Facebook Leads To A Minnesota Man’s Arrest


(PCM) We always love a stupid criminal story and this one certainly takes the cake!  If you are going to commit a crime, then your best bet would probably be to stay off of social media during the act, especially if you are still inside the home you have just robbed.

26-year old Nicholas Wig is now sitting in jail after robbing the home of James Wood because he took the time to use Wood’s computer to check his Facebook page and then forgot to log himself out!  (forehead slap)

Wood arrived at his home last Thursday night to find that it has been ransacked and several items were missing. It was then that he also noticed that someone had sat down and used his computer as well.

Wood saw that Wig had forgotten to log himself out of Facebook, so at that point Wood took it upon himself to update Wigs’ status and shared his photo. He left his own phone number on Wigs’ page and asked anyone with information about where to find him to give him a call.

In another unbelievably stupid move, Wig actually texted Wood himself and agreed to meet-up to exchange a cellphone that he had stolen in the robbery in exchange for a pile of wet clothing he had left behind during the robbery, which happened during a rainstorm. Wig literally agreed to return to the home that he had just robbed!!

When Wood saw Wig coming up towards the house for the meet-up, he contacted authorities and Wig was arrested on the spot. He is facing up to 10 years in prison and over $20,000 in fines!

Facebook Leads To A Minnesota Man’s Arrest was contributed by a Myth