Two Women Camp Outside Of Best Buy 22 Days Prior To Black Friday!


(PCM) Now this is just getting ridiculous! Two women have set up camp outside of the Best Buy store in Beaumont, California in order to ensure their place being first in line for the retailers upcoming Black Friday sales.

Keep in mind there are still 22 days left before Black Friday! Talk about dedication to deals! The two women say that they are camped out to be able to obtain the many “first come, first serve” deals that Best Buy will be offering when they open up their doors at 5:00pm on Thanksgiving night.

The store will be closing again at 1:00am on Thanksgiving night only to re-open again at 8:00am on Friday. This is the first year that Best Buy will be opening up at the early hour on Thanksgiving night.

The two women have been camping outside of Best Buy for the past few years now and have it down to a science. They each take turns holding the place in line while the other one heads home for a bit to shower and grab a bite to eat.

While Best Buy has yet to released the full details about their upcoming Thanksgiving “first come, first serve” or Black Friday deals at this time, the women have their eyes on a 55″ television set that is strongly rumored to be a major deal.

The news about Best Buy’s upcoming Thanksgiving hours comes after we learned that one of their major Black Friday competitors, Target, will be opening their doors earlier than ever on Thanksgiving night, and even going as far as to offer some deals on Wednesday, November 26th, the night before Thanksgiving.

Tis’ the season everyone!

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