it comes to this film, and I can name a multitude of memorable moments, but I am trying to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. Lets just say it’s safe to say that despite all the hype I have placed around Jackman and Stewart, it is Dafne Keen’s “Laura” who steals the show. After seeing her first action scene in the film I literally had to pick my jaw drop off the floor (OK, maybe not literally but you get the point). I truly don’t even think fans of the franchise, familiar with the characters are quite ready for the beautiful brutality that is ‘Logan’.

Despite the brutality and jaw-dropping action, this movie at its core is really all about family, making this movie accessible to all audiences, not just comic book fans. The movie’s smaller and more focused plot allows Mangold to tell a heartfelt story surrounding a core group of characters. Every character is essential on this bloody and emotional journey, that really manages to deliver some heartbreaking plot points. I don’t want to turn any potential viewers off by making this movie sound bleak, I am just affirming that the performances seen in this film capture exactly what the the filmmaker was going for.

This is actually one of the rare trilogies where the final chapter is the strongest. This whole trilogy got better with each installment, hitting a huge leap in quality with the release of Logan. Although I am throwing around the term “trilogy”, Logan is very much a stand alone film. If you are not a fan or never saw the previous wolverine flicks, there is no need to rush out and see them before going into this film. If you plan on watching anything in preparation for Logan, I would actually recommend watching the first and second X-Men films and maybe Days of Future Past. These films really help establish and cement the relationship between Logan and Xavier. Not to mention the first one provides a visual reminder that Jackman has been playing this character for 17 years.

I know I am an optimist (sometimes apologist) when it comes to liking films, especially ones that I am invested in as a fan. Trying to put that aside, I can honestly say Logan is my favorite “superhero” movie to date. I know some fans will quickly jump to The Dark Knight which is more than understandable, and prior to the release of this film I would of had to agree. But I believe the performances delivered in Logan, Hugh Jackman in particular is at least on par with those most memorable for TDK. And thats where my biased love for the X-Men franchise kicks in and lean towards Logan as the new standard in the superhero genre.

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Stefan Kapicic Nerds Out About Deadpool and His Role as Colossus

With all the record-breaking success surrounding the release of the film, its natural to see the internet exploding with Deadpool related content. Well we basically struck gold over here Age of the Nerd, and were lucky enough to sit down and speak with Stefan Kapicic, the actor responsible for successfully bringing Colossus to the silver screen. Check out what the very kind-hearted and outgoing Stefan Kapicic has to say about his role as Colossus and what exactly it was like to be a part of film like Deadpool.

What was the experience like?

Its was such a specific and beautiful experience, best described as being a part of a dream. I am a big comic book fan, so getting a part in a movie like this for me, is getting a chance to fulfill a childhood dream. It really is just so amazing. Thats the best way I know how to say it.

Most of what you bring to this character was recorded in a sound booth. What was that process in the sound booth like working with Ryan Reynolds?

“Ryan was present in most of the scenes, and he helped me alot, hes a great colleague. And he was ad-libing a bit, changing things up with his own character. He’s not only the main lead character, he is also a producer on the movie, and he was so into the movie, he wanted every single thing to be as perfect as it possible. “

“And thank God for Tim Miller, who had his own vision to make Deadpool first and foremost for himself, as a comic book fan and as someone who loves the character probably more than anybody I know.”

We all know that it was the efforts of Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds that helped make Deadpool a reaility. What was it like working with a group so passionately involved?

“When you have a guy like Tim Miller, who is such an amazing director, and talent like Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast, all of whom were perfectly chosen, you really don’t have any kind of pressure. You just kind of release yourself and give it your best shot. And you know you have all they’re support, which means a lot. Especially because everyone of us involved wanted to give it our best shot and not to disappoint the audience, especially the fans who have been waiting for this movie for so long.

stefan kapicic

How did it come to the decision to have your character stay in his mutated form for the entire film?

“That was Tim’s idea, which if you think about it is a perfect idea. Everything is funnier when Colossus is already in his metallic mutated form. Having the character already as the big brute played better all around. The physical comedy doesn’t quite work as well if we just see him as a normal human being, exchanging banter with Deadpool. It just wouldn’t be as funny to have a humans reactions or their gentle physique. His reactions are totally contrast to the Deadpool character, basically playing the straight man in the comedy act. He size and physicality adds to the humor.”

“Also Tim had a specific vision for Colossus and it was very important to him and the staff that we portrayed Colossus the way he has been portrayed throughout the comics (not the previous movies). Tim [Miller] really focused on making sure my character resembled the comic book version as much as possible (read more about bringing Colossus to the big screen). There really is no visual similarity in face or body between myself and the character depicted in the movie.”


What would you say the most challenging part of playing Colossus was? Was there a lot of pressure on the set?

“The most pressure was really put on just not disappointing the fans and to give them the Colossus the want to see. It seems we have succeeded. Thank God for that. Seriously that was the biggest pressure, because Tim and I, and everyone else were big fans of the comic books and we didn’t want to disappoint ourselves or disappoint the fans.

What do you think first time director, Tim Miller brought to the table?

“Tim Miller has worked with some of the biggest guys in the industry and is just a master of visual effects so this just came naturally and he did an amazing job. Honestly it looks like he has been directing movies for years, like this is his 100th film.  But it’s not just his excellent visuals. Deadpool has a lot of heart and a lot of soul. A very specific comic book soul, which a lot of super hero movies don’t have.

Deadpool:colossus comic picture

What was Miller’s process going into this film? Did he have a distinct vision going into this, or was it more of an open process?

“His process included both. He [Tim Miller] had his own vision, but that vision included being open-minded, and encouraged us to improvise and gave freedom to try different things, But at the end of the day he knows what he wants and he picks it out. Honestly it was beautiful working with him, and hopefully we will work together again soon.”

On that note can you tell us what we have to look forward to in the future? Clearly rumors are flying and we are hearing whispers of an X-force team up?

“News like that is great for every one of us because it shows How big of a deal this movie has become and that it is as brillant as we thought it was going to be. But the green-light for the sequel just happened a few days ago and we still don’t know anything about it, except its a sequel is definitely happening. Unfortunately we cannot talk about any one of us, who is going or not going to be in the sequel. There is no screenplay yet, just an idea and a green-light, [with no info for us to talk about yet]. I just hope that it involves Colossus! (Kapicic says laughing)”

“I want Colossus to be the big thing in Deadpool. He really does play a big part in Deadpool and he really does have such great chemistry with the character. So I think he is definitely going to follow through and be a part of the sequel–but you never know whats going to happen. Im hoping and im praying that no matter what the sequel. Weather its another stand alone, or even if its a team up with other mutants we know Deadpool is associated with like X-Force or Excalibur, I’m thinking, or should say hoping that fans are going to want Colossus to return for the sequel.”

What was your favorite scene while working on the movie?

“It’s definitely the hardest one, because we tried it so many different ways, and the most beautiful one and the one I am the most proud of is the final monologue delivered by Colossus. It’s like 4-5 minutes, when Colossus is definitely trying to stop Deadpool from shooting Ajax, and convince him to come back and join the X-men, and you just know that Deadpool is going to shoot the guy. That is like one of the best scenes in movie in my opinion”.

Do you have anything in the works that we can look forward to?

“Honestly there is just so many doors that Deadpool is opening for me right now, its really just a whirlwind. Right now everything is so perfect and I am just so proud to be part of something as amazing as Deadpool. But hopefully we will have something more official regarding the sequel and we can talk again sometime soon.”

Deadpool Cable Sentinels art

It is abundantly clear that fans want more, so it’s safe to assume Deadpool and stories regarding Deadpool 2 will continue to dominate the news cycle, at least for the time being. Check back soon to find out more about the Deadpool sequel and other possible spinoffs!

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Deadpool Review (Spoiler-Free)

There is no doubt that Deadpool will be incredibly polarizing. You are never going to please everyone, especially with a character like Deadpool, so it better to focus on doing the character and story line justice. That is exactly what director Tim Miller has set out to accomplish with Deadpool.

For fans of character, as well as those familiar with his comicbook portrayal, there is an understanding that this character and story has always been for a mature audience. To deliver a watered-down pg-13 version of the film would be a disservice to everyone. I believe that’s why Fox has already green-lit Deadpool 2 based on early reactions. Despite some expected negativity, the film delivers exactly what it promised and what most fans were hoping for. Fox wants to show support for the film and the direction they have taken. By green-lighting a sequel, it lets fans know now that they have no plan to waiver when it comes to the adult content or the R-rating. Good for you 20th century Fox.

Deadpool review photo 1

In case you haven’t seen the trailers or know nothing about the story, Deadpool follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when the evil Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Deadpool breaks the mold in many ways. For those unfamilar with the comic book anti-hero, Deadpool is a sharpped toungue jokster, who brutality kills bad guys, while cracking inappropriately raunchy jokes at the same time. And did I mention he is known for breaking “the fourth wall”? There a many moments our protagonist directly talks to the audience throughout the course of the story. He is not your traditional comic book character to say the least.

Deadpool review photo 2

But it is not only the gore and vulgarity that add to this film’s originality. The strucutre of Deadpool is suprisingly different than most origin films. The use of flashbacks allows the story to jump around a bit, rather than the typical sub-standard, origin stories that stick to a linear format (I’m looking at you The Amazing Spider-Man!). I wouldn’t go as far to say its ground breaking in originality, but it certainly is a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stale structure.

Although this film marks Tim Miller’s debut feature film, there really was never a doubt that a highly experienced and talented  visual effects supervisor such as himself wasn’t up for the task. I mean worse case scenario we walk away with a visually stunning comic book movie, right? Well thankfully, Deadpool turned out to be so much more than that, largely in part to Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds’ enthusiasm and relentless effort to get this movie done, the way THEY saw fit. This movie  is so much more than mindless action. No doubt Deadpool is a comedic thrill ride, filled with immersive and clever visuals pretty much throughout, but it also has heart. This movie successfully blends the naturally dark subject matter with the fun and whimsy of a super-hero film. Again this can be attributed to Tim Milers love of the source material, and his constant push stay faithful to the fanbase and his vision of the film. Hopefully we can come to expect great things from Tim Miller and Company in the future.

Personally, I have not enjoyed an origin film this much since the first Iron Man, and given the current status of Hollywood and super heroes I have to say, I would personally prefer to see more Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool than I would Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man at this moment. Now that the doors are open, and we are getting to peek in and see what the future of comic book movies potentially holds in stock, I have to say nothing excites me more than the prospect of Deadpool in a rated-R X-Force film (that preferably uses story lines from Uncanny X-force as is source material, but I realize I am getting picky).

deadpool x-force cartoon pic

I also believe this R-rating could potentially have a ripple effect on the entire industry. I think it is safe to assume that there are some execs over at Warner Bros/ DC Entertainment questioning if an R rating would sit nice with their upcoming release of The Suicide Squad. Although the most recent trailer was a tad lighter in tone then our first look at the film, Suicide Squad is still looking pretty dark and intense. I can’t really imagine parents taking their young ones to see this interpertation either way, so why not pull a page from Fox’s playbook and go all in? Maybe I am way in the wrong here, but it’d worth keeping an eye on, as box office numbers and other studio plans begin to unfold.

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FOX And Marvel Reveals Plans For “Hellfire” Development


(PCM) FOX is in development on an action-adventure series, HELLFIRE (working title), it was announced today by David Madden, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.

Set in the late 1960s, the series – which will be produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television, with 20th Century Fox handling the physical production – follows a young Special Agent who learns that a power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities is working with a clandestine society of millionaires – known as “The Hellfire Club” – to take over the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Marvel to bring this world to television and build upon the vibrant mythology that has captivated fans for years,” said Madden. “These powerful and dynamic characters are complicated and larger-than-life, the pace and visual imagination are unrelenting, and the story takes place during one of the most explosive eras in recent history. We are so looking forward to working with this incredibly talented team.”

“HELLFIRE is a unique opportunity to be able to go deeper with some of these extraordinary characters, but to also dramatize new characters and give TV viewers a chance to experience this expanded world in an explosive way that everyone will be talking about,” commented Jonathan Davis, President, Creative Affairs, 20th Century Fox Television. “The action at the center of HELLFIRE will be dynamic and will satisfy the rabid fans, but that said, newcomers will surely be addicted too!”

HELLFIRE is a co-production of 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television. Evan Katz (“24: Live Another Day”), Manny Coto (“24”), Patrick McKay (“Star Trek 3”) and JD Payne (“Star Trek 3”) are co-creators. McKay and Payne will write the pilot script, based on a story by Katz, Coto, McKay and Payne. Lauren Shuler Donner (“X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “The Wolverine”), Bryan Singer (“X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “X-Men: Apocalypse”), Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Fantastic Four”), Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Marvel’s Daredevil”) and Jim Chory (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Marvel’s Daredevil”) will executive-produce the pilot, alongside Katz and Coto, who will serve as showrunners.

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