Actress Renee Zellweger Shocks With Recent Red Carpet Appearance


(PCM) The internet was buzzing after photos of actress Renee Zellweger on the red carpet at the 2014 Elle Women In Hollywood Awards surfaced. What was so shocking was the fact that Zellweger was completely and totally unrecognizable, literally looking like a complete different person.

Hundreds of comments on her appearance began popping up all over social media with many criticizing the actress for going under the knife for plastic surgery procedures that completely altered her entire appearance. Many felt that she literally came out of it with a completely new face.

While Zellweger has yet to publicly confirm whether or not she has gone through any surgical procedures, but has certainly remained out of the spotlight for quite some time. Her last film role was in 2010’s “My Own Song” and she does have a upcoming project, “The Whole Truth” coming out sometime in 2015.

The freakiest part about Zellweger’s transformation is without a doubt the eyes. She completely changed the shape of them from almond to oval, as well as, obvious tightening of the skin on the upper part of her face.

To me her new face makes her appearance very close to resembling either Juliette Lewis or Naomi Watts, but it is definitely  no longer the same Zellweger. When grilled with questions about her new look, Zellweger commented that she is glad the people think she looks different.

What do you think of Zellweger’s new look?  Were you just as shocked as the rest of us?

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