Oldest Living Man Alexander Imich Dies At Age 111


(PCM) The recently declared oldest living man in the world, Alexander Imich, passed away at the age of 111 in New York this past Sunday. He received the title of oldest living man in the world back on April 24th after Arturo Licata of Italy passed away about a week before his 112th birthday.

The website, Chabad.org recently did a profile feature on Imich, who says that he witnessed such a great amount over the years of his life including the development of flight, the creation and popularity of the automobile, the inventions of electricity and the telephone, advances in the fields of science and medicine, and the birth of both radio and television. He claimed the list could go on and on.

Born in 1903 in Poland, Imich and his wife Wela, fled from the country in 1939 when the Nazi’s took over. They refused Soviet citizenship and were then sent to Gulag. After being released from the camp after the conclusion of World War II, Imich learned that many of his family members were killed during the Holocaust.  He and his wife then emigrated to the United States in 1951.

Imich says his motto to live by is “always pursue what one loves and is passionate about”. Imich had a passion for the paranormal and even published a book about the subject at the age of 92 back in 1995. He earned a doctorate degree in chemistry and spoke five languages. He claimed that at age 111, he was prepared for his inevitable passing and look forward to death as a new chance for discovery, as way to learn all the things he was not able to learn here on Earth.

Now that Imich has passed the current oldest living man is Sakari Momoi of Japan who was born just one day after Imich in 1903.  The actual oldest person on Earth is Misao Okawa a woman from Japan, in fact, there are 65 women on Earth who are all older than Momoi.

Our sincere condolences go out to the family and loved of Alexander Imich.


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