Grandmas Get High and Play Cards Against Humanity, Hilarity Ensues

Marijuana(PCM) If you’re in the need for a good wholesome laugh to usher in the beginning of the end of the week, look no further than Cut’s video of three sweet grandmothers all smoking marijuana for the first time and hanging out.

Cut, a media/news/publishing outlet uploaded the video to their Youtube page, Cut Video, on Wednesday. Within hours the video went viral, gaining over 5 million views after being shared by various popular outlets like BroBible, social networking site Reddit, and more recently Buzzfeed.

The six minute long video starts with a music video-worthy slo-mo shot of the three grandmothers taking hits from a bong while JenRo’s “Malt Liquor” sets the scene before cutting to grandmothers introducing themselves, pre-hit.

All three acknowledge that they’ve never smoked pot before, saying that they were too busy raising their children or had never forayed into the land of illegal drugs, content smoking cigarettes and drinking cocktails as housewives.


Filming in Washington, one of four states in the U.S. where recreational use of marijuana is legal, the grandmothers proceed to take turns hitting a bong. Doing their amateur’s best, each grandma takes a rip, one even coaching the other one, saying, “There, do it like you mean it!”

The sight of three affable, straight-laced grandmas taking hits from a bong, then a vape is enough to inspire laughter, but the three go on to discuss various topics, play a short-lived game of jenga, and learn new words while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Reactions have been mixed with most people embracing the humor of the video, recognizing that three women in the 60+ age range partaking in a recreational drug is hardly harmful or offensive, but some have called the women and those who created the video poor role models, citing marijuana’s status as illegal in the majority of states and its possibly harmful and unstudied effects.

Watch the extended cut of Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time below and visit  Cut’s Facebook and website here.

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