Deer Photobomb Creates Magical Wedding Images


Photo credit: Ian Christmann

(PCM) Well after the formal wedding party pictures has already been taken and the newlywed bride and groom were sitting down to enjoy their first meal, wedding photographer Ian Christmann noticed something magical happening in the wooded area outside of the venue.

What Christmann noticed was a herd of deer emerging from the woods and not wanting to miss the opportunity for some truly magical shots, he urged the couple, Erik Fix and Lauren Ruff, to put down their forks and come outside to take just a few more photos.

The end result was something straight out of a fairy tale. Christmann was amazed at just how close they were able to get to the deer and at one point there is a shot where all of the deer are looking up at the camera at the very same time!

Christmann’s photos of the couple with the deer have since gone viral after his brother decided to post the images up on Reddit. For the record, Christmann claims that none of the photos have been at all retouched and the only thing added in was a bit of color correction.

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