Woman Sues Sperm Bank For Having A Mixed-Race Child


(PCM) An Ohio woman named Jennifer Cramblett is suing a sperm-bank in the Chicago area for $50,000 claiming that she received the wrong sperm donation and became pregnant with a child who was a different race.

We would like to think that these types of situations were behind us, however Cramblett, who expressed unconditional love for her daughter, is wrestling with the decision to move out of her predominantly white Ohio neighborhood for the psychological well-being of her child.

Cramblett, who is a lesbian, says the she and her partner found out that she was given the wrong sperm donation when she was about four months pregnant. The couple had a very specific request for a sperm donation from a white male with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The couple’s daughter is now 2 years old and Cramblett claims that her only worry is how the child will grow up in an all white-environment and pointed the finger at her unconsciously insensitive family.  In her lawsuit, Cramblett claims her daughter was a “wrongful birth” and a “breach of warranty” and she described her hometown as racially intolerant. Those seem like incredibly harsh words when talking about a child, at least to us!

At first the sperm-bank refused to communicate with Cramblett, however after a while they made an apology and refunded half the amount for the sperm, but have made no comment on the pending lawsuit.

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