Zachary Quinto Talks 'Agent 47' at SDCC 14'

Quinto SDCC 14'

Photo By: Sean McAloon

(PCM) Fox brought an array of movies to Comic-con this year, but one of the major highlights from their presentation was ‘Agent 47’ their up-and-coming video game adaptation. After the Hall H panel where we got an exclusive first look of the film, we had a chance to catch up with stars from the film Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware about the upcoming project. Check out what these cast members have to say about the highly anticipated film below!

The press conference immediately opened with a tough question in regards to Paul Walkers attachment to the project and how his untimely death has affected production on the film. Although the question wasn’t entirely appropriate, especially when you consider Quinto wasn’t even attached to the film at that point, the actor handled it like a pro, stating:

“I know it was a really tough moment, they were pretty close to starting production when that really tragic thing happened. I am grateful to be part of carrying something on, but obviously everyone has acknowledged it was in the face of great lose.”

hitman-agent-47-df-03872rgbjpg-0d2084_960wFans of the franchise were a bit underwhelmed with the 2007 live-action adaptation of this franchise, and with the same writer attached to the reboot what sets this film apart from its predecessor?

“It’s eight years on since they made [the first] movie. I think technology and cinematography have evolved in a lot of ways, I think it’s very different visually. There’s a scale to this movie and a dynamic to it, there’s a sleekness to it, that I think separates it a little bit form that previous film. But again, times are different, and appetites have changed, and people have higher expectations for visual effects and special effects – and I think that’s what this movie is based in, it’s what we’re trying to pursue, at the same time as trying to be something rooted in character and the dynamics of those relationships.”


Photo By: Sean McAloon

Quitno then goes on to explain his character and the role he is playing in the upcoming action franchise, what it takes to prepare for a film like this and dealing with fan expectations.

“The character I play in the movie exists in the world of the video game but in a peripheral way, so for me it wasn’t about playing the video game to understand the character – and Hannah’s character is not in the game. […] I think Rupert actually did go into the game a little bit and explore the world through the game because he is the titular character. So it makes sense for him in a way. Prep for a movie, any role, is just very different depending on what is required.

I feel like my approach is to try and set myself free from the expectation and comparison because alternately if they are reimagining something or adapting something or evolving something beyond the point of its original concept or execution then they’re doing that because they want to take it into a different landscape and so for me I just try to let myself focus on the work that’s ahead of me and what my job is and how I bring something to life. That’s a fan-based thing, the idea of comparison, that’s what fans do. That’s why fans exist – because they believe in something, something connects to them and they have passionate feelings, and connections, and opinions about stuff. So I hand things over for that debate to be held among people besides me. My job is not to engage in that debate so much as it is to give them something to debate about or discuss or have a reaction to.”

Are you excited to see Hitman return to the big screen? Let us know what you think in the comment section. Hitman: Agent 47 opens in U.S. theaters on February 27, 2015.