Army Father In Uniform Denied Entrance To Daughter’s School


(PCM) U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Sherwood Baker, who has served in the United States army for over twenty years including tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was recently denied entrance to his daughters school because he was wearing his army uniform.

The security guard at the high school in Michigan informed Lt. Colonel Baker that some of the students may not understand or might be offended by the uniform. They gave him two choices, telling him he could either phone into the office or go home and change his clothes before returning. Baker’s wife claims that not only one but four staff members at the school supported the policy.

Baker’s wife Rachel Ferhadson was waiting in the car for her husband when the incident took place as they had stopped by the school during normal school hours in regards to an issue with their daughter’s schedule.

Since the incident occurred and began receiving national attention, the superintendent has since reached out to Baker with an apology. The superintendent, who also happens to be a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, claims that the school district has no policy against men and women in uniform entering their schools and this incident was simply a misunderstanding by the staff about the current policy.

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