Batman V Superman Prequel to Justice League Cuts Out Origin Stories

New52 Justice League

New52 Justice League

(PCM) DC’s parent company Warner Brothers recently revealed in a Wall Street Journal article back in April 2014 that Batman V Superman (March 25, 2016) will not be a Justice League movie in disguise. If it’s not already obvious, it will be a prequel to the Justice League and tied to it in a similar shared universe like Marvel’s many recent superhero films. Shocking news eh? Yet somehow that was meant to be a surprise revelation by Warner Bros. President Greg Silverman, “It will be a further expansion of this universe. Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League.”

What we did learn from Silverman is that Justice League may film immediately on the heels of Batman vs Superman completion and we may see it hit the big screen in 2018.

Another thing to consider is the Justice League we will receive on film will be modeled after the New52 in DC’s print universe. You may not get a Martian Manhunter but you will get Cyborg. And thankfully if DC has any respect, we’ll never see the Wonder Twins.

Both films will share the same director, Zach Snyder (Watchmen, Man of Steel).

Batman v Superman prequel to Justice League Cuts Out Origin Stories

Batman v Superman prequel to Justice League Cuts Out Origin Stories

The real news we are learning over the past summer in leaked photos etc… is that DC is jumping right into the lives of most of their characters making origin stories questionable at best. That is a relief to most movie goers suffering origin fatigue through the Marvel franchise.

The fact is most everyone already knows DC hasn’t and won’t take the Marvel route. We can all continue to complain, but I’m of the school never complain unless you offer a solution. Having said that, are we not all tiring of the 10 things DC NEEDS to do in the next film articles?

Many have begun to argue in blog articles that DC isn’t going to follow the Marvel plan. Solo films then team up.

However no one should care what order you present characters, just get them right, leverage canon and represent the universe with respect. And of course try to keep to continuity which ultimately means shared universe etc… if studios don’t do that, example Spider-Man 3, FF, Green Lantern – well expect your film and toys to go nowhere.

There may always be an exception (Deadpool?). But I think my theory will hold most true when Fox doesn’t connect the Deadpool related films to the existing X-men franchise.

And yes, as much as most want a Deadpool on screen, its most obvious Marvel needs its properties back from Fox. And that ain’t gonna happen either.

Comic books on film has reached it’s greatest height at present and eventually this bubble will burst. If the good things readers want are not going to happen now, then it ain’t gonna happen in your lifetime. Just read the books and try not to let your skin erupt in flames over the BS we get on film.

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