Waffle House Denies Waitress $1,000 Tip, Tipper Comes To Rescue


(PCM) A waitress that works in a North Carolina area Waffle House recently received an incredibly large tip from a customer this past Mother’s Day, however it was against Waffle House’s policy to allow her to keep it.

The waitress claims she was talking with the customer while serving him over the holiday and mentioned the fact that she was a single parent with three children, attending school and basically just trying to make ends meet like everyone else. The customer than told the waitress “I’m going to bless you tonight”.

After the customer paid his bill, the waitress then noticed that she had been left with a $1,500.00 tip. She was told to keep $1,000 for herself and give $500 to a nearby customer. It would have been a true blessing if not for the fact that Waffle House will not accept large tips via credit card. According to company policy they must be paid in cash or check, just in case the customer decides to dispute or ask for a refund.

This story has a happy ending however as the customer eventually discovered that the waitress had not been able to cash the tip and ended up writing her a check for the very same amount!

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