Church Hands Over $160,000 To Its’ Parishioners


(PCM) Due to a decades old real estate deal, the non-denominational LaSalle Street Church in Chicago recently came into quite a bit of money. We are talking about $1.6 million and the pastor was having a very hard time deciding what to do with all of the extra funds.

She recently reached a decision to give about 10% of the money, which equaled out to be about $160,000, to the parishioners of the church themselves. The church has about 320 active members, as well as, some regular attendees and each person was cut a check for the amount of about $500 to spend or invest however they wished.

The pastor told the local news that the move just “felt right” and the parishioners were urged to pay it forward. The church still has an additional $1.4 million that they can invest or donate and are currently trying to decide on a cause they see fit. Some parishioners are suggesting health clinics and others feel it should be used for college funds.

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